Keima Katsuragi/Character History II


Katsuragi Keima
Character Information
Title The Capturing God
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 6, 11:29:35
Team Capturing Spirit Squad
Equipments PFP
Blood Type B
Height 174cm
Weight 54kg
  • Student
  • Capturing God
  • Buddy - Spirit Capturing
Class 2-B
  • Kami-Nii Sama
  • Kami-Sama
  • Otoshigami (Self-titled)
  • Otamegane
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag Hiro Shimono

US flag Chris Patton

Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character History II

These are the events happening in Keima's life as a buddy with Elsie. The story here starts from the Old Conquest Arc to Current chapters.

Old Conquest Arc

Goddess Hunt Arc 1 : Kanon's Secret


Diana talking to Keima about the other goddesses

A few days after Akari's capture, it's now the Mid-term tests (Professor festival) and as Kodama was handing out the exam scripts, he screamed at Keima to stop playing his games. After the test, Elsie came up to Keima happily declaring that her studies were worth it. Suddenly, Keima heard someone calling Kanon's name before shrugging it off.

On the second day of the tests, Elsie complains that she doesn't want to study for it as Keima tells her to study for other purposes. Keima and Elsie then noticed Diana and inquires on why is she there. Diana then said that she felt a presence from one of her sisters as Keima asked where while Diana herself is not so sure.

Kannon suddenly hug Keima

Hey...what are you doing ?

Diana then asked what exactly is Keima's plan to gather the goddesses as Keima replies that he wants to gather all of his conquests and asked who wants to meet her and the goddess hosts will respond while those who are not will just ignore him. Diana then asked if it will really work as Keima said that he tried the indirect method but it produced no results and if no one steps up, then there are no goddesses in his previous conquests.

Diana then said that Keima might as well kiss them again as Keima becomes confused. Diana then said that the goddesses gain energy from love and the goddesses' power will overflow if love is given and goddess hosts should have some change.

Keima then ponders if he really should do it as Diana then quickly tells him not to saying it was her mistake. Diana then leaves and Tenri quickly rushed to her school. At class, Keima saw Kanon and wonders if he should talk to Kanon or not to see if she harbored a goddess. However, Keima ultimately shrugged it off.

You recalled everything

You remembered everything ?!

On the final day of the tests, Kanon suddenly grabbed onto Keima, greatly shocking him and he asked what is she doing. Kanon then told Keima that she hasn't had forgotten about him at all and there seems to be something strange recently. Keima then grabbed Kanon and went outside and asked if she recalled

Apollo is here...

everything from the rooftop meetings and how they kissed. Kanon was overjoyed when she knew Keima too had not forgotten about this incident and declares that she loved him.

Keima then took Kanon to the stairs as she said that she's been targeted while Keima asked who. Suddenly, Kanon took her hand off him and then, it is revealed that the goddess in her now has enough power to control Kanon's body. The goddess thanked Keima and went away while Elsie catches up.

Kanon stab

Kanon is stabbed !

Keima then told Elsie that there is a goddess residing in Kanon and says that he'll quickly locate the goddess. By the time Keima reached to where Kanon is, it's too late. Kanon was lying on the ground with a dagger thrusted in her stomach and while Keima tries to remove it, it is pointless.

Elsie then said that the dagger is enchanted with Hellian magic as Keima wondered why would Hell want to kill Kanon as Elsie tries to call Haqua. As Keima looked onto Kanon, he recalled that previous time when he was tutoring her and the 2-B Pencils and see that she knew it all along.

Keima then sat there motionlessly as he regretted his actions of not doing things faster and began to blame himself for Kanon's tragedy. Keima then tells Elsie that he'll bring Kanon to his home as Elsie said that Haqua is coming.

Once at home, Haqua tries to remove the blade but to no avail as Elsie cries and mourns believing that Kanon is dead. Haqua then tells Elsie that Kanon is still alive, albeit, barely as Diana calls out to her sister, Apollo in melancholy .

At his seat, Keima kept sitting on the floor, emotionless as both Haqua and Diana are not able to remove the dagger, that's been enhanced by Vintage spells that's used for assassination purposes and usage of such spells will have disastrous results but those spells were never taught.

Elsie then wondered if a Weiss is fully resurrected to make the spell as Haqua tells her not to assume things like that. Upon careful inspection, Haqua realizes that the dagger belongs to Vintage, an illegal group that's been crushed by New Hell countless times and wonders if they are the ones responsible.

Haqua then says that the real problem is that the weapon made it to Earth and the only devils allowed to enter Earth are members of the Runaway Spirit Squad. This means that there are moles in the Squad that will be trying to undermine New Hell's efforts.

Later, it was also revealed that thanks to Apollo's power, Kanon is able to still alive for a while before the miasma curse in the dagger kills her. While the girls are worrying, Keima stood up and tells Haqua to continue to speak and asked how long before Kanon will die.
Keima declare to find for the other godnesses

Keima, deciding to get the other goddesses

Keima then said that since the drama is over, he needs to exchange information so his options can change as Haqua angrily hits him telling him that this is not a game as Elsie tells Keima not to be so cold. Keima then agrees saying that indeed, this isn't a game and once Kanon dies, nothing in the world can bring her back and that is why he needs to bring Kanon back.

Keima then calmly said that there is almost no time left and tells the girls to save their panic and depression until it's too late, for now, he needs information and asked how long can Kanon stay alive as Haqua says that at most, a week. Keima then said that since New Devils cannot change anything due to Hell's policies, only a goddess can.

Diana then said that she alone cannot change it too as Keima confirms with her that perhaps with another goddess, she can. Diana then protested that finding another goddess may take months as Keima says that he'll find one within a week and says that there is always a chance for success. Keima then recalled his ignorance and is now determined to save Kanon.

Upon being questioned on how is he going to find the goddesses since its not going to be easy. Keima then picks up the sensor on the high school garden. Elsie found and showed it to them. Haqua and Elsie both says that its a sensor with horns as Keima pointed it to Diana, a reaction occurs and Keima said that its a special sensor that detects goddesses.

We should train an idol!

Keima then made the logical conclusion that Vintage used these sensors to track and finish the goddesses as Elsie gasped. Keima then said that the range is very weak as Haqua angrily says that devils in the Runaway Spirit Squad are helping Vintage. Keima then says that the goddesses lives' are in danger.

Diana then said that her sisters will be fine since a warning has been issued, her sisters will not reveal themselves easily and showed Keima on the sky that Apollo has created a symbol on the sky to warn her sisters the dangers of Hell. Diana then said that because of this, approaching her sisters will be just as hard.

Diana also expressed that her sisters won't trust her either, since her form has changed. Keima threw away the sensor saying that its useless and its good that the other goddesses have gone to hiding as Diana realizes that Keima has thought of something.

As Diana was about to leave, Keima asked how many sisters does Diana have in total. As Diana answered that there are six. Vulcan, Apollo, her, Mars, Minerva and Mercury. Diana then left as Keima tells Tenri to go home and do not let Diana out at all times and be extra careful.

Elsie then asked what should Keima do next as Keima said that he needs to train an idol. Upon Elsie and Haqua's confusion, Keima explained that Kanon being in a coma will cause a huge uproar in society and hence, he needs a double. Elsie then said that no one can do that as Keima said that Elsie can. And thus, Elsie was ultimately sent to replace Kanon for a while.


Please be my buddy for a week !

Keima also made a fake call to send Mari away by lying to her that his father is on his deathbed in America. As Haqua complains on how Keima is coercive and then Keima tells her to stick with him from now on. Haqua then blushed and asked why as Keima said that since Diana nor Elsie can make any moves, Haqua's the only one reliable for him.

Despite her initial refusal, Haqua ultimately agreed to be Keima's buddy for a week.

Goddess Hunt Arc 2 : The Search For The Goddess Candidates

The next day, Haqua asked Keima why should she wear the Mai-High uniform as Keima said that her normal attire would attract attention and hence she'll be a student. Haqua then complains that Keima better be grateful for her help as Keima says that the lives of Kanon and Apollo is at stake as Haqua said that she knows.


Keima getting hated

Haqua then asked Keima what should they do as they have not had a single lead as Keima said that they don't need to look for them since the goddesses are all in his previous captured targets. Keima then explained that since two of the goddesses are part of his capture targets, the third one must be as well as Haqua says that its too simple.

Keima then says that if Haqua looks into the past histories, there's plenty of evidence and that happens a lot in games. Haqua then says that the goddess probably were drawn together as Keima said that the goddesses are powerless and have lost their own volition as Haqua says that she didn't want that from Keima.

Keima then says that he had a hunch that the goddesses are gathered together in the first place but he had no time to prove his theory. As Keima entered the school, he says that Kanon's parting gift should leave an answer. In the school grounds, the students around Keima were all gossiping about him. Upon Haqua's confusion, Keima said that it's natural for this.

Just then, two students pushed Keima away, threatening to kill him if he's really dating Kanon as the Kanon-chan fan club also gave him death glares. As Keima says how he received many prank calls last night. Ryou of the Mai-High Delinquents arrived and poured coffee on Keima. As the delinquents tries to bully Keima, Haqua, no longer being able to take this, begins to beat up the delinquents.
Chihori pour coffee on Keima


Keima then stopped Haqua, saying that he didn't really care even if the whole of Maijima were to know about this as another person poured a cup of coffee on his head. This time, it was Chihiro. Chihiro said that her hand slipped as Keima says that she did not and upon that, Chihiro poured the rest of the coffee on his head.

Haqua then asked if Chihiro is also a Kanon fan as Keima said that Chihiro is instantly one of the potential goddess hosts. At class, Haqua asked if her performance as Elsie is fine as Keima said that it is. Haqua then asked if Chihiro really has a goddess as Keima said that she's a candidate. Keima then said that like Kanon, they would still be in love with him but the memories are fragmented.

Keima then goes on saying that due to Kanon's incident, it is much better since the girls he conquered before would have no recollection of him and thus, would merely be gossiping but the goddess hosts would react much more differently and they would be jealous of Kanon and hence, Keima will search for the girls who are angry at him.

As Haqua says that the girls will basically think of him as trash, Keima accidentally bumped to Ayumi. A moment of silence occurs before Ayumi puts up a big smile and asked Keima to let her get into class. Keima became shocked when Ayumi addressed him as "Katsuragi-kun" (Which Ayumi almost never says to Keima).

Suddenly, Ayumi screamed to Keima to get out of her way and kicked Keima with a force so strong, Keima was shown to be badly wounded. Keima then knows that Ayumi is very very angry and Keima then realized that under pressure, he can actually see the degrees of change within his previous conquest targets and wondered who else will show these changes.

Keima then mentally declared that he will play by his own rules and this is just the beginning of the goddess conquest. Nikaido then entered the class and after stepping on him, tells Keima that class has begun.

During lunch break, Keima and Haqua goes to Narusawa University of Education and upon being asked by Haqua, Keima showed her a paper of all of the previous conquest targets he's ever captured. Haqua was then shocked to see Keima have conquered sixteen girls while she still only has five.


Jun congratulating Keima

Keima then says that he will create a boundary line since there's not much time. Upon seeing the target, Keima quickly screams out to one of his former capture targets, Jun Nagase. After a brief introduction to Jun's friends, Keima then lied saying that he graduated from gaming and he got a girlfriend, Haqua (Who has put down her spell).

Jun was happy and said that she thought Keima hates people. Keima then goes on saying that he intends to bring Haqua to the Nona's wrestling match as Jun was overjoyed and said that the entire match was excellent as her friends got scared about another one of Jun's stories. Keima then realized that Jun had not remembered about the double booking and hence, she's not a goddess host.

Haqua then comments on Jun's beauty as Keima said that there are 5 people remaining. Haqua then becomes confused as Keima said that he has one final thing to check. Keima then goes to class 3-C of the Middle school section in Maijima High School and there, he found Minami.

Minami's friends were shocked by Keima's appearance as Keima approaches Minami and asked her how was she doing. Minami then asked who is Keima and Keima then realizes that Minami had no recollection the conquest too and thus, she is not a candidate. Before leaving, Keima wishes Minami good luck for still being in the swimming team.

Minami, forgetting about Keima

At the roof, Haqua says that Minami's conquest had few flags and thus, she's easy to alter and tells Keima that he's like being rejected after a confession. Keima then said that it's actually better if they don't recall since they will not attract unwanted attention. Haqua then tells Keima to take a small break and continue later.

The next day after school, Haqua asks Keima if they should even go to class since they don't have much time as Keima says the girls are also in class so there's not much point. Keima then tries to find Akari but Akari had been missing for some time now. Keima then crossed Akari out since he didn't have time.

Haqua then saw the list and asks what does it mean as Keima explained that each girl is written on the accordance of how close they are to him and that within the girls that he stumbles upon easily, there are goddesses. Haqua then says that Keima's being playing too many games. Keima then said that since he uses love to conquer the girls, he may be destined for helping the goddesses.

Haqua say it's ridiculous as Keima say that there are no evidence that says the contrary. Keima then says that Mio, Kusunoki, Jun and Minami are out and Tenri and Kanon are proven hosts while Ayumi and Chihiro are in the grey area. Akari's situation is also probably out and the girls who are even harder to meet like Reiko (who's in another village), Sumire (In Narusawa City) , Nanaka (Who's in Misato High School) and Hinoki (Whose in the USA) all have low possibilities.

Hence, the remaining candidates are Yui, Tsukiyo and Shiori. And that, within the 5 candidates, there are four goddesses. Haqua then asked if they should check for the girls as Keima said that he's going home. Haqua asked why as Keima says that he needs to think about a plan first.

At home, Keima comments that Elsie seems to be doing fine and Haqua was about to leave and Keima asked her to stay. Keima then throws her a bucket with some essentials and tells her to use his mother's room. Haqua says that she cannot stay alone with him together. Keima then says no, since Kanon is there too. At Kanon's room, Haqua tells Keima that nothing much has changed and Kanon should be okay for now as Keima left and tells Haqua that he'll see her tomorrow.
Keima slam

Keima,slamming to Haqua

Keima, now lying on bed, wondering how should he make the goddesses appear since they are being targeted by Vintage and he does not want them to meet the same fate as Kanon and wonders what can he do. Keima then decided to go have a bath while thinking on his next move.

Suddenly, Keima heard a scream and realizes Haqua was using the bath. Haqua quickly uses the shower head and tells Keima to leave and accidentally slipped on a bar of soap and falls towards Haqua. Haqua then used her scythe to attack Keima, destroying a part of the house's wall and calls Keima trash.

Keima then had an epiphany and says that he has "that ability" and tells Haqua that he will stop being "God" and declares that he'll be the demon of the gaming world as Haqua demanded Keima to apologize for peeking at her then ignoring her. The next day, Keima called Elsie and the latter apologized for not coming home since she was busy that day.

Keima then assured Elsie that it is only natural for her to be tired and tells her to continue to cover for Kanon and that he'll even record her cover shows. Keima then tells Elsie that he and Haqua are going smoothly too so she need not worry about him.

Haqua then angrily said to Keima that they have problems and was still angry about last night's incident and uses her scythe to hit Keima, calling him a pervert and curses him to have a horrible death. Keima said that he was sorry and that he was naked too so they're even. As this made Haqua even angrier and mumbles her urge to kill him, Keima then said that he was deep in thought then and hence, he had absolutely no memory of Haqua's naked body. However, it did make him set his mind and he's ready to draw the goddesses out.

Haqua then became confused and thought that Keima already had as Keima said that there is something more important than drawing out the goddesses. Keima then wrote a letter to Ayumi telling her to come meet him at the rooftop.

Upon meeting Keima, Ayumi tried to act like she's looking for someone else as Keima apologized to her. Ayumi then wonders why as Keima said that she's angered about Kanon's confession as Ayumi says she's not and as she was leaving, Keima said that it was all a misunderstanding.

I've read it in the Maijima newspaper

Ayumi paused and said to Keima that she saw and heard it herself that Kanon declared her love to Keima and she read (according to the school news feed) that Keima and Kanon have been together for quite a while now. Keima said that he didn't care about others but what he cares is that he didn't want Ayumi to misunderstand.

Upon hearing these words, Ayumi blushed heavily as Keima acts frustrated and says how it's not like the games and he approaches her and was just about to confess his love to Ayumi, the latter kicked him away calling him crazy and an idiot before leaving.

Keima was still lying on the floor when Haqua came and stepped on him demanding to know why is he saying as if he was confessing to Ayumi at a time like this. Keima then tells Haqua that he is confessing and in order to restore the power of the goddesses, he needs to make the 5 candidates fall for him again.

*Note: This part was shown in Haqua's flashback* Haqua then becomes confused and asked why he had to do this thing since they should just expose the hosts to Diana or explain to the goddesses should suffice. Keima then said that it won't restore the goddesses' powers and Vintage is still targeting them and Keima is too weak to protect them and hence, he must restore the powers of the goddesses . To do that, he needs to kiss the goddess again. *Flashback ends*

Keima then reached to where Chihiro was and kept stopping Chihiro. Upon being scolded, Keima used the same tactic as with Ayumi and told Chihiro not to misunderstand things about Kanon and was just about to confess his love.

However, Keima held back, knowing that this is not the time yet and that if Chihiro didn't respond, that means she has no goddess in her and Keima will then walk away acting embarrassed. Chihiro then laughed loudly and says that Keima was acting a little too serious.

However, once Chihiro knew that Keima wasn't acting, she said with a serious face, "Don't get so close. Cockroach man!" and ran off. Haqua then descends down and asks Keima how is everything going as Keima replies that all was well. Haqua says that it sure was fortunate and steps on Keima.
Haqua jelly

Haqua stepping on Keima

Haqua then asked if Keima is going to use the same method to conquest the remaining girls the same way as Keima affirms this. Haqua then got angry and asked him why as Keima said that he had used up two days out of seven and they won't make it unless he tackles them all at once.

Haqua then said that she can understand what Keima meant as Keima assures her that he had conquered as far as 83 girls at the same time while Haqua kicked him saying that this is not a game. Haqua then blushes as she asked why does he have to kiss them.

Keima then re-quoted Diana's statement of kissing and overflowing with love to restore the goddesses and while Diana may not know it, Keima stated that the goddess is pretty accurate. Keima then also said that if he kisses them now amidst the confusion of Kanon and his scandal, it will make things worse.

Keima then said that however, if he kisses them after overcoming this, the state of affairs will be a huge difference. Haqua then asked how as Keima said that this is common in games too: A kiss after overcoming anger or a misunderstanding whereby the hosts will receive "true love" will be excellent.

Haqua then said that it won't be surprising if the goddesses will kill him should they find out that Keima's six-timing them as Keima tells Haqua that their power has to be restored someday before the Weiss become overpowering and it's best to do it as soon as possible.

Keima then gave instructions to Haqua to separate Ayumi and Chihiro's contact time while he goes to search for the next candidate: Tsukiyo. Upon reaching the Astronomy Club, Keima thinks that while Ayumi and Chihiro are easy to confirm, Tsukiyo isn't.

As Keima was about to reach for the door, the door opened and out came Luna's head, scaring Keima as Tsukiyo came out, saying that it will be awhile until the full moon. Keima then decides to start the same line and apologized to Tsukiyo about Kanon and his scandal.

Tsukiyo angry

Tsukiyo then asked Keima who he was and ventured to the school roof while Keima wonders if Tsukiyo's acting or really had no memories of her conquest. Reaching the rooftop, Tsukiyo asked Keima why is he following her and requested that she be left alone as Keima kept on talking to Tsukiyo that the news about Kanon and him was a misunderstanding.

Tsukiyo then says that she had no idea who Kanon is as Keima wonders what should he respond. Keima then realized something and quickly sat beside Tsukiyo asking her if she's really angry or not. Tsukiyo then blushed and pushed Keima away and tells him that the carpet is another world.

Keima then tells Tsukiyo that the last time he saw her, she had stopped using her carpet so why is she using it again as Tsukiyo asked so what if she did. Keima asked her if she's returned to her own world as Tsukiyo tells Keima to leave. Tsukiyo's telescope then hits Keima as he noticed something else: Ayumi is also at the rooftop now.

When he saw this, Keima quickly pushed himself and Tsukiyo over the bench and covers her mouth, saying that a love-triangle with Kanon is good but if it escalates to a square or larger, it'll be complicated. Tsukiyo slapped Keima and called him a beast and before leaving with Luna. She tells Keima not to ever come near her again.

Out of curiosity, Ayumi came to the place to see what happened as Keima, using the blanket as a cover, pretended to chase Ayumi and raced for the stairs knowing that Tsukiyo was at least belongs to the grey area and after checking on three candidates, Keima decides to go for the next one.

Keima then went to the school library and upon seeing the reception desk, Shiori is not there. Keima knew that Shiori talks even less than Tsukiyo so he needs to find her quickly. Thinking back, Keima knows that at least the first three were in the grey area and the last two are in the white area and if the remaining two are also in the grey area, then the one without the goddess will became even angrier.

