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  • Hi GreenMoriyama-san, I'm the one of the admins of Ryuuou no Oshigoto! Wiki. I would like to affiliate with our wiki. If you agree, please message me. Thanks.

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    • Hello Gerald-kun.

      I would like to let you know that I will not be accepting this affiliation. On top of TWGOK having ended a while ago, Ryuuou does not have much relations to TWGOK. Thus, aside from being anime with comedy content, there isn't much benefit in my opinion in affiliating them.

      I thank you for making this request nonetheless. May you have a nice day and a good rest of the year.

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  • Hi... I've been following your updates and stuff through my email, so let me begin.

    Firstly, those translations are definitely mine... The copy and paste formatting you noticed was because I do translate some stuff on Microsoft Word, while others are done on paper. However, that was a smart observation from you.

    Secondly, I was going to ask about the reason why you reversed all my updates, but you are the admin. I may like being able to find my favourite character songs on the character page, but not everyone feels like that, so it's fair enough, especially because it does feel a bit shoe-horned. However, not many fans of the anime actually know about all the awesome songs and Seiyuus that are behind this series, and I feel that keeping the music section of the show completely seperate from the rest isn't doing it justice. However, that's my opinion, so that is why I won't be wasting my own time on updates like that.

    Lastly, and maybe the most infuriating of my points, is the way you've been wording your own remarks. Things like "I question as to..." and "The theme of the song..." just gives me the opinion that you think highly of yourself. Yes, I know that my level of Japanese isn't that high, and yes, I don't know everything about the songs...

    However, neither do you... it's because we are fans of the same show and we have our own interpretation of them. I tried to give my best translation I could, plus added context of what I thought. Ayumi was talking in the case of friendship, and the only line which actually mentioned love was "Suki na hito", which actually refers to the person you love, be it platonic or not.

    I don't mind if you correct my grammar or translate a a phrase differently than me. The only thing I mind is you telling me that my interpretation is wrong. My translations, as flawed as they may be, are something special to me, and if I could, I would remove them. However, I'll leave them for the rest of the people who want them.

    However, I can see you have a high standard, and I respect that. This is probably the best anime Wiki I've encountered since I started looking, and I'm sure it was because you had to make these kinds of decisions.

    You can decide whether you consider this reply to be unreasonable or not, but honestly, I don't care. If this is how a newcomer is treated for actually trying to put in new ideas, then I don't think I'll be staying here any longer.

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    • First and foremost, if you don't mind me starting with this topic, but when responding to someone's message, I recommend that you reply to the message thread instead of sending a new message. Both will notify the recipient and sender of new messages, but replying the the message will keep all of message in a single thread.

      If you do copy paste from a Word document of some kind, it is best to check the page in source mode as I did before publishing. Viewer mode doesn't show how much is being done in the source codes, and while a couple hundred letters in the source will not be of harm to the page, it is unnecessary and may cause issues with future edits.

      I was going to notify you personally about that issue, but believed that you would either understand my intentions or respond ot my actions with reason. You've done both, which shows how much of a sensible wikian you are.

      In regards as to why I had removed the character songs, I did it as I had noted: this wiki does no follow that format of posting the songs on the character page. I understand to given degree why you would like to share the music to everyone through the character's page. But, at least to me, it is not a necissity as people will eventually find out about the music. Otherwise, placing a list of songs by the character can become minor clutter in the page, as there isn't exactly a section to place "character songs" on the page; your attempt was fine to a given point, but as you mention, they do feel shoe-horned. If this reply does not suffice though, I recommend placing the list of songs in the trivia section instead of in the bio section near the top of the page. For characters that do sing through the course of the show, such as Kanon and Chihiro, it is possible to spice their bio with song titles.

      I will apologize for my way of speec that gives that impression that I am condescending. In some way, I will agree that I take pride in my skills as a translators, but will say that I do not intend to sound high and mighty to belittle you.

