Keima Katsuragi/Character History I


Katsuragi Keima
Character Information
Title The Capturing God
Gender Male
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 6, 11:29:35
Team Capturing Spirit Squad
Equipments PFP
Blood Type B
Height 174cm
Weight 54kg
  • Student
  • Capturing God
  • Buddy - Spirit Capturing
Class 2-B
  • Kami-nii-sama
  • Kami-sama
  • Otoshigami (Self-titled)
  • Otamegane
School Maijima Private High School
Seiyū Japanese flag Hiro Shimono

US flag Chris Patton

Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character History I

These are the events happening in Keima's life as a buddy with Elsie. The events start from Ayumi's first Conquest to Akari's conquest.

First Capture Arc

At the beginning of the series, Keima is seen trying to conquer a heroine in one of his games. Nikaido, his school teacher, asks him if his game is more interesting than class. He coldly answers that she should wait until he gets to the save point. In the hallway, Ayumi Takahara, a girl who loves running, crashes into him. She asks Keima to clean up the rooftop alone. Keima says that he is busy, but Ayumi is already heading to practice before he finishes talking, leaving only the broom behind her.

Keima, also known as the Capturing God

After finishing cleaning the rooftop, Keima sits on a bench, turns on his PFP, and answers to every email he's got. The last email challenges him to conquer a girl. He thinks it's just a provocation, but still accepts the challenge. Suddenly, dark clouds cover the sky, and a lightning strike hits the rooftop, revealing a girl descending from the sky. Shocked, Keima isn't able to do anything when the unknown girl grabs him and flies. They stop in a classroom, and Keima then proceeds to ask information about her. The girl introduces herself as Elucia de Lute Ima and says she's looking for runaway spirits.
Ayumi kisses Keima

Ayumi thanks Keima with a kiss

After discussing about the contract and the collar, Keima and Elsie head to the place where the runaway spirit was located. It is revealed that the girl who is possessed by the runaway spirit is none other than Ayumi. Keima sets up his strategy, which consists of supporting her during her training sessions, using encouragement banners. Ayumi thinks he's taking revenge for making him clean up the rooftop alone. During the first days, she kicks and verbally abuses him, but eventually ignores him. During one of her training sessions, Ayumi's senpais complain that she's using the field before them, and force her to run 30 laps. On the day before the competition, Ayumi stumbles on one of the hurdles, hurting her foot. Keima then asks her to go to the school at night, through a letter he placed in a fruit basket he gave her. Ayumi appears, asking him why he did such a thing. Keima answers that in reality, she is just simulating her injury. After explaining that she did such a thing in order to let her senpai compete in her stead, Ayumi says she can't finish first. Keima answers that she is already first in his heart. Embarrassed, Ayumi tries to beat up Keima, until she sees the pair of sneakers he hid in the fruit basket. She thanks him with a kiss, and finishes first in the competition the next day. After this, she forgets everything but shows her medal to Keima, calling him "Katsuragi", not "Otamega". Keima congratulates her, but his classmates interrupt the conversation. Keima gets confused, but it is soon revealed that the source of the commotion is Elsie, who transferred in his class, saying she is his little sister.

Rich Girl Arc

After the events of the Ayumi Takahara arc, Elsie and Keima focus on another target. In the classroom, Elsie writes a letter to him, which she passes over to Chihiro. Chihiro reads it aloud: "I'm sorry about what happened last night in the bathroom". This causes a commotion, and the boys of the class ask Keima how it was, making him embarrassed. Later, Elsie tries to follow him but he walks quickly, trying to avoid her. At the school store, they see people pushing each other. Keima explains that they're trying to buy an Omelette Soba Bread, the most popular food in Maijima Private High School. A girl named Mio Aoyama, whose manners are that of rich people, appears and buys the whole bread stock, leaving the others with no food. Elsie's sensor then rings, indicating that Mio is the host of a runaway spirit.

Keima and Mio kisses

Conquest Completed

Later, Keima confesses to Mio, but it fails. He explains that the failure is part of his plan. He then follows her on her way home, using Elsie's hagoromo, and learns the shocking truth about Mio, whose father passed away. After an argument with her driver, Mio is left alone. Keima asks her if he can become her driver. She accepts, and abuses him. Later, he sees an invitation for a party in her mail box and says that he sees the ending. He then calls over Mio to come at the party, where the former friends of her father disrespect her while she is waiting for Keima. When she leaves, she sees Keima, who asks her to dance with him. After dancing, he tries to reason with Mio, saying she must move on. They kiss, and Elsie captures the runaway spirit. The next day, Mio asks Keima how much an omelette soba bread costs, and Keima answers that she has enough money to buy two.

Hunting Break Arc 1

More Than a God, Less Than a Human

Note: For the anime episode, see: More Than a God, Less Than a Human (Episode) In the anime, this arc took place after Shiori's conquest. However, in the manga, this arc took place after Mio's conquest.

Sometime after Mio's capture, Keima realizes that he has neglected his games for two weeks and prepares to seclude himself from the outside world and plays his galge game. It was then, Elsie discovered that Keima was able to play not only six galge at a time, but also react to each game emotionally. As Keima slowly used too much of his "Otoshigami mode" (Literally meaning God-Mode), he began to lose consciousness, but manages to finish all of his games. As Keima finishes his last game, the girls take Keima to the game world, where they danced and sang . Later, It turns out that it was all a dream and that Keima was just mentally exhausted from having no food for 20 hours as Elsie handed Keima a handwich she made this morning, to which Keima was horrified to see. However, Elsie threatened Keima that she would sing the embarrassing song Keima had sang in his dream. Keima then reluctantly asked if she can add mayonnaise to his meal.

In the anime, the episode was the last of season one and ended when Keima entered the gaming world.

Idol Arc

At home, the Katsuragi watch a TV show, in which an idol named Kanon Nakagawa sings. Elsie calls her cute, but Keima shows disrespect to Kanon, arguing that idols are relics from the previous era. The next day, Keima meets Kanon on the rooftop of Maijima High. After talking to herself, she noticed him, thinking he also noticed her, and tried to start a conversation, but Keima coldly asked who she is. Kanon, shocked that he didn't know her, used a stun gun on him, erasing all his game saves. Elsie then appeared, asking Keima why he didn't tell her that Kanon was a classmate of theirs. Noticing Kanon, Elsie grabs Keima's PFP, asking her for an autograph. Keima takes back his PFP, tries to clean the screen, but notices that Kanon had used indelible ink. Again, Elsie asks Keima why he didn't tell her Kanon was in the same class as them. Hearing that, Kanon carbonized Keima, using both of her stun guns. She finally left, saying she'd defeat him. In the hallway, students were taking photos of her, while she's thinks about taking revenge on Keima.

The next day, Keima notices a CD in his desk, with a note asking him to come to the rooftop, signed by Kanon. On the rooftop, she asks him to keep it a secret, and starts singing ALL 4 YOU, though Keima ignored her performance, making her depressed. She brought out her stun guns, but a sudden call from her manager saved Keima from electrocution. Before leaving, Kanon asked him to come to the rooftop again at the same time on the following day.

The following day, Kanon sings Happy Crescent for Keima, a song that had not yet been released. He fell asleep, making her depressed to the point of becoming transparent. Reminiscing the past, Kanon told herself that she is not an idol, and that no one was listening to her songs. To cheer her up, Keima said that he did listen to her song, but she didn't believe him, taking out her stun guns. In a pinch, Keima told her that he was sleeping because her performance was so good it took him to Heaven. Convinced, she left. After Elsie told Keima that he was irritating Kanon, he answers that he's doing it in order to find out why did she have a gap in her heart.

Keima meets up Kanon

Kanon recovers

Keima told Elsie that in dating sims, one must do everything to learn what are the girls' problems. He then received a mail from Kanon. He reveals that he secretly put the CD she gave him in her coat, with his email address. Keima and Elsie then go to the Narusawa TV studios, to check up on Kanon. She asked Keima whether her performances had an impact on him or not. Keima answered positively, reverting Kanon back to her normal state. She then asks if she could exchange emails with him. Before he could answer, Keima got an email from her, filled with the words "I'm counting on you".

During the following days, Kanon harassed Keima to the point of sending him thirty-six emails per day. In the anime, they had a secret date. Keima asked why she called him, to which she answered that she just wanted to see him. At the Narusawa Dome, she told Keima that she's having her first major solo concert, with 10,000 people attending. Keima, seemingly uninterested, took out his PFP. Kanon scolded him because he didn't listen to her and always played games. Surprised, she noticed that Keima is actually listening to her songs. She asked him to praise her if he liked her songs. He did so, but then Kanon had to leave for rehearsals. Elsie said that everything is going smoothly, and that Keima could have kissed Kanon before she left. He did not agree, thinking that something was missing.

Keima sees Kanon

Keima sees Kanon

On the day of the concert, Keima and Elsie overheard Okada saying that Kanon has gone missing. After hours of searching, they couldn't find her, as she was invisible. Elsie suggested using her runaway spirit sensor. It immediately reacted, and Elsie left to search for her. Keima then noticed that Kanon was sitting on the same bench as him, and asked her what she is doing here. She hesitated, but Keima told her that she's afraid of becoming invisible again, and that when nobody notices her nor praises her, she feels like she's fading away. Kanon answered that Keima was right on every point, and suddenly hugged him, asking him to stay with her forever and to support her. She tried to kiss Keima, but he rejected her.

Keima and Kanon kiss

Conquest complete!

Keima asks her to stop depending on other people. He praised her songs, saying that she must use her own power to shine, and that when her light is gone, her fans demand for her. He told her that he couldn't have her only for himself. She answered that she would have been happy singing for only one person, and finally kissed Keima, thus freeing herself from the runaway spirit, which Elsie captured. When watching Kanon's performance, Elsie teased Keima, asking if his opinion on idols improved. Keima answered that Kanon is not an idol anymore; she's a star, shining by herself.

Hunting Break Arc 2

Ellie SO SWEETCoupling/With

For the anime episode, see: Coupling with with with with

After Kanon's capture, one morning, a huge incident happened to Keima and Elsie. Keima's games had been interrupted by Elsie yet again and Keima called her a bug demon. In school when Elsie was depressed, Keima was in thought that if she was so depressed about it. As Elsie was about to cry, Chihiro told Elsie to not be bothered by the likes of Keima, to which Keima overheard and became irritated. During class, Kodama was handing out the result of the test where he told the class that everyone did badly. When Kodama calls out Keima's name, he asked Keima if it was alright to just play games. But Keima replied saying that it was fine as he scored 100 on the test and attended the class. However Kodama further said that getting a 100 isn't the issue. After that Kodama called out Elsie but Keima realized that Elsie used her celestial robe to replace herself. Keima searched for Elsie and wondered if she was still depressed. But when he saw a mandragon flying towards him, he narrowly escaped and noticed that Elsie was behind him. After a brief moment of awkwardness passed by, Elsie told Keima to come to the home economics room later where she was going to show her true power. When Elsie ran off, Keima wondered if he should apologize first and thought about the possible routes to take. But Keima realized that Elsie wasn't a conquest target so he let it slide. During PE, Kodama had his revenge on Keima and was about to punish him when the mandragon appeared again, shocking Kodama. Keima then went to the home economics room (which had already been blown) and found Elsie was standing there, crying. Keima told Elsie he hates sweets but ate the cake in the end and apologized for the morning insult. Elsie licked off the cream from Keima's cheek shocking him.

The Anime version of events.

Kodama ran away from the dragon and Keima was seeing strange creatures in PE. Keima returned home and was giving Elsie the blame about what had happened today. After that Keima has appeared back home, then sees something in the bushes. Keima then sees the cake of Elsie and recalls what Elsie had told him during lunch break. Keima doesn't want to be in the mess of what Elsie has created and recalls what has happened to Elsie, he feels a little bit sorry for her but his PFP gives away that there's a time-based event and runs in. From Mari's perspective of the anime, Keima was eating the cake in secrecy but was mistaken for being a robber and got attacked by his mother, but was given a bandage on his head. From Elsie's perspective, at night Keima tells Elsie that he hates cakes much the the latter's disappoint. Keima still apologies to Elsie later.