Keima then heard Shiori's voice and follows her as the latter directs another student to find some book titles. When Shiori took out one book, she met Keima again and upon seeing his face, Shiori went speechless again. Keima continued to observe Shiori's actions and realizes that she was able to speak more often and clearly than before.

Keima then realized that a difference is that Shiori only turns silent when he asks her something and before anything else, Fujiidera came to Shiori and asked for the progress of her novel and Shiori said that she still had a little more to go. Fujiidera then beckons Shiori to follow her as Keima decides to check the desk.

Upon seeing some Kanon magazines, Keima knew that Shiori still remembers him and that perhaps it is better if she kept quiet. Keima then took a magazine (entitled "Best 50 dating sims") and wonders how much Shiori actually remembers the conquest.

Someone then calls out to Keima as he looked up and saw Yui. Yui then introduced herself saying that she often met him at band practice and this made Keima wonder why. Keima then thinks that for Yui to approach him as he was looking for her and having a self-introduction means that she's in the white area.

Keima then says his goodbyes to Yui and was about to leave, thinking that everything was going smoothly and he will be going for Chihiro, Ayumi, Tsukiyo and Shiori. However, he was held back by Yui. Yui then says that she wants to talk to Keima.

Once he heard that, Keima felt that his chest was itchy and wonders if this was an after effect of her conquest and tried to leave. Yui then pulls Keima on the Libaray sofa and began to stroke his face, saying that she just wanted to know more about him as Keima cannot believe that he was actually being seduced.

Keima then tells Yui not to get close to him as Yui grabbed his hand and tells him that she loves him. Keima then blushed and asked what is she saying while Yui said that it's embarrassing for her and says that she had felt this way for Keima ever since she met him as Keima got scared and asks if she's heard about the rumors of Kanon and him.

Yui then touched Keima's face and says that she didn't care while Keima realizes that his head was not functioning then, Haqua kicked Keima in the head, not knowing that Yui is a girl. Haqua then demanded Keima what was he doing. Keima then hugged Haqua and calls out to her as Haqua reminds Keima that she is Elsie in school.
Shiori see

Shiori seeing Yui and Keima

Yui then tells "Elsie" what happened since she, Ayumi and Chihiro all did not come to band practice and it's not good to skip it at this hour and left, waving her goodbye to Keima. Haqua then asked Keima what happened as Shiori tells them to be "white" (With + Quite) in the library before realizing her mistake and left.

Back in the Katsuragi household, Keima noticed that Elsie had returned home sometime before and made dinner. Haqua then began teasing Keima and treats Keima like a girl to which Keima tells Haqua to stop as she touched Keima's face and assures him that she loved Keima's smiling face. Keima then got uneasy again as Haqua laughed it off.
Between boys

What are you two doing ?!

Keima then says that Yui still has a more buxom body than Haqua as the latter stabs a fork in his head. Haqua then asked if Yui is an another candidate while Keima said that as long as Yui confessed, she's a candidate. Keima then say that the candidates are: Chihiro, Ayumi, Tsukiyo, Shiori and Yui. Haqua then asked if he's going to draw them out.

Keima then says that there is no point for this at the moment and asked for Elsie's cell phone. After sending a message, they began to eat. Keima then noticed that the miso soup was actually pretty normal for Elsie then Haqua said that she made it and that Yukie taught her that this is the basis for being a good wife and says as if she needs a husband to Keima.

Keima then asked if Haqua really wanted to marry a human in the first place as Haqua blushed and said that it was a stupid story while Keima commented that she and Elsie has gotten too used to the human world. Then, Elsie's cell phone rang and Chihiro called saying that she was busy.



Keima then picked up which shocked Chihiro and promps her to ask him why is he answering Elsie's phone. Keima tells her that Elsie cannot call right now since she's taking a nasty toilet break while pushing Haqua away. Keima then tells Chihiro that Elsie asked him to send her a message saying that Elsie wants to go home with her tomorrow and also says that he's sorry.

Haqua then asked Keima what was that all about as Keima replied that it was preparation for tomorrow's simultaneous after-school events since the search for the candidates are now over and it's time to move on to the next stage.

*Note: This part was shown in Haqua's flashback* Haqua then asked Keima how to manage as Keima tells her to keep quiet and he's trying to deepen the relationships while Haqua asked that Keima if it is important having to walk home with them while Keima calls her an amateur.

Keima then began to explain to Haqua the basic steps :

  1. After-school event
  2. Exchange of contact information
  3. Date
  4. Girl asks for after-school event
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4

Keima then says that this is how it goes in games and if Haqua can't understand this basic steps, she'll forever be a novice. Haqua then asked Keima if he plans to tackle all five girls again as Keima affirms this. Keima then showed Haqua his plan :

The plan made by Keima

The Plan made by Keima

Upon seeing it, Haqua said that this is some serious luck testing as Keima confidently says that he had conquered 5 games simultaneously and hence, he can conquer the girls the same way too. He then tells Haqua that he'll raise the girls' love points by five as Haqua wondered how much is five points. Keima then tells Haqua to leave as he practiced his lines. *Flashback ends*

Tsukiyo give Keima a bandage

Use this...

On day three of the Goddess hunt, Keima noticed that it's raining. Tsukiyo then arrived as Keima waited and promptly ignored him and went to her bus as Keima thought that this was a troublesome route. On the bus, Keima tells Tsukiyo that he'll go home with her making Tsukiyo angry and calls him a pervert. Upon seeing the passengers' reactions, Tsukiyo calms down and sat far away while Keima followed her.

Keima then thinks to himself that he needs to extend the love triangle a little more and for now, he'll appeal to the girl. Keima then tries to say about the rumors of Kanon and him as Tsukiyo tells Keima not to talk to her and she only deals with perfect humans as Keima tells Tsukiyo that he'll try his best in that area.

Tsukiyo then stood up as the bus braked and Keima falls backwards hurting himself (While thinking that the boy has to be foolish and asks for forgiveness). Tsukiyo calls Keima stupid and Keima left the bus. As Keima thought that he may have failed, Tsukiyo gave Keima a plaster (bandage) and before the bus left, Keima asked Tsukiyo if she's at her club tomorrow while Tsukiyo says that maybe if the day is clear.

Keima was overjoyed but suddenly, Haqua's warning gave him the notion that band practice was over and Keima was shocked to see that the next bus is in 30 minutes. Keima had no choice but to go to the next bus stop to take the bus and finally made it back to school (while breathing heavily due to running).

Miyako and Ayumi

Miyako and Ayumi

Keima then noticed Okamoto (The Goidō family butler) closing the limousine and tries to catch up to Yui but gets knocked onto a pole and the limousine left. Keima then wonders if the people are not interested in saving Kanon as he heard Ayumi's voice. He quickly changed his pace to Ayumi and placing Yui last. Keima then tells Ayumi that he's waiting for her and then, to his horror, he saw Miyako with her and curses on how uncooperative the real can be.

Keima then silently followed Miyako and Ayumi, cursing this situation as Miyako asked Keima why is he following them since his home is in the other way. Keima decided to ignore Miyako and creates conversations with Ayumi as he walked between the girls.
Ayumi angry

Who knows how long it has been that way ?

Miyako then brought up Kanon's rumor as Keima's plans became messed up as he mentally scolded Miyako to read the mood. Keima then asked Ayumi about the last exam as Miyako made another comment about Kanon making things worse for Keima. Ayumi then smiles and said that indeed, Keima and Kanon had been going out for some time and gave Keima a dangerous look while the latter looked away. Keima then decided to act fast and tells Ayumi that it was just a rumor and was about to say something when he saw Haqua and Chihiro behind them.

Keima quickly pushes the girls away inside Inazumart and realized that Haqua and Chihiro are coming too. Haqua and Chihiro then goes to the second floor as Keima signaled Haqua that he and the girls are going to the Taiyaki vendor.

At the vendor, Miyako got a Taiyaki and wrapped a paper around it and passed it to Keima as Keima angrily tells her that it's too late for her to be nice and he won't save her even if she gets possessed by a Weiss. Keima then goes to the second floor under the pretense of going to the bathroom and called Haqua.

Upon knowing the situation, he told Haqua to be more careful and heard Ayumi's calling. An angered Ayumi then asked if Keima was talking with someone as Keima said that he was reenacting a scene from one of his galge.

Ayumi then told Keima to stop getting close to her but Keima tells Ayumi that he won't and he will always be in her shadow and says that he will not stop following her. Keima then left and told Haqua to switch as Haqua did just that, getting Ayumi's attention away from him.
Chihiro testing the guitar

Chihiro testing the guitar

Keima then went into the instrument store and stared at some products until Chihiro approached Keima and he told Chihiro that Elsie wanted him to get some bass strings for her and Chihiro directed him to some (while explaining to Keima some of the basics of the stings).

Keima then said that they all looked the same to him as Chihiro said that they're different but can't really tell the difference too. Chihiro then spotted a great guitar that was vastly different than the 50000 yen she used as Keima was shocked to know that cost of hers, saying that he could buy eight galges for that much.

Chihiro then told the salesperson to let her take out the guitar to try it out. Keima then decided to leave but Chihiro drags Keima back and played a tune. After that, Keima asked Chihiro what kind of song was that to which Chihiro said its her own.


Keima commenting on the irony of Shiori's main character

Keima was surprised to hear that as Chihiro said that she only has the intro done and was skeptical if the song will be done in time. Keima then told Chihiro that it had a nice ring to it and tells her that it wasn't in any of his cards. Chihiro then said that she's not sure and suddenly screamed and tells Keima that she should not be talking with him and said Keima is disgusting and left the mart.

Keima then decided to go to the library after finishing Chihiro and Ayumi's route. Haqua then asked Keima what about Yui as Keima said that he didn't want to think about it. Upon seeing that the library was closed, he decided to use the old method (of breaking the roof of the wall). There, Shiori sat down, looking at a piece of paper. Keima then had Haqua to distract Shiori and began to read her novel. Upon reading the novel, Keima realized that the main character is the polar opposite of the author. Reading more, Keima realized that the story resembled her conquest and wondered how much Shiori recalls.

After seeing the ending, Keima wondered if it's because of Kanon's influence and turned around to see Shiori, clearly shocked at this. Shiori then grabbed her book and tried to tell Keima not to do that as Keima thinks that Shiori won't be able to be like her character. Keima then apologized, saying that he added something else.

Keima has added that the male character, managed back alive as Shiori tries to make him dead again and again while her character became frustrated. As Shiori was writing, Keima came up and wrote to Shiori's character not to be angry and he just wants to be with her a little longer. Shiori blushed and wrote "To be continued" and corrected Keima on his minor mistake in her novel before leaving.

After leaving the library, Keima was happy to know that the exchange with Shiori was successful. However, the conquest hasn't end yet and everything starts from there. Keima then ordered Haqua to move to the back entrance to look out for Shiori and decided to make another event after Shiori leaves the library.

You're mean

Why did you come here !? Didn't you return by car ?!

Keima then turned around and saw Yui. Yui fell down on Keima as Yui smiled and tells Keima that he should have told her. Keima then asked Yui why she was here and she tells Keima that she saw him in her car and hence, got down and followed him. Yui then said that she cannot let a frail person go home as Keima said that it's his line and backs away from her.

Keima then tells Yui that her turn is still not yet and realized that Yui was acting like a player instead of a heroine and hence, he has to stop her as another player. Keima then told Yui that sending her home was a man's job as Yui said that Keima can make quite a handsome face and tells Keima that he used this on Ayumi and Chihiro too.

Playboy Keima


Keima then became shocked as Yui told him that she had been tailing him and called Keima quite the playboy. Yui then gave Keima a girls' uniform since it would cause misunderstandings if they go out as Keima angrily tells Yui that it would be solved if she wore it instead. Yui then tells Keima that he'll get used to it as Keima said that he doesn't want to.

Yui then cornered Keima, telling him that she will teach Keima what true love is as Keima said that it's not going to happen if they're cross-dressing. Yui then touched his face and told him that they can overcome it. Keima then cursed the after effects of being a girl.

Yui was then momentarily distracted by Shiori and Keima used this opportunity to let Haqua take him home. At day four, Keima commented that he's too slow as Haqua says that he shouldn't do it simultaneously. Keima then said that he'll meet Shiori first and wants Haqua to get to Ayumi and Chihiro as he will locate Tsukiyo last. When asked, Keima said that he didn't want to meet Yui.


I've made some tea!

Nora then came and greeted them as Keima closed the door, asking what happened while Haqua said that Nora doesn't know anything. Nora then came and asked where's Elsie and why was Haqua here as Haqua said that she came for a visit. Keima then told Haqua to stall Nora as he left.

As Keima was walking away, he overheard Nora saying that there's a new devil on her squad, Fiore Loderia Lavigneri. Keima then came back, telling the devils that he's made tea as Haqua asked what's with him while Keima said that he has changed his mind and they cannot leave.

Haqua then reminded Keima of the dangers as Nora demanded Keima to make the tea and prepare the milk. Keima then said that Nora is not the problem but Fiore was. Keima then wanted Haqua to prepare a bag and told her to act appropriately to the actions he was going to take.

Nora then got angry that there were no more snacks as Keima took out a tea set that impressed Nora (Keima learned it through Tsukiyo). Keima then reacted very positively to Nora's comments and stared at her as Nora felt a little uncomfortable. The devils then talked as Keima learned that Fiore and Haqua were in the same class and Haqua was always the best.

Keima then asked how did Nora rank as she punched him. Nora then told the group that they are now to search for the goddesses as Keima and Haqua feign ignorance on the subject while Fiore too, say that she has no idea on this topic. Nora was then about to leave but Keima stopped her and wanted to tell her something.


I wanna grope Nora-san's boobs...

Keima holds out a bag revealing a sensor and told Nora that Elsie found it and someone must have dropped it. Nora then belittles the person and was about to take it away as Keima placed the bag to him. Nora then became confused but Keima wanted Nora to give him a reward : To grope her again.

Nora then got shocked as Keima said that ever since the day he groped her, he's been unable to sleep and always wanted to grope Nora. Keima then charged towards Nora who ran away as Haqua chased him. The two eventually beat Keima up, calling him a criminal and a pervert.

Keima then stood up and went inside the room, revealing that Fiore was captured. Keima then tells Nora that he asked Haqua to make a spell that would entangle anyone who touched the sensor except for him and said that Fiore is part of Vintage.

Haqua then angrily told Keima that it still doesn't prove anything as Keima said that in games, if another person appears in a crisis, it must be the villain. Keima then said that Nora was also not part of Vintage since if she were, Fiore wouldn't need to be here. Nora then tried to ask what happened as Haqua finally complied to Keima and used her detention bottle on Fiore.


Tell me how to undo the curse !

Keima then readies himself to interrogate Fiore. Fiore cried to Nora, asking what happened as Keima told her that she was too noisy and she wanting the sensor could either mean that she is part of Vintage or a space detective whose parents were killed by Vintage.

Fiore, now sweating a little, said that she had no idea what Keima was talking about as he demanded the latter to tell him how to remove the curse on Kanon. Frustrated, Keima went to the yard and picked up a spider to aid him in forcing Fiore to tell him. Nora then hits Keima as Haqua told Keima that Fiore has no negative records before while Fiore continued to plead for her innocence.

Keima then realized that the library is going to close soon and decided to leave. Nora tried to stop him as Keima grabbed Nora asking her to team up with him, in exchange for getting all the credits for saving New Hell. Nora then became confused as Keima told Haqua to brief Nora and be careful around Fiore before leaving.

While running, Keima began to think that his theories were getting more and more true to his predictions and that he declared to himself that no matter what, he will get to see the ending. Reaching the library, Keima noticed Luna sitting on a chair but decides that Shiori was more important. Keima then decided to dump Luna somewhere so that the doll may be useful later.

Keima saw on Shiori's table, a pile of books and took the notebook up. Shiori then entered, and upon seeing Keima, she turned around and Keima took it as being allowed to read. Keima also noticed some crushed-up paper and was about to take them but Shiori took them away, being a sign of Keima not allowed to read that.


The lights suddenly turned off...

Keima then began reading the novel. Upon realizing that the novel is no longer sci-fi, but another different story, Keima couldn't help but knew it in him that this story was atrocious. Keima however, thought that if he said out the truth, things will be worse and finally decides to write something.

Keima then wrote that the story was interesting, and he wants a continuation of it. Shiori then took out a piece of her crumbled paper and handed it to him before leaving. The paper wrote , "From now on, please read my stories". Keima believed that it was a sign that things were going smooth but complained that he really wanted to complain about the novel.

Suddenly, all of the windows were shut, the curtains were closed and the lights went off. Keima wondered what happened as he looked around.

Goddess Hunt Arc 3 : Vulcan

Keima then noticed that things got dark all of a sudden but soon calms down, thinking that the library stays open only until noon anyways. Keima then decided to plan on what else should he do but suddenly, a book shelf slammed right in front of him and soon, other bookshelves were being slammed around and Keima was soon trapped.

Keima got attack

Attacked !

Keima then began to think and concluded that there was no point in pranking him and it was not his usual daydream, hence Keima realized that this is a real abnormal phenomenon. Keima then climbed up the book shelves and then saw that he was basically surrounded by books. Keima then wondered if it was the work of Vintage.

However, Keima (While being hit by a chair) believed that it was far too soon for Vintage to take action and he then thinks that there's no point in escaping if this were the case. Later, as a bookshelf moved again, Keima quickly landed right in front of it, and the bookshelf moved.

Realizing that the attacker does not intend to take his life, Keima dashed away as he finally guessed that the only way this was happening was because there is a goddess in the vicinity. Keima looked up, and there, he saw Luna, Tsukiyo's doll, having a goddess.
Luna comes


Luna commanded Keima not to come near Tsukiyo and slammed two bookshelves right into Keima. Keima wanted to tell Luna not to show her presence so open but decided that it was best not to tell out the current situation since the conquest was still ongoing.

Keima then feign ignorance, demanding who is the one pranking him as Luna laughed and proclaimed herself as Vulcan, a goddess who loves delicateness and justice. Keima then silently cursed Vulcan for declaring herself knowing that the goddess will be in trouble if he's with Vintage. Vulcan told Keima never to be near Tsukiyo ever again.

Vulcan the tells Keima that Tsukiyo is an elegant, beautiful and pure girl and she do not wish Tsukiyo to associate herself with someone like him as Keima shouted out that he has done nothing wrong. Vulcan then came near to Keima saying that he was getting rather well with Shiori as Keima thought that she has pretty sharp eyes for a doll.

Keima then decides to destroy the evidence and crumbled up a piece of paper and threw it away. Vulcan noticed it and immediately took it, saying that Keima was shallow and she anticipated that he would receive something from Shiori and hence, opened up the contents, only to find a recipe for vegetable soup.


Keima, escaping from Luna

Keima then thinks that Vulcan was naive to fall for such a simple trick and used this opportunity to escape before telling Vulcan to clean up in the library. Keima then thinks that Vulcan was considering him to be a normal human and if she moves this flashily, Vintage will soon notice it too and hence, decided to go to Tsukiyo to stop Vulcan.

Keima then decides to search for Tsukiyo in the Astronomy club and saw Nikaido. He then rushes up to Nikaido and be asked to follow her to the club. Keima then peered in the club and noticed that Tsukiyo was not there and immediately dashed to the roof, but not before telling Nikaido to return his PFPs.

Keima finally reached to the roof and there, he saw Tsukiyo, in red hair with a halo, knowing that it is Vulcan whose in control of her body now. Vulcan then said that she has poor eyesight and hearing and is also unable to walk. However, she can breath life into objects, and those objects become her eyes, ears and weapons.

Keima was then attacked by a bench and he asks to see Tsukiyo. Luna then dropped and Keima was freed. There, Tsukiyo said that she felt the same way as Luna and asked why did he return so long after the conquest. Keima then silently thinks that he knew Tsukiyo recovered her memories and hence, she should be angry.


I hate you !

Vulcan, through Luna, then reminded Keima of being flirtatious towards Kanon and Shiori as Tsukiyo said that she hates him and told Luna to drive Keima away. Vulcan instantly took over and surrounds Keima with benches as Keima continues to demand from Vulcan to grant him to speak with Tsukiyo.

Vulcan then said that Keima is really indispensable for not being shocked to even see her and said that Tsukiyo does not want to see him and that if Keima wants to see her, he will have to stop Vulcan. Keima then thinks that he would not try to calm Tsukiyo down this time and goes for the offensive.

Keima defended that he was the one getting hurt so he is the one who should be angry as Vulcan came up and told him that he was having an affair with Kanon and Shiori as Vulcan said that a liar like Keima will be punished for his doings. Keima decided to take on the challenge.

Keima then said if Tsukiyo will trust him as Vulcan told him that Tsukiyo doesn't. Keima demanded that he wants to speak to Tsukiyo no matter what as Vulcan complies. Tsukiyo told Keima that she would have been happy if she was to be left alone yet Keima was here and said that she is ashamed of herself.

Can't be helped

"Because our encounter was...destiny."

