Let's Spend the Night Together

Flag 258 cover

Let's(レッツ) Spend(スペンド) the() Night(ナイト) Together(トゥギャザー)
Rettsu supendo za naito tugyazā
Chapter Info
Release Date January 22, 2014
Chapter FLAG.258[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
Undercover of the Night

Let's Spend the Night Together is the 258th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


In Akanemaru's steering room, Dokuro and Lune are fighting, the former suffering from Lune's box cutter digging through her body. Lune asks Dokuro whether she's a human or a devil, as she exhibits traits of both, to which Dokuro answers that she's human and throws her reinforced detention bottle at Lune. The bottle sucks in Lune's hagoromo, but is destroyed in the process. Lune, unfettered, proceeds to beat up Dokuro with her bare fists, owing to the barrier around the room preventing spell usage.

In grandpa Shiratori's car, the goddess hosts inquire why aren't they moving forward. Shoutaro answers that devils have already infiltrated the estate and Dokuro is in trouble, so they must exercise caution. Tenri objects, as they must bring Keima back at the appropriate time, to which Ayumi intercepts and asks Tenri to explain what is going on already. She brings out the letter, but it's too dark outside for it to be readable.

On Akanemaru, Lune asks Dokuro about the machine below the steering room, but Dokuro refuses to answer, saying that Satyr will destroy everything anyway. She asks Lune back why is she fighting. Lune answers that fighting is the nature of both devils and humans and that it is conflict that has always powered Hell. Dokuro objects as Lune's box cutter exits her arm and enters Lune's leg, which she's been holding.

Kanon receives a call from Okada, recalling her to the studio to finish the recording. Kanon answers that she won't be back for a while and apologizes profusely before hanging up. Tsukiyo and Shiori urge for them to move, as a member of the Public Safety Department bangs on the car's door. Yui brings out Mars and knocks the devil unconscious, saying that Keima's well-being is more important than her own safety.

Shoutaro finally agrees to continue to the Akanemaru, as Yanagi sighs when she recalls what she had to do to get Kanon out of the recording.


  • The chapter title is a reference to a song of The Rolling Stones.


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