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Manga Chapters 109-113
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The Mad Scientist Arc is the 19th Arc of The World God Only Knows. It contains the heroine, Akari Kurakawa.

The Arc


Keima was testing out if the girls he had conquered spirits from have really forgotten their memories with him while Elsie talked about the Dance Festival. While they were going to their class, Keima insulted a robot from the Technology club as he believed a robot should be a maid robot (since Keima believes only maid robot could show her devotion to her master) which made the Technology club's member angry and tried to stomp the duo with their robot. While the duo was walking in front of the Biology club, Keima sees a moving box which continued to ram into the Biology club's door, which made the Tech-club's member laugh at it (since they believed the Biology's club is too dumb to be called a robot). When the door opens and a hand picks up the box, Elsie's sensor goes off which means that there's another girl with a runaway spirit in her heart.

In class, Elsie tries to convince Keima to extract the spirit while Keima replied he didn't care since his hands are tied with the goddess search. But before Elsie could persuade Keima more, her band members called her to study with them, leaving Keima to begin the conquest alone, which irritated Keima. But in the end, Keima had no choice but to do the conquest. When Keima approached the Biology club once again, the robot-box from before was still running against the wall. As Keima carried the robot to its owner, he realized how heavy it is despite what it looks in the outside, which made him curious as to how the robot operates and opened the box, only to be shocked to discover that it is filled with raw chicken meat. As Keima wondered what he just saw, a mysterious girl in dirty clothes, probably the holder of the runaway spirit, picked up the box and warned Keima not touch the robot.

As Keima tries to gather information about the girl through her look, he questions her as to why she would put meat inside a robot. The girl corrects him, saying that it is not a robot but a human.

Can Meat make a Processor become Human?

Keima decides to help Elsie capture the spirit, but he can't find any information that can help his capture because her classmates hardly know her while Elsie was busy studying for the mid-term exams. For those reasons, Keima had no choice but to go with a blind approach. While Keima was going to her club room, he predicted Akari has a tough personality, so he thinks finding the "capture route" would be easy. While Akari was taking a walk with her "human", Keima followed her. The robot crashed to the stairs when it followed Akari's command, which made the other students surprised. Akari then stated that her robot still had a long way to become a human. Some of the students ran away from Akari because she reeks of oil while the other commented she is a dirty woman. After witnessing that, Keima decided that he didn't need to gather personal information about her because her actions was enough. Keima then stated that Akari was only thinking about her robot's creation. Keima then decided what should he do for the first event. For that reason, he asked Elsie to draw a girl's face, which made Kodama very mad.

In the evening, while Akari was fixing her "human", Keima asked her how her robot creation went. Akari didn't answer, instead she asked who Keima was. Keima replied that they met yesterday while he was offering some pork to her robot which Akari denied cause she didn't add meat into her "human" any more. Akari then said she was making a human, not a robot. Keima then said he could turn her robot into a human in 10 second. This catches Akari's attention. Back to the hallway, the robot named "Roco" was trying to avoid the wall, when Technology club's member laughing at it. But soon after they realized that there was a small paper on it, they decided to help it and give it support. Akari was then surprised by their reaction, because the robot's abilities are still the same but it was treated differently. Akari then realised something, she took her robot into her club room. After she modified it, her "human" had been attached with a head into it, which scared off the other students. Akari was confused then asked herself why did she attached a head to make it more human but the others liked it less more than before.

After seeing this, Keima decided that he should be careful about how he should proceed. Akari then said she wanted her "human" to be shown at the Dance festival, but it looked like she can't make it in time. She stated that a robot is a robot and it can become a human, which Keima denied. He said that she was right at the ideas to make a human and he knew a robot which can become human. He took an example about a character, whose name was Ami from Machine trouble (a galge Keima played), which Akari didn't know. After various explanations were done, Keima then stated that the robot needs love to become human. Akari doesn't understand and asked Keima what was he talking about. Keima then moved closer to her, which made her surprised. Akari then tried to push Keima away but he took her hand and moves even closer to her. After Keima was holding back for a second, they kissed.

Artificial Love

After Keima kissed Akari, Keima told her that her that humans need love. However, not only does Akari's spirit not come out, she was apathetic towards his notion. She asked Keima what he hoped to achieve by trying to get near her; she then said to Keima that she knew what a kiss looked like, but she didn't see what connection it had with her "perfect human".

