Flag 120 Cover

Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.120[1]
Volume Volume 13
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 29.0
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Look Back in Anger
Cast Off

PEACE is the 120th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Keima's "girlfriend"

Keima and Haqua visited Narusawa University of Education during their lunch break. While Haqua was puzzled why they came all the way here. Later, Haqua saw what Keima was writing and explains to her that these are all the girls he has conquered. Keima stated that it is too many and want to check for a boundary line. Next they meet Jun Nagase and her classmates. Keima then calls Jun, and she remembers Keima, to which that Jun's classmates asks her who that boy is. While Jun explains, Keima secretly tell Haqua that Jun another girl that he has conquered. Jun's friends were having a other look at him, but then Keima lied that he has graduated from games and even have a girlfriend and then introduce Haqua as his girlfriend to them. Jun is very happy that Keima has a girlfriend.

Keima's list

Keima's list


Minami doesn't remember Keima

Keima then tells her that he is going on his first date with Haqua at a wrestling match since that he had enjoyed one. Jun starts talking about her wrestling stories and her friends decides to stop her, thinking she would not stop otherwise. Keima wonders to himself reasons why she might not mention what happened between him and Jun at the wrestling match. Jun returned to tell Keima that she still remembers him, and that she was also worried about him to the point of seeing him in her dreams. She is happy for Keima and felt that she can do her best. After Jun left, Keima said that Jun has no goddess in her, and turn his attention to the next candidate, Minami. Minami's friends are gossiping about Kanon's boyfriend rumor, Keima appears and tries to get Minami to remember him. Minami seems afraid and does not appear to know who he is. Keima decides to leave and asks if she is still swimming. Minami says yes, to which Keima reply "good luck". Keima then went to the rooftop along with Haqua, wondering were the other goddess were.


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