Much Ado about “Something”

Flag 244

マッチ アドゥ アバウト “サムシング”
Matchi ado abauto “samushingu”
Chapter Info
Release Date September 21st, 2013
Chapter FLAG.244
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
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Love's Not Time's Fool
As You Like

Much Ado about “Something” is the 244th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Kaori enters the backstage area, where she finds Keima, who is preoccupied with writing something. He ignores her as she notes his lack of disguise and expresses joy at the fact that the competition may now begin.

The students gather at the audience, while the newspaper club informs everyone about the play and voting system. Kaori tells Keima that he and Tenri may go first before leaving. Elsie is worried over the fact that they have fifteen minutes to prepare without prior practice. Keima tells her that, regardless of that, they have no choice as this is their last chance to reach his future.

As Keima continues writing, Elsie says that Tenri was very brave to jump into the chasm to reach him. She also says that she was trying to reach Keima as well, but she didn't go with it, as she thought Keima had a plan. Keima interrupts Elsie, asking her to keep watch on Kaori. He thinks that she's planning to turn Tenri over to Vintage, but doesn't yet know how.

Keima, Elsie - Plan's Continuation

Keima tells Elsie to watch over Kaori.

Elsie recalls that Vintage agents were putting collars on girls. When she tells that to Keima, he remembers Ayumi having such a collar and asks Elsie to bring Ayumi to Dokuro, so that she may investigate the collar. As Elsie leaves, Keima tells Tenri that it's time for the play. She's worried that she doesn't know the script, but Keima says that they'll make their own story.
Tenri, Keima - New Story

Keima and Tenri make new plans.

The play begins with Tenri, as Juliet, appearing in a mansion window. She stutters with her lines, but Keima, as Romeo, appears below the window, reciting his lines.

At the school playground, Elsie in disguise approaches Ayumi and Chihiro and asks them to show her the entrance. Ayumi volunteers to take her there, blasting off at speeds too fast for Elsie to keep up.

Tenri, Keima - Altered Play

Keima changes the play.

Back at the play, Tenri starts reciting her lines. Keima, however, changes his lines and appears around the stage in a flying saucer, completely shocking everyone in the process.


  • The chapter title is taken from the comedy by William Shakespeare.
  • So far during this arc, Keima has pretended to be an alien, an esper and a time traveler - a reference to the members of the SOS brigade within the Haruhi Suzumiya universe.


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