Chapter 56

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Chapter FLAG.56[1]
Volume Volume 6
Arc Hunting Break Arc
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Re"clean"ion (同“掃”会, Dō“sō”kai) is the 56th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Nora appears

It is that time of the year, a meeting of all Runaway Spirit Squad members. Held twice a year, Elsie and Haqua arrive in the Netherworld Constitutional Ministry - Far East Branch to report their status. But as soon as they arrive, Elsie begins to habitually sweep the front entrance. Irritating Haqua, she tells Elsie to leave sweeping to the cleaners. Elsie states that she is one, but Haqua drags her inside. As they fill out their report, Haqua and Elsie meets up with their friends from the same class. As they greet each other, Nora arrives with her two henchmen. Nora throws her coat at Elsie, treating Elsie as a cleaner, and asks Elsie to clean up Nora's coat that got dirty from the sand flying in the wind outside. Haqua gets upset by this, and gets even more upset when Elsie actually starts cleaning the coat.

During their medical check-up, Haqua tells Elsie that she should fight back, but Elsie does not wish to do so. They go out to visit the area. The two think about the old days as they arrive at the front gate and the school dorm. For Elsie, every bit of her memories included her being a cleaner.


Haqua on recruitment posters

They arrive at their classroom, and Elsie spots a recruitment poster with Haqua on it. Haqua is embarrassed. At this moment, Nora comes in and makes fun of Haqua. She announces that there will be an award ceremony and that she will be the one to receive the prize because she has captured 7 spirits. In anger, Haqua insults Nora by saying that Nora included her henchmen's portion. Nora insults Haqua about her chest. This starts a fight between Nora and Haqua. Elsie stops them by holding on to Haqua. Nora feels that Elsie should not be in the Escape Spirit Squad, and mentions that originally only elites could be part of the squad. Nora is infuriated by the fact that now anyone can be part of the Squad.


Elsie gets an award

At the Award Ceremony, Dokuro Skull announces the award for Nora. After Nora received her award, to everyone's surprise, he announced another award, stating that a member of the squad managed to capture 9 spirits, but was never rewarded due to bad luck. He wants to give the award to Elsie, but she is not present. Outside, at the front gate, she is cleaning the floor. Other cleaners tells her that this is not a job for member of the squad, but Elsie insists. Back at the Award Ceremony, Dokuro feels sad for her effort to show gratitude for Elsie has gone to waste...


  • The devil initially selected for the recruitment poster was likely Elsie, as she was recommended by Dokuro in Chapter 42, but was turned down by the higher-ups. (pg. 8)


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