Keima then said that he has no choice as Tsukiyo got angry saying that Keima is really irresponsible but Keima charges up and hugged her, saying that he really had no choice and that their encounter was fated. Vulcan then got angry and tried to use Luna to get Keima away from Tsukiyo.

Upon hearing this, Tsukiyo punched Keima in the face, saying that he was the one who approached her first as Vulcan threatened to kill him. Tsukiyo then questioned that why is Keima appearing again when she was just about to forget about him. Keima came up, and was prepared to kiss her.

Tsukiyo was shocked and pushed Keima away as Keima said that if they kiss, they'll be able to overcome any obstacles, all to the glory of galges. Vulcan then used her powers and stopped Keima, saying that she will eliminate the indecent man. Keima then took of his other clothes and rushed forward as Vulcan used the titles on the floor to stop Keima.

Vulcan declared that Keima will no longer see Tsukiyo ever again as Keima said that although he may have hurt Tsukiyo and cannot guarantee that the latter will not be sad...Vulcan then got infuriated for Keima's words and levitates the benches again, saying that she will stop Keima once and for all.

Keima then shouted that he will accept any tribulation and just wants Tsukiyo to lover him back for a while or he won't be able to protect her. Vulcan was still angered but suddenly, Tsukiyo grabbed onto Vulcan, telling her to stop, greatly shocking Vulcan.
I will die protecting you

I would protect you Tsukiyo !

Tsukiyo asked Keima if she can really trust him as Keima said that he will die protecting her, making Tsukiyo remember her own conquest months ago. Vulcan's powers then went back causing one of the benches to fall on top of Keima. Tsukiyo then placed Keima on her carpet and asked if "Luna" was trying to kill him to which Vulcan said that her powers went back when Tsukiyo took control and hence, the benches fell.

Tsukiyo and Vulcan then argued with each other if they should tell Keima about Vulcan's other sisters as Vulcan objects. Tsukiyo then recalled on Keima asking her to love him back and kissed Keima in the cheek. Tsukiyo then felt something and screamed as Vulcan wondered what happened.

Keima then "woke up" and grabbed onto Tsukiyo and saw that two huge wings sprouted from her back.

Tsukiyo's Wings

Tsukiyo growing wings

Later, Keima returned to his home and asked Haqua if she got any information from Fiore. When he opened the door, the Haqua and Nora hagoromo dolls captured him and Fiore placed him in the detention bottle along with Nora and Haqua.

Keima angrily told Haqua that she should not have let her guard down as Haqua blushed and tells Keima not to be so close to her. Keima screamed that it's because the bottle is very small as Haqua told Keima not to come near her while Nora says that she's too heavy.

Keima then noticed that Fiore's got a communicator and Fiore told him that Vintage will use Keima's house as a base as Keima cursed saying that he even went through all the trouble to save Kanon and Apollo. Fiore then turns around as Haqua grabbed him telling him that Fiore still does not know about that.

Haqua then told Keima that he's the one being ignorant as Fiore came up asking if Kanon is still alive. Keima tells her that Kanon survived and he's searching for the other goddesses to save her as Haqua tells him that he's basically saying everything he knows as Keima told her that it is a desperate measurement.

Keima asked Fiore if she was going to capture the other goddesses also as Fiore said that she will. Haqua then asked why as Fiore said that a devil performing evil deeds is normal and that it is natural. However, in the past, the teachers believed that it was wrong. Fiore then declared that New Hell is impure and that the only way is to resurrect Old Hell.

Fiore telling Keima Vintage's goal

Keima then told Fiore that Old Hell will not be restored and since the Runaway Spirit Squad will ensure it. Fiore smirked and tells Keima that the true goal of the Squad is not a force of justice that tries to confine the Weiss, but to actually confine the goddesses.

Keima then asked if Fiore was going to kill the goddesses if they were captured as Fiore said that all he needs to know is that there is no future for the goddesses. Fiore then noticed Luna on the floor as Keima said that he found out the gist of things. The Vintage sensor the explodes as Vulcan told Fiore to know her place.

Keima then said that he's tired of monkeying around as Haqua became confused while he says that he has obtained some useful information while saving the trouble of explaining things to Vulcan as the goddess prepares to battle Fiore.

Fiore quickly orders her dolls to seize Luna as Haqua asked Keima what is the doll. Keima replied that she is Vulcan. Vulcan destroyed the dolls within seconds and re-used the destroyed dolls to seize and capture Fiore. Keima said that back then, when he brought Vulcan here, he saw Haqua's scythe on the yard, and he realized that Fiore has captured them and figure that he might as well gather more information from Fiore before saving them.

Haqua then said that how could Keima do that and calls him creepy as Keima said that he even called Diana here but it looks like things are under control. Soon, Fiore was back in the bottle (naked) as she tries to hold her tears while Nora begins to mock Fiore by swirling the bottle around.

Keima talking to Diana and Vulcan

Fiore then said that Vintage will not stay silent as Keima told her that hopefully, Fiore is important enough for Vintage to come so he can gain more information and not some disposable pawn. Keima then said that Fiore is classified in the "clumsy moe girl" type as Fiore got angry.

Vulcan then said that she was shocked to know that not only the Weiss have been resurrected, but now, the goddesses are being targeted too. Keima then told both Vulcan and Diana to come upstairs as Vulcan told Keima to carry her. Keima then tells Vulcan to switch back to Tsukiyo and walk as Vulcan said that he has carried Tsukiyo before, so it doesn't matter.

Diana then came up and asked why has Vulcan grown wings but she only has a halo. Diana then asked if Keima has used a special kind of love that he did not do it for Tenri and hits Keima in the back. Vulcan then told Keima that although she has poor eyesight and hearing, she wished Keima not to be too intimate with her sisters.

Vulcan then asked Diana how did she recover her powers as Diana said that things happened as Keima told them to focus, making Haqua and Diana punch him, telling him to go. They then reached Kanon's room and Keima noticed that the miasma has increased.

Is it enough ?

Vulcan wondered why is Apollo different as Diana said that it's because all of the goddesses have dwelt inside human bodies. Vulcan sighed and holds Diana's hand saying that the two of them will attempt to break the curse.

As Diana and Vulcan held the dagger, Keima tensed up a little. The miasma began to attack Diana again as Vulcan told Diana not to be alarmed as it is merely an imitation of the actual spell. In a flash, The dagger is pulled out and the miasma died down quickly. Keima quickly came and asked how Kanon is but suddenly, Kanon's body changes into liquid-like state.

Kanon defends

Kanon, in her liquid-mode

Keima said that Kanon is not waking up and asked what happened as Vulcan said that Apollo has submerged herself along with Kanon by making the body like break-water. Diana said that it was used to hold off the spell as Vulcan said that Apollo always uses these kinds of rough spells.

Keima then told them not to whisper and tell what happened. Vulcan, through Luna, said that Kanon's miasma was safely removed but Apollo managed to cast a dehydration spell that both of them are unable to remove at their current state.

Nora then told Keima to kiss Kanon since it restores the goddesses powers and Keima is good at this area. Despite the objections, Keima was forced to kiss Kanon but to no avail. Diana then said that on the other hand, Mercury may be able to help since she is able to use exotic spells.

Keima told them not to make it into a low-quality RPG game and laments that at least Kanon is safe but nothing has really changed. Nora then said that she will leave but Keima told her to leave Fiore here since even if Fiore escapes, she would go to where Vintage is.

Keima then said that it appears Vintage has connections with the Runaway Spirit Squad and heard Haqua call him. Haqua brought Keima all the way to his private room and apologized for her troubles. Keima shrugged it off and wants to go downstairs as Haqua angrily pushes Keima, telling him not to forgive her easily.

Keima angrily told her that there is no point in that as Haqua said that it will make her look unimportant as Keima said that he won't go that far and Haqua asked him why would he ally with Nora. Haqua then said that he doesn't think much of her as Keima wondered why was he getting told off.

Haqua then says that Keima didn't understand and when she was a district chief, she felt proud. Keima then said that there was no evidence that Vintage and the Squad were connected just by Fiore's words and that Haqua is needed.

Won't you...kiss me ?

Haqua then tells Keima to say it more clearly that she is needed. Keima turned around and looked at Haqua when suddenly, Diana opened the door. Keima asked what's the matter as Diana blushed and asked if Keima would kiss her.

Keima became confused and asked what was Diana talking about. Diana then rushed towards and hugged Keima, making the latter uncomfortable. Diana then pushed Keima away, telling him not to come near her and mumbles that she really cannot do such a thing.

Keima told her to state her intentions as Diana said that Vulcan has grown her wings but she hasn't, although she should have since Tenri was with Keima the longest. Keima then said that it's probably that Tsukiyo has more love towards him as Diana says that it's impossible and hits Keima.

Diana said that Tenri has been yearning for Keima for 10 years and hence Diana believed that she was the cause since she thought that Keima is a perverted, creepy womanizing man as Keima asked why was he being attacked and insulted. Diana said that she needs to quickly let Tenri's love go through and approached towards Keima closer, asking him to create more affections for her.


Diana...I'm truly sorry...

Haqua then came and stepped on Keima and soon, Haqua and Diana begins to fight with each other as Keima kept getting stepped on. After both decided to stop, Diana decided to leave as Keima suddenly popped up, apologizing to Diana for not restoring Tenri's powers and Diana said that she was also to blame.

Diana then leaves and Tenri was in control of her body now and turned and blushed upon seeing Keima's face. Tenri told Keima to do his best and left. Keima then said that it's good that Diana's affection increased and was shown to be acting all along. Haqua was flabbergasted.

Keima then said to Haqua that if the goddesses' affection meter is also proportional to the overall powers of them, it will also be rather troublesome. Keima then said that he will let Tsukiyo go home since he didn't want to let her know about the five-host conquest.

Vulcan then asked that wouldn't it be much better if they were together as Keima reasoned that if Vintage are too powerful, they can be wiped out as a group since not all of their opponents will be as easy as Fiore.

Keima then carried Vulcan, telling her that he has a special bracelet that will notify him if something happens as Vulcan said that she has no other choice but to rely on Keima, a suspicious and creepy person as Keima gets irritated on hearing that.

Vulcan the reverts back to Tsukiyo who demanded Keima to let her go. As she was leaving, Keima told her to be careful and even at the slightest of trouble, she should cut the tag and he'll come. Tsukiyo smiled and told Keima to be careful too.

At home, Haqua commented on Keima's flirtatious nature as Keima said that he has no choice since just because the goddesses has been awakened, doesn't mean that their powers are fully restored and the hunt continues. Haqua then said that Keima sure is cunning as the goddesses needs the power of love and at the current state of affairs, they can only rely on him.

In short, Haqua said that Keima is worse than the Weiss. Keima then remained silent as Haqua came up, saying that she didn't mean it and Keima suddenly woke up from his sleep and told Haqua that he should not be dozing off.

No reasons

Besides, I have no reasons to listen to your complains, Haqua

Keima then told Haqua that he should be doing what he must and in three and a half days, he has secured one goddess, removed Kanon's curse despite the girl still being unconscious and captured Fiore.

Keima then stepped out of the house, saying that only three goddesses remain and told Haqua that he had no reason to her her complaints since she did not do any conquering herself.

Goddess Hunt Arc 4 : Mars

Haqua said that at least now, they do not need to rush for the goddesses anymore since Kanon's curse was lifted. Keima then said that he needs to conquer one more and then, he noticed something and quickly ordered Haqua to hide. At the doorbell, it was none other than Yui Goidō.

Don't come near my house

Don't come near my house....I hate pushy people

Yui then offers Keima to go and have fun with her as Keima paused and ponders for a while before telling her not to come to his house since he hates pushy people. Haqua then asked Keima what is he doing as Keima said that the conquest has already begun.

Keima said that the first one he must clear is Yui as Haqua asked why while Keima said that perhaps Yui has a goddess too and like Diana, has taken a liking for him. Haqua wondered if it's true as Keima said that given the drastic change in her personality, it is possible.

Haqua then asked if they should tell her about Vintage then as Keima said that he cannot risk losing Yui's affection points and hence, it must remain as a conquest till the end. Haqua then asked how will Keima conquer Yui as Keima said that this time, he will not be the one who will be conquering Yui.

Haqua was skeptical as Keima said that Yui is the strong player type and he needs to be the "heroine" to quickly be conquered and besides, being a galge gamer, he has the most knowledge on how a heroine should be.

Keima then sat at a slide in the playground as Yui approached him. He said something about the sky, thinking that a heroine must have a worldview. Keima then told Yui that he has no interest in humans and was prepared for a "scene change" when Yui approached him again.

Keima tries to stop Yui but the latter physical contact was too powerful as Keima shut off his emotions and told Yui to leave and told her that he disliked being touched. Yui then asked Keima if he would like to go to have some cakes as Keima was about to tell her that he hates sweets too but stopped since the "heroine" needs to have a favorite sweet.

As Keima painfully ate the sweets, he realized that Yui still acts like a girl. Keima then asked what is her cake as Yui said that watching him was all she needs, making Keima eat even faster. Later, Yui saw the Mai-High Delinquents and beat them up, saying that she has worked out so she can carry Keima in his wedding dress as Keima becomes more disturbed.

Yui then told Keima that he could choose what kind of dress he wants as Keima said that he will not. Yui then said that her family is rich so Keima does not have to work and can play galges as much as he wants, making Keima's interest increased and asked if it really is true.


Keima's weakness

Later, when Yui was having a toilet break, Keima said that Yui's pace was completely wrong as Haqua asked perhaps Keima is just weak against "aggressive heroines". Keima denied it as Haqua holds his hand and this made Keima extremely uncomfortable as Haqua laughed, saying that she now knows his weakness as Keima said that he has never done anything to her.

At night, Yui said that they had a wonderful date while Keima said it's not and cursed himself, knowing that he was just getting conquered and Yui has not have her love level increased. Yui then said that she's going home and kissed Keima on the cheek.

Keima then asked Yui why does she like him as Yui said that there was no reason. Keima realized that with his halfhearted methods, it will not work and hence, he decided to become the "God of getting Conquered" !

Yui confused

Keima...dressing up as a girl....

The next day, Keima has decided to dress as a girl and when Yui saw him she was delighted. Keima then said that because Yui kissed him, he became more into cross-dressing. Yui was happy and said that they'll be a perfect match as Keima scrambled away, saying that this is weird and told Yui not to compliment him.

Later, Keima "bumped" into Yui again, who asked her how to use the restroom since he cannot go in the boys toilet anymore as Yui said that she has been using the faculty room ever since. Later, Yui asked if Keima is wearing girls' underwear too to which he firmly denies.

Yui then asked Keima if they have met before as Keima said that he doesn't know. Keima then approached Yui and asked her to take him on a date today as Yui became flustered and left. At the rooftop, Keima told Haqua that his initial theory of Yui being a goddess is wrong and that Yui does not remember him.

However, some affections still linger inside Yui so Keima decided to go out with Yui to restore her memories as he stood up and shouted that he is the "God of getting Captured" and laughs loudly. Keima thinks to himself that indeed, Yui is a worthy challenger to him in this conquest, but he too is good in this area as well.

Prepare yourself !

Keima then declared that today's date will decide who the winner and loser is as Haqua asked him what kind of clothes is he going to wear. Keima then sent Yui a mail telling her to meet him at Denzenisea. At the place, Keima enlarged his pupils and said that he's ready.

Haqua then said that Keima is trying too hard as Keima said that this is a battle for control as Yui came up, wearing a tuxedo. Yui looked at Keima and said that he's stunning and Keima is cuter than usual, causing Keima to lose his composure for a minute.


Clothes ?!

Yui then said that she's bought some girly clothes and eventually forced Keima to wear them despite the latter's refusal as Keima wonders what kind of taste does Yui have. Later, on the roller-coaster, Yui began to act like a butler as Keima became more embarrassed.

Keima then thinks that he has to increase Yui's affection levels no matter what. Later, Keima gave Yui a homemade bento (that he made during school) and he made it badly on purpose to make Yui fall for him. Ironically, Yui was too happy and even asked Keima to make another one as Keima falls back on the defensive again.

Yui later decides to buys some drinks as Keima wonders if he should change his style again. As he was waiting, two "skirt chasers" approached Keima as he told them to at least try to fall from the sky to make an encounter. Yui then appears and the guys mistook her for a guy as Yui told them her real gender before pushing one of them. However, the force was so great, the man was almost unconscious.


It can't be helped, I was a aristocratic lady before...

Keima then thanked Yui, saying that he was scared as Yui hugged him, saying that she was sorry for leaving him alone. Keima then knows that this is bad and he won't be able to defeat Yui if this goes on and tells to himself that he needs to conquer Yui before she conquers him.

Yui then asked where should they go as Keima said anywhere is fine. As they stroll, Yui noticed an attraction called "Mystery Walk" and wants Keima to go as he wonders if its scary. Yui said that it's all right and beckons Keima to go as he cannot even tell his own gender now.

After entering and cosplaying as a princess, Yui compliments him again as Keima angrily and distressingly told her to shut up. As they were going, Yui noticed that the place was really dark as Keima asked her if she's scared.

The Fourth Goddess (Anime)

Yui kissing Keima

Yui denies it but when an attraction startled her, Keima said that she really is scared while Yui said that she was an aristocratic lady before. Keima and Yui then continues to move as Keima jokingly asked if he can take her sword.

However, as Yui managed to defeat the attraction's devil game, she realized that Keima was gone. Yui then saw Keima captured by someone. The person is from Vintage and threatens to kill the unconscious Keima. Then, Yui got mad enough and Mars took over and attacked the agent.

The clothes were instantly destroyed and it was revealed that the "Vintage Agent" was Haqua. It was also revealed that Keima planned this all along. Yui then holds Keima asking if he's all right as Keima said that he was supposed to save the heroine. Yui smiled and said that it's her duty to save a frail boy and kissed him, gaining enough love points to sprout Mars's wings.

Goddess Hunt Arc Break : Elsie's Brief Return

Elsie meet again

Elsie returns

Yui finally remembers her conquest and hugs Keima, saying that she is happy while Mars said that they have to capture the Weiss that got away. Keima stops Mars and told her not to expose herself like that as Mars said that she is impatient. Keima then said that she did not have the powers like in her prime so it is risky.

Mars then thinks about it as Yui comes out saying that she'll be fine as Keima gave her a tag telling her to notify him if something happens. Yui then tells Keima to notify her as Keima said that it's his line. Yui then said about what's happening as Keima said that it's best not to know too much now.

As Keima and Haqua were returning home, Haqua asked why would Keima keep quiet about Kanon's plight as Keima said that he worries that Yui and Mars may do something reckless. Keima then said that today they may have gotten away from a fake Vintage agent but it won't be the case every time.

Just then, a giant New-Hellian Fish grabbed his head using its mouth as Keima heard footsteps approaching. The person was none other than Elsie. After seeing Keima, Elsie hugged him, telling him that she missed him so much as Haqua tries to leave. Keima then grabbed onto Haqua and told her that she has something to report to Elsie as Haqua told Keima that he should read the feelings of people better.


Keima asleep

After making dinner, Keima said that he can easily tell who made these kinds of foods from the appearance alone as they began to eat. Keima then asked if they should give some food to Fiore as the devil said that she is not an insect. Fiore then tried to convince Elsie to free her as Keima shook the Detention Bottle and told Elsie about their current situation. Elsie then praised Keima's abilities.

Later, as Keima was about to brush his teeth, the fatigue and tiredness finally took its toll as he feel asleep on the floor. Haqua later found out (In a wrong way) as she and Elsie had placed Keima on the sofa as Keima slept.

Goddess Hunt Arc 5 : Minerva

The very next day, Haqua says that only two goddesses remains to be discovered and showed Keima using her hagoromo that during the time he was gloating about conquering Yui, Shiori saw Keima wearing a girls' uniform and asked Keima what is he going to do.

Haqua then said that if its Keima, he's not going tell Shiori everything as Keima said that Haqua is catching up well. Keima then said that Shiori will be the next target. Keima then changes again to his female outfit and sat in the library and waited for Shiori. Shiori came up and saw Keima. She was rendered speechless.

Keima then tells Shiori that he's sorry that he cannot come and her her novel yesterday and while Shiori was going to respond, Fujiidera called out to her. However, Keima managed to put on his wig before Fujiidera noticed anything and said to Shiori that he don't even know why is he doing this after Fujiidera left.

Shiori then meekly asked if Keima likes to cross-dress as he said that the truth is, due to circumstances, he had to dress up as a woman and at first, he was dressing up just for the plan but it soon turned to a habit. Keima then said that his common sense and absurdity no longer has distinction between them.

Keima then stood up, and tells Shiori that he'll leave and apologizes for having a boring conversation. Shiori then came and wanted to know about Keima's story for her novel as Keima act surprised and asked if she really wants to hear it. However, school is closing around this time.

Shiori then asked Keima if they wanted to talk outside as Keima said that they might as well talk while going home. Outside the library, Shiori asked if Keima intends to go home like that as Keima pulls of the wig while Shiori hurriedly placed it back.