Library Arc

Keima Talks of Librarians

Keima talks of librarian girls


"I can simply read the monologue"

Keima is notified by Elsie about the loose soul hidden in Shiori Shiomiya.[1] Keima tells Elsie that he refuses to conquer Shiori and mentions being tired of librarians, explaining that there had been too many games on them.[2] Shiori appears soon after, pushing a crate full of books relating to firetrucks.[3] Keima notes the libraries vast selection of "search items" and Shiori, innerly, says that it wasn't much of a search for her because she had memorized them all.[4] She attempts to speak to thee duo before her, but fails. After seeing Shiori, Keima decides to capture her spirit. He speaks about the typical traits of librarian girls: intelligence, timidness, modesty. He explains that while librarian girls hardly speak, they think ten times more than the average person and tells Elsie that he only must hear her "inner voice". But after being told that he would unable to simply read off of a screen to read unspoken dialogue, he deems Shiori's quest impossible.

Hunting Break Arc 3

The Crusade That is Happening There

For the anime episode, see: The Crusade That is Happening There (Episode)

One day, Keima was in a pinch to a buggy game, and could not help the heroine, Sora. Elsie said that even Keima couldn't do that prompting him to activate his "Otoshigami mode" to play the game (and dragging Elsie along.) Ultimately, Keima finally defeated the game and saw the ending; however, this was soon forgotten.

Samurai Girl Arc


Kusonoki's debut when she scares the bullies

Keima tried to explain about the facts he had been gathering of runaway spirits to Elsie, using a drawing. When Elsie saw the drawing, she laughed at it and took it to show Keima's skills at drawing to everyone, making him embarrassed. He chased after her, but she soon bumped into three delinquents, whom Keima called "parsley". Furious, they started beating Keima up. As he struggled to apologize, a tall girl came to his aid, introducing herself as Kusunoki Kasuga. After unsuccessfully trying to intimidate the delinquents, she blew their leader away, thus scaring them. She then asked Keima why didn't he stand up for himself, and walked away. Elsie came back, and the runaway spirit sensor reacted.

After this, Kusunoki received a formal introduction as Keima and Elsie sat outside of her club’s room. Before Elsie could fully comment on how hard will it be for him, Keima had already bowed down, asking to become Kusunoki's pupil. She didn't agree and couldn’t see how Keima can learn to become a warrior, but upon seeing his face, she gave in. Keima started as the cleaner of the clubroom, commenting on Kusunoki's habits and having to throw a cat out. This cat quickly returned to Kusunoki in the locker room though, and when Keima returned from cleaning the clubroom, he found her holding it, revealing why Kusunoki was possessed by a runaway spirit.

Surprised, Kusunoki ran off and prepared to throw the cat away with her weakness, also commenting on how she’d “change” Keima’s face. However, something stopped her, and as she remembered her past, another side of herself appeared behind her. Keima told her that this other side of her reacts to weakness, and said that she must seize the opportunity to get rid of it. In order to draw it out, Elsie suggested that Keima and Kusunoki should go on a date.

On the day of their date, Kusunoki tried to make it clear that she and Keima weren't really on a date, while the sight of her in a dress drew a lot of attention. This resulted in her splitting again, but this time, the split self actually defended itself against her attacks. After this, Keima and Kusunoki went to the arcade, where Kusunoki took pride in beating the high score, while Keima managed to get the maximum score. Later, they went to the cinema and to an amusement park, but the feminine part of Kusunoki still hadn't shown up.


Kusunoki had an idea and asked Keima to share an ice cream with her. The feminine part of Kusunoki finally appeared and started fighting with herself. After unsuccessfully trying to defeat her, Kusunoki wondered why she is unable to win. Keima told her to seek a greater form of strength by accepting her feminine side. Her feminine side gave up and admitted that she had had fun. But before disappearing, she seized control of Kusunoki's body to kiss Keima. Doing so, the runaway spirit left her body, and Elsie captured it.

Haqua Arc

The story began as Elsie introduced herself commenting on getting Kusunoki's spirit and how happy smoothly it has gone after 2 months and she also commented on how good she is on being a human much to Keima's chagrin. As the two were talking, Elsie's sensor suddenly activated and was then caught in a detention bottle. The person who captured Elsie was shown to be Haqua.

Elsie and Haqua captures the spirit

Both Haqua and Elsie working together

Elsie was glad to meet her friend Haqua, a genius who was one of the best students in their class and is now the Section Chief of District 32 of the Far East Division. But their conversation was interrupted when Elsie's boss, Chief Dokuro, reported an evil spirit is on the loose in her area due to a failure of another spirit hunter. Haqua decided to capture this spirit by herself, but Keima, after hearing her talk with Elsie and seeing her suspicious attitude, told Haqua that he knows the spirit hunter who let the spirit loose was Haqua herself as she was chasing it before she meet Elsie and Docrow reported it.

While Keima wasn't interested on why Haqua was keeping it a secret from Elsie, he offered to help her find the spirit at school in exchange for telling him what the evil spirits are. Since the spirit feeds on negative emotions, Keima led Haqua to the most depressing place in campus, the school theater. Keima decided to leave everything to Haqua but she needed his help and admitted to him that she hadn't caught a spirit yet and lied to Elsie to save face. It was then when Elsie reported to her that she had found the spirit in the theater. Keima suggested Haqua should team up with Elsie but Haqua refused, claiming she is better than her.

However, Haqua was in distraught as she had failed to live up to her friends' expectations which allowed the spirit to possess her. By the time Keima and Elsie reached the roof, Haqua was already under the spirit's control and it used her and the possessed students to capture them. In order to free Haqua from the spirit's control, Keima told Elsie to calm down the negative emotions in Haqua's heart.

As Elsie talked to her, Haqua admitted to Elsie that she lied to her as she was ashamed and didn't want let her down, but Elsie broke free from the possessed students and hugged Haqua, telling her no matter what, she will always be the greatest demon in her eyes, which finally broke her free from the spirit's control and the duo soon captured the spirit. Haqua thanked Keima for his help and for not revealing her lie to Elsie while Keima congratulated Elsie on a good job which she celebrated by buying both Keima and Haqua lunch.

Hunting Break Arc 4

Tea for Three

For the anime episode, see: Tea for Three (Episode)

After all that had happened after Haqua left, Keima was shown to be happily playing his galge while thinking how Elsie had been such a burden. Then Haqua came in uninvited and claims she was another one of Keichii's illegitimate daughters, making Keima's mother left the cafe angrily. Because she didn't remember what happened at every second of the whole event, Haqua asked Keima to help her make a report of the capture. Haqua used a live diorama, with the school as the setting and herself, Keima and the rest of the students as small miniatures. Using a microphone to control the movements of the miniature, things got out of hand when Elsie and Keima start to play with the mic.

Elsie angry

So this is what you guys were doing...

Elsie left to get some tea, while Haqua fought with Keima over a part that she made wrong. After a few mishaps, it ended up that the Haqua and Keima miniatures did something erotic, and when Elsie returned with the tea, she thought that this was what actually happened. She threw the tea towards Keima, but he dodged, making the tea hit the diorama. The diorama broke and all of the miniatures escaped. After long hours, the three finally collected most the miniatures and Haqua headed for home. Before Keima could go back in, Elsie locked him out, out of anger about what happened.

*Notice: In the anime, this event happened after the Chihiro Arc, but in the manga, this happened right after the Haqua Arc*

Normal Girl Arc

When Elsie went back to school again and complained that there is another whole week of study in front of them, as it was Monday, Chihiro told her that she must not think about the day as a Monday but as a Wednesday. Later, Elsie was seen asking help as Keima was depressed but then Chihiro denied helping her because 'what good would it do for her' and 'that if she came into contact with Keima, she might get infected'.

Keima then walked away and Elsie later sensed Chihiro to be the next holder of a spirit. Afterwards Keima and Elsie witnessed her confessing and being rejected by a boy, the captain of the soccer team. Elsie then saw Chihiro crying. The next day, Chihiro greeted Elsie normally and started telling her that what she saw yesterday was uncool, which caused Keima wanting to cheer her up until she started going on about the next boy that she likes.

Eventually after that, he was seen to be reacting madly towards her and it led to the point where Chihiro later stomped on him out of anger, calling him a cockroach. After that Keima and Chihiro eventually ended up coming back together to clean up the classroom with each other.

Later, she then started talking to Keima about which boy she likes.
Chihiro kiss

Chihiro kiss

Keima wanted to help her, but she was then seen to be showing some interest in Keima.

Later that day, it got to the point that she was so in love with Keima that she eventually refused to confess to the other boy that she originally liked. This caused Keima to become mad because everything that he had done for her was for nothing.

Later, Chihiro disappeared and was eventually found hanging out at a ship nearby to the school. She then talked with Keima, leading to the point of them kissing, causing the spirit inside her to be released and captured by Elsie.

Hunting Break Arc 5

Her First Errand

For the anime episode, see: Her First Errand (Episode)

Keima received a mail on his PFP that had an exclusive notice about the release of the first edition of a game. Reading this, he headed off to Narusawa Electric City, as Elsie followed. But when they arrived at the indicated shop, Softhouse Collie, they found that the store had not opened yet. Then they entered the neighboring store, which also had lots of games, to which Elsie was amazed that there were a lot of the same game. To correct her, Keima stated that they are not the same, knowing that she did not know a single bit about games. He told her that he'll teach her more about games, and also asked her to stay and wait for the game he was notified about while he's off to a game fair.

After many mishaps, Elsie was told to buy the most expensive version of the game so she wouldn't mess up. But unknowingly, she bought the anime adaptation of the game. When Keima saw this, he sighed and said that he has covered all bases. He showed Elsie the game, saying that he picked up a copy of it at the game fair just in case. He then gave Elsie one last lesson, saying that one can never have too many copies of a good game. Surprised, Elsie thought that Keima is still far out of her reach.

*In the anime, this is where Keima bought "One Leaf" and soon, got hooked on the game. Also, unlike the manga, Keima's final lesson was taught at home while the manga version, the lesson was taught immediately after Elsie bought the game.*

Mari's Birthday

Keima was shown leaving the house as Elsie thought, got an idea, and grabbed Keima. She stated out loud that the two should go out shopping to which Mari is surprised to hear. She said she does wish for that, but for some reason, Keima said it's fine to go. Because it had been a long time since she had gone out alone with Keima, Mari dressed a bit more formal than needed. Being so nervous, by the time they reached the Inazumart, Mari was already riding a toy motorcycle to calm herself down.

Mari's present

Happy birthday...

Keima wished to leave her in order to buy his own things, but she begged him to stay to help her. He helped carry a 10 kilo bag of rice, but then the store person tried to hit on Mari, thinking her husband was gone. She retaliated and nearly killed him with another bag of rice, as she stated in irony that girls are fragile and weak. Keima questioned why did shopping became an outing for fun, to which Mari replied if it's that bad to have fun with her. He stated that he'll go home now, but a few moments later, Mari saw that he's actually in the game shop.

By night-time, Keima was heading home with the 10 kilo bag of rice and the few games he bought, as he then saw Mari waiting. With her hair down, she shouted out in anger. But before she rode off, Keima revealed that he and his father already had a birthday present set, but he wished to wait until later to hand it over. Filled with so much happiness, Mari hugged Keima as she thanks him.

They arrived at home on a motorcycle, while Mari was in a very good mood. But on the other hand, Keima was melting because of the extreme speed of the motorcycle ride.

The Dawn of Something

Keima was busy playing galge and updating his site but unknown to him, his site was actually changing the world of galge itself. When Elsie tried to tell him this, Keima didn't believe her saying that "How absurd. There's no way a mere website can affect the real." and continued to play his games while Mari commented on that the "fallen god" must be a creep.

Teaching Trainee Arc

The new trainee-teacher, Nagase Jun decided to talk to Keima on making friends after observing Keima to be too focused on games. Keima merely replied, "Friends?" in a very detached manner, shocking Jun and caused her to develop a crevice in her heart, allowing a runaway spirit to possess her. Meanwhile, Keima was happy for the fact that no spirit has come up yet.

The next day, on how excited everyone had gotten thanks to the teacher-in-training and that the teachers-in-training themselves are exciting people. Keima then replied: "Hmph - What good that comes from something with odd parameters..." He continued to explain to Elsie that "the process you need to go through to get the teacher genre is annoying, and doesn't produce enough for the 'fruits of your labor.' "He berated his classmates, rhetorically asking what is the appeal of a title like a weak teacher? Keima then claimed that the only thing that makes the teacher's 'education-training' a success, is the player character.

