Little Idol's Raison d'etre


Saigo no ritoru. Aidoru. Rezondētoru
Chapter Info
Release Date March 24th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.8
Volume Volume 21 Special Edition
Arc Magical Star Kanon 100% Arc
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Vale-Vale Valentine (Chapter)
Kozue's Note

Little Idol's Raison d'etre is the final chapter of the The World God Only Knows spin off, Magical Star Kanon 100%.


Previously, Bell Mark Atsume used her powers to take away the "lies" from mankind and managed to cause quite a problem when people begins to speak only of the truth. Kozue, being affected, asked Kanon if she really did have a lover she made out with and Kanon herself was forced to answer by Bell. However, Kanon said that idols tells no lies and used her song, Reverse Love to defeat Bell.

Bell Mark Atsume ~ Accusation

Bell demands Kanon to tell the truth.

One particular day, a large runaway spirit approaches Maijima town and is titanic. Bell (whom have become a friend without anyone noticing) then came and told Maron that the spirit is the boss of all the previous runaway spirits and is the one responsible for making Kanon a child.

And what the spirit steals is everyone's dreams. The spirit then gloats and said that the human realm belongs to devils and there is no need for dreams. Kozue then got hit by the devil and begins to mumble and say how she is useless while Bell begins to sit down and complains that she's a failure of a rival. Meanwhile, Elsie begins to go sad because she wasn't featured much.

Kanon ~ Round Two

Kanon fights back with sincerity.

Kanon then powered up and confronted the spirit and sang Love Kanon but it was ineffective and defeats Kanon. The spirit then mocks Kanon for being weak as Kanon says that she is not weak at all and declares that she is singing for everyone's sake in Maijima.

Kanon then requested everyone to sing with her but the spirit begins to tell his victims that their actions are futile and pointless as Kanon said that even if it is true, they must never stop trying and Kanon will continue to inspire dreams to everyone because she is an idol. Kanon then sang Love Call and caused the dreams to be returned back to the populace and the spirit is defeated.

Kanon stood on top of a building and realized that she no longer returned to her child form and was glad that she can finally return back to work.


  • The spirit takes the form of a King (playing card) head.
  • Raison d'être is a French phrase meaning "reason for existence."
    • Being a common phrase utilized in music, it also references to a lot of music band, album, music project, etc...


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