Love's Labour's Lost

Flag 241

ラブズ レイバーズ ロスト
Rabuzu reibāzu rosuto
Chapter Info
Release Date August 31st, 2013
Chapter FLAG.241
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
The Present Time "Tsukiyo & Shiori"

Love's Labour's Lost is the 241st chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Outside the school gate, Dokurou notices her orb shining and resonating, signaling the world's about to be reset. She turns towards the school, wondering what happened to Keima.

Dokurou - Luminous Orb

Dokurou's orb radiates without warning.

Keima is sitting in the art classroom, next to his orb, which is, likewise, shining and resonating. He notices it but pays it little heed.

Meanwhile, Tenri is frantically searching the school for Keima alongside the invisible Elsie. Suddenly, they notice Kaori bringing a chair to the front of the art classroom and sitting on it, so they hide behind a pillar, observing her.

Kaori starts talking to Keima through the door, saying that getting depressed over the kissing scene is something that doesn't suit him, as only an idiot would do that. As Tenri wonders whether Keima and Kaori are close friends, the latter talks about her desire to turn the world into her ideal, where she'd be able to do whatever she wanted and people she hated wouldn't exist.

Keima - Candid Insult

"You are a moron."

Kaori further elaborates that she doesn't have parents and that the kids that gather around her are all idiots who happily carry out any assignment without giving it a second thought. Finally, she asks Keima to help her create her ideal world. Keima finally retorts, stating that she's a moron. As the room is getting destroyed via the orb's power, he adds that he's also one.

Tenri comes out of hiding and attempts to talk to Kaori, but the latter picks up her chair and assaults the door, attempting to break it down and reach Keima. As Tenri still tries to say something, Kaori pushes her back, though Elsie manages to catch her in her hagoromo.

Tenri - White Knight

Tenri protects Keima.

As she gets back up on her feet, Tenri pushes Kaori away from the door. She then plants herself in front of it and forcefully tells Kaori to leave Keima alone. Her assertiveness seemingly exhausted, she crouches down and faces the door with a flushed expression. At this moment, Vintage agents arrive at the school, with two hours and a half left before their operation.



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