Flag 239

ノット トゥー ビー
Notto tū bī
Chapter Info
Release Date August 17th 2013
Chapter FLAG.239
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Smiles and Villans
The Present Time "Tsukiyo & Shiori"

NOT TO BE is the 239th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Keima prepares to leave the backstage area, declaring that he doesn't care about the conquest anymore. To Elsie's questioning, he throws a fit, saying that he doesn't care about the real world and only helped Elsie to get back to his games, but has now reached his limit.

Keima - Resignation

Keima apparently cannot handle it any longer.

He exits via the door and Elsie follows, only to discover that it was an act. Keima asks her to tell Tenri that he'll be on the rooftop, so that she comes comfort him instead, which will override the kiss with Kaori that she saw. Elsie is not convinced that Keima wasn't serious, but he reassures her that everything he does is part of the conquest.
Keima - Meeting The Future

Chihiro collides into Keima.

On the rooftop, Keima remembers what Kaori told him about using Tenri and what Dokuro told him about his responsibility to connect this world to the one he comes from. His train of thought is interrupted by young Chihiro running into him. As she apologizes and helps Keima stand back up, Ayumi runs over to them.

The girls argue about whether Chihiro can beat Ayumi in a race or not, but Ayumi shows concern for Keima and they question him whether he's okay. As he repeatedly says that nothing's wrong, they go away, talking about getting shaved ice. Keima remembers that in the future he'll have to break the hearts of Ayumi and Chihiro and disappears from the rooftop after muttering something which the girls don't quite catch.

Orb - Forsaken

The orb is left unguarded.

Tenri runs out of her hiding place, planning to find Keima, as Elsie tells her that he's on the rooftop. They go there together, but he's nowhere to be found. Tenri notices him behind a door on a lower level and runs there. As Kaori states that two hours are left until the competition, Keima's orb is shown left behind in an art classroom and Keima himself states that he can't keep going on like this.


  • It is revealed in this chapter that Chihiro and Ayumi attended the same elementary school as Keima and Tenri.
  • As a child, it is implied that Ayumi spent most of her time outdoors, as supported by her prominent sun tan.
  • The way Chihiro bumped into Keima is similar to how Ayumi bumped into Keima in Chapter 1.


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