Moon Child

Chapter 43

Moon(ムーン) Child(チャイルド)
Mūn chairudo
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.43[1]
Volume Volume 5
Arc Tsukiyo Kujyō Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 24.0
Chapter Guide
A Demon that's Tiny = the Little Devil
The Half Moon of Love

Moon Child is the 43rd chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Keima's favorite heroine

Keima falls in love with the character Yokkyun on his PFP and is kicked out of the class as he over expresses his feelings for her. He heads towards the rooftop, only to meet a mysterious girl named Tsukiyo Kujyō and her doll Luna, both sitting on a bench. As Tsukiyo talks about how she is in perfection, Keima walks by. As he passes by though, Tsukiyo steps up to Keima and slaps him. Keima had stepped on the red carpet Tsukiyo was sitting on, and she talks about how her perfect world had been invaded by a low-being. Keima replies that perfection is not what Tsukiyo is talking about, but the character Yokkyun he has just fallen in love with. Tsukiyo makes fun of Yokkyun, and Keima is turned to stone. Elsie comes onto the roof, only to have her sensor go off, meaning that there's a escape spirit inside Tsukiyo.

Elsie's Curse Curry

How-to-Make Elsie's Curse Curry

Back at home later on, Keima sulks in his own world, as he is upset by Tsukiyo laughing at Yokkyun. Saying that the designers, not Yokkyun, are at fault, and that he does not wish to capture Tsukiyo. Keima wishes for Tsukiyo to be cursed and be turned into a frog. Hearing this request, Elsie said that they should curse their target. Keima agrees for Elsie, in the end, is not able to cast one. Struck by this, Elsie becomes serious and gets ready to start making the curse. Elsie starts by writing "Tsukiyo, turn into a frog" on a two-legged carrot and stabs it many times. Then she adds onions, beef and some curry spice to a frying pan.


Tsukiyo shrinking

Next, after frying the ingredients for some time, she now adds some sliced potatoes and the earlier cut carrots and fries them also. After adding water, she waits for 10, 15 minutes. Once the sauce is done, it is placed on top of rice and the curse will be in affect once it's eaten. Keima eats and compliments the curry, but Elsie corrects him, saying that it's a curse.

At that time, Tsukiyo and her doll are on the school rooftop, gazing at the moon. While thinking about what had happened during the day, she shrinks to the size of her doll Luna.


  • "No," says Keima-Shinnosuke. (Chapter 43, p.12)
  • Keima, who is in withdrawal after Tsukiyo laughs at Yokkyun, is facing a familiar mecha with LCL in the background. (Chapter 43, p.13)
  • Although adapted into the 12th episode of the second anime season, only the introduction of the character "Yokkyun" was present in the anime, with no trace of Tsukiyo.


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