Keima then asked if they should go somewhere to talk as Shiori ultimately asked Keima to go to a local Ramen-shop. Keima then went in and asked Shiori which ticket she wants as the cook commented both Keima and Shiori. After the meal, Shiori asked if she can write something about Keima as Keima agrees to it.

After Shiori left, Keima said that if this keeps up, things won't change even after the festival as Haqua asked why. Keima then said that Shiori lacks the confidence in her work but said that with this queer person (he) around, it will be of no problem and said that he can finally see the ending.

The next day, Keima went to see Shiori and asked if she wrote the story. Shiroi said that just a little longer as Keima took it up and realized that she hasn't written anything. Shiori said that if only she had another hour, she would've finished it.

Keima then tells her that she won't finish it and the story will be really short. Keima then noticed that Shiori had at least tried to write something and cannot let Shiori have composure in heart. Keima then told Shiori that today is a national holiday and hence, Shiori has to finish her novel by today.

Keima then declared that both of them are going to stay here until Shiori finished her novel. Later, Keima said that he's going for a toilet break and then goes to meet Haqua. Haqua asked if holding Shiori in there will really work as Keima said that Shiori must have been thinking a lot and unless she can think of a masterpiece, it won't change anything and Shiori will just be running away.

Keima said that there is no other choice but to make a masterpiece and Shiori is being hold up to prevent her from escaping. Haqua then said that she'll be going back to New Hell for a district chief meeting and told Keima not to overdo things while Keima snarked that if Haqua had stayed, he won't have to overdo things.

Keima later returned but soon dozed off as Shiori tries to write. After realizing that Shiori needs more pushing, Keima told her that she can write stories that are more interesting and it is easy. All Shiori has to do is to write a story about herself. Keima said he wants to read a story about a girl that always loved books and had barricaded herself in the library.

Shiori then said that it is a boring story before rushing off while blushing heavily. Keima then said that she should recall that once she's remembered everything. Keima then left for a while. By the time Keima returned, he saw that Shiori have finished her novel and began reading it.

Keima then read the story and realized that Shiori loved him and then Keima noticed that Shiori shrunk and realized that the person is not Shiori. Keima asked if she's a goddess as the Goddess said that she won't speak to strangers since Apollo has warned her.

The goddess then banged her head on the table and Shiori woke up and saw that Keima had read her story. Shiori then said that it is a monologue as Keima said that it was the story he liked most. Shiori then tried to take away the story after knowing that Keima has read until the end as Shiori came closer to Keima.

Shiori then bashfully said that the last part was not over yet since she felt as if Keima would not return. Keima then kissed Shiori on the cheek before saying that he won't ever leave her and the true story of Shiori is just beginning.

Keima then gave Shiori a bracelet, telling her to break it if something happens and told Shiori that he wants to come and see her everyday. Keima then leaves as Shiori blushed even more. However, Keima sneaked somewhere else and saw the goddess again. Keima heard the goddess introduced herself as Minerva.

Keima then goes to the theater and thinks to himself that it was not Mercury and Shiori has a vivid imagination so he decided not to tell her everything yet. Keima then ultimately decided that he will have to conquer Chihiro and Ayumi now and only one of them is a goddess host. Keima then tells Haqua that he'll go home but realized that Haqua is already gone as he shrugged it off.

Goddess Hunt Arc 6 : Mercury I

The next day, Keima who looked tired, was being nagged by Fiore. Fiore still kept telling Keima that Vintage will be trying to revive Old Hell as Keima told Fiore that he's tired of listening to her and if Fiore is willing to turn over a new leaf, he'll even let her work at Café Grandpa.

Keima then thinks who should he go first as he told Fiore that he'll only give her water for now as Fiore angrily tells him to stop treating her like a pet. Keima suddenly collapsed as he wondered what's wrong as his body is not responding to him as he tries to go to school.

Keima realized that he has a cold but he still tries to get up to finish the conquest and is mentally forcing himself to fight. Fiore then said she wants to eat as Keima told her to shut up. Keima then began to literally crawl up trying to conquer Ayumi and Chihiro as Fiore still wanted to eat. Keima said that she won't die if she doesn't eat for a day.

Keima then noticed that the Vintage sensor is ringing and quickly goes to Fiore to asked what is it. Fiore then lied, saying that she doesn't know as Keima said that she is lying since she hasn't said anything trivial until now. Very soon, a figure approaches and Fiore turned to look, but to her dismay it was someone she never met before.

The person is Ryō Asama, Nora's buddy and upon Nora's orders, he managed to reply the sensor in the nick of time. Keima then noticed Fiore's cursing and asked why was Ryō doing here but Ryō said that Keima is sick so he should rest. Keima then told Ryō to give him a cellphone and upon questioned, Keima said that he is initiating an event.

Ryō then asked if he should call a doctor as Keima told him to go home. Ayumi then picked up (thinking it was Elsie) and asked Elsie if she was sick. Keima then talks, shocking Ayumi. Keima then told Ayumi that his grandfather, Denma, died and he's the only one in home now.

Ayumi then asked if Keima is alright as he sounded sickly as Keima purposely asked what she said again. Ayumi said that it is nothing and hangs up. Keima then hoped that Ayumi will come and he will initiate a serious event to those two. Keima then knows that he can see how the progress with Ayumi, depending how if she will come or not.

Chihiro then called Elsie's cellphone as Keima said that Elsie is not here and nobody will be home before hanging up. Keima then tells Ryō to help him out for a bit. When Keima knew that Ayumi was here, Keima pretends to fall down with a jug of water as Ayumi came, saying that she did not came here for him and it's all his fault.

Ayumi then told Keima not to speak with her as Keima starts to crawl to his room. Ayumi then finally softens up and decides to carry Keima to his (Elsie's modified) room. Keima then said that no one will come as Ayumi said that someone will. Keima then said that Ayumi's presence made him feel happy.

When Keima woke up, he saw Ayumi's bag and Ayumi came up again and said that she'll get some water. Keima tries to get the cup but his hand is too weak as Ayumi had to support it. Keima then realized that the development is far better than anticipated and decides to go as far as he can.

Keima then tells Ayumi that he would like it if Ayumi stayed a little longer as Ayumi said that she doesn't really mind. Keima then thinks that from here on, he could proceed with his eyes closed and in one go, he'll max out Ayumi's love points.

Then, the doorbell rang as Ayumi asked if she should go get it. Keima told her to ignore it but upon hearing Ryō's voice, he looked up and saw Chihiro with him too. Keima was shocked. He thought Chihiro won't come and when Ayumi said she will open the door, Keima quickly grabbed onto Ayumi.

Keima then knew that he cannot risk Chihiro seeing Ayumi and hoped that Ryō would keep Chihiro out. However, Ryō did let Chihiro in and Keima, out of desperation, quickly grabbed Ayumi and pushed her onto the bed while covering them up with the blanket.

Chihiro came and told Keima that Elsie wants a score-sheet and realized that Keima looked worn-out. Keima then tells her to get some medicine for him and as Chihiro left. Ayumi then came out and asked why does she have to hide as Keima said that it would be embarrassing.

Keima then told Ayumi to hide for the sake of their reputations. Chihiro then came and Keima hides Ayumi again. Chihiro then tells Keima to go to the hospital as Keima said that it was too sudden for him to go now. Chihiro then tells Keima to take the medicine then as Keima said that she is surprisingly nice.

Chihiro then said that anyone would be like this if somebody was sick. Ayumi then coughs for a while as Keima quickly pushed Ayumi to him. Chihiro then asked if Keima was okay. Keima said that he's fine as Keima realized that this is a splendid event and he may even be able to increase both of their love points.

Keima then tries to calm down and told himself that so long as both Chihiro and Ayumi don't meet each other, things will not go wrong. Keima then thinks that if he continued with Chihiro's event, then he can arrange something even more special and raise both of their love points.

Chihiro then asked why is Keima so lumpy as Keima said that its because of his cold and hence, there is an extra futon (Traditional Japanese blanket). Chihiro then said that she'll turn up the heater and said that she'll get some more water for him.

When Chihiro is out of sight, Ayumi came out and Keima quickly adjusted the heater as Ayumi took off her jacket. Keima was surprised that Ayumi's drenched as Ayumi said that she sweat easily. Keima then saw Ayumi taking up her belongings and asked why as Ayumi said that she's going home.

Ayumi then said that Keima is a liar and that she thought no one would come. Keima said that Chihiro came here for Elsie as Ayumi said that she is mad at Keima treating her like a futon. Just then, Chihiro was about to come in.

Ayumi then rushed into Keima's bed but Keima forgot to place the futon to cover Ayumi's legs. Chihiro pointed that out as Keima gave an excuse that he was a little hot. Keima then saw Ayumi's bag and jacket there and quickly shouted "Yokkyun" somewhere and Chihiro turned to look, giving Keima the chance to grab Ayumi's belongings in his bed.

Keima then told Chihiro that it was a hallucination. Chihiro then tells Keima that she finished the song she wrote back then in the music store and asked if Keima would like to hear it as Keima realized that Chihiro did not come to see Elsie.

However, Ayumi jabbed Keima with her elbow angrily since Chihiro did came to see him after all as Chihiro wondered what happened. Keima then asked to hear her tune. Chihiro then tries to reject his offer but Keima smiled and said his cold is not that important as Ayumi jabbed him again.

Keima then thinks that finishing the tune is more important even if Ayumi's love points dropped a little. Chihiro then began to sing her song and asked how was it as Keima said that this tune was good and asked if she will play it at the festival.

Chihiro then said that it is too early since there is only three days left to the festival as Keima realized that there is no elbow this time. Chihiro thanked Keima for listening and left as Keima believed that Chihiro's route is going smoothly.

Keima then calls out to Ayumi and realized that she fainted from the heat. Keima asked if Ayumi is alright as Ayumi woke up and realized that her shirt was a see-through and quickly hits Keima, telling him not to see.

Ayumi then calls Keima then worst and hopes he dies from the cold as Keima asked why is Ayumi always angry. Ayumi then said that it is Keima's fault as Keima decides to break the deadlock. Keima then said that he doesn't know either as Ayumi asked if there is really nothing going on with him and Chihiro.

Keima then grabbed onto Ayumi's shoulder and said that he was actually ... but suddenly, Chihiro knocked the door and told Keima that she needs to tell him something. Chihiro said,

"I Like You."

Keima was shocked to hear that.

Keima then pretended to not have heard anything and asked Chihiro to repeat herself and said that he dozed off just now. Chihiro said that it was nothing and left. Ayumi called out to Keima as he watches Chihiro running away. Ayumi called Keima again as Keima asked her what did Chihiro say.

Ayumi was surprised that Keima was not aware of what Chihiro said and wonders if she should go home. Keima then rolls on the floor in agony as Ayumi quickly asked if Keima was alright. Keima then said that it is all Ayumi's fault for hurting him back then.

Keima then thought that he cannot let Ayumi recall Chihiro's unexpected confession. Keima then wonders when will Haqua be back. Keima then lied to Ayumi saying that he needs to go to the toilet as he discussed things with Ryō (who was busy being fascinated by Fiore's body)

Keima then thinks that the situation is getting hard since Kanon's confession was fine since the relationship she had with others were shallow but Ayumi and Chihiro are always friends so they may disrupt the conquest and hence, the risks are too much.

Keima then wonders who should he make to fall in love with him and wondered if he responded, Chihiro may have been a goddess. Keima then decided to call Chihiro however, Chihiro's cellphone was busy since Chihiro was talking to someone else as Keima wanted Chihiro to respond while Ryō is still looking at Fiore.

After waiting for some more, Keima gave up and decided to head to Ayumi to finish her route. However, Keima saw Ayumi at the front door, wearing her shoes. Ayumi said that she will be going now as Keima decides to make her stay after he contacted Chihiro and rolls on the floor again.

Ayumi then came and said that she will get Chihiro to help as Keima was shocked to know that Ayumi was not buying his fake pain. Keima then asked if Ayumi is angry as Ayumi said that she is not and leaves before telling Keima to get along with Chihiro.

Keima then noticed that something bad is going to happen when Ayumi's anger is gone and Chihiro is being pushed forward. At bed, Keima wonders what should he do now and knows that Ayumi's change in attitude may have originated from Chihiro's confession yet there are no wings when Chihiro confessed and if he stayed in the defensive, all will be lost.

Later, Keima woke up and realized that he had dozed off for sometime. Keima tried to call Chihiro but decides to gain back his health. Keima then said that ever since Kanon was stabbed, he has not been playing galges at all so in order to go back to normal, he will play games at last!

Diana then came to Keima asking if he is free and told him that she needs to call all the goddesses since she needs Apollo's power right now.

Goddess Hunt Arc Part Break 2 : A Visit from the Goddesses

Diana explained that she had a premonition of danger and felt that the enemy has come closer than ever and asked if Keima had any progress. Keima replied that he had located two more goddesses; Minerva and Mars and there is a huge possibility that Vintage could be in the Runaway Spirit Squad.

Diana then wanted to hear Apollo's "Oracle" and explained that although the Jupiter Sisters are not powerful enough yet, they should at least call out to Apollo for some advice. Keima then said that the hosts were all sleeping as Diana told Keima to do something.

Keima then got no choice but to call for Elsie to use her hagoromo to gather the goddess hosts. Elsie complained that she finally get to see Keima but doing errands is boring as Keima said that she really has no sense of danger. Diana whispered something to the hosts and soon, the goddesses woke up.

Mars and Minerva were glad to see their sisters again as Vulcan explained that to meet each other like this is really interesting. Keima then tells them to be more serious as Elsie told Keima to let them have their moments. Keima told her not to pick up sweet parts for her own enjoyment and said that he has a cold and he's going to sleep.

Mars then approached Keima and said that she knew him as Yui's husband and said that she was initially against Yui for liking a weird person like him but decided to cheer Yui's decision. However, Minerva then sat on Keima's lap and said shyly that Keima belongs to Shiori. Mars asked who is Shiori as Vulcan, through Luna, took up a pair of scissors and tried to hurt Keima for being unfaithful to Tsukiyo.

Mars then pushed Luna away, saying that Keima cannot be harmed for Yui's sake while Vulcan said that this is for Tsukiyo and told her sisters to hand Keima to her as Minerva still tries to say that Keima belongs to Shiori. The atmosphere then began to tense up as the goddesses prepares for a skirmish.

Keima then tells the goddesses not to fight and he also has a cold as Diana said that they should address the real issue here. Vulcan then tells Keima that he is the luckiest man for having even the gods to desire him as Mars tells Keima that Yui is a more gallant womanly and perfect and told Keima to take a peek at Yui.

Vulcan then tells Mars not to fight with "weapons that Tsukiyo doesn't have" as Mars said that wars are not to be fought fairly. Vulcan then got made and began using her powers against Mars, saying that it is deplorable to fight like this while Mars said that there is no difference between the great battle years ago and this. (Keima was the one getting hurt during the crossfire)

Suddenly, a surge of power explodes as Minerva created a protective bubble around the already wounded Keima as her sisters wanted to be let in. Keima then told Diana to stop this and stop acting like children to the goddesses as Diana tells her sisters to stop and that Keima belongs only to Tenri.

Diana then said that all her sisters had wings and Keima met Tenri first but instead, Keima handled Tenri "roughly" and saying Keima is the worst while a dangerous aura began to fester around Diana while her sisters were taken aback.

Keima then tells them to stop fighting and brought them to the second floor where Kanon was resting. Minerva then said that the hydration spell is tricky to remove since if the person mess up, Kanon will really become water. Keima then said that if they cannot remove it, then what should they do as Vulcan said that they are going to call out to Apollo's oracle.

The goddesses then began to call out to Apollo as Keima looks on. Kanon then begins to react as Keima touched Kanon and calls out to her. Suddenly, the area around Kanon was flooded with water and Keima realized that Elsie did not notice it. Keima then falls down, deep inside Kanon's consciousnesses.

Keima then landed on a Bell tower above Maijima City and when the bells began to ring, Keima wondered what is this place. Apollo then came up and said that it is a divination world she created and welcomes Keima as Kanon's lover. Keima then called out to Apollo as the goddess was surprised to know that Keima knew her name. Apollo then said that she is glad to know her sisters are fine too.

Apollo then told Keima to tell her sisters that she is currently praying and directed Keima to the city and told Keima that she's trying to tell the town's fortune. The city then was filled with miasma and the bells are shown to be absorbing them. Apollo then said that the miasma infested town is Maijima City's future, so she is using the bells to purge the misfortune.

Keima then asked if it will save Maijima as Apollo said that it won't since she is just a medium and that she can only change the flow for a little bit. Apollo then said that she knew that the powers of the Weiss are growing and she and her sisters are still too weak. Apollo said that they are at a disadvantage and even a little bit of luck is as valuable as gold.

Keima then said that relying on luck is not a conquest and all he cares about is to select the correct choices in real life and games to achieve the best ending. Kanon then told Keima that she believes in him. Kanon thanked Keima for his help for changing her and will also be praying with Apollo.

Apollo then returns and said that she should have figured that Keima is an important person to begin with and told Keima that she can only hold out for three more days and told Keima to be careful. Keima then asked what does Apollo meant but he woke up and he heard Diana saying that Apollo is not responding.

Keima then tells Elsie that his cold is cured and on his hand, there is a single olive leaf. The goddesses then said that it is no use since Apollo has no intention of coming back. Keima then thought that in three days, it will be Sunday and something bad must have begun. Keima told the goddesses to head back and he'll handle things himself now.

Mars wanted to protest but Keima reminded her that if they act recklessly, even normal girls will be targeted by Vintage and the close call with Kanon was enough already. Keima told them to wait patiently at home as Diana blushed and asked if they can help. Keima said that he will need their powers eventually but not now. Keima then told Diana to protect Tenri as Diana blushed. Vulcan then agrees with Keima as the latter told Elsie to send them back home.

Later, Elsie asked where is Haqua since she wanted to give Elsie a souvenir as she was returning today while Keima ignored her and mumbled his approval. On Friday, Keima walked to school as the Mai High Festival finally begins.

Mai-High Festival Arc

Goddess Hunt Arc 7: Mercury II

Back in class, Keima began to strategize, knowing that if he mess up this time, the next event will be in Christmas and Vintage will not wait that long. Keima then heard that Miyako and the class has elected Ayumi to be the candidate for the Mai High Princess as Chihiro congratulated her and goes to her seat to read some musical notes.

Keima then believed that Chihiro is a goddess host since she confessed to him but when he thought of Ayumi's actions, it doesn't add up. Keima then wondered if Ayumi and Chihiro had been conversing with each other, setting up "invisible flags" and decides to regain control of the situation.

Later, Keima inspects the poster of the campfire and retreats in an odd fashion (while being seen by Shiori). Sometime later, Keima placed a poster of Yuimi from Year 1 Class A from the galge series, "Magical Academy Carmie" on the Mai-High Princess Candidates list. Keima then got beat up for that.

Chihiro said to Keima that he really does those things wherever he went and asks if Keima is fine. Keima then told her to ignore him as Chihiro said she's leaving. Keima then got worried when his PFP was missing as Chihiro said that it may be a curse for those people without a date and reminded him that she is a performer in the festival.

Keima then thanked Chihiro for visiting him as Chihiro said that she's glad he's feeling better. Chihiro then found Keima's PFP and was about to take it but Chihiro refused. Keima got angry as Chihiro said that since he doesn't have a date to go with in the festival, he might as well go with her.

Keima was surprised that Chihiro asked him out first since he planned to ask her out. Keima then said to Chihiro that they will probably fight more than being a couple as Chihiro blushed even more and asked if Keima is coming or not. Keima then decided to agree to go with Chihiro.

Keima later came to Ayumi and told her that he is going with Chihiro and asks her for advice. Ayumi then asked why should she help in his relationship with Chihiro and asked Keima to do it himself. Keima then approached Ayumi again, telling her that she was the one who instigated the entire thing so she needs to be responsible for that.

Keima then began to pretend that he is anxious on the date and how he should react as Ayumi finally agreed to help Keima out. Ayumi then expressed her shock to the events but quickly told Keima that she'll "help conquer Chihiro's heart".

Then, Chihiro called out to Ayumi as the latter quickly pushed Keima down and agrees with Chihiro to go for another band practice. Ayumi then tells Keima that she'll talk later. Keima then had Yui use Mars to call out to Mercury in the goddesses' language but Mercury did not respond. Keima knew that Mercury is in one of them and decides to tell Yui not to reveal Mars too much and leaves. Yui then said she loves Keima as Keima told her to stop it.

Later, while cleaning the school for the festival, Ayumi told Keima that Chihiro may be rebellious, but she is really a young lady and told him to be kind to her. Ayumi then tells him to fix his bed-hair as Keima said that it is not important (in games).

Keima then tries to explain about a conquest as Ayumi kicked him calling him irritating and Ayumi said that he doesn't even knew Chihiro's Birthday. Keima then responded to Ayumi and even more specific details as Ayumi got even angrier. Keima then said that she is here for a different objective.

