Differences between the Manga

Due to the massive amount of changes and differences between the manga and the anime, this list was made to prevent the original article from overloading.

Changes from the Manga and Anime

  • In the anime, when Keima saw Yui approaching him, he closed the door behind him to hide Haqua. In the manga, he pushed Haqua away into the bushes.
  • In the manga, Yui beats up some skirt-chasers who were trying to flirt with the cross-dressed Keima. In the anime, these skirt-chasers were changed to the Mai-High Delinquents.
    • Originally, in an earlier scene, the Mai-High Delinquents were extorting someone, and Yui beat them up to show her strength. This scene was part of what was omitted.
  • The designs on the cup Yui holds are different in the anime.
  • The fairy in the anime after Yui defeated the demon in the theme park was not present in the manga.
  • In the manga, Haqua used Vintage's sensor when locating Yui. This was not present in the anime since it was never dropped.
  • Nikaido never appeared in the manga of this adapted episode, although she did in the anime.

Cut Content

  • In the manga, after Keima sees Tsukiyo off, Haqua mentions on how Keima sweet talks on his conquest targets and how Keima seems to be a big, bad villain but apologized soon after when Keima dozed off a little.
  • In the manga, when Keima mentions that there are 3 more goddesses to go, he told Haqua that he doesn't need to care about her complaints since she's not the one doing the conquests.
  • In the manga, Keima had a "date" with Yui when she first met him.
  • In the manga, before PE class, Yui was shown to be rather popular and was confessed to by two people.
  • In the manga, before using the faculty restroom, Kodama was shown to leave the restroom first and there was a sign telling that student-usage is prohibited.
  • In the manga, it was explained that Keima used Haqua's hagoromo to make himself look shorter.
  • In the manga, Keima jokingly commented if he should carry Yui's sword.
  • In the manga, when Elsie came back, Haqua said that she wants to go back to her place but Keima stopped her. Annoyed, Haqua told him that he should try to understand others' feelings more.
  • In the manga, Elsie was a little jealous when she heard that Keima ate Haqua's food.
  • In the manga, Haqua and Elsie took a bath together and Keima fell asleep due to fatigue in the middle of brushing his teeth. After he is taken to a couch to rest, Haqua compliments Keima. This segment was not in the anime.


  • In the manga, all of Haqua's clothes were blown off by Mars. In the anime, portions of the clothe still existed around the important bits.

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