      I coudn't tell if the lyrics where provided by yourself or a copy-paste from another site; it piqued my interest as to the source of the translations. The comment I had made when making the edits to the lyrics is my way of making pointers. These are but a few of the mannerism of my speech, and once again, I apologize if it does upset you. Aside from the claim that "this is how I speak, thus this is who I am", I have no excuse at all in reply to your fustration.

      As a long time translator, I do agree in certain cases that translations are but an interpretation. This is especially the case when it comes to comparing how one fan depicts a show or song or scene, etc. You depicted it differently than I had, and you provided your own translations for the reason (most especially because the song hadn't been translated yet). Yet, I disagree that some items are more set-in-stone and have clearer translations. It does make clear of one's experience in translating, and that's something grown from experience and learning. As a Japanese-born and long-standing translator, I have to take pride in what I do and solidify the interpretations. No translation will be 100% perfect, as people word sentences differently with varied diction, but the ambience of a sentence can be concrete.

      I am aware through your translations that your Japanese isn't that high and that you may not have been able to understand the context of the song for that reason, but I do not wish to belittle your attempts even in such a case. We are both fans of the same show, aren't we?

      In context of Japanese, "suki na hito" is closer to romantic due to being a singular noun. If it had said "suki na hitotachi", then it refers to people you love, platonic or not. I also read your translations as being more romantic based as you had utilized "you" a few times instead of "them"; it may had been only twice in the entire song, but it does make that different if you look it from different viewpoints.

      Your interpretation here and there was "flawed", but as a translation, I didn't have to correct each and every line. If they are special to you, treasure it then. Don't let it be a sour experience though and see it more as a learning experience. I did not have any ill intentions, but if you took it that way, I only wish that you review your thoughts and come to a better conclusion.

      My standards are not exactly high; I place it upon myself to correct what seems to be incorrect, if that makes any sense. I have spent time translating a majority of the songs here and pride has come along with it over the time.

      I can do nothing if you do not wish to contribute here any more. But just know the fact that my intentions were not ill and I believe I was not too harsh in comparison to other wikis that attempt to dominate their edits. If you don't share the same view, I cannot bar you down here; you are an individual of your free will. Your reply is reasonable at the least, as I too have had similar experiences and thoughts too.

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    • I was thinking of replying on that thread, but I had other things to talk about, and replying there would have either led to an off-topic thread, or me having to write two different messages. I regret nothing.

      Oh, I wasn't aware of the copy/paste issues that could crop up. Sorry, I hope it doesn't cause any troubles.

      Thank you for explaining yourself so elequently, but in the end, it only solidified my decision. I do enjoy my translations, but in the end, there is a clash in how we view music and translations, and seeing that you are much better in that regard than me, it would hardly make a difference if I did translate or not. This site is in good hands.

      That being said, you may say you understand my thoughts, but just the way the last day has gone makes me think that you've forgotton what it was like, or that you didn't know exactly.

      I'm a foreigner... it was Kaminomi that got me interested in Japanese music, and I taught myself Kana and some Kanji too. When I'm trying to translate, I write the song symbol by symbol, which takes longer than an hour. After that, I translate all the phrases I recognise, then use Jisho for whatever kanji I don't know, after which, I piece together whatever meaning I can get, and then follow it by trying to imagine how the character would say it, or feel about it. A single song takes me up to a day.

      So, in the course of sixteen hours, you completely removed whatever satisfaction I get out of translating music, reminding me how I still lack a lot and that the time would have been better spent elsewhere... not to mention the time it took me to link that music...

      Kaminomi has great music, but it took me near a year to actually find it... Heck, my first time listening to Suimin Busoku, on youtube, it was written in Kanji and I couldn't read any by that time. It took me a week to find it in the Wiki, and actually discover that it was "Suimin", now "Swimming", like how I had thought. This was precisely why I wished the character songs were on the character page.