Ayumi then noticed Chihiro and pushed Keima away, asking him if he heard of a story before kicking Keima away towards Chihiro. After Keima was kicked, Keima asked if Chihiro is taking out the trash too as both go there together. After taking out the trash, Chihiro said that it seems that they took out the trash before.

Keima continues to wonder if Chihiro really recalls her conquest but decides to establish the route since her answer is vague. Keima replied that he is looking forward to the festival tonight. Chihiro was shocked at Keima being considerate as Keima said that when two people take the same thing to the campfire, good things will happen.

Keima then said that it is what he heard and say that all he have right now is a jersey. Chihiro then rushed to Keima and gave him an old guitar pick she got before leaving. Ayumi then came and asked how was it as Keima said that it was nice. Ayumi then said that her plan was successful and said that since Keima doesn't understand a girl's feelings, he needs to obey her as Keima agrees.

Keima said that he really doesn't know how other people feel and asked if Ayumi will not going to be angry anymore and told Ayumi that there were two reasons why he made Ayumi his ally. One was to separate Ayumi and Chihiro and the other one was to confirm her reaction.

Keima then mumbles that if Ayumi was angry, her love points still remains but he has to rethink things. Ayumi then wondered what's going on as Keima stood up and told Ayumi that he will kiss Chihiro tonight and if she wants to be angry, it her last chance.

Ayumi merely smiled and said that she won't be angry and leaves. Keima then declares to himself that he will make Mercury appear tonight. Later, Keima while waiting for Chihiro, wondered why the school would use so much time on the cultural festival as Nikaido said that it was due to heritage.

Keima then asked Nikaido on her clothes as Nikaido explained that it is due to the teachers having to make a skit for the students (and then whips of of the students for leering at her). Nikaido then left as Keima noticed that Chihiro came.

Chihiro told Keima that she is sorry for being late since band practice was a little longer than usual. Keima said that is feels strange to meet at an appointed time as Chihiro agreed. Keima then decided to conquer Chihiro and wondered where should he see the ending. Upon seeing Ayumi on the contest, he was surprised to know that Ayumi was rather popular with the boys.

Chihiro then asked if he wanted to go somewhere else and pushed Keima to the campfire. Chihiro then asked Keima if he brought the pick as Keima said yes. Chihiro then said that she wondered if good things will happen and said that she does have a good feeling about it.

Keima then decided to initiate the event. Keima said that he is tired of this crowd and asked if Chihiro wants to go somewhere else. Chihiro said that the campfire just started as Keima told her that it will take a while while thinking that fewer people is better.

After Chihiro agreed, Keima was dismayed to realize that he cannot find a suitable place to begin the event. However, after realizing that there is apparently no place left, Keima decided to go back. Chihiro then tells Keima that it is all right and tells him to continue searching for the place.

Keima realized that things are going extremely favorably to him and he suggested the rooftop in the south building. Chihiro then grabbed onto his hand and they go together. At the building, Chihiro asked if the rooftop is opened as Keima said that he knows the password for the door since he goes there often.

Chihiro then said that it is expected of the gamer as Keima replied that he it has nothing to do with games. At the roof, Chihiro began to describe the surroundings but it soon got awkward and told Keima to say something. Keima then said that Chihiro is different from usual as Chihiro said that for today, she feels that she can be with Keima forever.

Keima then pushed Chihiro on to the bench and asked a embarrassed Chihiro if he can kiss her. Chihiro said that it is her first time as Keima's facial expression changed. He knew that Chihiro is in a position that she would not lie and if that is so, Chihiro would have recalled her conquest but she doesn't.

Keima then realized that there is no goddess within Chihiro. Chihiro asked whats wrong as Keima decided that he can still make it. He will switch Chihiro and Ayumi's roles now. Keima was about to ask something but he thought back and realized that Chihiro has always been one step ahead of his plans and wondered if Chihiro had accidentally fallen into his trap.

Keima then asked Chihiro is she really likes him and when he latter affirms this, Keima asked when and Chihiro said that it was before Spring and he hadn't even conquered her. Chihiro then said that she may be interested in Keima the whole time. Keima remained speechless and muttered that it is not possible.

Chihiro then hold onto Keima and said that there is no need for a reason and kissed Keima. Chihiro then asked Keima if he liked her.

"There is no way I could like you."

Chihro was shocked as Keima coldly say that he only likes 2D girls as Chihiro asked why would he date him. Keima said that he was tricking a real girl and called Chihiro an idiot for falling into his trap. Tears were forming on Chihiro's eyes as she cannot believe this is happening.

Chihiro asked Keima as to why would he do such a thing as Keima said that Chihiro was always making fun of him so he decided to get even with her. Keima then tells Chihiro that this is enough and orders her to stay away from him. Chihiro then ran off as Keima looked on with a sorrowful expression.

Someone then called out to Keima as Keima turned around and saw Ayumi, it turns out tat she was listening the whole time. Ayumi tells Keima that he knows that Chihiro was true to him when he goes out with her and asked why would Keima do that. Keima then said that he realized that he is lying to himself and now he know who the most important person to him is.

Keima was about to answer who the person is but Ayumi swiftly kicked Keima on to the floor and tells Keima that he is the worst before leaving. Keima then lies there, agreeing with Ayumi. When Keima got home, he was at the bath, still being affected by his attitude to Chihiro.

Then, Keima in the bath, heard Diana call out to him as Keima said that she should be at home. Diana then asked on how s the progress going on as Keima replied that it is fine, just one more goddess and it will be over. Diana then came over and tells Keima that there is one more left and opened the door.

Diana tells Keima that she wanted him to bring out her wings too and tells Keima that she has also fallen in love for him. Keima was shocked as Diana said that the reason why her wings won't come out is because her guilt for Tenri was dispelling the love and as Diana was taking off her clothes, she tells Keima to love Tenri more before she fall for him more.

Diana stepped into the bathtub (revealed that she was wearing a swimsuit underneath) and reverts back to Tenri, who upon seeing Keima like that, was also surprised as Keima was flabbergasted.

Goddess Hunt Arc Break 3 : A Visit from Diana and Tenri

When Tenri saw Keima, she immediately dropped herself in the bathtub. Diana then appeared out and told Tenri that she made a perfect opportunity for her and when she saw Keima, she pushed him away and tries to get out, only to fall on the floor. Tenri then regained back her body and asked in a flustered and shocked manner on the situation as Keima told her to keep calm.

Keima then instinctively covered himself and asked Tenri what is her point and asked her to get out. Diana told Tenri not to leave or her wings will never grow and she needs to love Keima before Diana falls for Keima even more. Tenri then became confused as Diana told her that due to her bashfulness, she had been talking with Keima all the time and since Keima is the first man she had talked to, she will develop feelings for him.

Diana then tells Tenri that she had been yearning for Keima for over 10 years but she still has not changed and Tenri needs to do something drastic so if she was normal, Tenri would want to talk to Keima more. Diana then told Tenri to tell Keima how she truly feels about Keima as Keima asked what will she do when Diana is right.

Keima said that he had enough of vague flags as Diana told Keima to be more delicate as Keima said that he doesn't want to hear it from her. Keima then tells Diana that she acted way too freely and that she does not care about his circumstances and even if she were to come, she would be better if Tenri was naked or with a bath towel as Diana said that it would be too shameless.

Keima then tells Diana that depending on the girl, a swimsuit may be worse and told Diana not to create arbitrary routes. Keima then said that they were adding useless noise to his plans but he then thought about Chihiro. Tenri asked what happened as Keima told Tenri to leave.

Keima then got changed and saw Tenri sitting somewhere and he approached her. When Tenri revealed herself with a giant magic ear, Keima was not very amused. Tenri then wanted to show Keima the "Escape the box" magic trick as Keima wearily complied. Keima then begin chaining the box on Tenri's instructions.

"I love Keima-kun. But the Keima-kun I love is the one who always plays games. I want you to get back to your normal self again so that you can smile again..."

Keima then looked further the box and saw Tenri there. Tenri said that she will make Diana's wings grow as Keima sighed and said that none of them follows his will but makes a smile to thank Tenri. Tenri however, sees through this and told Keima not to smile if he doesn't want to as Keima said that she's right and asked if she has more magic tricks.

Tenri was a little stunned as Keima said that she might as well continue since he has already seen her performance. Tenri then decided to make the "Flower out of a wand tick" and responded that her best one was just used when being asked as Keima continues to watch the magic show.

Goddess Hunt Arc 8 : Vintage begins to make their move

Day one of the festival. Keima decided to go to the Light Music's Club and saw that there is no practice and feared that Chihiro may disband the band. Suddenly, someone pounced on Keima and he turned around and saw Elsie. Elsie was yearning for Keima and told him that she and the club members have band practice as Keima was relieved to know.

Elsie then saw that no one was there and talked in a superstar manner to which Keima angrily told her to speak normally. Keima then wondered if he should approach Chihiro but also wondered if capturing Ayumi is more important. Elsie then asked what year was 1888 Meiji Period as Keima replied that it was the Meiji year 21.

Elsie then realized that she got it wrong and told Keima that the festival was really old as Keima said that Nikaido said that was founded when the school starts as Elsie told Keima that he is wrong for once. The festival was actually around way before the school was established.

Keima then took the poster from Elsie and wondered if it is really that old. He then asked what does the school emblem means and soon heard Chihiro. Keima then left and heads to the library. Keima then approached Shiori and told her that he wants to research on something and asked her for help.

Keima then pulls a flustered Shiori to the library. Shiori then asked what kind of book does he want as Keima said that he wants to know about the school's history. Shiori then goes off as Keima reminded her not to bring too many. After Shiori returned, Keima began to study them and when he saw that the school emblem was based on a Greek goddess and wondered if he is over-thinking things.

Keima then asked Shiori if there are anything before that but gave up saying that it is probably not in the school and he may have to ask the landowner. Shiori then said that she once saw some documents about that when the library was being cleaned and opened a small drawer revealing the contents. Keima then saw a photograph and asked Shiori to see it too.

It was revealed that there is a theater there, the exact old theater in school as Keima realized that it was much older than the school. Keima then decided to go to the theater. As Keima was leaving, he told Shiori to not let Minerva out and apologized that he was unable to come to the library but he will return someday and dashed off.

At the theater, Keima recalled that in the past, a huge group of Weiss was freed and he believed that he will finally be able to get more answers from the place. However, Keima saw that there was a "No Entry" sign and a person came out telling him that he cannot enter. Keima then recalled Elsie saying that Kanon has a performance going on and realized that the venue was there.

Keima then began to scream Kanon's name on the top of his lungs as Elsie finally heard Keima and brought him in the theater. Keima then asked Elsie to follow him as he approached the right end of the corridor and when he opened the floor tile, he realized that the hole which he and Tenri escaped has been covered up. Keima then asked Elsie to bring him to Maijima Seaside park.

At the place, Keima realized that the entrance to the theater was also gone and told Elsie to use her hagoromo to make him and her invisible and go near the tall rock off the coast of seaside park. Keima then found out that the waves around the rock is different and told Elsie to dive in.

Soon, Keima and Elsie were in the tall rock and it tuns out that it was rather spacious than it looked as Keima wondered that this was almost too easy and then turned and looked at a large gap in the cave structure of the rock.

Inside the rock, dozens of Weisses and Vintage agents infest the place as Keima wondered what is this place. Elsie then asked Keima what is this place too as Keima told Elsie to get them out of there. Elsie's sensor then began to respond as Keima grabbed Elsie and jumped into the water, telling her to leave the place.

At school, Keima asked Elsie to check if he have any tracker or transmitter implanted in him and after knowing that he was not noticed, he wondered what was that. Elsie then told Keima that the egg-like things are mature runaway spirits and told him that it is the work of Vintage.

Keima then began thinking and asked Elsie why is the school emblem a hexagon and it is based on a Greek goddess, a mass of runaway spirits, an underground hole (sealed), a scheme below ground and Vintage. And soon, something unbelievable will happen ... and Keima said that it has nothing to do with him.

Elsie then said that if those runaway spirits are lose, it will be a disaster as Keima said that how can Elsie expect a gamer to fight. Keima told Elsie to return to being Kanon and told her to let no one know of this event. Elsie asked why would he do that when they got some information as Keima said that they have no idea who the enemy is so it's pointless to take risks.

Keima then walked away to the festival and there, he finally caught up to Ayumi again. Ayumi looked at Keima but her facial expression soon changed to that of anger. Keima decided to give Ayumi a strong confession so that he will break out Ayumi's complicated route and restart everything from square one. Before Keima even get to say anything, Ayumi ran off.

Keima then said to himself that it doesn't matter where Ayumi ran off to since the only way to stop Vintage is the Jupiter Sisters so he will capture Ayumi no matter what. Keima then approached near Ayumi again and pretended to have have another chronic disease but this time, Ayumi kicked him.

Keima then asked Ayumi why is she using violence this time as Ayumi told Keima to apologize to Chihiro and that she doesn't want to see his face anymore. Keima then later decided to join the 2-B café for the festival to get closer to Ayumi (Under the pretense of saying that he cannot stand the poor coffee quality of the café).

Later, Ayumi told Keima that she told him that she doesn't want to see his face since the more she sees him, the more she hates him as Keima said that it is still better than being forgotten as Ayumi turned to him saying that she wants to forget about him. Keima then grabbed onto Ayumi's hand and was about to say something but Ayumi pushed Keima's face away, demanding to know what is he thinking.

Miyako and Chihiro then appeared, saying that the café is rather popular as Keima remained silent when he saw Chihiro. Chihiro then waved goodbye to Ayumi as Ayumi told Keima never to talk to her again as Keima realized that even if he raised Ayumi's love points, it may not be certain that the latter may love him back and believes that the conquest will be problematic.

As the café was being more and more popular, Ayumi was told to get some more paper cups and when she returned, Keima asked her for them to which she wordlessly pushed it to him. Keima then tried to use all sorts of manners to make Ayumi talk to him but they all failed. Keima then told Ayumi to talk to him or he won't get any progress as Ayumi, angered, told him to leave her alone and hits him, saying that he is the worst.

Keima then began to think if it is progressing smoothly and turned and saw Chihiro, to which he quickly left. As Keima is walking, he wonders what should he do since every time he tries to conquer Ayumi, Chihiro would be in the way.

Keima then tries to search for Ayumi and just when he was about to go back to the café, he saw Ayumi and tries to follow her. Keima rushed to Ayumi but suddenly he hits someone with two giant pots. The girl apologized to Keima and jokingly said that if they were filled, Keima would smell like tonkotsu.

Keima recognized her as Sumire, one of his previous conquest. Sumire then gave Keima some coupons and briefly advertised her ramen store. Keima then knew that Sumire had no idea who he is. Sumire then wondered where's the lid and Chihiro picked it up and gave it to her.

Sumire then left as Chihiro was about to walk away. Keima then stood up, and asked if Chihiro could team up with him since he needs to make the obstacle team up to better get to Ayumi.

"What the Hell are you saying ?! You #@$%! How can you speak to me as if nothing happened?!"

Keima replied that he did not forget but now is not the time for that since they need to work together.


Chihiro then kicked Keima in the face before leaving. Nevertheless, Keima still continued his search for Ayumi even when it is now night time.

By the time Keima found out Ayumi, he was dismayed that Chihiro got to her first and was shocked to know that Ayumi was planning to quit the band and that in a love triangle, all three people needs to have an equal standing and if one has a weak standing, the development slows down.

Keima then decided to step in and asked Chihiro (while pretending to be blushing) what she would wish to talk about. Chihiro tries to stop Keima since she knew nothing as Keima covers up Chihiro's mouth to prevent her from talking. Chihiro, after being frustrated by Keima's actions, punched him away.

Chihiro then tried to continue where she and Ayumi had left off as Keima decided to stop the conversation by all means. Just as Keima was about to say something, his tag began to react as Keima realized that at least one of the goddess hosts had been targeted.

Just as he was still busy wondering who was targeted, three Vintage members descended down and used their hagoromo to capture the three of them. Keima thinks to himself as to why would Vintage know of his actions as one member of Vintage, Gira, told her superior, Lune, that she and her team managed to capture Keima and the girls. Keima tried to call out to Ayumi and Chihiro but his consciousness was slowly fading as he cursed himself, saying that he was so close, yet so far.

Suddenly, a figure appeared and freed Keima and the girls using her Scythe of Testament. Gira asked who is she as the girl told the Vintage agent that it is her line and ordered Gira and her fellows to return where they came as Keima recognized her as Haqua.

"Vintage. This is no place for you. If you're walking around as boldly as this, does it mean that time is near?"

"You...are you from the Runaway Spirit Squad?"

"...No. I am the Defender of the Pride of New Hell!"

The Vintage members immediately tries to capture Haqua as Keima told the girls to retreat. Gira then pierced the captured Haqua with her hagoromo but it was revealed that the latter had already slipped away as Haqua said how Vintage are just foxes who borrow the strength of tigers.

As the battle gets intense, Chihiro wondered if they should inform the police. Keima then went out to check on things. By the time he arrived, Haqua has managed to stop the Vintage members there and apologized for being late.

Keima then replied that she saved them and when Chihiro and Ayumi came out asking if it is safe, Keima quickly acts as if the entire event was from the School's Special Effects Club and told Haqua to act along to ensure Ayumi's smooth capture.

Haqua smiled and said that Keima hasn't changed at all and plays along, even using her spells to make some props to strengthen Keima's claim. As Haqua slowly explained some more things about that "skit", Keima noticed something and whispered to Haqua if things are alright.

Haqua then told Keima to check on his goddess hosts since Vintage is now on the offensive. Keima said that he knew this and checks his cellphone as Haqua said that due to her hagormo being hacked, Vintage knew that Keima's targets are being checked up. And if they can start to capture hosts just from her hagoromo, Haqua concluded that someone smart is planning all of this.

Keima then tries to call the hosts but none of them are picking up as he hopes that they are safe. However, Keima cursed when none of the girls are picking up his call and asked Haqua if Vintage is attacking the goddesses as Haqua said that it is possible that Vintage does not know which are the hosts and hence said that all of Keima's previous capture targets may have been attacked.

Keima then said that he may have to check up on them personally as Haqua told Keima to be careful since other Vintage agents are all around the place. Suddenly, Ayumi ran off as Haqua told Keima to bring her back. Keima then grabbed Haqua saying that if they leave Ayumi alone, it may prove useful for the conquest as Haqua said that the conquest is not important now.

Keima then wanted Haqua to secretly follow her as Haqua said that no one will protect him. Just then, Nora appeared, telling Keima and Haqua that she'll look after Ayumi. Keima then agrees to Nora's proposal and grabbed Chihiro, saying that they'll go home together.

Keima then dragged Chihiro to his house saying that Elsie wants to see her. When he got to Kanon's room, it is just as he feared; Kanon too, was taken away. Keima then sat at the bed, saying that all the goddesses except Ayumi's have been captured.

Diana then appeared and said that she was not even targeted and when she saw some Vintage agents earlier, she decided to lay low. Haqua then said that this would prove that her theory is correct and that Vintage does not know who are the goddesses but figured out that they are in Keima's previous captures.

Keima said that the girls who are not part of the goddesses are also in danger and quickly decided to call Elsie since the latter is posing as Kanon. Fortunately, Vintage was not fooled by Elsie's disguise so Elsie was safe and sound. Haqua then said that she knew what is Vintage's goal.

Keima said that it's about reviving Old Hell as Haqua said that Vintage is actually trying to revive Old Hell in the human world. And at this rate, the human world would be finished. Keima then asked if Vintage plans to resurrect the Weiss in the human world as Haqua said that the Headquarters of Vintage at the tall rock off the coast of Maijima Sea is actually a gateway to Hell and the Human world.

Haqua and Diana then said that they want to stop this war with Vintage and began to argue on who is going too fight first. Keima then told them that this is not a war for if it is, then no one can stop it. Keima told them that the only last chance to preventing an all-out war is to conquer Ayumi. Keima then said that if Vintage considers them a hindrance, they would've finished them already so the captured goddesses are still alive for now.

Haqua said that Vintage may have killed them after capturing them as Keima said that it is still better than having both Haqua and Diana going on a suicide mission. Keima then declared that there will be no change of plans and will continue to focus on gathering the goddesses.

Kiema then heard a ringing sound and as he opened the door, he knocked down an eavesdropping Chihiro. Chihiro then hesitantly asked what does Keima want with Ayumi as Keima picked up Chihiro's phone and received Ayumi's call.

"I'm coming right now to confess to you!"

Keima then told Haqua to follow him and said Diana to return back to Tenri's home as he grabbed Chihiro too, saying to himself that he will go for the ending.

At Ayumi's house, Keima told Haqua that it took quite some time to reach her home by foot as Haqua said that at least Vintage did not discover them. Chihiro then told them that she wants to go home as Keima said that she will be endangered if she leaves while the latter punched him, saying that she's already in danger with him.

