Episode Info
Air Date September 9, 2013
Adapted from
Episode 37.0
Episode (Original) 10.0
Arc Mai-High Festival Arc
Opening Song God only knows - Secrets of the Goddess
Ending Song With…you…
Episode Guide
Absent Lovers

Labyrinth (ラビリンス Rabirinsu) is the 10th episode of the third season and the 37th overall. It aired on September 9, 2013.


Ayumi is still angry with Keima but is forced to work with him after he becomes the 2-B Class Cafe barista. Keima tries to talk with Ayumi but her anger and Chihiro being there doesn't help. Meanwhile, Lune orders Vintage to target all of Keima's past conquests.

At the forest, Keima tries to stop Ayumi from revealing to Chihiro that she's also in love with Keima but the three of them are captured by agents of Vintage until Haqua saves them. It is revealed Dokuro Skull had to arrest Haqua or Vintage would have killed her so now she frees her and tells Haqua to help Keima and stop Vintage's plans.

After defeating the Vintage agents, Haqua and Keima lie to Ayumi and Chihiro what happen earlier was part of Special Effect Film Society. As Haqua reveals to Keima that all of his past conquests where captured by Vintage after they correctly suspect the Goddesses were hiding in them, Ayumi heads home as Nora offers her assistance to watch her.

As Chihiro is dragged to his home, Keima, Diana and Haqua realize Vintage plan is to release the Weiss on Earth by killing the goddesses at Point Rock which will open a gate from New Hell. Knowing he must awaken Mercurius inside of Ayumi so the goddesses combine powers can stop Vintage, Keima heads to Ayumi's home with Haqua and Chihiro, who overheard his plans.


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