      So the fact is, my first impression of you was that you removed two hours of linking pages, plus put a damper on three days of work that I'd put into those translations. That came before you even said a word to me, so thanks... I'll keep practicing, but definitely not here.

      That being said, I wish you well. You run a tight ship which I just don't fit in. Though if you do ever translate the rest of the songs, good luck... God knows, it's been a while since you've done one...

      So, to turn this into a learning experience instead of a sour experience... I can do that. I learnt that Wikis are serious business... it isn't a place for me to test out my skills  or even make a new friend who I could have a "Best Girl" argument with.

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    • Reasonable enough. Not everyone thinks that as long as the subjects of the thread contains the original topic, even if other subjects are spoken of. Thus, no need to regret anything.

      If you are new to the wiki, or web formatting in general, it's understandable that it would occur. There is no need to apologize for something you were not aware of. As much "trouble" it may have caused me, it's simple compared to other formatting issues I have seen before.

      I had no exact intention to counter your argument. Rather, I only wished to explain myself, and if it solified your decision, I will not attempt to sway you away from it. You are a person of your own free will. As you assume, this site is in "good hands" and we are not truly in demand of people to fix any issues as none are exactly present aside from missing contents.

      I understand the thought. I will defend the point as the mannerism of your own response also condenscends in some way. It may be true that I do not fully know your experience as our experience/upbringing into the interest of translating Japanese music are different. Yet, I was also at the point where I translated the English language into Japanese, struggling with reading it and getting it correctly in Japanese. The kind of struggles we face may be different, but if it comes to translating a foreign language into you own language, I've also faced it too.

      The thought of "removing your satisfaction" in its own is a personal thought. It is true I had erased what work you had placed into the lyrics and linking music, but it is also possible to take a look at it as a learning experience. How you accept it is all up to you, thus I cannot dictate it.

      "Kaminomi has great music." It's always great to hear someone sharing the same opinion, no matter how many times it may be. If you don't mind my inference, but I presume that you are not as used to navigating through the web to find sources or don't subject yourself to asking board. You may not have friends to ask about anime, which may have contirbuted to why you couldn't find this song sooner than a year.

      I will not say that you don't fit on "my" ship, but that's not exactly something I should decide. I wish you well too and hope you do well in your ventures of translating. I'm not exactly a man with as much free time as I did, or at least the kind who has put enough priority on the untranslated songs here. It may have been long, but they'll be done in the end.

      Some wikis are full of freedom and membership, while others will make it serious business. Some will be filled with trolls and other are full of the dedicated. What I wish to say is that this wiki at the least may not have been the best "first step" and other wikis may offer you a better time. I too jumped on wikis that I liked, posted my translations and waited for results. I was fortunate that my expertise were welcomed on those wiki, save for one. The same applies for "best Girl" arguments; the response of the wiki community differs between each wiki, and in the case of this TWGOK wiki, which is close to lifeless as the series has died down, looking for a "Best Girl" argument here is not the best idea for a different reason than what you are suggesting.

      Best girl for me is Ayumi, fyi. All the way!

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  • hello there mate and I am an admin of the Kingdom wiki and I'd like to request an affiliation between our wiki and with yur wiki. . If interested, here's our wordmark and leave a reply with your wordmark. . 

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  • Mr. GreenMoriyama, we need you back on The World Ends With You Wiki, as there are questions I have, and articles to be verified.

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    • I admit, I am not wavering around most of the wikis anymore. Business in real life is all but an excuse, but it's the truth.

      I'm still open to coming back to health, but at the moment, I cannot make major contributions until May or June. I will, though, try to be there on a daily basis to help you, Kai.

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  • Yo Green, It's KidProdigy. Long time no see. Sad that the series has ended almost a year ago. However, I know that your busy and all and I do respect that truelly, but maybe you can help me out with something. If you like, you decide whether you would like to help me out or not. I cannot discuss mather at this wiki, so I will contact you on different wiki's. Leave an message at the Fantasy Life Wiki my current spot. See ya.

