One Difficulty After Another

FLAG 138

Ichinan satte
Chapter Info
Release Date April 12th, 2011
Chapter FLAG.138[1]
Volume Volume 15
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 31.0
Chapter Guide
The World the Lil' Devil Only Knows
Case by Case by Case

One Difficulty After Another (一難去って, Ichinan satte) is the 138th chapter of The World God Only Knows


Apollo 'Submerges'

Kanon "Submerges"

When the chapter begins, Diana and Vulcan try taking out the blade from Kanon. The black miasma worries Diana, but Vulcan assures her that it is only an imitation of the Weiss' power and it would not do as much harm as the real thing. With their power, the two goddesses take out the blade, and the black miasma clears. Afterward, Keima rushes to Kanon to check on her; however, as he starts speaking to her, Kanon is surrounded by water.

Keima begins questioning what was happening to Kanon. Diana and Vulcan reply by saying that she has "submerged" meaning that Apollo cast this water spell on herself to slow down the curse's effects. Keima is later told that, while her life is not in danger, Kanon cannot be released from the spell by the two Goddesses' power alone.

Nora's suggested kiss

The Kiss

While thinking of a way to break the spell, Diana suggests that if Apollo regained her powers she would be able to break the spell herself. This results in Nora suggesting that Keima kiss Kanon to give her back her powers causing all the girls and Keima to freak out over the ridiculous action. Nora responds by saying that if a goddess gains power through love then if Keima kisses her then Apollo's strength will return. All the women object furiously while Keima attempts the deed, resulting in no change within Kanon at all.
The next Goddess, Mercury

Mercury, the next goddess?

Diana mentions that, out of all her sisters, Mercury may be able to bring Kanon back due to her known capabilities with spells. Keima gets angry at everyone by saying that they are "talking like a low-quality RPG game." He continues to be frustrated over all the hardships he has faced and how will have to continue with all of this tedious work.

After all of their business is finished, Nora decides to leave with Fiore, but Keima stops her saying that he wants to keep Fiore in custody at his house. Nora relents, saying that even if Fiore escapes, she will lead them to where Vintage is. Nora then leaves without Fiore.

Diana asks for a kiss

Diana asks for a kiss

After Nora left, Haqua beckons Keima to follow her to Keima's game library. She apologize for letting Fiore go. Keima tells her that he is not mad and forgives her, but Haqua punches him and yells at him saying that he should be at least a little bit angry with her or else she will feel like someone who cannot do anything. Keima responds by saying that Haqua is needed. She blushes heavily and asks him to tell her properly that "he" needs her. As Keima wonders what she meant, Diana barges in and asks Keima to kiss her ending the chapter.


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