As the class was about to start, Elsie's sensor went off, towards Jun Nagase. As Keima was shocked, Elsie apologized to Kodama as this occurred in the classroom. At lunch break, Elsie gave Keima information regarding the target.

Jun kiss

Jun Kissing Keima

By the final day, because Jun was too forceful on the class, the students argued that Jun is being a bit too strict. Hearing this, Jun lost her will to teach and runs away to the gym. Predicting this, Keima was already stationed there. As Jun cried about how she can't do anything if she pushed her ideals, Keima responded that she just has to press harder.

After Keima continued to praise Jun and then left, the students of her class arrived at the gym to apologize for what they had said after being persuaded by Elsie, who was told by Keima to do so. Having the teacher and the students once again friendly, the last day of Jun's training arrived without her seeing Keima even once. As she was leaving the school grounds, she saw Keima at the front. He said farewell to her, and because she was happy to hear this, she kissed Keima and the spirit was released from her body. Thereafter, Jun lost her memories of her relation with Keima, except for the fact that he was a troublesome student for her during the teacher-training.

Hunting Break Arc 6

Watched by the Chair Devils

Unknown to both Elsie and Keima, this time, they were being watched by the New Hell chair-devils on their daily logs. First, Keima was shown throwing Elsie out of his room for first for arranging his games without his permission. Secondly, Elsie had failed to arrange them by brands and lastly, Elsie was unable to differentiate brands and

Don't care

Don't care

swings. (brand=burando, swings=buranko)

Later while the two were walking to school, Elsie mentioned on how she would write notes so Keima wouldn't get angry again but was soon distracted by a fire truck, much to Keima's dismay.

After school, Keima was busy playing his galge when Elsie, dressed in a maid outfit, tried to talk in her sweetest tone to ask Keima for some coffee. Keima coldly said, "Shallow. No other way of putting it." greatly vexing Elsie. Before bed, Keima complained to Elsie yet again for making the bath water too cold.

The following morning, Elsie asked Keima if sleeping with her hands closed may cause bad dreams as Keima said he didn't really care.

Moon Child Arc

Keima fell in love with the character Yokkyun on his PFP and was kicked out of the class as he over expressed his feelings for her. **

Tsukiyo scared

Tsukiyo being scared

He headed towards the rooftop, only to meet a mysterious girl named Tsukiyo Kujyō and her doll Luna, both sitting on a bench. Keima was standing on her carpet and Tsukiyo slapped Keima and sent him flying. After that, Keima told her how the way she smacked him was unnecessary and shows his favorite character from his PFP Yokkyun. Tsukiyo disrespected Yokkyun and said to him that it was just a doodling. Elsie was searching for Keima, but he was left speechless because of what Tsukiyo said about Yokkyun. After that, Elsie sees Keima, and her Sensor went off where Tsukiyo was the new holder of a spirit.

Back at home later on, Keima sulked in his own world, as he was upset by Tsukiyo laughing at Yokkyun, saying that the designers, not Yokkyun, were at fault. He did not wish to capture Tsukiyo. Keima wished for Tsukiyo to be cursed and be turned into a frog.

Hearing this request,Elsie said that they should curse their target. Keima agreed for Elsie, in the end, was not able to cast one. Struck by this, Elsie became serious and got ready to start making the curse (which turned out to be Japanese curry). Keima ate and complimented the curry, but Elsie stated that it's a curse.

When Tsukiyo was gone, Elsie was thinking that the curse that she was laying on Tsukiyo was very strong, but Keima disagreed. Keima said to Elsie that she must use her Sensor to track down Tsukiyo and her doll Luna. She was hiding in her own club room and Keima decided to help Tsukiyo with her research. Later, Keima called Elsie's help to make this event clear. Elsie created a very beautiful house where Tsukiyo stays in and she gave Keima a compliment but Tsukiyo kept growing smaller.

Tsukiyo moon kiss


After seeing that Luna was looking at her, Tsukiyo got scared and yelled for Keima's help. After that, Keima appeared. She wanted to sleep and after hearing that Keima 'sees the ending', (and the fact that Elsie was merely making everything else larger) she became mad. She escaped throughout the craft and was coming in one big adventure. Keima told Elsie that she must help during the search for her.

Later, after Keima found her at the top of the roof, he held her down and telling her not to jump. After that, she fell down expediently; Keima chased after her where Elsie realized that Keima and Tsukiyo were having troubles; she used her tub to rescue them. After the conquest, Elsie almost forgot to capture the soul and tells Keima that she had seen it in a shape of a frog.

'*In the anime, the events on Keima's obsession with Yokkyun was taken place in episode 12. However, the event of that episode in the manga was after Tsukiyo's capture.*'

The Return of Haqua Arc

One day, when Keima was enjoying the fact that he can finally be alone, Haqua then returned again to look for Elsie. Keima said that Elsie and his mother had left for shopping.

Hearing that, Haqua blushed and replied that she will go out since Elsie wasn't there. But Keima advised her to stay since Elsie could be home any second, which Haqua agreed. Keima then suddenly laughed because he just remembered something about the games he played earlier.

Yukie Made her Appearance

Haqua's worst nightmare

Haqua then challenged Keima to a game of Neo-Hellian Almagemachina. Keima refused at first but then said that if he won, he could make Haqua do anything he wanted, Haqua blushed again but complied, believing that she would win easily.

However, this was not the case as Keima easily won every game and asked her many questions on Elsie and the Runaway Spirit Squad. Haqua then asked for another rematch which she again lost to Keima. Haqua then gave up and said she won't challenge him again. Keima then wondered what should he ask next but Haqua threw her scythe against Keima causing him to fly outside the yard.

Clearly angered, Haqua demanded why Keima "Isn't even a tiny bit interested in her" as Keima asked who her partner was. Keima then asked about Haqua's partner which she then stated that she has no partner. But suddenly an old woman appeared in front of Keima's house and claimed to be Haqua's partner. The old lady wondered if Keima was Haqua's boyfriend, which made Haqua feel embarrassed about it, while Keima was still in a state of shock when he realized that Haqua's partner is an old lady. The old lady then greeted Keima before introducing her name as Yukie. Yukie then gently pushed Haqua to return to their house while Keima was still shocked. After a while, Mari and Elsie returned from their shopping but realized that Keima had gone out a while.

Keima followed Haqua and Yukie all the way (and possibly overheard their conversations) when Haqua decided to leave, but as she opened the door she saw Keima with a present for Yukie. Keima surprised Yukie when he introduces himself as a partner of someone else. Keima and Yukie started a friendly chat, while Haqua unsuccessfully tried to chase Keima out of the house.

The next day, Keima had accompanied Yukie and Haqua as they went out to hunt runaway spirits. Keima seemed to have great interest as to how Yukie would be able to accomplish an almost impossible feat of capturing all 15 spirits at once. Haqua then told Keima not to get too excited or have high expectations as he would be disappointed by Yukie's 'ineffective' (by Haqua's standards) method. Soon, it turned out that Yukie was just using "a slow method" of capturing the spirits by Keima and was soon proven right when Haqua managed to get four runaway spirits by the next week. Even so, she was still not convinced enough that Yukie's methods were effective. Keima then thought that he might use this old method of capturing one day, but for him, he'd rather stick to his own method of using galge strategies to capture the spirits.

Swimmer Girl Arc

Keima, sometime after hearing from Elsie that Ikoma Minami, a kohai from the middle school, was the next target, quickly lets Elsie set up her hagoromo to make things look like he was a good swimmer. Despite the plan worked, Keima was grumbling to Elsie because he was hurt. Elsie then asked why Keima had to show Minami that he could swim. After Keima let Elsie read out the target's data so that he could teach her that "Being a senpai is a love potion you get for free". Keima explained that in games, being a senpai is the ultimate plus factor and with that leverage Keima could build a hierarchical relationship and to prepare for the future. Elsie asked what should they do now to which Keima replied, "Nothing" and the Keima's "other half" is doing the work.

Keima and Minami on bus

Keima meeting Minami

Sometime later Elsie asked Keima to explain about "the other Keima". Keima replied that the other him is a positive side image/impression of his to Minami, much like how Jun originally viewed him as a problem child, while in this matter, Minami saw him as "the fast swimmer senpai". Keima however, said that the development depended entirely on Minami's own imagination. Later, Keima went to a bus to wait for Minami.

As Minami tried to press the bell and nearly fell, Keima did it for her. Keima then asked her to be careful and revealed that he knew Minami was at the pool that night and more than that he asked her to keep it as a secret. The next day, at school, Elsie asked Keima if it's really alright if they did nothing as Keima assured her that the tailwind element- "senpai" was pushing their backs. Keima also said that they must not let the situation develop too fast as Haqua told him that creating love is useless since all they need to do is fill the gap with love itself. Keima then said that he can see the ending but they must take a "detour". At the bus, Keima revealed to Minami that he had known that she was stalking him (whereby the latter buries her face and apologies). Keima invited her to the Summer festival.

During the festival, while Keima and Minami were walking, Keima asked if he were too fast and slowed down while Minami said she's fine. Minami then said to herself that she's feeling as light as a cloud. She then thought that at school or clubs, she's always fine even with boys around but now with Keima, her heart was pounding fast. Minami also realized that the festival seems different (more colorful in her eyes) as she wondered if it were because she's in love. While Minami was muttering to herself, Keima invited her to a game of "Fish the yo-yo" and was surprised that Minami was good at it (since Minami had been playing this with her brother). After winning ten sets, Minami said she'd just take two of them and shyly handed one to Keima.

Meanwhile, Keima appeared with two fried squid and Minami felt happy about Keima's kindness but as soon as she saw Akko and Saito was coming, she quickly dragged Keima with her far away. Keima then asked why she did that and Minami said that she did not want some people to see them. As she was talking, Minami realized that she had been holding Keima's hand for some time. Embarrassed by that, she tried to shake off but soon ignored it as Keima said about the bonfire was starting. Keima then asked if Minami had anything to wish for, in which she, with a melancholic look, said that she has nothing to wish for. Minami then realized somehow she wished that she would be in the swimming team but it didn't work and she right now washed up like the fried squid.

The loudspeaker suddenly announced the ending of the festival and other reminders which made Keima complains since it was breaking the mood. Minami then began to cry since she did not wish for the event to end. Minami confessed that she used to enjoy swimming every day and she desperately wanted to be in the swim meet, and that all she could do is swim but now it was all over and she felt dejected. Then before Minami knew it, she was alone the whole time and then called out Keima's name in a worried tone. Keima appeared then replied because the meet was over, Minami is able to enjoy and come to the festival. Keima then walked up saying that because everything has its endings people can still move on, otherwise, it'd just be buggy game. Minami screamed to Keima and begged him not to leave, but Keima replied that soon, she'd also forget about him. While
Minami kiss

Keima kissing Minami

Minami was hugging Keima, Keima said that there are many endings and new worlds for people to discover and thanks to that, people grow up. Keima then assured her that even though the festival ended tonight, her memories about the time with Keima would remain and that every ending would make one stronger. Keima promised that he will always watch over Minami and wanted her to keep moving forward. The two then kissed, causing the spirit to be released and subsequently, captured. Sometime later, Akko and Saito asked Minami why she was still swimming although Minami retired from it. Minami then cheerfully said that she feels like it.

Meanwhile the two friends said that it was pointless since she wouldn't be able to be in the swim meet. Minami replied that she just still enjoyed being in water and that being in the swim meet wasn't everything for her, which Akko commented that Minami's talking was so "grown-up". Minami then said that the pool is sparkly today and she felt good about swimming there while she showed her water yo-yo. As her friends asked her about the water yo-yo, Minami was confused since she didn't remember when she did have it. On the supporter bench, Elsie commented that she feels sad since the festival is over but Keima replied that the festival will reoccur every year after that. Hearing that Elsie commented on how Keima looks sad too, Keima angrily denies it and called her a no-good devil.

Hunting Break Arc 7

4 Girls and an Idol

For the anime episode, see: 4 Girls and an Idol (Episode)
Kanon and Keima

Have we met before ?

