Nicely Tangled Threads, Badly Tangled Threads

Chapter 246

Yoi yoriito, warui yoriito
Chapter Info
Release Date October 11th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.246
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
As You Like
The Taming of the Shrew

Nicely Tangled Threads, Badly Tangled Threads (良い縒り糸、悪い縒り糸 Yoi yoriito, warui yoriito) is the 246th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


As the play finishes, Keima, as Romeo, tells Tenri, as Juliet, to keep his letter safe and follow its instructions. They finish and receive applause, while behind them Kaori waits with a collar-device, which gets noticed by Elsie. She hesitates from stopping Kaori, as Keima told her only to keep watch.

Gira appears behind Kaori and she asks her whether she may add another sacrifice. Gira responds that it won't be necessary, as she also found an extra, proceeding to collar Kaori. Kaori's own device falls down and Elsie tries to pick it up, but Gira does it before her and departs.

Kaori - Betrayed

Vintage's treachery is revealed.

Elsie informs Keima and Tenri that Kaori has been betrayed by Vintage and they all move out. Keima notices the clock atop the school moving faster than before and urges them all to go meet Dokuro. He says that they must focus on the innocent girls before attempting to save Kaori, who brought her fate on herself.

Keima asks Elsie whether she obtained Kaori's collar device and Elsie presents it to him, saying that she replaced the original with a hagoromo fake, which was picked up by Gira. As they arrive at the school gates, Dokuro is examining Ayumi's collar, before letting her go. She says that the collars use technomagic, sending a signal which will trigger the clock device on the school.

Elsie - Finally Useful

Elsie becomes enthusiastic at the thought of being able to help.

When Dokuro says that the technomagic used is the 61st equation, Elsie says that even she can dispel that, as it's outdated in the time they come from. Keima says, however, that they can't remove the collars, as Vintage has to succeed for the timeline to play out correctly. He has a plan, however, for the girls to be saved and Vintage to succeed regardless and presents it to Elsie, who goes away to execute it.

Keima himself is planning to go save Kaori, stating that it won't be a proper conquest, but "random meddling" instead. Dokuro crosses the school gate and volunteers to go with him. Keima also grabs Tenri and tells her to watch carefully, as the conquest will be carried out by the both of them.



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