Open the Door

Chapter 15

Tobira o akete
Chapter Info
Release Date July 16th, 2008
Chapter FLAG.15[1]
Volume Volume 2
Arc Library Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 10.0
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The Last Day

Open the Door (扉を開けて, Tobira o akete) is the 15th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Keima and Elsie overhear the conversation of the library committee. They have decided to add a section for videos and CDs in the library. Though Shiori wishes to reject the decision, she wass unable to speak her mind. Later on, Shiori passes by Keima, noticing that he's writing in a library book. When she confiscated the books, Keima reasoned that the information in the book was wrong, therefore he was correcting it. Though it was a reasonable reason, Shiori still thinks it's wrong to write in books. Keima then said, "If they can't edit it immediately, books are really useless."



Infuriated, Shiori shouted "Idiot" into his ear and storms off. Elsie does not see any difference in the change from "stupid" to "idiot". Keima told Elsie that it doesn't matter what it looks on the outside; the change in words is a big difference in the inside of a liberal arts girl.

The next day, Keima once again writes into a book. Shiori sees this, and without hesitation, takes the book from his hands. But this time the book was Keima's, for he says so. Embarrassed, Shiori started to think how to apologize, but on the outside she was telling Keima that he is restricted from the library. Keima noticed that Shiori was speaking out loud and points it out. Hearing this, Shiori stops and ran off with Keima's book. The next day, Shiori watched Keima while talking to herself. Not noticing she was talking out loud, Keima points this out. As Shiori wondered why she is now talking out loud, Keima complimented that the library is a nice place. Shiori sits down and agrees with the statement. Suddenly, Keima introduces himself, and Shiori follows and leaves to go back to the reception desk. Keima wondered what's the reason for Shiori's space in her heart, but as he approaches the reception desk, he sees Shiori looking at a hand-out. She rips the paper and walks away. After having Elsie restored the hand-out to it's original form, Keima sees the ending.