While Chihiro and her friends formed the new 2-B Pencils, Kodama wanted them to get full marks for their next English Test, however, most of the members had some troubles attaining that score (mainly Ayumi, Elsie and Chihiro). It was then Keima was forcibly dragged into helping them. He ultimately decided to tutor them (There were 2 versions of his reasoning. In the manga, it was because he made a promise with Chihiro during her capture. While in the OVA, it was because Elsie pleaded to him). Then, halfway through the capture, Kanon also joined in. Keima then got angry at Elsie because all of his students are his previous capture targets and Elsie somehow sets her table on fire (this was not in the OVA). All in all, Keima managed to teach them everything about Kodama's tests (In the OVA, Miyako also helped).

After the tests, like Keima said, all of his students (except Elsie) got good marks. Despite Elsie's failure, Kodama allowed them to make a club since their efforts "touched him". However, the real reason for Kodama to allow that was actually because for once, Keima got 99% in his test, making Kodama "win" over him.

Keima then began to wonder if his conquests, Ayumi, Chihiro and Kanon really lost their memories. Sometime later, Elsie went back to New Hell and Keima used the chance to play his galge in peace for 3 days.

Childhood Friend Arc

Part 1 : Meeting the Ayukawa Family

After school, Keima was happily declaring how great it is that the summer holidays are finally here. He quickly calculated how he would finish all of his homework in half a day and use the remaining 40 days or 1000 hours to play games forever.

Tenri's confession

Who... is it...?

Keima was then delighted to know that Elsie hasn't been in Earth for two days and was overjoyed, laughing loudly as he bought 50 games along with enough food and water to last him for Summer.

At the Katsuragi Household, Keima, while holding his bags full of provisions and games, was telling Mari that he'll disappear for about 40 days and assured Mari that she didn't need to worry about him. Keima then proceeded to go to his room as Mari grabbed him and wanted him to say hello to their new neighbors. Keima said "Hi" and immediately tried to leave, only to get beaten up by his mother and properly introduced himself.

Mrs. Ayukawa then said how it's been 10 years since they've met. She then reintroduced Keima to her daughter, Tenri Ayukawa. Mari then said that they were childhood friends during their kindergarten days. Keima then looked at her (While Tenri's playing with her bubble wrap). Mari then asked Keima if he remembered her while Tenri was also being pushed by her mom to greet Keima as Keima didn't seem to recognize her.

He place was then filled with an awkward silence as both mothers apologized to each other about their child as Keima tried to hurry to his room, Elsie appeared. Keima then angrily demanded for him to play at least one game as Elsie gave Keima a Marimo (Aquatic Algae ball) from Hell that tried to attack Keima.

Keima was presumably being constantly attacked by the Marimo and after dinner, Keima was still trying to play his games as Mari showed him a photo with Keima and Tenri in the class photo (although both were only half-visible). Mari also reprimanded Keima that even if he didn't remember, he should at least said yes and not to be rude to his childhood friend.

Keima then laughed loudly and tells them what a childhood friend really is, based on TOYOTA.

  • T (The house next door)
  • O (Ototou/Onii-chan (Older/younger brother))
  • Y (Yaksoku (Promise))
  • O (Old memories) - The events of the past.
  • TA (Tachiba (Position))- A changed position in status

Elsie then stated that there was no one like that as Keima said that it is because the real world can never be more real, and also said how a childhood friend will eventually be the soul-mate of the protagonist in games. Mari then said that Tenri used to live besides each other but Keima said that he won't accept it when the houses are located diagonally. Mari then found Keima annoying and wondered if she raised him wrong.

The next day, Elsie was telling Keima how her sensor reacted towards Tenri as Keima ignored her and happily exclaimed that he had finished 18 hours of gaming and had already completed 5 galges. Keima then complimented how summer vacation is so good as Elsie got frustrated. Keima then went into his private galge library as Elsie got angry at Keima for not caring about his childhood friend, something that Keima denied. As Elsie continued her tantrum, a minor earthquake caused Keima's games to collapse on him. The next day, Keima (bandaged) was sluggishly walking to Inazumart to re-buy the games that were damaged in the quake as Elsie wonders why he would buy those games since he's already conquered it. Just then, Tenri rushed up and pushed Keima towards the middle of the road as he barely managed to evade the nearby truck. Tenri then left quietly.

Keima then went to Inazumart as if nothing had happened, much to Elsie's surprise. At the mart, Keima ordered Elsie to stand there and keep the galge from others as he rushed off to withdraw 10,000 yen. After getting his money, when Keima was on the escalator, Tenri was holding two cups of Starbox coffee. Tenri then turned around and pushed one coffee to his face, scalding him and damaging his money. This time, Keima got angry and chased after Tenri demanding at least an apology for her actions.

It is then "Tenri" looked up and told Keima not to ask this question. Keima then seemed shocked and asked if she was really Tenri. "Tenri" then said that it took a lot of effort to go to his house despite her flawed social skills. Keima then realized that "Tenri" did seem different as she said how she's hurt that he didn't recall her.

"Tenri" then said that it is fine and she didn't need him to "save" her, leaving Keima utterly confused. "Tenri" then asked if the wounds Keima suffered was a result of another earthquake, confusing him even more.Then, Elsie suddenly barged in, telling Keima about the sensor as "Tenri" wondered what it was and fell of the second story, only to keep her posture and left. As Keima was thinking about the events, he was angered that his game was bought by someone else.


Is this the real Tenri?

Later, Keima complained to Elsie (on a train) that he had to go all the way to Narusawa City to buy his games thanks to Tenri as Elsie decided to assign Tenri's capture to them much to Keima's anger. Just then Elsie said that Tenri's capture had already been assigned to Nora, much to Keima's joy.

Elsie then said that Nora's known for her speedy actions and there are rumors of her catching a spirit in half a day, much to Keima's shock. Elsie also mentioned that Nora had also been rumored to catch escape spirits without her partner. Then, another rumor said that Nora's methods can sometimes increase the strength of the escaped spirits too. Keima then said that it no longer concerns him as Tenri rushed to push him on the floor, making his game covers broken again. Keima then cried and called Tenri a meanie as Tenri warned him that he's in danger.

Part 2: Childhood Memories and Diana

Keima was then shocked. He asked Tenri to explain, but Keima was dragged away all of a sudden by Nora, just as Tenri only had said that a duo is coming after him. Later, Keima was tied up at the ship's mast in Maijima Seaside Park, guarded by Nora and Ryō. Tenri tried to tell Nora that she doesn't hate Keima. As Nora tried to explain that a runaway spirit possessed her, Elsie rushed up to Nora to spare Keima since he's her partner. Nora then used her hagoromo to read Keima's mind, and Keima's thoughts was revealed.

Keima's World:

The contents begin to "load" like a computer software game, a copyright warning is given and the screen begins to render a 2D background.

The scene gradually formed into a garden, and a figure came running. It was Yokkyun. It was then, a digital Keima (In Yokkyun's art style) came. Keima was crying tears of joy as he touched Yokkyun, and that they (He and Yokkyun) finally will be able to reach the "Other side of the ending".

Later, Keima and Yokkyun were sitting at the beach as Yokkyun asked how he feels about her. Keima blushes and said that he can't say it while Yokkyun encourages him. Just as Keima was about to make a response, Yokkyun's voice became distorted and everything is falling apart as Nora altered it in an attempt to torture Keima.

Keima's World Ends.


Nora using her hagoromo on Keima

Nora then asked how it feels to lose something dear as Keima screamed "Load!" multiple times and managed to catch Nora off guard and pushed her to the Ocean, scolding her very badly, making even Nora scared and tried to apologize. Freaked out, Nora then ran away along with Ryō. As Elsie pulled Keima up, Tenri said she was sorry to cause this much trouble and said she will be going home.

Suddenly, Diana came out and wanted Keima to protect her and Tenri since he managed to drive away Nora.

At Keima's classroom, he demanded the reason as to why should he protect Tenri and Diana, while Diana said that he must first prove he had that kind of power. Elsie then warned Keima to be careful as Nora would probably strike again. Just as Keima said Nora wouldn't do something like that, one of Keima's Hagoromo copies was destroyed. After thinking for some time, Keima wanted Elsie to try and get hold of Minami's runaway spirit as soon as possible, but Elsie explained that it's not possible since she had already submitted the runaway spirit to her higher-ups. Elsie then decided to look for a captured and weakened runaway spirit from other devils and flew away. Keima then sat down and decided to play a galge, complaining that if he had known this, he would've bought more batteries, which invoked a sense of Déjà vu to himself.

Keima then asked Tenri to not rely on the "Runaway Spirit" and be confident as he and Diana soon got into an argument. Keima then asked Tenri why she would rely on him as Tenri said that she had never forgotten about Keima. Suddenly, the hagoromo dolls were all simultaneously destroyed as Nora swooped down, trying to attack Keima. When Keima showed no fear, Nora got angry and tried to attack him, only to be stopped by Diana and she carried Keima away. After that, Tenri led Keima to a theater but Keima said that it leads to a dead end. Tenri then said that she knows a secret underground passage and then began to take off the floor tiles that reveals a cave, saying that she's came here before with Keima years ago.

As Keima and Tenri traveled in the cave, Keima's childhood memories from 10 years ago was revealed.

10 years ago :


Young Tenri

It was during Keima's time at Maijima East elementary school. They were having a summer camp at Maijima Seaside Park. It was there, Keima, 7 years old, was approached by his homeroom teacher and was asked to play with the other kids. Keima merely responded that he can stay cool and dry if he played games, causing his homeroom teacher to hit him and complain angrily.

Keima then went on an abandoned ship and covered himself up with a leisure sheet while playing games to prevent being nagged. However, a small earthquake caused him to fall over and be stranded.

Current time :

Keima then recalled the events and said that there was another person; Tenri. Tenri then said that she had no friends at that time and thus, she stayed on the ship. Keima said that he forgot about that, only to get slapped by Diana. Diana angrily told him to not forget about these essential things as Keima told Tenri to control Diana. Tenri then said that perhaps it wasn't special to Keima but for her, he was really cool.

10 years ago : After waiting for an hour, no one came to their rescue. Keima decided to go down and swim across, but he didn't want to let his games get wet. Keima then noticed that there was a hole at the ship's hull and decided to go in. Keima ordered Tenri to stay outside but Tenri followed him anyway. Keima then asked if Tenri had a light source, to which the latter used his game console as a light source but Tenri said that one is not enough. Keima sighed and then pulled out 7 more, greatly shocking her.

As the duo traveled, they saw a huge cave with water, to which Keima said that there might be a tunnel connected to land. Tenri praised Keima for his intellect as Keima said that it's merely a common videogame situation. After a while, they decided to take a rest, as Keima wondered if 100 batteries was enough for them. While in rest, Keima beats a game, while Tenri comments on his gaming habit.

Current Time:

Keima then compliments on Tenri's memories and wonders why he didn't remember that.

10 years ago:

Diana slaps Keima

How can you not remember that!

After some more walking, Keima complained that he should've gotten more batteries as Tenri begins to cry. Keima tried to calm her down as she said that the place is dark and scary. Then her stomach growled. Keima asked her where is her belongings and Tenri said that she left it with the others. Keima handed her his own bento and some sweets saying that he's fine as long as he had games.

Tenri then said that Keima is strong but Keima denied it, saying that he's never been to a fight. Tenri then said that she was always scared even when people talked to her. Out of nowhere, all the handheld's lights turned off and, while Keima complained that he just changed the batteries. Keima realized that there was another earthquake and that they must go. But halfway, Keima got knocked out by a boulder. And as they were walking, a light illuminated the dark cave. And upon closer inspection, it was a huge army of runaway spirits!

"We won't be captured." "We won't be captured." was all the runaway spirits said. Tenri tried to make Keima go with her without any response. Suddenly, a spirit senses her and it along with many others tried to possess her, saying "Gaps...gaps...of the heart...."

Current Time:

Keima obviously didn't believe that the "monsters" which attacked them was what he would believe, but he soon came to a logical conclusion that they might actually be a large number of runaway spirits. Keima asked what happened after that but Tenri fell silent. This time, Diana came out saying that Tenri did not want to say anything more about this incident. Diana wanted Keima to be prepared as Keima calmly said that he has predicted that this is where she and Tenri met. Diana becomes intrigued as she began to continue the story.