Back at the house, Keima was thinking about Akari's character, while Elsie was busy with her homework. Keima recalled his failure and realised that he had wasted an opportunity due to his "rush" tactic.

The next day at school, Keima came to the Biology club, where he found Akari sleeping on the floor. After he woke her up, Akari didn't seem to remember Keima at first. Keima asks Akari that if she was living in the club room, to which Akari responded that she wouldn't come home until she finished her human, which Keima wished her luck with in a teasing tone. Akari suddenly asked Keima about the kiss yesterday, and stated that she became more interested in kissing Keima for a progress in her human. Keima was quite shocked after hearing that, and was confused whether he should take the opportunity or not. But before Keima could come up with an answer, Akari suddenly held his head and gave him a passionate kiss, which made him blush. Keima then pushed Akari away. Akari asked why Keima pushed her away, even though he was the one who started it. Keima replied with a blushing face that Akari should go step by step instead of skipping the love factor. Akari then hugs Keima, and remained to kiss him further.

Later, back at the classroom, Elsie ask what happens to Keima's clothes, which reeked of oil. Keima doesn't answer. After class, after the long kissing scene with Akari, he managed to help her improve her "human" to the extent that the Technology club admitted her robot had improved a lot. But Akari did not seem satisfied with it yet, and tried to kiss Keima again, despite his protest.

The next day, at the classroom, Elsie again asks Keima how his conquest was progressing, and the reason why he was so depressed lately. The two did not notice Akari, who was watching them outside the classroom. Keima wondered what Akari thought about kissing, and why she kept on kissing him. But Keima knew that he had no other choice, since the kiss was the only thread that connected them. Keima then looks up and realized that Akari was spying on him.

After class, Keima went to the Biology club room, where he asked Akari about her sudden appearance at his classroom. Akari denied the incident. She suddenly asked Keima if he had any recent problems, which surprised Keima. Akari explained that since humans are unstable beings, when they are trouble by something, they would get gloomy.

Akari wanted to make a perfect "human" and since Keima was her sample, she didn't want Keima to be troubled by such things, thus making him imperfect. Keima denied that he had any troubles, since he was currently living in his ideal world. But before he could continue, Akari stated that he doesn't need to come to her Biology club any more, since she had managed to analyze the human mind sufficiently through Keima. She thanked Keima for his efforts, but stated that his presence would no longer help her to create a perfect human. Akari then attempted to kiss Keima again, which he refuses, pushing her away. Akari then shows her full hair with a ribbon, stating that Keima wasn't a perfect human any more. She then left, leaving Keima shocked and confused.

Girl of Perfection

Akari still wanted to create the perfect human, but not Keima. After hearing that, Keima was very mad and asked himself that why he had to take that from a real woman, he also said to Akari that she should follow the route at least a bit. Akari replied that Keima so persistent and kissed Keima in front of the school. This made Keima blush and pushed Akari away. Akari asked Keima that did he really think he could get close to her by kissing. She also stated that Keima was the one, who destroyed the world, with those countless, complex emotions. While Keima was still having a shock from what she said, she continued to insulte Keima by saying that a person like him taints the real world but he was a useful subject to study human behaviour, this made Keima even more shocked and speechless.

That evening at the Katsuragi household, Keima was still furious by what Akari said. While Elsie asked if he was angry or not. Keima replied that he doesn't understand Akari because she treated him like a representative of the real, also he asked that what part of him was emotional. He stated that Akari was the one who taints the world and no matter how much he tried to cope with the real world despite disliking it, he gets nothing so he'll stop doing the captures which make Elsie assumed that "something must have happen". In a desperate attempt to show that he didn't have emotional side in him, Keima asked Elsie to hug him. Elsie did that and gives Keima a blushing face. Keima was mad and yelled at Elsie for not following his instruction.