Nora then came as Keima asked her if she got the "goods". Nora said that she got it. Keima then said that it will be useful. Haqua told Keima to conquer Ayumi before morning as Keima said that he knows and told Haqua that Ayumi has already been conquered.

Haqua was confused as Keima said that Ayumi has enough love points for him and was trying to quit the band out of guilt. Keima then said that he only needs one more big event to completely conquer Ayumi. Chihiro then angrily ask what is Keima going to do as Haqua told Chihiro not to shout when Keima is thinking.

Keima then began to mumble and made a perverted face as he decided to crawl up a nearby pole to get to Ayumi's house. Keima then began to look and was wondering if he got the right house. Ayumi suddenly called out his name as Keima was shocked and falls onto the grass floor.

Keima then asked Ayumi why was she taking a bath as he told her that he is coming over. Ayumi then said that she thought he was pranking as Keima told her to get dressed. Ayumi then splashed a bucket full of hot water at Keima and called him a pervert. Ayumi said that Keima's actions cannot be understood as Keima said that neither does she and then begins to wipe away the water splashed on his face.

Keima then said that he doesn't want to associate with the real but when he saw the "handkerchief" he used to wipe himself, his expression froze. Just as Ayumi decided to take a peek at him.

"Waaah! P...Pan...Panties!"

"Those..! They're mine!"

Ayumi then opened the wooden window as Keima turned and saw her naked body.

"A..Ayumi, calm down....I-I'm the innocent one here you know..."

Ayumi did not calm down and threw her bucket into Keima's face and told him to die. Haqua then asked if Keima is okay with making her angry as Keima said that with Ayumi's current level of affection, it is still fine. Keima then stood up (still with the bucket in his face) and said that he will create the real event now.

Keima then tells Ayumi that he is sorry and for making her mad as Ayumi came up and told Keima to get lost. Keima then said that he had his eyes on her all the time and that the one most precious to him has never changed.

Keima then told Ayumi that he will be waiting for her at the turtle stone by the Kozue river after this and that he will wait for her or else he will keep Ayumi's panties. Ayumi then got angry and began to throw some of her things at Keima.

At the turtle stone, Keima asked Haqua if Ayumi has left her house while Haqua said that the latter did not. Keima then began to silently pray that Ayumi would come since he even gave her the wonderful excuse to get her panties back. Keima then looked at the panties and wonders if he should use them or not.

Goddess Hunt Arc Final : Mercury III

Keima then sat down and continued to hope that Ayumi will come. As Haqua tells Chhiro how important Keima is to saving the world as Chihiro cannot believe it. Keima then tells both of them to quiet down as he thinks that he have to make things to a "me or nothing" situation.

Just as Keima predicted, Ayumi came. Ayumi called out to Keima as he pretended to ignore her and when he saw her, Keima was "surprised" to see Ayumi. Ayumi the explained that she was merely trying to get her belongings from a "panty thief". Keima the said that he merely picked it up (while showing her the panties) as Ayumi tells him not to show it out.

However, Keima then loses his balance and was about to fall off as Ayumi quickly hugged him back. Keima apologized and said that he was nothing but trouble (something Ayumi agrees) as Ayumi tells Keima that she was not used to it either since it was her first time. Keima then said that he will be Ayumi's "trouble".

"Katsuragi, Vintage is coming ! Let's move !"

Keima then tells Ayumi that he wanted to show her something and quickly moved to a new location. At the park, Ayumi said tht she was surprised as Keima replied that in the past, he played games there and was glad that he came with Ayumi today.

"Katsuragi ! They're here ! Distract Ayumi I'll handle them !"

Ironically, Keima was shocked by this and fell from the swing, creating a distraction as Ayumi came to pull Keima up. Since the place was to dangerous, Keima have to pull Ayumi somewhere else again. At a nearby Lawson shop, Keima said that he wanted to take a break thinking that this is too much for a gamer like him.

Unfortunately, Lune just walked out of the shop. She turned and then proceed towards them. Haqua then tells Keima to quickly retreat as Keim tells Ayumi that he is well rested. As he walks, he noticed Nora over there.

Haqua then tells Keima that Lune won't go away easily and tells him to confess indoors as Keima said that his gamer pride will not allow it. Chihiro then tells Haqua that she knew a place as Keima listened to Haqua and followed the instructions.

Keima and Ayumi eventually reached Terada Dry Cleaning, Miyako's house. Chihiro then came out too telling Miyako that she was anxious about the performance tomorrow and pretended to see Keima. Inside the house, Keima asked Chihiro what is her intention as she said that it is irrelevant since Keima needs to hide.

Keima said that Ayumi's love points are enough and he just need one more event and five minutes to conquer her. Chihiro tells Keima to stop that game talk as Keima said that this is his style and then tells her that he don't want to her her arguments. Chihiro then said that when have Keima been aiming for Ayumi and said that he just needed her "special powers before apologizing for not having them. Keima became speechless.

As the girls and Keima are having snacks, Keima wondered what is Chihiro planing since it will merely make Ayumi feel concerned. Later on, Keima found out that Chihiro's actions are of no good to Ayumi's conquest but he was soon forced to give some words of encouragement by Miyako.

Later, after consulting with Haqua, Keima realized that he may have to return to the park again. Miyako then appears with the 2-B Pencils' new clothing and Chihiro pushed Keima out as he wanted to end the next route. When Keima started banging on the door, Chihiro had Miyako to force Keima down.

Keima tries to escape from Miyako's clutches but to no avail. Keima tried to listen to the girls but Miyako still manged to hold him down. By the time Keima finally break free, he opened the door, and quickly asked what did Chihiro do. Chihiro merely said that she foiled his plans.

Ayumi wanted Keima to explain himself as Keima tried to say something but Chihiro kept interrupting and making comments that made Keima unable to reply. Keima then angrily asked her to stop as Chihiro said that she was merely stating the facts.

"To be fooled by this male scum. You're an idiot, Ayumi....and so was I.."

Ayumi then slapped Keima in the face before running off. Haqua quickly asked Nora to get Ayumi but Keima said tells her not to expose the setup. As Keima tried to go after Ayumi, Miyako tells him to clean up.

Ayumi then slapped Keima in the face before running off. Haqua quickly asked Nora to get Ayumi but Keima said tells her not to expose the setup. As Keima tried to go after Ayumi, Miyako tells him to clean up. While cleaning, Keima asked why is Chihiro doing all of this as the latter said that she hates it when Keima is treating everything like a game.

Chihiro then tells Keima to love Ayumi for real as Keima kept quiet. Immediately after the clean up, Keima called Haqua and tells her to prepare something special for him. Later, as Ayumi was walking home, Keima greeted her again.

"Welcome back, my princess."

Ayumi was stunned when she saw Keima on a horse.

"What the heck is real ? I reside in an ideal world. I won't present a fake persona to you, Ayumi. That's why, I'm not going to apologize !"

Keima then tells Ayumi that he will only show her his true self and wants her to come with him. As he gets down from the horse, he fell down but quickly get himself up and poses for Ayumi. Ayumi then said that she understood Keima's intentions and said that she wants him to marry her ! Keima went silent as Ayumi said that he is all talk but no action. Keima then agreed to get married. However, Keima's condition is that...

  1. Must be destined since childhood
  2. A proposal in a dramatic situation is a minimum requirement
  3. A kiss in the church with the words "Happy End" behind it

Ayumi then angrily said that it is impossible as Keima said that she is all talk too. Ayumi then dragged Keima to her home and called out to her parents. When her parents appeared, Ayumi tells them that she is going to be a bride. Ayumi then said that Keima is going to be her husband and asked if he is giving up. Keima then told Ayumi's father (who is now, visibly disturbed by this knowledge) that he is rather rude for being here as Ayumi's father said that marriage isn't something to joke about. Keima then said that he took Ayumi's first time. (Kiss)

This made Ayumi's father extremely angry and he began beating Keima up as Ayumi too, kicks Keima for saying weird things. As Ayumi's father says about killing Keima, Ayumi's mother tries to clam them down as a tremor suddenly erupted.

When the tremor is over, the group talks a little about it before Ayumi's father tries to attack Keima again. Keima then has Ayumi come to the roof and tells her that he did not prepare much before telling her parents that he will propose now. Keima then took out a wedding dress.

Keima tells Ayumi that she is the first heroine and is the final heroine and asks for her hand in marriage. Ayumi then tells Keima that Keima is a womanizer, misogynistic (meaning that he hates women), foolish, idiotic, smart. Ayumi then goes that Keima is cold but kind a good person yet cruel a liar yet an honest person.

"I trust you. Therefore....tell me that you love me. With that one word, I will believe you. Do you Love me ?"

Ayumi's father became mad as her mother tries to clam him down. Keima grab hold of Ayumi and said that he do love her.


Ayumi said that Keima isn't serious and he is probably lying. Keima the hugged and and said that he loved her only to be kicked. Keima kept insisting that he loved her as Ayumi tells him that he is acting too much. Ayumi then asked Keima this question of why can't he say he loved her.

"I love you !"

"No good !"

"I love you !" (This was spoken in English)

"No good No good !"

Ayumi's parents then went back to sleep, believing that this was a joke. Keima then got tired and asked her how many time must he say it as Ayumi came up to Keima, and screamed "I Love you, Katsuragi !" and tells Keima to say it properly. Ayumi then ran off saying that she will be waiting for Keima at the ocean as Keima asked where.

Haqua then quickly told Keima to hide in the house as Vintage agents loom over the skies. Lucky for them, Cresta and Camry, Nora's henchmen came and tell them that Nora is guarding Ayumi and they will give them some of their hagoromos to cloak themselves before beckoning Keima to go to get Ayumi.

As Keima was about to o, he and Haqua noticed someone. Lune was over there, asking where are they going. Haqua then tells Keima to go on ahead saying that she will fight with Lune herself. Keima then grabbed Chihiro's hand and they go on quickly as Chihiro tells Keima to say it properly.

Later, when Keima was notified to go to Akanemaru, he wondered if the conquest is still safe since it was close to the Vintage hideout. As Keima begins to beckon Chihiro, a passer-by on a bicycle broke their hands and thus, neither the two can see each other now.

To make matters worse, two Vintage agents descend down as Keima finally managed to grab Chihiro and signals her to keep quiet. The Vintage agents talked to each other before leaving. After, that, Keima noticed that Chihiro was not moving as Chihiro said that she was not enduring anything.

Chihiro then tucked into Keima's breast pocket and took out something as Chihiro asked why is Keima clinging onto her. Keima denied it and continued on. While nearing Akanemaru, Chihiro tried to remind Keima to be honest as Keima said that he won't since he can't conquer Ayumi like that.

Chihro then said that Ayumi was waiting for his honest answer as Keima then exposed the fact that it was Chihiro and Ayumi's strategy. Chihiro then became silent. Keima then assured Chihiro that he will be honest with Ayumi towards everything.

When he reached Akanemaru, Keima removed the hagoromo and goes towards Ayumi. Keima then tells her that he gave up. Keima said that he will reveal everything to Ayumi but there is a condition. He will only answer one question now and the others will be revealed later. Ayumi then angrily asked when is later as Keima asked if that is her question as Ayumi tells him to shut up.

Keima then said that if Ayumi does not accept his condition, he will leave her forever and beckons her to pick a choice. Ayumi finally gave in to Keima's demands.

"Question : Do you love me ?"

"I don't love you."

"Just as I thought...was everything a lie?"

"That is a second question. I cannot answer that."

"If you don't love me, why did follow me around and proposed to me ?"

"That is also the second question.."

"Shut up! (Punches Keima) Doing thing like this is underhanded!"

A beat up Keima then tells Ayumi that he will tell her eventually as Ayumi came up to Keima and wants to know the answer now. Ayumi said that there has to be a reason why Keima is like this and she wants to lend him her strength. Keima refused.

Keima said that he don't need help as Ayumi said that Keima is selfish and ignores the feelings of others. Ayumi then loudly said that someone like Keima is unlikable. Keima then came up to Ayumi and tells her that he is not doing things to be liked.

"I'm just aiming for the ending. I don't need any reassurances or any assistance !! I won't hand this responsibility to anyone else. THIS IS THE LOVE OF A GAMER ! Ayumi , I adore you ! Ayumi, take my hand ! I WILL TAKE YOU TO THE ENDING !!"

As Ayumi hesitates, Keima hoped that she will come with him. Ayumi then falls towards him as Ayumi said that she is not particularly interested but she will be fine with the wedding ceremony. Keima then said that it is wrong and that she needs to take it seriously. Ayumi then said that she's using her best lines as Keima said that it is not good enough. Ayumi then dragged Keima to the ship and said that she will do it.

At the ship, Ayumi wore the marriage headdress and both told each other to smile and both also smiled at the same time. Keima then said that they should take a vow as Ayumi told him that she don't trust Keima's words but if it is Keima's feelings, she will trust that.

Keima was unsure as Ayumi said that she was going to believe Keima all the time as Keima tells her that it is wrong. Keima said that it is not a conquest this way and tries to explain love (in games) as Ayumi tells him to shut up. Ayumi then gets closer to Keima and tells him that she was thinking frantically too and that by her own choice, she fell in love with Keima.

Ayumi tells Keima that if he understands that, he will marry her and she moves forward and kissed him. Upon the kiss, Mercury finally awakens (while sleeping). However, almost instantly, 5 Vintage agents begin to approach at high speeds as Keima tries to wake Merucy up.

"Thank you very much, Katsuragi-san !"

Diana then swooped down and grabbed Mercury as Keima noticed that her wings have finally grown.

"Members of Vintage ! That's as far as you go !"

Akari then came up with a large number of Runaway Spirit Squad troops and begin attacking the Vintage agents. Keima was still confused as Akari tells Keima that she is grateful for his help and assures that the Squad will take care of Vintage as she took off her cap and took out her own Scythe of Testament.

As Keima wonders what is going on, Chihro came and asked if it is over. Keima said that he has done everything he can as she asked what happened to Ayumi. Keima said that Ayumi grew wings and flew off as Chihiro said that she cannot see anything. Chihiro then said that she is going now since she got a performance to attend.

As both Chihiro and Keima are walking back, she asked if it is fine to leave everything there. Keima said that there is nothing more they can do as Chihiro wonders what will happen to the tall rock. Keima then asked why is Chihiro going to his house as the latter said that her guitar is still there.

Keima then went to his house and gave back Chihiro's guitar. As Chihiro was about to leave, Keima thanked her for releasing the goddess in Ayumi. Chihiro then said that she was interfering as Keima said that she kept secret about Vintage since revealing that will be more troublesome. Chihiro then apologized for needing protection as an outsider.

Chihiro then asked why did Keima go with her on a date and wondered if there's a goddess in her too. Keima than said that she had no involvement in this as Chihiro smiled and said that it is sure a relief. Keima then tells Chihiro that he will be listening to her performance as Chihiro said that she will do a grand one. Chihiro then left and said her goodbyes to Keima.

During the festival, Keima realized that his pick that Chihiro gave him was lost. Chihiro then gave an introduction to the band and said that this song is dedicated to those who want to confess to their loved ones and begin singing. As Chihiro continued to sing, Kanon came up and they began to sing a duet.

By this time, Keima had went all the way up to the rooftop in the school as he sat on the bench.

"Chihiro, I'm sorry...I didn't really mean what I said last time...."

Tears then begin to drop from Keima's eyes as the festival ends.

Heart of Jupiter Arc

Back to the Past Arc 1 : The Mysterious Girl

After the festival, it has now been five days as Keima have locked himself in his room to play games again. By this time, Keima's mother, Mari had returned from South America. When Elsie came to Keima's room, she saw Keima was sitting on his bed, unable to make a decision.

"I don't know!"

Keima then screamed that he cannot decide between a game with 100 points in music and 30 points in plot or a game with 60 points in music and 70 in plot. Keima then said that a game with 100 points in plot but 10 in music is a masterpiece but wonders if it is really alright to treat music as an important factor in games. Keima ten said that he cannot decide which game is better for two days now and wished to play other games.

"That's enough! Just go outside!"

In then end, Keima finally decide to go to school. On the way, he met Tenri and the latter bashfully greeted him. However, Tenri's stomach grumbled again as Keima tells her to finish her onigiri. Tenri then said that she is happy to know that Keima came out.

Tenri then said that she don't think that anyone will be angry at him since he was trying to protect everyone as Keima shouted that he is fine, shocking Tenri. Keima then said that the goddesses are out so he no longer need to hunt for escaped spirits anymore and he can finally return to his peaceful days of gaming.

As Keima continued to school, he asked Tenri how long is she going to follow since since she is in Misato high School. Keima then asked how did Tenri bring out Diana's wings as Tenri told Keima that she told her what will come next.

Suddenly, Keima noticed that Tenri disappeared. The school was in ruins as a single tree with a girl sitting below there. The girl was sleeping and she opened her eyes and saw Keima.


Tenri then called out to Keima and said that he was acting strange just now. Keima wondered what happened and tells Tenri to go to school. As Keima was walking to the school, he saw his fellow classmates, Miyako and Mobuko. Keima while playing his game via his PFP, think that he can finally have his ordinary life.

He opened the classroom door and saw Ayumi. Keima then wondered what he should say now that Ayumi has regained her conquest and re-conquest. As Keima was thinking on what kind of action he should take, Ayumi asked who is he. Keima then asked what does Ayumi mean and asked if she hates him or did Mercury erased her memories.


Keima was stunned as the girls around him tries to call the teacher Keima then asked what happened to Ayumi as the latter hits him with he bag. the girls then rushed to Keima as he had no choice but to escape.

As Keima wondered what happened, he suddenly loose his step and he fell. On a giant cuboid, Keima saw the girl from the tree again before losing his consciousness.

"Nii-sama! What are you doing on the ground ?"

"Elsie !"

"That's was mean! Going to school and leaving me behind!"

Keima then realized that something weird happened again when he tried to go to school. Keima then tried to step around the school and wondered if it will happen as Elsie watches on wondering what happened.

Keima then tells Elsie that things have been strange and whenever he goes to school, strange things have happened. Elsie then asked if Keima is just tired. Keima then said that he had hallucinations like those days when he played too much games as Elsie was surprised that there are times when Keima actually don't play too much games.

"Oh! He's here!"

Ayumi approached Keima and greeted him cheerfully.

"Good morning, Darling ♡♡♡"

Keima asked what's with the darling as Ayumi happily handed him her hand-made calories (bento ) Ayumi then shyly said that she wanted to do something for Keima since she is his wife. Upon hearing this, the students around Keima and Ayumi cannot believe it. (And Keima is just as shocked)

"Just wait a minute! When it comes to lunchboxes, you should eat mine, Keima-kun ♡ You should eat your beloved wife's homemade bento!"

Yui then came with her personal chariot (With her family butler, Okamoto as the horse) Ayumi then came over and told Yui that Keima is hers while the latter says that she will just marry Keima as well. Yui then say that she can cook, sew, play the koto and just about anything else and that she is the best wife there is.

Yui then bought out a wedding dress to Keima as Keima said that he had enough of this setting. Just as he was having enough trouble, Tsukiyo drops onto Keima.

"Keima! Come to the rooftop! We're having tea together!"

Elsie then comments that the scenario is just like the harems in Keima's games as Keima tells her that this is no joking matter. As Ayumi and Yui hugged Keima tighter, he began to beg for being released. Suddenly, everything turned black.

Keima then woke up and saw Mari, there he said that he had a very weird dream and when he opened his eyes, he saw his mother in a old-game style (pixelated) Keima then tells Mari that he was in this 3D world as Mari said that she never heard of it.

Keima then went out of the house and met Yokkyun. There, he briefly chatted with her as Yokkyun also jokingly say that Keima sure is weird.

"Heeey, Katsuragi! *NO SLEEP* (*this is in English) in the middle of class! *OK?!*"

Keima then woke up and was horrified that he had returned to the 3D world and wants to go back to the 2D. Elsie then came up and asked what's the matter and why is Elsie wearing a male's uniform. Elsie then tells him that it's because he is in an all-boys school.

Keima then realized that he was back in his dream-world again. Keima then realized that it only happens in school so he have to get out now. Suddenly, Elsie grabbed Keima and tells him to capture the runaway spirits that dwells in every boy.

Keima was not amused and tells Elsie that the spirits are supposed to be in girl's hearts as Elsie tells him that they have been capturing boys for a long time as Keima does not want this setting. Keima then began screaming that he wants to go back to the real world but decided that the 2D world is better and demands to go back to the 2D.

Keima then told Elsie that this is absurd and ran off. At the school entrance, Keima was shocked to see that the school was now in ruins and wondered if he can escape from this dream world.

A voice then came out telling him that this is not a dream and tells Keima that this is the future of the world. Keima then noticed that he heard the voice before. Keima then saw the girl in his dreams again and asked who is she.

"I don't know. Why am I here again ? I don't want to be born anymore..."

Keima then asked her how to exit this dream as the girl begin to turn younger and younger and eventually became an infant. Keima's real body however, was shown to be unconscious and emitting out huge amounts of miasma.