10 years ago :

As the spirits draw closer, Tenri tried to push them away but the spirits wouldn't falter.
Diana appear

Run away...

Tenri then calls for help as she heard a voice, "Run away", "Run away". There, an apparition of a woman with long flowing hair tells her that it's best to run away when the demons are unable to enter into her. Tenri then asked where, while the apparition laments that her former self would've been able to help her. The apparition then said that if they cooperate, they would be able to escape. Tenri agreed, so long as she is able to save Keima. The apparition then entered Tenri and for the first time, Diana took control over Tenri's actions. She flew through the tunnel at astonishing speed and finally broke out in the Old theater at Maijima Private High School, carrying an unconscious Keima and left.

It was at that moment, 60,000 evil spirits of the Old Hell escaped to the human world.

Current Time:

Diana then said that the heroic Tenri took her in to save him. Keima became confused. He claimed that Diana is a runaway spirit and that it's not what a runaway spirit usually does. Diana didn't understand what a runaway spirit is and Keima explained the general overview of New Hell and the runaway spirits. Diana said that in her time, they were called "Weiss". Keima asked who she actually is as Diana stood up, and said that she is one of those people who sealed up the Weiss, the person who ended Old Hell.

Just then, Nora jumped in with her mace as Diana asked her to stop interrupting them along with Keima who tells her to read the mood. Nora became even more angered as she tried to swing her mace again to crush them. Then, Ryō jumped down, crushing Nora as Diana placed a huge rock at them. They both ran outside of Maijima seaside as Diana showed him a Weiss that's been weakened. Diana wanted Keima to take care of Tenri as she disappeared. Keima ordered Tenri to follow him to the small ship as he was thinking how he will listen to Diana's story... After the ending!

Escape by Kiss

Htwgok 64 rh.twgok64 13 rh


Now, sitting in the giant boat, Keima commented on how they need to make an impression to convince Nora. Then, Elsie returned to Keima saying that she can't find any despite asking her friends. Keima then calls Elsie over to tell her to use her hagoromo to make the Weiss Diana had look stronger as Elsie was surprised. Keima then calls Tenri and confirms that Diana is not a Weiss in which he tells Tenri that they will become lovers.

Tenri is left speechless as Keima orders Elsie to pull them up and tells Tenri to play along while Nora catches up. Nora then complains that she hates it when things take too long as Ryō says that he wouldn't have helped Nora if her breasts weren't so big, resulting the latter being kicked away as Nora orders Keima to hand over the runaway spirit.

Keima then said that he didn't want to get hurt over that and boldly said that there is no hatred between him and Tenri and that they actually love each other! Those words froze Tenri in an instant. Keima then whispered to Tenri to play along with his act while Tenri pushed Keima away. Nora then mocked Keima saying that Keima's usage of "love" is the darkest emotion while Keima wondered if Nora's perception of love is really that low, which made Nora even angrier.

Nora then angrily exclaimed that Keima is the cause of Tenri's gap when Tenri suddenly screamed, "That's enough!" Tenri then said that she haven't even once hated Keima the slightest bit and has always liked Keima. Keima then approved of this and kissed her while Elsie released the captured Weiss which Nora immediately goes and catches it. Keima then said that it's over with the kiss, causing Tenri to faint. After the incident, Keima was informed that Nora went home while he tried to apologize for making Tenri faint. Diana, however, said that Tenri faint from extreme happiness but Keima now wanted to know about the Goddesses and the Weiss more in which Diana said that she tell him some other time. And that some other time is.....the next day.

It turns out that Tenri had moved next door to the Katsuragi household as Mari explained to her son that due to [A Devil of a Sister|unforeseen circumstances]], the previous owner moved out and thus, the Ayukawa household came here. Mari then asked Keima to help out but he refused and said that he wants to play galge. However, Keima was soon kicked to Tenri's side and helped out anyways.

As they were carrying the package, Keima said that everything seems to be done and noticed that Elsie was already helping. Tenri then asked if Keima can tell her what happened after the Earthquake 10 years ago and Keima narrates on how when he woke up, the teachers were angry and when he goes to his house, the earthquake had destroyed his home and he then moved to his grandfather's place where Mari made it into a cafe. Tenri then said how it's a coincidence that they met each other after so long as Keima said that it may not be coincidence.

Diana then said that since they have gone as far as kissing, they should officially be lovers now and said that Tenri had her first kiss with Keima too as Tenri threw her mirror out (hurting Elsie in the process). Tenri then asked Keima to forget about that since she knew it was acting. Tenri then unwrapped her package and revealed to Keima that she can do magic tricks. While Keima was observing, the tricks heavily impressed Elsie.

While Keima was stabbing Tenri via fake swords, he called on Diana about the Weiss. Diana then said that the Weiss are powerful and wicked enemies, hence they cooperated with the New Devils and Diana then said that she is a being from heaven. Diana then briefly tells the story about the battle of Almagemachina and how the goddesses became sacrifices to seal the Weiss. Diana then said that when she woke up, she was already surrounded by the Weiss. Keima then concluded that someone removed the seal and Diana said that New Hell is probably engulfed in disaster and for that, Keima will have to marry Tenri.

Keima refused while Diana explained that she needs more love to grow powerful and that it is similar to how the Weiss gain power through negative emotions, Diana gains more power through love. Diana also concluded that if Keima marries Tenri, her power will be fully restored as Keima scolded her not to be so selfish. Keima also said that he won't marry because of that and they haven't even done anything but act. Diana said that kissing is something that only lovers do and she pushed Keima down on the bed and wanted Keima to take responsibility.

Suddenly, Tenri regained control over her body and wanted Keima to forget about this since Diana was speaking for herself. That night, Elsie said she will teleport herself too and stuffs herself in a box while Keima wonders if Diana is a runaway spirit and then tapes the box while Elsie struggles to escape as Keima wondered that the New Devils seem pretty weak and he decided to put up with this story until the next event came.

Family Reunion Arc

When Keima and his family came to Yamaguchi village, his grandfather, Denma was happy that Keima had come. However, Denma instantly began to fight and bicker with Mari, the reason being him unable to accept a former biker gang member to be a "honorable Katsuragi".

After that, Keima's grandmother pushed Denma away and let them into the house. In there, the Katsuragi family (and Elsie) had some refreshments but 2 members of the family, Keiichi and Asa are not here.

Later, Denma scolded Mari for removing his bowls at the café while Elsie gave him a massage as other members of the family asked who is she. After that, Keima was shown to a storage room full of the game he sent to Denma and gave him a bowl with an imprint of a new bowl with a face of Keima's "heroine". At the grave side, Elsie was telling Keima to pray properly as Keima commented that she wasn't even part of his family. Later, at the country side, Keima said that the village is too used for people and without the people, traditions die and as Keima was explaining the complex details, he and Elsie heard a voice. "I'll cut your head off....If you don't play with me, I'll cut your arms off...If you don't play with me, I'll cut your legs off."

This little girl started saying many disturbing and eerie things suddenly, the little girl appears in front of them. Her name was Airi. She is called by her grandmother, Rieko Hinaga. At night, when Keima and Elsie were sleeping, Elsie woke up needing to go to the toilet. As they were going to the toilet, they saw the same little girl. Although, they only believed that the girl was a ghost. In the morning, after eating breakfast and insulting Elsie, they saw the girl yet again, saying the same eerie things as before.

After threatening Keima, she makes Keima succumb to her wish to play House. Initially, it started off just fine but after only a few moments, the grandmother had to stop her from breaking the pot made by Keima's grandfather, Denma Katsuragi. Airi got scolded that saying such eerie things was the cause of her having no friends.

At night, the ghost appears yet again and Keima decided to go to Airi's house since the ending was there. At the house, Keima said that Airi had no worries despite others, she enjoys her life (With Elsie saying that it's just like Keima) and Keima said that Elsie would stay in the house to persuade it here.


Ghost floating around

Keima sought out the spirit while Elsie checked if Keima was right. Elsie's sensor went off towards Rieko while she was sleeping, confirming Keima's suspicion. As Rieko and Keima were playing demon tag, Rieko stated that it is unfair why she was always the 'it' of the tag. Keima suggested that she thinks about turning into an adult. Suddenly, Rieko turns into a teenage girl. Due to the variance in the appearance, she proclaimed that as a child, there was nothing to eat causing her to be skin and bones. The others judged her for her big eyes and even nicknamed her; 'Fish-eyes' instead of Rieko. The ambiance changes when Keima asks her when the others (the deceased) would come.

She becomes saddened and faced the truth of her reality. She proclaimed that slowly, all of them were under the gravestones. She only wanted someone to play with. Keima started saying things about the real world and how he does not understand these trivial matters. At this same time, Elsie convinces the runaway spirit to leave her body (the one which was sleeping, not the one roaming around) as she was too old and cannot reproduce. Suddenly, many little children, probably her childhood friends appeared asking where 'Fish-eyes' is. It was here that she understood that she might be lonely now but she did not live lonely as she had a 'wonderful' life. She states that though there are bad times, her life was not bad at all. She created the crevice in her heart as she was lonely and missed her deceased friends.

However, Elsie managed to convince the spirit to leave since Reiko was just too old for the spirit to ever grow at all. The next day, as Keima was leaving his grandparents, Elsie asked if the gap was filled to which Keima said that gaps like that cannot be filled easily. Keima even said that it was possible that even his grandparents have the gap but what's important is for one to accept changes and keep moving forward.

Ramen Girl Arc

Keima was with Elsie, in Narusawa city when Elsie got bored and told him a story about how she stayed hungry one day. Keima then told Elsie that a lot of games comes out in summer. Keima then said that the number of doujin games also came out a lot and handed Elsie a list of regular games for her to buy, which Elsie avoided by running away.

Good ramen

Delicious ramen

After Keima had bought his games, Elsie was then really hyped up on eating ramen and wanted Keima to eat with her. Keima then said that he's not hungry and Elsie threw a tantrum to which Keima reluctantly agreed. Just as Keima and Elsie was about to enter the shop, a girl in a qipao ordered all of the remaining ramen from the store, leaving Elsie with no ramen to eat. Keima then wanted to buy more games but was dragged away by Elsie.

After many more failed attempts, the mysterious Ramen girl kept on managed to eat the ramen from various stores that ran out of stock after she bought huge bowls of ramen. During a small break at Starbox coffee house, Elsie was crying about not having to eat Ramen while Keima commented on the girl's gluttony.

Just then, both Keima and Elsie saw the girl making cup ramen...with coffee! Elsie said that the girl looks cute while Keima said that there are six great sins of a heroine and even if the girl commits one (Gluttony), she is a failure of a heroine. Elsie then said that there is a similar system called the seven deadly sins but Keima said that "Jealousy" is an exception.

Keima then said that he didn't want to be an undiscriminating enthusiast while Elsie grabbed him to a Ramen store while the ramen girl is resting. However, while they're going to the shop the ramen girl is catching up and Elsie had no choice but to use her hagoromo on the girl and quickly went in and ordered two bowls of Ramen.

After finally getting to eat Ramen, Elsie was savoring every moment of it while Keima said that getting so hyped up for a bowl of noodles that isn't very interesting. The ramen girl then looked angry for a while and asked for some ramen only to be turned down and as she left, Elsie's Runaway Spirit Sensor reacted to the girl while Keima said that it's probably her fault since she dashed in before.

Sumire kiss

Sumire kissing Keima

However, Keima isn't too thrilled as conquest in the city is difficult. Keima then follows the girl, whose name turned to be Uemoto Sumire, to an ordinary ramen shop, only to discover that she is the daughter of the owner of the shop. Because of this, he decided to work in the shop to become closer to Sumire. After successfully becoming closer with Sumire, Keima helped Sumire in creating a tasty "sweet ramen", but the father refuses to taste it and leaves. Keima then asks Sumire to make a ramen similar to her fathers. Though Sumire is hesitant if she can make it similar to her father, but she is able to make an almost-same tasting ramen as her father. This results in her father to step down and handing over the shop to Sumire. As a thanks, Sumire gives Keima a donburi (a bowl of rice with various kinds of toppings) and a kiss, releasing the spirit. After the conquest, Sumire has attracted many customers for her "sweet ramen" where customers challenge what sweetness level they can take.