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    May I ask for your translation Green? With my limited Japanese, all I see is some character will have a train line specialize for them, no new manga related material? But I want to confim it

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    • The World God Only Knows - on the train  Second Chapter - Aoyama Town Station

      /Panel 2

      Mio: Riding a train once in a while seems nice. I never rode it until now, but it was very fun.

      /Panel 3

      Morita: Oh....oh no...Ojou-sama is captivated by trains...!! Does that mean she doesn't need a car anymore...? If this continues, my very existance will be lost... What to do? What to do? What to do!?

      /Panel 4

      Morita: Thank you for your patronage on this ride. This is the express "Morita" line, heading for Mai-High Academy. Next stop, Front Gate. Next stop, Front Gate.*

      Mio: Morita?

      • TL note: As you may have guessed, Morita is attempting to sound like the train announcer in order to make his "car" sound like a "train".
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    • Thanks for the translation Green

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  • In the Hell Navigation template, I have noticed that Shalya Frey Amon's name is listed as "Sharia Frey Amon". While more fans may know her by this name, shouldn't we put the correct version in the template?

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  • no 

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    GreenMoriyama closed this thread because:
    Closed "discussion"
    20:32, May 26, 2014
    • I am also sad about no S4 for TWGOK, but it is the simple fact. The main reasons are possibly because of low sales and the manga series already being done. It had a good hype early in the series, but the Japanese audience weren't as enthusiastic about the "Jupiter" arc; "From comedy to the too serious" is one good reason for the loss of interest.

      There isn't much I or anyone here can do to make S4 happen anyways, even if we went full riot on the anime producers...still, it got an anime, and isn't that all good?

      Before I end my reply, make sure next time your messages to me or anyone is...more full. Not just a small blab of "Why no ***" or "Can you ***". Thank you.

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  • Hi Green

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but looking here and there on talk pages and on old forum discussion, I think you're sort of "in charge" of anything regarding the Japanese language on this wiki... so I would like to ask you a few questions regarding my "to do" list:

    1. About romanization, I don't know how to transliterate を/ヲ when it is used as a particle. Being Italian, I read from the Italian version of the page Hepburn romanization that I should always transliterate those as "o". The english page instead makes distinction between traditional and modified Hepburn. I think that we should choose one of those two methods and stick to that one, because having "Hajimete koi wo shita kioku" in one page and "Hajimete koi o shita kioku" in another, for example, might be quite confusing.

    2. About macrons. There are the pages Yuri Nikaidō (macrons used) and Shoutaro Shiratori (macrons not used, moreover the first ō in "Shōtarō" becomes "ou", while the second one just "o"). Which one should be renamed and how? IMHO, being this an English Wikia, macrons shouldn't be used at all, at least in the page names, rendering the ō as "o" and so on (Shotaro Shiratori)... like how Tōkyō is always written "Tokyo" and not "Toukyou".

    3. Tsukiyo. Why is her surname "Kujyo"? Shouln't it be "Kujo"?

    I think that I'm missing something but I'll leave it like this for now... Maybe I'll remember later. Ah... if you want to, take a look at my user page, in the main page you can find the "to do" list I was talking about earlier and everything else I've done or that I plan to do so, if you have any kind of suggestion about them (or even if you think that something listed there shouldn't be done at all) please tell me.

    Thanks for your time.

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    • Okay, sorry about that.

      About the discussion, I will say it here since I no longer work in the wiki. I oppose to any characters name change since it'll be a pain to synchronize the changes with the rest of the wiki

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    • @Kagarino: While I agree it will be a pain, but the wiki is here to provide accurate, or at least suitable, information to readers and editors alike. Saying "it's a pain" is probably a way to say "I'm too lazy to do what is better for the wiki". Real work is as much of a pain at times; while the wiki is not 100% real work, please still consider it as such...

      @Dei: I'll take a read of the list and comment there.

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