By the time Keima woke up, he saw that the goddesses are forming a huge magic circle and Tenri approaching Keima, telling him that he will be traveling back in time now since he needs to do something there. Keima then thinks that this is another dream and falls back to sleep.

Tenri then tickles Keima as Keima tells her that he is not Doraemon. The circle then begins to glow as Tenri brings Elsie in as Keima tells her that traveling back in time is no small matter and that she cannot mock him like this.

Tenri then said that it is something only he can do and he needs to save a girl he met in his dreams to save everyone. Keima then gets transported back.

"That Tenri, what was that all about ? I'm going home now ! As if I could do that !"

Elsie was very shocked to see Keima as a child. Keima then tells her that they will go home now and buy games tomorrow. Elsie then tells Keima that he is a child as Keima ignored her and Elsie used her hagoromo to turn into a mirror to show him. Keima then wondered what happened and if he is still in the dream-world.

Keima then recognized the house over there was his old house that was supposedly destroyed during the Earthquake ten years ago.There, Keima's mother, Mari came out and called out to him saying that a demon will appear if he is at night alone as Keima was shocked to see Mari in her younger years.

Keima then realized that he really did travel back in time. At his old home, Keima saw his game chair number 1 and feels nostalgic. However, Elsie reminded Keima to focus as he wondered why things would become like this. Elsie then asked why as he tells her to think too.

Keima then found an orb from Elsie as the latter said that is was from Nora and Haqua. Mari then calls out to Keima as he returned the orb and tells Elsie not to meet Mari since it will cause problems. Keima then entered that bathroom and asked if Mari needs anything, only to end up finding her completely naked in front of him, much to his shock and embarrassment.

Mari tells Keima that they are taking a bath as he tells her that he can do it himself. Mari was actually happy to know that Keima was embarrassed since he was always absent-minded and for a while, Mari was actually worried and she starts hugging and kissing him, only causing him more discomfort. Later, Mari while hugging Keima , tells him that she bought some glasses and her eyesight has gotten worse. Mari then tells Keima that she hope he don't have bad eyesight as Keima said that he will.

Keima then began to think why is he in his seven-year-old body and decides to pretend to fall asleep and tells Mari that he will sleep with her. While Mari sings a lullaby, Keima wonders if his child body gets sleepy easily.

When Mari is finally asleep, Keima asked if anything changed as Elsie showed him the orb. Keima then asked Elsie to bring him there as Elsie said that Keima's child voice sounds so cute. While flying, Keima began to play games again as Elsie asked Keima not to play games on her.

Keima then wondered what does Tenri mean before as Elsie reached Akanemaru. However, Elsie dropped the orb as Keima tells her to go and search for it. Elsie eventually found the orb at the ship's wheel house but at there, the orb suddenly goes down and a new door opened.

Keima went down and saw a table with the orb. Keima then inserted the orb into one of the holes and tells Elsie that it needs one more. The crescent moon part of the table begins to glow as Elsie changed the hole, making the other part glow too.

Keima then heard a loud voice and he saw the same girl at his dreams and Keima recalled Tenri saying that he needs to save a girl. The girl falls down from the ship's mast and onto the floor as Keima saw the other orb dropping from her hand.

Keima then went there and saw the girl as Elsie tried to call an ambulance while Keima noticed that the orb was glowing. The girl then came up, and saw that she's not dead as Elsie said that her sensor went off, indicating a runaway spirit. Keima then decides not to let the girl run out of his sight and he will conquer her.

Keima called out to her and tells her to look at the orb.

"What is this ? I don't know...I don't know what is this thing !"

The girl falls down as Keima came towards her. Just like his dream, the girl turned to a baby as a bar from the orb vanishes. Everything turned black. When Keima regained himself, he saw Elsie was shocked to see his child form again and he is back at square one.

Keima the recalled that he went back in time again and quickly told Mari that he wants to sleep. When Mari finally slept, Keima came to Elsie knowing that he have to conquer the girl and orders her to go to Akanemaru.

At Elsie's back, Keima thinks that the girl must be extremely sick of life and thinks that she is very selfish since since even he is living in such a real world as Elsie becomes confused. When Keima spotted the girl, he told Elsie his plan and used Elsie's firetrucks and sketchbook and asked the girl to play with him.

However, the girl merely ignored him as Keima realized that operating on Elsie's level of intelligence is useless. Keima then climbed to the ships's mast too and tells her not to jump. Once again, the girl ignored Keima and jumped.

Keima the grabbed the girl and tells her to stop while a piece of hagoromo supports him. Keima then saw the girl's eyes that is full of despair as if she is at the lowest point of her life. The girl then punched Keima telling him not to interfere and both falls.

Keima was then slammed straight through the hagoromo-spikes as the girl finally breaks down, saying that she doesn't want to die or to kill. Keima then said that she finally responded and that he being dead was just a rouse. Keima said that he will save her no matter what and asked her what is the girl's name.


The orb then resets itself again. When Keima returned back, he realized that the girl's name is the same as Elsie's former superior. Keima then looked at the orb and found out that he had two tries left. Keima then wondered what will happen if he used up the two tries. Keima then saw a young Tenri telling her mother that her father is looking for her.

Keima then hides but he realized that he don't need to since Tenri is young. Mari then pulls Keima towards Tenri and Mrs. Ayukawa did the same. Keima the feared that it may be a bad development but Tenri blushed and ran off. Both mothers then apologized to each other before leaving. However, this time, it is too late for Keima to tell his mother that he don't want to take a bath.

After that, Keima then quickly tells Elsie to go to Akanemaru. There, Dokuro was about to jump off again but Keima grabbed her in the nick of time. Keima tells her that he had enough and that he wants to save her. Keima tells her to take out the orb and then say that he and her are linked so if she dies, he will die as well.

Dokuro asked how does Keima know about her as he said that he just do. Dokuro then said that when she woke up, she was in Maijima and the darkness she had is coming again. Dokuro then began to regress. Keima then realized that he have to fill the emptiness of her heart and kissed her.

"If you don't know yourself, then I'll decide it for you ! Don't just go die on your own ! this is an order ! I'll do something about your despair !"

Dokuro then returned back to normal again as Keima wondered if he managed to progress. After making sure Dokuro is fine, Keima immediately want to go back home. Keima then pushed Dokuro to the secret compartment of Akanemaru and went back to the device there.

Elsie asked what is the device to which Keima proudly exclaimed that it has to be a time machine whereby he and Dokuro's respective orbs will be placed together and completing the time machine. Once it is done, they will go back to the present. Elsie then asked what will happen if Keima is stuck in his child form as Keima said that so long as he can play games, he is fine.

Keima the hurried Dokuro to place her orb there too but just like last time, only one side of the orb glows. Keima was angry as Elsie tells him that Dokuro still have a runaway spirit as Keima said that a child's body won't have much effect. Keima asked if Dokuro is Elsie's superior of the same name but Elsie drew Dokuro as her skeleton form.

Keima then called out to Dokuro again but the latter is regressing and Keima tries to tell her to think of something exciting. however, Dokuro cannot do that as Keima gave some examples (game related) as Elsie tries to say that his version is too one-sided. Having no other choice, Keima kissed Dokuro again, making the latter go back to normal.

Elsie then said that Keima has a magical kiss to which the latter tells her to keep quiet. Keima then tells Elsie that he can conquer her and that he will be taking Dokuro home with him. Keima then asked what kind of chief was Dokuro to which Elsie replied that Dokuro once possessed a powerful magic called "Night Fog" and she fought the Weiss heroically and is like the symbol of new hell.

When asked how long the war was fought, Elsie said that it was very long and that the chief fought till the very end but she has lost all of her flesh and only her bones remain. Keima then said that he had a feeling that the girl is her chief in the flesh and if he did not fail, they will find out soon.

Keima then said that he and Dokuro will live together to save her as Dokuro complies.

Elsie was talking to Keima that she can't believe that the girl could be Chief Dokuro. Keima told her that Dokuro and Chief Dokuro have the same names, but Elsie told him that the Chief came from Hell. Keima told her it would make sense if the darkness in Dokuro's heart is from the war, but Elsie told the same explanation.

Keima was then commenting how fast Old Games progress as Elsie tried to call his attention.

Keima suddenly told Elsie to shut up, and that she should trust his instincts. Keima then began asking himself if his theory was right about a devil being inside a devil. Elsie told him that there was a reaction in the sensor, and there was no doubt that there is a runaway spirit inside Dokuro.

Keima asked how to fill the gap inside her heart, since the darkness inside Dokuro is too great. Keima then realized that his mother has woken up, and told Mari that she's too slow and that she always overslept. Keima told Mari that they should have breakfast now.

Keima said (to himself) that Dokuro needs Home Drama. Keima explained that what prevented Dokuro from suicidal was a kiss, and that Dokuro is in need of warmth. Keima said that he will up the gap with a warm sense of security.

Keima explained that having Home Drama is common among dating sims. Mari then went to Keima and asked if he was experiencing fever. Mari told Keima that he said that he wanted to eat now, as Keima told her that there's nothing wrong with eating.

Mari told Keima that he always speaks in game language during the morning, as Keima remembered these times and was impressed about his past. Keima then told Mari that she should feed Dokuro too. Keima explained that Dokuro is his friend and that she got locked out of her house.

Keima heard Mari say "hello", but Mari changed the subject, saying that the game store gave them a Bon Festival gift since they shop there so much. Keima told himself that they will getting that for ten straight years and wanted to get back to the Home Drama.

When Breakfast was given, Keima told Dokuro about Mari being a delinquent in the past, but told Dokuro that Mari is also a good. Mari told Keima that delinquency has nothing to do with cooking. Keima then said that they might even run a café, but Mari told him to stop joking about it.

Keima noticed that Dokuro couldn't eat, and asked if she has never eaten before. Keima gave Dokuro a pair of chopsticks, but again noticed that she couldn't use it. Keima then gave her a spoon, to which she can use.

Before Dokuro started eating, Keima told her to put her hands together so that they could give their thanks to the food. Mari then started taking pictures of Keima, saying that he's acting like a little brother. Keima was quietly saying to Mari to shut up.

Dokuro then asked of Keima's plans after this, but Keima asked why was she calling him "big brother" too. Keima was then thinking of his plans. Dokuro then whispered to Keima that she needs to go to the bathroom. Keima assisted her in going to the bathroom.

Keima told her to take care of her business, but Dokuro didn't know how to use the toilet. Keima told her to sit in the toilet, but Dokuro didn't take her clothes off. Keima then told her that she should take her clothes off, as she almost did but Keima told her to do it after the door is closed.

Keima then said that he doesn't need that kind of sex appeal. When the door was closed, Keima said that Dokuro is like a newborn since she doesn't know how to eat, or use the toilet. Keima then said that being a big brother does give a nice feeling.

Elsie then asked what is nice, as Keima saw Elsie. Keima asked what was Elsie laughing about, as Elsie shouted at him, saying that she's angry. Elsie told Keima that she's being left out, as Keima told her that she's being close.

Elsie said that she even calls Keima "Onii-chan" and that he shouldn't go get a little sister, as Keima told her that Elsie's not his little sister too. Keima told Elsie that things will be complicated when Elsie meets Mari, and that the Katsuragi has no more open spots.

Keima then saw Elsie, trying to act like a cat. Keima quickly taped that box, as Mari asked if he was talking to someone. Keima told Mari that he's just thinking loud. After that, Keima told Elsie that he's not doing this for fun, and that what he is doing is preparation.

Elsie asked this "preparation", as Keima told her that there would many events after this, and to cope with those events, he needs to have a strong relationship with Dokuro. Keima said that it's not a coincidence that he was sent to that past, because there is some kind of objective in it.

Keima said to himself that unless he uses up all the factors given to him, the story will continue. Mari told Keima that it's time for school. Keima was then questioning himself why was he given a child body. While Mari was preparing Keima for school, Keima said that if it was only to conquer Dokuro, it would be better to stay seventeen.

Keima then asked the date in his timeline, as Mari told him that it is the 20th today. Keima then pondered about the date, and asked what happened ten years ago. Suddenly, Keima recognized the event that happened, the mass escape of runaway spirits.

Keima said that it was during Summer Camp, and that he went to camp after the ceremony of First Grade. Keima said that it would happen at the 22nd. Before Keima could finish saying what would happen in two days, he noticed that Dokuro ran for the "sphere".

Keima asked why was Dokuro in a hurry, as Dokuro told him that if she loses the "sphere", he would be in trouble. Keima remembered what he said when he told Dokuro about the "sphere", as Keima said that she's surprising obedient. Keima then saw that Dokuro was not wearing her skirt, and told her to wear some as she agreed.

While walking to school, Keima asked why was he sent back here. He then realized that he might be sent here, in order to prevent the runaway spirits from escaping. As Elsie complained that Keima is her brother too, Keima told her that he don't need another sibling before instructing Dokuro and Elsie to change his batteries.

Back to the Past Arc Part 2 : The Shiratori Household

Elsie then asked if Keima will really go school as Keima said that his mother will be angry if he skipped school.As Keima is walking, he wonders if he was sent here to prevent something. At the school entrance, Keima told Elsie and Dokuro to stay outside and will wait for him during break-time. While walking to the entrance, Keima was thinking that he sure has suffered a lot during his high-school life as some students rushed pass him and Keima almost fell.

Just as Keima was wondering how can children can be so energetic, a soccer-ball hits him and he fell. As Keima rushed to his console, someone kicked it away. The person, Urara Shiratori, then said that this is not a place for an adult like her. Ignoring her, Keima scolded Urara for recklessly kicking his "life" and demanded an apology.

However, Urara merely said that Keima is childish for playing games before apologizing in a rude manner. Keima was shocked to see that but calmed himself down since Urara is just a kid. During class, Keima's classmates were all over him (literally) as Keima told them that it is ten years too early (literally) for them to understand dating sims and wished that he was in the third grade.

Keima then noticed Urara, the "murderer girl" from before and was genuinely surprised to see that Urara is rather mature for her age. When Urara saw Keima and began to make fun of gaming, Keima decided to ignore her, thinking that he shouldn't create flags now. Urara then told Keima that her grandfather told her that kids who play games will always be kids and that she is an adult.

Keima then coldly told Urara to do what she likes and called her an idiot. Urara then got confused to know that Keima was insulting her as Keima begin to say about the complexities of what really is gaming about and that the believe of maturity is more or less a subjective term that is changeable depending on an individual's ideology and told the latter to just accept the diversity of people.

Not knowing what Keima is talking about, Keima then sarcastically said that Urara is still a child and is too young to understand such complex terms and told Urara to continue her make up and playing house as an embarrassed Urara can only try to suppress her anger.

During class, the homeroom teacher said that the school camp was canceled due to construction work as Keima was shocked and quickly looked at Tenri. Keima then wondered what happens if the trip is canceled since that would mean Tenri will never meet Diana and that things may be altered.

Just as he was thinking, Urara told the teacher that Keima is playing games now as the teacher reluctantly told Keima to stop it. Keima however told her that he is thinking right now and did not want to be disturbed. Urara then came up and snatched away Keima's console as Keima got angry and told Urara to give the console back since he needs to save.

Urara then said that Keima is mean to her and that she hates him as Keiam said that Urara is the one who started it. Keima's bag then glows out of the blue and a light aims to Urara. Confused to what happened, Urara threw away the console, smashing it as Keima angrily fails his arms at Urara, hitting her.

Urara then cried along with the rest of the class for hitting her as Keima hugged his damaged console in tears too.

After the commotion, the class went for swimming lessons but Keima refused to join in since it meant getting the consoles wet. Elsie then told Keima that it looked fun as Keima replied that water is the greatest enemy of games. Keima then asked why did Elsie and Dokuro came all the way here as Elsie replied that it was out of boredom.

Urara then came up (with a parasol) as Keima looked at her and knew that the light was targeting Urara in the first place and wonders if it is telling him to conquer Urara. As Urara proclaimed that she is putting on sunscreen, Keima thinks that since Elsie's sensor is not responding (meaning that Urara will remember the conquest), he cannot conquer a child.

Urara then proudly said that all adults use sunscreens as Keima said that adults don't use it at the pool since the water will dissolve it and the cream will clog up the filter mechanism and damage it. Urara does not understand what a filter is as Keima asked if it was too complex for her. Urara then got angry and took Keima's game and threw it in the pool, making Keima rush (and swim) to the pool to rescue the console.

Keima then scolded Urara as the teacher told Urara that doing such things are not acceptable. Elsie then noticed that Dokuro is regressing again as Keima told Elsie to go to a place that would not attract attention and kissed Dokuro to get her back to normal.

After that, Keima then told Elsie to bring him to Maijima artificial beach and Keima saw that the Shiratori Construction Company is building a new park there. However, if the flow of timeline is to be correct, then the Shiratori Construction Company should not even be building it in the first place. Keima then began to wonder if the timeline he is currently in now is not his own timeline but is in another timeline.

Keima then heard Urara scolding her butler, Yanagi, as Keima saw the childish side of Urara throwing a tantrum and realized that Urara is really just a child after all. Keima then told Elsie and Dokuro to wait for a while and that he will soon befriend Urara. It was also revealed that Keima had purposely showed Urara the kiss scene from before.

Keima then sneaked into the construction site and ride on an excavator. When Urara came, he told her that this is not a place for children as Keima proudly thinks to himself that he he will use the communicative powers of an (17 year-old) adult (gamer) to befriend Urara.

Urara recognized Keima as Keima thinks that he cannot use big words since Urara is a child and Keima himself said that Urara had connections to her company and that he needs to use that to his advantage.

Urara then said that she is no kid as Keima said that she is and that he himself have done and known a lot of things Urara doesn't. Urara then tries to fight back but she cannot as Keima thinks to himself that experience is the most important thing in the conquest for her.

Yanagi then came up, demanding them to leave the place as Keima grabbed Urara's hand and told her to run away together. At the top of the construction building, Keima asked if Urara knew Yanagi as Urara said that her family butler is a bad person who did not let her use make-up even though the latter did it too. Also Urara said that she was not allowed to see her grandfather.

Keima then told Urara that he will get back on Yanagi and both of them poured some mortar on Yanagi at the top before escaping. Keima then asked more about the details of the construction as Urara laments that she cannot go camping because of it as Keima asked if Urara is sad, to which the latter refused to admit.

Keima the removed the scaffold and wonder if he should try and stop the construction using Urara since the runaway spirits may cause harm to the workers. At the top, Urara was happy to see such a tall sight as Keima praised her, thinking that he needs to see her grandfather.

Yanagi then came up (with her hair washed) and told Urara to go back to school. Keima then heard Urara that she got a parcel and that the contents which belonged to her grandfather were scary. Keima opened the box and it revealed an adult magazine. Keima is shocked to see that and was even more shocked to see that Urara is asking him to read it with her.

Keima thinks that even this event is old and Urara tried to make him hold the book. Keima then thinks that Urara's grandfather is a lewd old man for owning such an article. Keima then flat out rejected Urara's proposal for reading it with her.

Urara then begins to cry as Keima recalls that the Shiratori household used to own Maijima High School. Keima then had no choice but to comply to Urara's wish. Initially, both saw an advisement about shaving cream and Keima ponders what should he read since he did not really read magazines at all (despite buying them).

When Urara turned to the next page, the magazine showcased a naked lady masturbating in which shocked both Keima and Urara. However, later, Urara pulled up her dress and asked why does she have a different body structure than Keima.

Keima then quickly told Urara that she is just a child so that's why and told her to pull down her clothes. Urara blushed but picked up the magazine and beckons Keima to read with her. Later, they turned to a page giving dating advice.

Keima then said that those advice are useless and was trying to explain some good dating advice but Urara suddenly pulled Keima's ear, making him very flustered as Keima tries to get away. Urara then pulled up Keima's clothes and slowly managed to pull off one of Keima's shirts.

When a confused Keima asked what is Urara doing, the latter cheerfully told him that they should imitate the things in the magazine as well, greatly shocking Keima as he tried to resist. Keima thinks to himself that Urara cannot do that since it will lead unpleasant developments on many different levels.

Keima tries to break free but Urara touched Keima's stomach and giggles as Keima tried to tell her not to "attack him directly". Out of desperation, Keima had no choice left and finally agreed to Urara's demands. By the time Ms. Aoi came to the room, Keima (clearly traumatized) was shaking with an article of his clothing covering him as Urara looked at the teacher too.

Keima then cried and rushed to Ms. Aoi and rushed to her while crying out Yokkyun's name. Urara also cried and after seeing that there was a pornographic magazine, she quickly bring Urara and Keima away. At the infirmary, Ms. Aoi tried to ask what happened and Keima just sat there depressingly.

Ms. Aoi tried to make Keia and Urara talk but then, Yanagi, the Shiratori household steward, and asked (loudly) if Urara's has really "sexually *****" Keima. Yanagi then apologized to Keima and after calling to someone, Yanagi said that Urara and Keima are going to meet Urara's grandfather.

Inside the limousine, Urara cheerfully tells Keima that his plan worked. Keima then told her not to lower Urara's guard if she wants to see his grandfather.