Hunting Break Arc 8

The New District Chief

Super Keima bros

Keima's summer

Keima was shown to be standing at his home calendar with shock. It's already 31 August. Keima should be finishing all of his games by today yet he did not due to being hindered by his "job" as Elsie's buddy (Nora and Tenri, Reiko and Sumire Conquests). Keima began to roll on the floor saying that even if he played them, it'll be too late. However, Keima said that he doesn't have time to worry and he will play his games with all of his might.

Just then, Elsie came out and asked Keima if he would like to play with her to which Keima placed her in a box and sends her away. Just as Keima was about to return back home, Tenri suddenly arrived, greatly shocking and saddening Keima. Making use of Tenri's bashfulness, Keima makes a random comment and quickly went into the house.

Accidental Entree

Keima founding out Haqua using the toilet...

Keima was rather happy since Diana did not come out and decided to have a quick trip to the lavatory before indulging in his games. What happened when Keima opened the door was that he saw Haqua just finishing her toilet break and instantly concluded that Elsie's "play" meant inviting Haqua too and he was being careless.

Suddenly, Haqua threw her scythe at Keima and began to attack and brutalize Keima (while constantly calling him "idiot (baka)"). Keima quickly assured himself that he just has to bear with this and he will be able to play his games. This moment of hope was destroyed when Tenri opened the door and saw Haqua on top of Keima.

Almost instantly, Diana surfaced and pulled Keima away from Haqua, declaring that she will free Keima of his female perversions. After some probing from Haqua, Diana said that she (Tenri) is Keima's fiancee and Haqua, shocked, quickly went to the unconscious Keima to confirm Diana's words, only to be pulled away and being told that contact with other girls is forbidden.

Haqua quickly tried to grab Keima with her hagoromo but was easily cut by Diana. Suddenly, Diana looked as if she was in pain and quickly falls down, causing Tenri to regain her body. Tenri then apologized to Keima for Diana's actions while Keima mumbles that he will "keep pressing the button to advance".

Keima's sacrifice

Keima's secret technique

After having a few revelations to Haqua, she could not comprehend that Diana was a person from Heaven and not a Weiss. While Haqua was about to call the superiors about Diana, Keima grabbed her hand and said that his heart is telling him not to let New Hell know about this. Diana then barged in and said that she has a feeling that something is wrong if Hell doesn't know about it and Haqua (while moving next to Keima) said that she might have to.

Diana then tells Haqua not to stick to Keima to which Haqua said that she is not sticking to him. Elsie then flew in and tells them that there has been a transfer about hell personnel and that the new district leader of Keima's place is....Nora!


Nora and Haqua beating up Keima

Haqua said that it is a lie since Sharia is supposed to be the district chief here but Nora said that there has been an increase in personnel and while Nora stated that she had little interest in being promoted, Nora tells Elsie that she is her superior now. Meanwhile, Keima begins to complaint to himself that he wanted to play games all day and yet these people are sticking to him like ions. Keima quickly changed his voice to Elsie's and called Nora an oddball. While Nora is busy attacking Elsie, Keima gathered the rest of the bunch.

Keima told Tenri to not let Diana out and pretend to not know Nora since the latter believed that the "runaway spirit" has been removed. Keima then instructed Haqua that he will be leaving with Tenri and that he will leave the rest with her while pushing Tenri away. However, Nora barged in, said hi to Tenri and apologized to Keima about the time she wanted to kill him.

Keima, knowing that Nora was making the situation worse, forced himself out of desperation, to use "that technique" on her. Keima then used his hand and squeezed her breast. The next thing that happened, Nora began to beat the hell out of Keima (as Keima used this opportunity to let Tenri to escape). Halfway, Haqua grabbed Keima and demanded for an explanation on why is he interested in Nora but is emotionless when it comes to her being naked and then began to attack Keima with her scythe while constantly calling him "idiot (baka)", making Keima confused.

Remain a trainee

Please remain a trainee forever

After that, both district chiefs left the house as Elsie looked at Keima's motionless body. Slowly, Keima rose up and began to glorify the galge technique and was about to play games when Elsie pointed out a box on the floor.

While Haqua and Nora are insulting each other somewhere outside, Keima quickly lungs forward, played a tantrum and tells them to go home. Upon seeing that, Nora and Haqua finally left.

During night time, Keima told Elsie that she may have been actually be a good buddy for him as compared to Nora, Haqua and Tenri/Diana so he told Elsie to remain a trainee forever, but Elsie replied that she didn't want to.

Summer Wars

For the anime episode, see: Summer Wars (Episode)
Note : The version of events presented here is based on the manga version. In the anime version, this event happened directly after Jun's Arc but in the manga, this happened after Sumire's Arc.

One day, Keima received a letter from a game company, asking for some tips and recommendations on making the ideal dating sim game. Keima then said that it isn't a worthy company since Keima has previously been asked by a company that only died just before Keima suggestions got accepted. Keima then decided to go on and continue with his games. But the words "Ultra ideal galge" and "including Kami-sama's opinions 100%" set him thinking.

Keima then somehow entered his fantasy world, overjoyed by the fact that someone want his input on the ideal dating sim. Just as Keima was feeling satisfied that pretty girls would suffice, another manifestation of Keima (wearing a tuxedo) appeared and said that this is a great chance to set goals and create greatness. That manifestation then said that a developed story with profound and a deep setting will outshine the girls. Then a third manifestation of Keima (with a square academic cap) stated that the genre (name and fun factor) of the game is also crucial.

The tuxedo wearing manifestation of Keima and the Square academic cap wearing Keima began to fight, saying that the parameters that one met with girls are important while the other argued that 10 hours-stream of sentences is called newspaper.

Political debate

Political debate

As the original Keima tried to calm those two down, another Keima reminded them about attributes while a flute playing Keima said that music is also of great importance. This resulted to only greater conflict in Keima's mind as his manifestation continued their fight. Back in reality, Keima was seen looking stressed as he wondered why the more he thinks about his ideal game, the more confusing it becomes. As Keima tried to calm himself down, we are transported back to his mind.

Back to Keima's mind, there seemed to be a political debate between the idea of games. The opposition party declared the abolishment of childhood friends and panty-flashes at the first meeting while the ruling party stated that they must protect what's left of their ancestors' traditions of idealism. Just then the elder came, wanting to stop this in-fight. The Keima elder said that they are all fellow galge lovers and there's no need to fight. Suddenly, a member from the ruling party said that the opposition party also wants to abolish the "Escaping class and having bento (Japanese style lunch box) with the rooftop girl event". This made the elder angry and he lashed out a powerful blast towards the opposition party. The scene later changed to an apparent slump area full of depressed "Keimas".

Darth Keima

Multi-Heroine Army

Admiral keima

Single-Heroine Army

Soon, an intergalactic war was breaking loose. An epic war between "Solo heroine army" and the "Multi heroine army" with the "Solo" faction dominating. The fleet admiral of the "Solo heroine army" said that the war will soon be victorious on their side and there will be a dawn of a new era. The admiral also grieved on that everyone who carried the same motivations are now fighting each other and this brought him much more grieve, but he then wondered if there is just one factor in reality after all.

Somewhere in a spaceship, two personifications of Keima from each faction were fencing against one another trying to tell that their philosophies are correct. As one personification attacks the other one, a pendant was dropped, revealing the pendant which shows a picture of Yokkyun. The other Keima then showed another pendant that is the same. Suddenly, Yokkyun came to speak and wants them to stop fighting. All the Keimas from both factions questioned each other why they are fighting.

Happy End

Happy end

The Keimas then became chibis. They all agreed that they loved Yokkyun and that they will join their ideas together, flying over to Yokkyun’s “dimension”. Yotsuba and Keima, drawn the same way as Keima, are seen holding hands under a tree.

The "battle of ideas" in Keima's head eventually ended with him replying "To Mitsuragi-sama, please create a good game. Capturing God." the next day. That very morning, at school, as Elsie greets her friends, Keima is shown dozing off.

Shogi Girl Arc

Shangrila of gaming

The shangri la of gaming!

After the exams, Keima was shown to be happy. He never realized that school was such a heavenly place. He planned to accomplish his games in Summer break but failed due to various reasons. But in school, one can take their own sweet time to play games in class without any hindrance and proudly declared that school is the best and school is like the shangri-la of gaming.

Elsie then popped out and asked Keima to join Chihiro's band, and Keima quickly ran away but was held by Elsie's hagoromo. Keima scolded Elsie saying that she always throws responsibilities to him whether he can handle them or not. Keima then said that he never even played the drums and can be of no help. He then tried to escape and said that he will only care about cases with runaway spirits now.

Just as Keima was about to leave, Elsie's sensor reacted and Keima wondered if this was on purpose. Then, Keima heard someone calling his name and asking where did he go. The person then stood up, and asked the duo if they had seen "Keima". Elsie said that he is right here and the girl just asked again, prompting Elsie to show him yet again.

The girl then got angry and was about to explain when three members of the Shogi club came here and said if she's the person who tried to challenge them. The girl, now known as Nanaka said yes and that she merely wanted to fight with the strongest. The club members angrily summoned their club president, Tazaka the strongest in their shogi club, to have a match. The game the began.

As Tazaka and Nanaka began to play, Tazaka mocked Nanaka and said that she will taste true power and that Nanaka will regret it when she challenges him. Checkmate. Almost immediately, Nanaka won against Tazaka and that caused the latter to faint as Nanaka left and said that she only has one to defeat.

On their way home, Keima and Elsie were discussing about Nanaka and Keima said that Nanaka's harsh personality and her fondness towards Shogi makes it rather easy and even Elsie can do it. Keima then showed a Shogi piece and said that Nanaka's main capture obstacle is that she goes to another school. (The shogi chess piece is "Knight", incidentally pronounced as "Keima").

Keima then said that Nanaka's uniform looks familiar and saw another student with 2 huge ribbons on her head. The girl said to herself if another girl will come to her again and it is troublesome. Keima then realized that she is a fellow classmate as Nanaka and calls out. The girl got shocked and turned around revealing to be Tenri. Elsie then asked why is she doing at their house.

Fellow clasmate

Fellow classmate

Tenri then said that she is being chased by someone as Keima quickly asked if the person is chasing her by a type of hobby. Just then, Nanaka found Tenri and demanded her to play shogi with with her. Nanaka said that a big gap have opened in her heart when she lost dueling with someone who's always spacing out.

Keima then asked Tenri what happened and Diana said that it is partially her fault since Nanaka had always been treating Tenri like an idiot and thus, she took over Tenri and won against Nanaka in a game of shogi and while Keima was talking with Elsie about the story, Nanaka demanded a game and orders them to stop bickering. Diana then said that she will go apologize but Keima said that it is way pass that and tells Nanaka that it's too early for her to fight "Master" Tenri and that she will have a go if she beat Tenri's "student", Keima.

Too early

It's 100 years too early for you to challenge Master Tenri!

Nanaka then said that she doesn't want to fight a student as Keima said that he will throw away her precious Knight piece. Nanaka then accepted and asked if Keima is strong to which he said that Shogi is a game and that he can never lose. However, Keima asked her to place the pieces since he always plays them with the pieces set up.

As they were playing, Keima said that it was merely one loss and she shouldn't get so worked up but Nanaka said that it wasn't just one lost since she have never even lost one game before, and that she'll enter the newcomer tournament and shoot to be a professional.

Keima then began to cry and said that Nanaka is a good girl and if every heroine could tell their own story, their captures will be a breeze. Nanaka then apologized for her Kansai dialect but Keima screamed saying that he likes it much to her chagrin.

By turn 82, Keima had won while Nanaka cannot believe it as Keima thought that he too, has played Shogi many times in games and ran away quickly when he found out Nanaka was crying. Keima quickly went to the Ayukawa household and knew that Nanaka needed to win over Tenri by an outstanding victory.

Keima then explained to Tenri that she will have to defeat him in Shogi to show her shogi prowess while Keima becomes a "key" to encourage Nanaka to beat Tenri, and hence, get the Weiss out. Diana then said that she will fight since she felt guilty. Diana then asked if Keima's plan will be successful as Elsie assures her and when Nanaka won, she will kiss Keima and things will go to normal.

