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Kanji Title ラセイ
Romaji Title Rasei
English Title Lasei
Song Type Jpop
Seiyū Elisa
Album Lasei
Release Date February 16, 2011

Lasei is ELISA's third album.


  • Publisher: Geneon Universal Entertainment
  • Release Price: ¥3,150 (¥3,990 as a DVD pack)



  • Tracks 2 and 3 are original tracks for the TWGOK anime series.


Along with the regular CD, buyers could purchase a DVD for a bit of a higher price. The DVD pack includes PVs of the following songs: ebullient future -English-, HIKARI, Michael Goes to Sleep ~in the heart~ (ミカエルは眠る~dans le coeur~), and The Light's Rain (光の雨).

Other tracks

Prologue of Lasei

Prologue of Lasei ELISA02:03

Prologue of Lasei ELISA

Epilogue of Lasei

Epilogue of Lasei ELISA02:37

Epilogue of Lasei ELISA

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