TV Version
Koi no Shirushi/TV Version


Kanji Title コイノシルシ
Romaji Title Koi no Shirushi
Title The Sign of Love
Band Kami Nomi zo Shiri-tai
Ending Song # 1
Starting Episode Episode 1
Ending Episode Episode 11
Ending Song Guide
The One and Only Miracle

Koi no Shirushi is the main ending theme of the anime adaptation The World God Only Knows. This is the TV version.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics
コイノシルシ君の目に KOI NO SHIRUSHI kimi no me ni On that day, I found
見つけたのあの日 mitsuketa no ano hi the sign of love within your eyes.
気づいた時胸の磁石まわりだした kizuita toki mune no jishaku mawari dashita Once I realized that, the magnet within my heart started spinning.
探していたときめきにやっと出会えたの sagashiteita tokimeki ni yatto deaeta no I finally met the excitement I'd been looking for.
どこにいても見つけ出すよ doko ni ite mo mitsukedasu yo No matter where you are, I will find you,
もう二度と迷わない mou nidoto mayowanai I won't hesitate any more.
きっと二人は運命だよ kitto futari wa unmei da yo I'm sure we were destined to be.
何億もの人がいて nanoku mo no hito ga ite That we would meet, out of so many millions of people,
出会うのはコンピューターでも無理 deau no wa KONPYUUTAA demo muri seemed impossible, even on the computer.
平凡すぎる毎日に heibon sugiru mainichi ni Our everyday life was far too normal.
ピリオドを打ったの PIRIODO o utta no You hit the periods,
ため息卒業出来るのやっと tameiku sotsugyou dekiru no yatto and now, I can finally graduate from these sighs.
青空がまぶしい aozora ga mabushii The blue sky is blinding,
君がいる風景は kimi ga iru fuukei wa it's the scenery where you are.
幸せのオーラあふれだすの shiawase no AURA afuredasu no The aura of happiness overflows,
止まらないよ tomaranai yo and it won't stop.
駅前の噴水 ekimae no funsui The mountain in front of the station
虹を創っているよ niji o tsukutte iru yo is creating a rainbow.
君を待つ時間さえも kimi o matsu jikan sae mo Even the time when I'm waiting for you
かけがえないPreciousな時 kakegaenai PRECIOUS na toki is an irreplacable, precious time.

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