Keima v Diana

Keima fighting Diana in shogi

This sentence made Diana very very very angry and asked Elsie to repeat again. Elsie tried to make her explanation harmless but failed. As Nanaka was banging on the door, Keima suddenly flies out of the door at great speed as he called Elsie an idiot. Diana then came to Keima and said that he should be ashamed of himself for being such a playboy as Keima said that he is forced to do this whether he likes it or not.

Keima then demands Diana to fight with him as the latter refuses saying that she would not help Keima kiss someone. Diana then decided to play and mocked Keima to fight all he can since he can never win against a goddess like her. This enraged Keima and he too, went into "serious mode" and sat down as he told Nanaka that he can no longer take the "shortcut" route as the game is more or less already won by him as both players sat down (While Keima asked Nanaka to set up the pieces).

Keima then said that it is foolish to challenge him as Diana shrugs it off and begin with a strong move. Keima then said that he has played many shogi games and trying to read his movements is naive. Keima then fought a stronger counter but ultimately for the first time in his life, he lost.

Keima defeated

Keima defeated

As Nanaka looked at Keima, who beat her easily, she realized "Tenri's" power and resolved to be stronger. Keima then stood up, angered by the fact that he's being "tricked" by the real, said that he will help her out and said that the defeat was planned but Nanaka pointed out that he was crying to which Keima denies it.

For the next few days, Keima and Nanaka had been training all night. On the fourth day, both looked overworked as Keima said that Nanaka must have been sleeping in class to which Nanaka said no and finished her move before falling down and slept immediately. Keima then praised her desire to win but said that he's too used to all-nighters and takes out his PFP but he too, falls down and slept.

Some time later, it was more evident that Nanaka had improved and Keima began to wonder in amazement. Nanaka said that they cannot lose yet and brought dozens of coffee and said that they will go for another all-nighter. It had been two weeks since Diana and Keima's last game. Keima then lied down on the floor, and asked Tenri to let Diana fight Nanaka here the next day at 5pm. Keima also said that Diana need not hold back since even if Nanaka lost, it's fine since the point of his plan is to make Nanaka able to accept the concept of victories and defeats.

Keima then asked Tenri why are humans so vulnerable and always cause and creates gaps in their hearts so easily, since there are good things and bad things in life yet everyone always recalls the bad ones, intentionally wishing for unhappiness. Tenri then said that it's not it and that because everyone has this desire for happiness, they get upset when it did not match their expectations and they want to feel happier and feel depressed about it.

Nanaka won

Nanaka won

Keima then wondered if he is unhappy with his life as Tenri said that she felt envious towards Nanaka since she never thought what may happen in the future and greets her goodbyes to Keima.

The next day, Nanaka and "Tenri" (Diana) battle it out, however, Diana was dominating. Keima then said to himself that even if Nanaka lost, it doesn't really matter. However, Diana's stoic and calm composure made Nanaka nervous as she held Keima's hand. Keima then told Nanaka not to lose and that she needs to do her best. Diana then realized that the two are getting closer and made her move.

"Checkmate!" Nanaka finally won. Diana confused Nanaka's silver general and it was impossible to turn the tides. Nanaka was overjoyed and hugged Keima who was struggling to get free as Diana said that she really played like a villain.

Nanaka kiss

Nanaka kissing her third knight

At night, Nanaka celebrated her victory at Cafe Grandpa as Keima beckoned her to go home while carrying her out commenting how she could even get drunk on drinking ginger ale.

Nanaka said that she knew she would win but Keima said that she almost cried there but she said that she had one more Keima "Knight" on her side.

She then told Keima that she was not drunk and went off to kiss him, releasing the Weiss. After Nanaka was sent home, Keima wondered why did he cheer for Nanaka even though winning or losing will just get the same results. As he was going to play a game, Diana suddenly appears before Keima wanting to talk with him.

Hunting Break Arc 9

An Intrusion in Pajamas

As Diana sat at the window, Keima noticed that Tenri's hairstyle is different in which Diana said that Tenri removes her ribbons and lets her braids fall when she sleeps and that she won't be able to hear them. Diana then asked if Keima can talk with her to which Keima refused and thought to himself that it's better not to get involved with her.

Diana has Androphobia

Diana is afraid of being alone with a male

Diana then called Keima for Elsie and told him that it concerns her greatly. Keima the brought in a sleepy Elsie to his room and asked Diana what she wants her for. Diana then turned around and said that if it's just the two of them, it would be bad for Tenri and that she never have been alone with a guy before. Keima then angrily sat at his bed commenting on Diana's strong then weak attitude.

Diana didn't deny Keima's complaint, saying that she has always caused problems for her sisters. Keima then came close and asked if she has sisters, to which she fell back and said yes. Diana then said that they are called the Jupiter Sisters. Jupiter is a king of a distant realm and being related to her, Diana and her sisters are considered to be royalty.

Diana then explained more about the story of their sealing of the Weiss. There was once a soul crisis. There were three worlds that are being connected by souls, Heaven, HellandtheHuman World. The souls of a dead human being is sent to Hell for purification and then sent to Heaven to be placed in back to a human infant, much like a recycling process and energy is distributed evenly to each realm. However, one day, (Old) Hell Weisses decided to collect human malice and evil and thus, destroyed the delicate balance between the three worlds. Thus, some Weiss decided to go to the human world and fatten the living humans with wickedness and use the energies to pierce through heaven, destroying Heaven and use Earth as a soul farm and dominating all three realms.

Goddess hosts

And... So what?

Keima then logically said that this is where the New Devils and Goddesses join forces and sealed up the Weiss. Keima then said that the more he hears, the plots merely gets worse and worse. Keima then said that he refused to discuss about such a cliched story.

Diana then asked Keima for her official request: help her find her sisters. Claiming that Keima is the center of everything, it is highly possible her sisters too, founded a host to stay in. Keima then said that why is it always him as Diana said that she doesn't want to put Tenri into more trouble as Keima angrily says that he's sleeping. Diana then said that Keima may have already met her sisters and that just as she disguised herself as a Weiss, her sisters may have done the same and may be in one of Keima's previous captures and before she left, Diana told Keima to re-investigate the girls.

The next day, Elsie was talking to Keima and wondered if he will really search for Diana's sisters as Keima coldly said that he could not be bothered to search for goddess hosts without any clues while helping to catch runaway spirits. Keima then recalled last night as Diana asks Keima to help her while Keima said that he can see the spirits leaving but there are no traces of the goddesses. Diana said that it is possible that they cannot be active since it took her 10 years to fully move like that as Keima tells Diana that Hell are probably looking for her.

As Keima and Elsie were walking, Ayumi then arrived and greeted Elsie. As Keima recalled Diana telling him that a girl with their memories intact is a goddess host. Keima then looked at Ayumi wondering if she remembers as Ayumi blushes and greets Keima. Unable to get Keima's eyes off, Ayumi quickly kicked Keima away, calling him disgusting as Keima wondered if being hated by her meant that she has no goddess.

Body Switch Arc

No clue

Keima treating Chihiro as coldly as possible

The next day at school, Keima was pondering about Diana's request for helping her find her sisters as Keima shrugged it off thinking that he already had enough of it having to capture runaway spirits and all. Just as Keima was about to enter the class, Chihiro opened the door, was surprised and lets him in.

Keima then recalled Diana saying that he must not treat the girls badly since the goddesses use love as a medium to strengthen their powers, and Keima must not fall in love with them since he already has Tenri while Keima complained the complexity of the situation. Before Diana left, she said that she and her sisters can re-seal the Weiss and the hardships Keima has been enduring would be gone.

As Keima continued to ponder, Chihiro asked if Keima knew a good drummer while Keima (recalling how Diana warned him against treating them coldly) says coldly that he had no clue. Chihiro then punched Keima and calls him a cockroach. Keima then thinks that both Chihiro and Ayumi seemed to have changed, In fact, he seemed to be hated even more.

After school, Elsie lamented that Chihiro is very nervous since they still have not found a drummer yet as Keima says that it is impossible by now and even if they did find a new one, the festival is just two months away and the practice sections will be too short. Keima then said that it would be a different case should they could miraculously find a particularly skilled member. Elsie then said that if they could find someone from the Wind-Instruments club, it'll be alright and runs off.

I am a victim

I am the victim

Keima the lamented that the club is also preparing for the festival and there is no way the club will agree to Elsie. Just then, a kimono-wearing girl playing with her drumsticks accidentally fell on Keima. The girl apologized for her conducts as Keima quickly worried on how his PFP froze. Just then, he was pushed away by the girl's mother as she angrily demands Keima's life for "exacting violence on the beloved daughter of the Goidō family", Yui.

Yui's mother then quickly threatened to contact the police and the teachers and how Keima is such a beast as Keima angrily said that he is the true victim here. After ignoring Keima's pleads, Yui's mother left as Yui gave a bow of apology to Keima and followed her.

Keima then heard that Yui was going to quit from the Wind Instruments club because of her mother. As the other members wondered what should they do, Elsie ran towards Keima, with tears saying that there is no use and that the only member who can play the drums has a very annoying family and she couldn't invite such a person who dedicates herself to her family. Just then, Elsie's sensor reacts to Yui as her mother complains how noisy the school is.

Keima then coldly said that she and Yui should just return home since the place was quiet before she showed up as Yui's mother got angry and demanded to know his parents. At night, Keima said that as expected, he cannot search for the goddesses.

The next day, after some introduction about Yui from Elsie, Keima said that he will conquer Yui in just one day. Elsie then said that Keima said it last time but soon became problematic as Keima explains the situation.

Yui's family had strict traditions which Yui obviously hated but could not voice out, as a result, she was constantly under pressure and thus, Keima would settle everything by destroying her house as Elsie began to do that, the family butler came and chased them out. Keima then said that he'll take a detour.


Us two...we really may have strange fate!

Yui later was crying at the stairway about her plight as she slipped again and falls on Keima (this event was obviously created by Keima). As Yui apologized, Keima said that she is quite incredible as Yui apologized for yesterday too. Keima then said that he and her meeting again must have been fate as Yui backed away and Keima said how it must have been a little too much.

Keima then thought to himself to act even more discrete. And in order to make Yui get away from her house, he'd just have to become an existence that is more important than Yui's household. Keima thought that all Yui needs is one big change and it will be over as he handed her bag. Keima then asked if Yui likes to play the drums and upon Yui's answer, commented on how she looked like an angel the other day. Keima asked what sound is in Yui's heart and it interested him and he was surprised to meet.....

HER AGAIN! Almost instantly, Yui's mother kicked Keima away and warned him that if he comes near Yui again, she will throw him in the middle of Maijima Sea and pulled Yui again. Keima then said that he'll hear the sound of Yui's heart the next time they meet again, only to get kicked by Yui's mother yet again.


Keima woke up as...

At night, Keima said that there are some disturbances (Yui's mother) again but he said that it's better to finish it as soon as possible. Keima wore a white tuxedo saying that he'll attack now while Yui is still confused, he'll offer Yui a once in a lifetime experience and that he can already see the ending. However, Keima began to feel sick as he said that he'll wait a bit and make Yui think about him. As Keima walked on, he felt even more tired as Elsie asked if he's alright, but suddenly, he collapsed.

"I'm fine. Sheesh, its because that mother kicked me! Elsie, we'll go to Yui's house!"

But when Keima looked up, he saw Yui's mother and the Goidō family butler and wondered what has happened!?

As Yui's mother called the butler, Okamoto, to call the doctor, Keima wondered what happened. A moment ago he was with Elsie but now, he's with Yui's mother as he stood up, and begin to comprehend the situation. Keima then used a phone to call Cafe Grandpa and told Elsie to ask the Keima-look-alike what's his name. The person replied that it is Yui.

Swapped bodies

Yui and I swapped bodies!

Keima then said that somehow Yui and him swapped bodies and ordered Elsie and Yui to come to the Goidō household. Yui then asked what happened and Keima told her that he didn't know while whispering to Elsie that it is probably the runaway spirit's fault. Keima then ordered Yui to leave as he said that there is nothing he can do at the moment while Yui's mother came up and Yui wanted to go to her mother but got beaten up and Elsie quickly took her away.