The next day at school, Keima tried to call Akari out and demanded an apology for saying that he was involved with the real world which defames him. Akari went outside and said that Keima was annoying. Keima replied that the first kiss yesterday was a mistake so she will forget about that and start over, which Akari replied no. Keima then said that he's doing this for her sake and she'll be in danger if she didn't fall in love with him. Akari then asked if that's a love confession which Keima replied that's a simple fact. Akari then stated that she really was involved with a troublesome man, which made Keima furious cause she stole his line. Akari then asked what difficultly was there between creating a perfect human or erase an imperfect human. After hearing those, Keima asked why she wanted to create perfect human which Akari replied for world peace. She said that human history, which filled with battles and betrayal caused by the darkness in the human heart, is ugly; and if humans were stronger the world, it could become more and more beautiful.

When hearing those words, Keima finally understand her reason for creating perfect human. Keima said to her that she was less mysterious and more of a fairy tale scientist than he thought, but he thinks her ideal was just an empty theory and it will crash into the wall of real. In order to demonstrate to Akari, Keima created a love drama in a mini theatre with him and Akari are the main characters which Akari replied hhe was sick and made Keima depressed.

After that, Keima sees the robot that Akari created. The robot was so flawed that made Akari think that she's progressing less than she thought, while Keima said that she's doing better than he thought. But Akari said that the robot was imperfect which Keima replied it's okay to be imperfect. Hearing those, Akari asked Keima what he was trying to gain by being with a woman like her. Keima replied that he wanted to leave to be exact but he just can't cause the real is very annoying, it doesn't care about his circumstances.

Keima stated that Akari can't create something perfect because there's not a single perfect thing in the real. Akari said to Keima that he's very pessimistic while Keima replied it's a fact. But Akari believed that a perfect human still exists. Keima then answered that he doesn't like to associate with the world. Akari then asked Keima why was he here, which Keima replied that he'd like to know himself. Akari then assumed that Keima like a lost puppy which make Keima furious again. Akari then stated that if people make compromises then the next time, this compromise will crush them. She said to Keima that no matter how much she listens to him, it won't help her. Akari then went to her club room. After hearing those lines, Keima finally understands what kind of person Akari is. And in order to fill her gap, he had no choice but to make a perfect human.

Incompleteness is the Ideal

Keima returned to the place where Akari stays. While there, he was been waking her up and tells her that he had already finished the perfect human. Keima shows it to her, but Akari was been knowing it as a doll. Keima was been saying that it is a human and has already a story for it and starts reading, while that Akari didn't want to listen and evenly claims that it is a joke, Keima then goes away and was going to Technology club and asked them to make the doll walk, which they refused him at first but later they accepted it. Keima also asked them to make the doll talk which that they were also doing it for him. Akari didn't understand Keima's intention, and asks why he did all of this. Keima replied that he was overhauling it, but one day it will be faultless as well and becomes a perfect human.

Akari and Keima were then been talking about the world with the perfect human. In their conversation, their ideal about the world synchronized with each other. At the end of the conversation, Keima stated that ideal world lies somewhere else, but the ideal world isn't necessarily be a perfect world, because if they weren't perfect, they'll become worried and they'll keep moving forward, but after they become perfect, they'll just stand still, and in the end the imperfect is the ideal.

Realized what Keima said, Akari then understands her true reason for why she chased after perfection was because she was imperfect herself. Keima then confirmed her statement, but he also said she herself is the ideal human. Akari went silent for a while then replied their conversation was an interesting one. After Akari kissed Keima again but then on the cheek, which made him feel uneasy. Akari replied it was bad of her her to kiss Keima all the time, but she wasn't completely composed with him when they kissed. Keima replied that when he met her, he might have become imperfect, but his line was eventually interrupted when she kisses him on the lips. Keima blacked out after the kiss but heard Akari saying her farewell.

Keima later wake up. Keima wondered where Akari was while he was taking to Elsie. Elsie then confirmed her sensor reaction was gone concluded that the spirit might already be out. Keima felt confused with the "ending". Elsie then said if the spirit is out, she has to capture it fast. But she then said she hadn't met the host even once, which Keima blamed her for not doing her job properly.

Later, Nikaido was talking with Akari about their plan to draw the prey which failed, because of Keima's intervention. Akari said that she really was involved with a strange man who she said his name was Katsuragi. Nikaido was surprised for Akari remembering a name of a human especially Katsuragi. Akari then said that Nikaido always talk proudly and that she was able to use her powers because of her. Akari stated that they have to be vigilant for the time being because their enemy was already close. At the last panel, the mysterious girl show up.

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