Love's Not Time's Fool

Flag 243

ラブズ ノット タイムズ フール
Rabuzu notto taimuzu fūru
Chapter Info
Release Date September 13th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.243
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Much Ado about "Something"

Love's Not Time's Fool is the 243rd chapter of The World God Only Knows.


In a flashback, Keima and Tenri meet at their kindergarten entrance ceremony along with their mothers. Mari and Tenri's mother realize that they're neighbors and urge their children to greet each other. Tenri is, however, preoccupied with popping her bubble wrap and Keima with playing his games, so they pay their parents no heed.

Tenri, Keima - First Meeting

Keima and Tenri meet for the first time.

Back in the "present", the classroom where Keima and Tenri are is drifting further away from the school, to the point that they and Elsie can't hear each other. Keima berates Tenri for coming over to him, as she isn't protected by the orb and such won't be able to go back to her route, to which she apologizes.

Tenri asks him to come back with her, however, and Keima reiterates that he doesn't want to involve her. He wonders why is she so stubborn now, to which she responds that Keima was acting strange. Keima thinks that she meant the fact that he suddenly started talking to her, but Tenri actually meant that he wasn't playing games at all.

Tenri, Keima - Supernatural Danger

The classroom further collapses.

At that moment, the destruction of the classroom accelerates, causing Keima and Tenri to fall on the floor. Back at the gym, as Kaori's stage is set, she wonders where are her opponents.
Elsie - Close Call

Elsie manages to save Keima and Tenri.

Holding onto the remnants of the classroom, Keima realizes that he had no idea that Tenri was worried about him. He tells Tenri that, if she comes with him, she will have to do terrible things and asks her whether she's fine with that, resolving to trust her judgement.

Tenri replies that she'll do her best and Keima asks her to say it with more conviction, as the classroom ultimately gets destroyed completely.

As they both fall in the chasm and reaching for each other, Tenri yells that she'll accept whatever fate awaits her as long as Keima stops being sad. They grab each other's hands and hagoromo threads sent by Elsie wrap around them, bringing them up to the school.

While everyone recovers from the ordeal, the chasm behind the classroom door gets replaced by an extant classroom, as if nothing happened.

Orb - Intact

The orb is cleansed.

Keima's orb appears before him, devoid of any markings this time. Keima deduces that he has no more chances and has to bring this version of the past to his future. When Tenri wakes up, he tells her that he'll no longer be doing the conquest by himself and urges them both to go to the gymnasium.


  • The title of the chapter is from Shakespeare's sonnet #116.


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