It turns out that Keima told Urara that if she took off his clothes and cry loudly, they'll be able to see her grandfather soon and it turns out that he had anticipated Ms. Aoi's presence long ago.

Urara then told Keima that she is excited to see her grandfather again as Keima replies that it is the same for him since he needs to stop the construction before the runaway spirits escaped eventually.

Keima, while seeing the place noted that it is much bigger than Yui's home and upon reaching the destination, Yanagi said that the president will be here shortly. Urara then told Keima that they finally get to meet her grandfather as Keima reminded her to act as if they were enemies since they pretended that a bad thing happened.

Urara then said that Keima sure knows a lot. By nightfall, the president still did not come as Keima asked Yanagi angrily while the latter said that he will come shortly and that Keima's mother had arrived. Keima then thinks what should he do since Mari will disrupt his plans.

Urara then woke up and told Keima that she needs to go somewhere. Keima the followed her and asked Urara where is she going as Urara replied that she is going to where her parents are. Keima and Urara eventually went to a hill where Urara's deceased parents are.

Keima then asked what happened to Urara's parents as Urara sad that they died of an illness. Keima was then told that Urara is the only child and had no other family members (save her grandfather). Urara then said that there used to have many people but it was before she was born.

Urara then cheerfully tells Keima her dream of helping her grandfather making lots of buildings in Maijima but slowly, she cried and screams that her grandfather never comes as Keima said that she must have felt lonely.

A man with long hair and a young face then appears as Urara happily rushed to her grandfather. Keima was shocked to see such a young looking grandfather as he said that he get it a lot. The grandfather then used his walking stick and hits Keima and said that he will not press charges against him.

Keima then got angry as Urara's grandfather said that Keima "seduced" Urara while Keima angrily said that it was the other way around and that Urara's grandfather failed to hide his porn properly. The grandfather quickly told Urara to head back first as Keima said that he wanted to see him actually.

Keima then asked about the construction in Maijima Park is rather similar to a fortress to fight off devils.

Back to the Past Arc Interlude : Kanon

Back in the future, a seven year old Keima is now in his seventeen year old body and finally woke up. He got nervous almost instantly and cries for games. Kanon then come and asked if Keima is alright as Keima (7) asked who is she.

Keima then took up a game and told Kanon that he wants to play. Kanon then quickly took out her PFP and lend it to Keima as the latter was intrigued by the design and graphics. Keima the asked where do they sell the consoles. Kanon then brought him to a game store. Keima then got fascinated by the wide selection of games as Kanon asked if Keima recalled him.

But Keima merely laments that he doesn't have money to buy the games as Kanon bought it for him. However, as Keima was watching, Kanon quickly dragged him away saying that she bought the game now. Kanon eventually brought Keima all the way to the school and asked if Keima remembers that.

However, Keima (seven) was so engrossed with the advanced development of games that he ignored Kanon. Kanon angrily scolded Keima to listen to her but Keima quickly told Kanon that he needed to go to the toilet. After his trip to the toilet, Keima quickly came to Kanon and wanted to play the game.

However, Kanon said that she will not return unless Keima recalls her or else Keima will just have to go on a date with her. Kanon then mentions about the Mai-High Festival and the others but Keima could not know any of them and Keima then said that his body was also weird but Kanon quickly cut the conversation.

Kanon the led Keima to the rooftop and told him that it is where they first met and then, Kanon sang a song for Keima. Keima then happily said that he remembered...about the song that was in a game he played earlier. Keima then said that despite the game being crappy, the music was good and told Kanon that she needs to get a better company to make games.

Keima then told Kanon "Onee-san" that he just cannot recall her. Kanon then came to Keima and said that this time, she will help him remember.

However, Yui came up again and told Keima that it's her turn to take care of him and she bought a box full of games to tell Keima to go to her home. Keima immediately went with Yui.

Back to the Past Arc 3 : Vintage

Keima in the past, asked Urara's grandfather once more if he had made a fortress to fight off Vintage. The grandfather merely smiled and said that it was just for a theme park. Urara's grandfather then asked if Keima always talked like that as Urara replied that Keima plays games all day but he knows a lot.

Yanagi then came rushing up as Urara's grandfather said that they need to have dinner now. Keima then said that if he did not hear what he have to say, Urara's grandfather will miss out a lot of things since he knows where the Weiss will be escaping from. Upon hearing this, Urara's grandfather told his granddaughter and Yanagi to retire first.

Urara's grandfather then praised Keima for knowing so much and said that the Shiratori household used town the entire land of Maijima and how Keima's old house used to be a stable. Urara's grandfather then said that the place will indeed be a vanguard against Vintage, and that he had hired military personnel to defend against Vintage.

Urara's grandfather then said that Keima probably won't believe him as Keima asked how many soldiers are there and where are they stationed at. Urara's grandfather then said that there was a legend that Gods and Devils used to fight in Maijima and the tall rock is what became of it after the gods have won.

However, Urara's grandfather said that the devils will not be held forever and he has to stop them. Keima then asked why is he not informing the police as the latter replied that he cannot bequeath this fight to anyone else.

Keima then realized that this fortress will not be able to stop it and if it did, everything from Elsie appearing to this would have never existed and by extension, he will cease to exist.

Suddenly, an explosion occurs and Keima knew that the event should have occurred later, not now. Urara's grandfather then said that he needs to go as Keima told him that it is too dangerous and that his men should evacuate. However, Keima was knocked out by an inhalant and fell unconscious.

While sleeping, a Vintage member passed by and saw Keima. However, when Elsie came, the Vintage member quickly tried to shoot Elsie down with a sniper rifle taken from the deceased solider. Keima then called out to Elsie as she and Dokuro fell down.

The Vintage member quickly reported to his/her superior that he/she has been spotted by one of the runaway spirit squad and has to silence Elsie. Keima told Elsie that the Vintage member is coming and when Elsie looks up, the Vintage member is already holding up the rifle and was ready to shoot.

Keima quickly tried to stop it by pushing the member's hand as strong as he can. Elsie the tired to use the hagoromo to bind the Vintage member but her magic level is not strong enough to hold the member for long. Keima told Elsie to run as Elsie tried to use her broom against the Vintage member.

Just as the member was about to strangle Elsie to death, Elsie summoned up her hagoromo doll and used the detention bottle to suck up the member. When it was all over, Elsie cried to Keima. Keima then thanked Elsie and told her that Urara's grandfather is in danger.

Upon reaching the fortress, Keima told Elsie that she should stay behind as Elsie said that she's scared. Keima asked if there is any reaction to her sensor as Elsie said there's no reaction while Keima confirms that Vintage members were active here ten years ago.

However, Dokuro noticed a trail of dead/decapitated bodies in the passageway of the fortress and Keima eventually saw Urara's grandfather, with only his upper body intact. Keima asked what happened as Urara's grandfather said that he's regretful that he cannot defeat Vintage by his own power.

Urara's grandfather then said that his son and daughter, Urara's parents were killed off by Vintage. Keima the told Elsie that they'll retreat with Urara's grandfather but the latter told them to escape before it's too late.

Four Vintage members then appeared in front of Keima and Elsie as Dokuro suddenly kissed Keima. A Vintage member immediately attacked and smashed Dokuro on the cave wall. However, Dokuro managed to completely tear off the Vintage member's hand and move in for the kill, easily finishing off the four Vintage members with ease.

Keima, now horrified, told Dokuro to stop it. Dokuro then told Keima that he should not come here and that many people will die, be it humans or devils. Dokuro then told Keima that only he can show everyone the way as Dokuro used her orb one final time to reset what happened.

Back to the Past Arc 4 : One last Chance I

Keima woke up back to the past again and this time, he just managed to stop Dokuro from regressing. Elsie, had no idea what happened in the future was shocked to see Dokuro like that as Keima noted that the orb has lost another line.

Dokuro then tells Keima that at this point, Keima can still safe Urara's grandfather from death and told Keima that some of her powers were returned back to her and said that Urara's grandparents and many others were not supposed to die like this.

Keima then said to Dokuro that she don't shy away from bloodshed as well as Dokuro looked guilty and said that if they fight, both sides will have needless deaths and only Keima can.

Keima tried to deny it as Dokuro tells Keima to turn this to a world he only knows. Dokuro then said that where Keima came from, there was no battle and there Earth was still safe and lastly, all of the goddesses were revived.

Keima asked how did Dokuro know about that as the latter asked if there is anything different from his world. Keima then said that in his memories there were no construction site and many other factors.

Keima then halted Dokuro's questions and said that one cannot change the past to match the future but as he was about to continue, Keima realized that if this construction site is there, it would mean that this world Keima is in now is more important than his one.

Keima then asked where did his memories come from as Dokuro said that time is ambiguous and the place where Keima is right now is both the past and the present and whatever happens from now on is the future.

Dokuro then told Keima that that he is not changing the past but creating the future. Keima then reluctantly accepted this new "shitty game" and told Elsie to head back home and he'll go to Urara's house immediately. While confused, Keima gave Elsie a set of instructions and after having some equipment from Elsie, he told Dokuro to begin.

While leaving with Dokuro, Keima told Elsie that he's counting on her. Dokuro then thanked Keima as Keima said that he cannot let that old man die since he hates developments where people die. It is now back to July 19th ten years in the past.

Keima and Dokuro were at the Shiratori household and Dokuro asked if it would be better if to head to the construction site if they want to stop Shotaro as Keima said that the latter will fight no matter what since the reason why Shotaro fights is because of his inner turmoil.

Later, Dokuro asked what is in Keima's bag as Keima said that he told Elsie to prepare something special to conquer Urara. Keima then explained that his relationship with Urara has gone back to zero again and he needs to quickly establish one now.

Keima then thought of Dokuro's response before and said that creating a future like that is hard. Dokuro then explained that the orb is able to remember the "coordinates" of Keima's world so if the said coordinates are not met, the orb will use its magic to transport Keima back in time, although it is evident that there isn't much energy left.

Keima then feel down and asked Dokuro how did she knew all this as Dokuro said that she was the one who made the orb and herself and just as Keima was about to ask more, Keima noticed that Yanagi is calling for Urara as Keima said that he'll conquer her...but he'll need Dokuro's help.

Dokuro then managed to get Urara towards Keima, who is now dressed in odd clothing with a fallen "ship". Keima then said that he is a star navigator from the Kirara star system and how his "ship"'s main reactor was damaged.

While saying that, Keima never thought that he actually would be using a fantasy setting on someone, but since Urara is a child, all he just have to do is to just fabricate a good story. Keima the pretend to be in dismay since the reactor was damaged as Urara said she'll call Yanagi to fix it since the latter is able to fix even cars.

Keima then quickly told Urara that he doesn't want to cause a ruckus about it since Yanagi will expose him. Keima then asked if Urara can let him stay in her house for just one day as Keima was happy to know that.

Keima then called himself "Kei" and thought that soon, he'll able to execute his conquest smoothly. Urara then tells Keima that she'll get "allies" for him. While Keima was confused, he noticed his orb glowing and to his shock, Urara came with Mio Aoyama and Yui Guido; the two future conquests of Keima.

Mio was skeptical and said that Kei looks like a human to her as Yui wonders if Kei is really an alien. Keima then realized that if he tell them his real name, then the future cannot connect and was feeling grateful that he is able to use a fake persona so Yui and Mio don't know "Keima Katsuragi" yet.

When Mio poked him with a stick, Keima turned around and begin to tell Mio personal information about her (thanks to his conquest of her before) and said that his watch is able to do that. Keima then convinced Yui as well after revealing the latter's personal information as well.

Urara then told her friends to help "Kei-chan". Yanagi then called out to Urara as The trio decided to help Kei-chan from Yanagi after Keima told them that adults are bad. The trio then decided to hide the spaceship in which, was shown to be pushed away easily (since it is a fake).

Urara and Mio then quickly pulled Keima down (while injuring him) and when she noticed how Yanagi was there, Urara quickly hides Keima under her pond but by the time Yanagi left, Keima has lost consciousness.

By the time Keima woke up, he realized that he was stripped of his clothing as Keima realized that children are the greatest enemies of logical development but upon thinking, Keima realized that Mio and Yui's parents must be also here.

Keima decided to meet them and gave the girls his "scouter" and told them that it's broken and asks for them to fix it. While the girls are wondering, Keima told Dokuro to go to Shotaro Shiratori and Mio and Yui's fathers.

They arrived outside a tearoom and Keima eavesdropped on their conversation. He learns that Katsuhiro Goidō and Yuuri Aoyama, the fathers of Yui Goidō and Mio Aoyama respectively, were pressuring Shotaro in finishing the theme park not knowing that it really is a fortress. Keima also learns that Urara's mother Kayoko was possessed by a Spirit and caused the death of her husband and herself, and the event was covered up with a story saying it was mass food poisoning.

Keima wonders if he should and how to tell Urara's grandfather what he knew about the Spirits. Dokuro then tells him that she will check the graves before leaving. Keima wondered why but hen realized that Spirit might be lurking around.

Keim tries to find Urara but was caught by Yanagi. He tries to pass himself as an alien as before but Yanagi remembers him as one of Urara's classmate and drags him off. Keima poked her in but to get away but later was caught by her at an entrance of the house. Then they heard Urara coming down the hall and saw that she had an adult body and Yanagi dropped Keima from her arms in shock.

After Yanagi fainted, Keima worriedly ponder on the development of a Spirit possessing Urara. Dokuro then entered and tells him that there was a hole from Kayoko's grave confirming for him that the Spirit is now possessing Urara.

Keima then tells Dokuro to get the grandfather and Elsie and that now he will conquer Urara. He then went up to Urara who was looking over herself in the mirror and he tells her that he caused her body growth with his "mysterious space power" as a way to thank her but it will only last for awhile.

As Urara was jumping for joy, Keima thinks on how to discover the gap in Urara's heart and that he must be careful. He then follows Urara as she fetches her mother's dress and puts on make-up. Urara tells him that she looks like her mother but when Keima asked her what she remembers of her mother she doesn't remember.

Urara now dressed in her mother's dress, wants to take Keima outside but he tells her its night now. He then saw Urara open a doorway that somehow leads to the town at midday. He then remembers that something like this happened during Hinoki's conquest. Urara then turned Keima's 7-year old body older like herself and drags him off. He wonders if Urara's gap would be filled if the played. 

Back to the Past Arc Interlude : Yui

The seven year-old Keima continued playing his games in Yui's house with much enthusiasm and happiness, generally ignoring the things happening around him. However, when the power was suddenly cut off, Keima became worried and cries out on what should he do. Yui then took the opportunity to come up to Keima and tell him that she will help him.

Keima then steels his resolve and said that a conquest is to be handled alone. Yui was happy to hear that. Yui then attempts to stall the people and told Keima to bring the power generator to the roof.

Soon after, Yui bought up the TV screen and Keima was able to finish his conquest. Keima then happily said that Yui is a good person and they could get along well. Yui was overjoyed until Keima thanked him, not knowing that Yui is actually female.

Back to the Past Arc 4 : One last Chance II

Urara was elated and jumping all about and was exclaiming that she'll enjoy it to her heart's content. Keima then asked how long is she going to fool around and seeing the amusement park, Keima wondered how long does Urara want to play. As Urara and Keima continued to play Keima asked why don;t they go back and saw Urara brining him to a school.

Urara then said that she has always wanted to go to a school for adults and Keima need to join along with her. While Urara was running about thinking that she should go and study, Urara's mother suddenly appeared and beckoned her back. Urara jumped to her with joy as keima was about to catch up.

However, Keima was shocked to see that he was blocked by a barrier and as he saw Urara and the spirit that took form of Urara's mother, he begin to think about things and finally understood the reason to why Urara wanted to grow up so badly and the actual crevice of Urara's heart. Keima then mentally tried to tell Dokuro to hurry up and bring Shoutaro back here before it is too late.

As Keima tried to call out to Urara again, he saw that it is pointless as the spirit continues to feed upon Urara's gap. By now, Dokuro managed to bring Shoutaro back and Keima quickly fill in on what's the situation on his side. Keima tried to tell Shoutaro that the whole world is made by Urara's mother to lure in Urara herself as Shoutaro mumbles on that it's all his fault.

Keima then said that it's probably true that it's Shoutaro's fault but Urara is not going to succumb to the weiss that looks like Kayoko and tells Shoutaro that the rest is up to him. Dokuro then said that she opened a hole and Keima told Shoutaro not to over-do it this time since it'll cause many troubles if he died again.

As Keima watches on when Urara and Shoutaro fight the weiss, Keima thought for Shoutaro that there were more important things than chasing after ghosts and that both Urara and Shoutaro can finally stop fighting. Soon after, the spirit came out and Keima told Dokuro to get Elsie to finish the job and said that for Urara's case, even though everyone loved one another and none was really at fault, a gap could still be opened and decided to talk to Shoutaro on how to stop the construction.

Back to the Past Arc 5 : A New Enemy

However, due to time constraints, Keima had to return home and he was unsatisfied about it. Mari then came up and Keima quickly beckoned her to prepare breakfast. While Mari is cooking, Keima asked what happened to the orb as it changed it's symbol once again.

Keima then asked said that the orb changed quite a few times and wonder if it signifies that he adverted the death of Shoutaro. Keima the begin to think and that if he changed the past to what was supposed to happen, that would mean that the runaway spirits will still be let loose.

Dokuro then told him that the conquest is proceeding smoothly. Just then, Elsie told Keima that he sure is having fun and is neglecting him and hugged to Keima, demanding him treat her more but Dokuro also begin to gran to Keima as well and they had a tug of war. Keima got annoyed and shrugged both away and said that they're leaving.

Keima then said that the breakfast was great and rushed off. While walking to school, Dokuro asked if Keima really will go to school as Keima said that he won't and intends to find Shoutaro first. Keima then told Elsie that she'll be using her hagoromo to substitute him and while Elsie said that she don't want to, Keima to her to stay invisible wen he's not around and left with Dokuro.

While being carried, Dokuro said that Keima sure seems to worry for Elsie as Keima said that it'll be problematic since Elsie is too carefree. Keima then told Dokuro that they'll be going to the Shiratori household but was being brought to Akanemaru.

Dokuro then brought Keima to the compartment and said that they can activate the machine now Kiema then decided to see it as well and placed the orbs there and son, the machine worked and out appears Dokuro (Skeleton) changing.

Dokuro(Skeleton) told Keima to wait for a while as Keima asked who is she. Dokuro (Skeleton) then told her other self that it's good to found someone she can trust and asked Keima what's his name.

Dokuro then briefly introduced herself and her position and Keima then spoke his name. Even though Dokuro mistook it for "Gamer", Keima doesn't dislike it. Dokuro then told Keima to protect the goddesses. Keima was confused as to what happened as Dokuro told him that Dokuro(Watchman) and her are the same and that Keima is the only who can save the world. To do that, Keima have to change the past to meet his future.

Keima was confused but ultimately agreed to help and told what information he knew to Dokuro (Skull). After that, Keima mentioned that he don't know how to align it to his future as Dokuro (Watchman) told him that the orb will do it for him.

Keima then flies towards Shoutaro Shiratori again and told him to cancel the construction plans since Urara needed him more and there is no need for the construction anymore. Shoutao compiled and asked for his name to which he told him but also warned Shoutaro not to tell Urara.

Keima then received a call from Elsie and was told that the school was now acting strange. After going there, the orb dragged Keima to the school but blocked the area before Dokuro could intervene.

At the school, Keima was shocked to see that the boys have been locked up and the girls have taken over, while trying to escape, Keima was brought to the roof by Elsie and Elsie quickly briefed what happened. Deducing that it was the work of an escaped spirit, Keima decides to get to the bottom of things. In a class, Keima noticed a group of girls in a corner and after the girls ran away seeing Keima, he saw that Tenri was being bullied.

Seeing that, Keima tried to go back to his "Kei" persona but soon realized that Tenri knew him. After getting the gist of things from Dokuro and Elsie, Keima decided that he's only choice is to make Tenri number 1 of the school when he saw that Tenri did not have any number on her.

Keima then instigate Tenri to challenge number 10; Arita Orph Reiko and with Elsie's help, Tenri defeated Arita. After that, Tenri and Elsie asked why is Tenri the chosen one as Keima explained that Tenri's desireless attitude is what makes her great for the candidate as she will not have a gap in her heart.

Tenri said that she do not want to do it but keima managed to coerce her to doing it for him. Later, Keima, using Elsie's hagoromo, made sure everyone knew Tenri is number ten. However, a comedy duo by the name C-dash appears, and the the girls, Maiko and Mariko with the numbers 10 and 11 showed up.

The two girls challenges Tenri to a comedy battle and the rest of the girls will decide who is better. Although Tenri initially had stage fright and is unable to say anything, with Keima's intervention(cross-dressed as a girl), the fight ultimately ended up to a draw.

C-dash then said that they'll defeat Keima and Tenri one day as Keima said that he is tired of these small-scale skirmishes and he will make it grand and talks to himself that he will take control of the chaos in the school to follow his own intended pace.

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