As Yui's mother asked if Keima was responsible, Keima replied that there was nothing and that he will take a bath and go to bed soon. At the bath, Keima told himself not to look and that its white, soft and makes his heart throb is what he thinks he should feel but due to his gaming habits, he is really indifferent to this and even complained that Yui's bust is quite heavy.

Keima then went to the bath, wondering if he made a mistake by planning the flag and then thought that an unnatural development like this is rather unexpected and thinks that this may not be a bad development after all. The next day, Keima said that there is nothing they can do and that they have no choice but to stay like this for a while.


Keima assuring Yui

Yui was shocked and said that she did not know how and told Keima how to do "it". Later it was revealed that Yui did not know how to go to the toilet as Keima says that even if she does it like a woman, there's no difference. Yui then began to cry wanting her life back as Keima said that it will be alright.

Later, as Yui began her new life in Keima's body, Keima too, began his in her. After school, while Keima was busy picking his galges, Elsie said how Yui has problems adjusting to his personality and Keima commented on how it will be troublesome as Elsie said that Yui does not buy games. Keima then said that at least Yui can live by her own will while he's fine at the Goidō family. Just then, Yui's mother appears and wanted Keima to go home as Keima said that he was just trying buy some games. When Yui's mother refuses, Keima threw a tantrum and Yui's mother wondered what has happened to her beloved daughter.

At night, while Yui's mother tried to call Keima to dinner, she opened his room and saw dozens of TV screens and Keima playing galges as Yui's mother walked away wondering where have she gone wrong. Meanwhile, Keima thought that it will also be a good development for the mother and commented on the house's electricity.

One day at school, Keima was asked out by someone and says that this kind of confession was no good. Then goes on to write a detailed description on what "needs to be done". At home, he would wonder if the bath was too large. One day, Keima met Yui again as Keima ultimately gives her the impression that they may be stuck in each other's bodies forever. Yui then left but Keima felt something strange....


"Yui" throwing a tantrum

At the game store, Keima told Elsie that this is bad since Yui is beginning to enjoy her life as Keima while Elsie says that Yui living with them seems to be rather good. Keima then told Elsie to make Yui's life uncomfortable and pushed her away.

After that, Keima wondered why his joints feels so heavy and then something makes him curious, he turned and saw a shelf that only sells Otome games (Games that are focused where the player is a female that is dedicated to capture a guy). Keima quickly said that this is poison and how that is a "world of darkness". However, he soon went to the shelf and was looking at the game.


Keima, looking at an Otome game

Keima, still looking at the Otome game, quickly threw it away saying that he should not capture men. Later, Keima returned to the Goidō household, and revealed that he bought the Otome game in the end. As he played the game, he found it disgusting and that no woman should be able to play it at all. Soon, Keima cannot comprehend the game he just made fun of.

As the games got more intense, Keima seemed to be more and more engrossed in the game.

Later, Elsie reported to Keima that Yui has joined the 2-B Pencils, much to his shock and anger. As Elsie said that Yui is enjoying more and more, Keima said that at this rate, the runaway spirit won't come out in a lifetime and orders Elsie to do something. Elsie then said that isn't Keima only giving orders as Keima said that he's taking a break while Elsie angrily opened to door, saying that at least he can go to school.


Keima, confronted by the fact that he is now addicted to Otome games

What Elsie saw is shocking. All of the TV panels have an Otome game and the characters are all complimenting Keima as Elsie asked what happened and said if Keima have fallen for guys while Keima angrily said no. Keima then said that the art is horrible but quickly says how the characters are nice. Keima then says what's wrong with him for falling for Otome games while Elsie asks if his heart is slowly adapting to that of a girl.

This caused Keima to say how he is detached from reality and quickly hits Elsie saying that he will never change. The next day, Yui came and told Keima that she can finally meet him while Keima finds out that Yui is able to speak in a more masculine form (having gotten more used to using the suffix "ore/boku"). Keima quickly told Yui that if she did not put a stop to this, they'll have to be stuck in each other's bodies forever as Yui quickly grabbed Keima, saying that she joined a band.

Keima then felt his heartbeat rising despite fully knowing that the person is he himself but quickly, due to the tremendous effects of being female, quickly pushes Yui away and tells her not to touch him (In a very feminine way). All three became shocked about this as Keima quickly runs away.

As he was walking, Keima told himself that he had been too engrossed in reality and that the sins of his flesh has caused him to be a mere shell of his former life. He then declared that he is dead. Just then, he banged on someone from the bread store and all of the bread on the tray felled.

"Watch where you're walking, you careless commoner!"

It was Aoyama Mio. Mio then realized that it's Yui (Keima) and said that she cannot attend parties anymore so she'll have to be on her own again. Keima then realized that they knew each other probably due to their wealth in the past as Keima quickly helped Mio to pick up the bread. Mio then asked if "Keima" was always this tall as she then realized that she was just wearing normal shoes, not her boots.


The girl who has a goddess will remember you!

Keima then found out that Mio was doing her part-time job as he comments on how Mio is doing her job rather well before saying that it's against the law for people to hire elementary kids. (And getting hit by Mio claiming that she's not that small). Mio then said that she is still the daughter of President Aoyama and will rebuild her fortunes back but she has to help her mother first.

Keima then said how Mio seems to be different at the party. Mio then suddenly recalled that day and said that she changed. Keima then recalled what Diana said and asks if she remembers that day. As Mio said that she seems to recall that "man" who danced with her... Keima then asked who he is and upon more probing, Mio answered that it is Morita. But quickly said that it is not true, Mio then asked Keima if he knew anything about it. To which Keima ultimately shrugged it off saying that perhaps if it really was just Morita.

Mio then went off, telling "Keima" to buck up and that the future of the Goidō family is on his shoulders. Keima then left but gave Mio a good-luck wish before leaving. Back in school, Elsie asked Keima where did he go and she cannot capture the runaway spirit. Keima then coolly said that the runaway spirit has already been captured.

When asked how, Keima replied that the runaway spirit was always with Yui's body, hence Keima's behavior was the work of Yui's spirit and that it feels uneasy and languish for Keima. Elsie then told Keima that she'll capture it as Keima said that as long as Yui doesn't want to return to her own body, it's pointless as Keima felt tired and lethargic again and quickly took out his PFP and played while Elsie wanted Keima to not lose to the spirit.

However, Keima suddenly collapsed and Elsie quickly told Yui about it. Yui then wanted Elsie to get a doctor while Keima said not to since he didn't want anyone to know about this. Just then, Yui's mother came and ordered Okamoto to bring Keima home as Yui told her mother not to. However, Yui's mother grabbed Yui and calls her a disgusting insect before leaving a beat-up Yui behind. Keima then thinks that this is the first step, since he used the Otome games to capture Yui no matter what.

Going as planned

Keima saying that everything is going as planned

At the Goidō household, Keima told Elsie that this is great since the Yui is getting stressful. Keima also added that the further he is away from Yui, the better it is as more love points can be scored. Keima then said that it is normal in Otome games and Elsie begins to doubt it while Keima tells Elsie that there is no other choice. Keima then asked for a piece of Elsie's hagoromo. Keima then used the hagoromo and began to write a message and making it look like a piece of the kimono and sent it to Yui.

By nightfall, Keima began to question what is Yui doing and if his plan had worked since the runaway spirit has grown stronger and stronger. Keima then ignored it and told himself that he has to believe in the hero. Keima then thinks that this course was exactly the same one he wanted to do all along. He turned and saw Yui. Yui's mother then came in and upon hearing Yui's words of not going to let Keima leave, she became enraged and ordered her men to take Yui down. Yui then beats them and tells her mother that she has always wanted to decide her own life. Yui then said that she will always protect Keima even if she is sick and they kissed, much to the anger of Yui's mother.


Yui kissing Keima

In that instant, Keima regained back his body as all others had fallen unconscious. Elsie quickly tried to capture the Weiss but something is restricting it. The Weiss had grown to level 4! And even managed to talk! Standing like a huge Spider with Yui's upper body, the Weiss angrily ran off as Elsie tried to use her hagoromo to capture it but to no avail. Keima then tried to follow Elsie and when he picked up an unconscious Elsie, the latter cried and said that it got away. Keima then pointed out that it did not and the Weiss, captured by the detention bottle was angrily demanding to be let loose.

The next day, Elsie and Keima was discussing about the runaway spirit and Keima then said that at least the problem is solved. However, Ayumi and Chihiro came up and wanted to talk about the club as Keima became confused. Elsie the told Keima that Yui became friends with them as Keima coldly said that this was all a plot and they fell for it. The two got shocked and angry, but then smiled and left, saying that they expected it.

As Keima was telling Elsie how he easily stopped the flag, the two girls suddenly rushed up and attacked Keima mercilessly. Then, another person comes up and tells Ayumi and Chihiro not to attack a "frail boy". It turned out to be Yui, dressed up like a boy. Yui then asked if she could join the 2-B Pencils as Chihiro and Ayumi said that they are a girl band as Yui says that she is a girl but is just more comfortable wearing guys clothing now. Elsie then said this as Keima says that it is also kind of common nowadays...

Godzilla Sister Arc I

Why me

Why me....

Keima then observed Yui, happily enjoying her time with the 2-B Pencils and commented that "They lived happily ever after." which lead to Ayumi and Chihiro hitting him. After school, Keima told Elsie that he confirmed that Mio doesn't have any goddess. However, Keima complained that this is troublesome since the previous conquest targets seems to have fragments of their memories intact and that means that he has to prove that they do recall him. Keima then said that Yui is also not possible since she wouldn't crossdress if she remembered. As Keima turned around, he saw Elsie looking at a firetruck saying it's problematic too as he scolded Elsie to think too and began to hit her.

Elsie then said about the sports festival and Keima shrugged it off saying that the genre has fallen. Elsie then said that Keima should take first place in sprinting and begins to run and run, unfortunately, hitting Ryou of the Mai-High Delinquents. Angered that his coffee was spilled Ryou and his friends began to chase Elsie that somehow ended up attacking and beating up Keima.

Suddenly, Elsie's sensor reacted to a woman in a car and the woman used a mic to tell the delinquents to stop fighting, saying how the three would even bully a girl. Ryou then told the woman to shut up and threw his can towards the woman who disappears in a flash and appears instantly with a painful stomp that somehow hits Keima in the head instead of the delinquents.

Meeting her agian

Meeting Kusunoki agian

Keima was unconscious as Elsie tried to explain things and the woman left with Elsie's hagoromo. Elsie then dragged Keima to search for the woman and told Keima not to sleep while Keima said that he was the victim here. The duo eventually went to a mountain and while walking the steps the duo found a small crater and while pondering what happened, a huge person grabbed Keima up and demanded an explanation about what happened to the dojo and seeing the scene, he called for the others and also their "Toushu" (Leader).

The leader comes out and reveals to be...Kusunoki! Just then, the woman (now known as Hinoki) appeared and told Kusunoki to let go since it's her fault and Kusunoki then called her ane-ue (one of the most polite way to call an older sister). The next conquest target was Kusunoki's elder sister!

Keima never thought that Kusunoki had an elder sister as Elsie who popped out from a tree told Keima to capture Hinoki while Keima refused saying that they are stronger and bigger than him. Realizing that there's no other way, Keima screamed to the Kasuga sisters to let him join the dojo. The other members begin to beat him up saying that Kusunoki will never allow that as Keima pretended to be confused and landed right on Hinoki's breasts. Hinoki asked if Keima liked it and threw him away. Keima then got beat up by Kusunoki's students demanding to let them know how it felt as he soon fell over to Kusunoki who said that he will start cleaning the dojo while letting the others continue running.

Hurt agian

I have a feeling that I'll get hurt again...

The next day, while training, Keima got to know more of Hinoki's background, but he still didn't manage to find useful information and said that he didn't want to talk to Hinoki as Elsie scolded Keima that considering what he did, it's normal and began to hit Keima for doing that to Hinoki. Keima, however said that he did it for a sonar event.

Keima then explained that a sonar event is where one analyzes the older partner and hence, chose the desired, ideal "younger" character. Keima then said that Hinoki's multiple careers makes things hard as Elsie mentioned the return of her hagoromo is more important. Elsie then said if he should ask Kusunoki while Keima said that she didn't remember him.

At night, Keima saw Hinoki going to take a bath and decided to intrude in and gaining more information. Keima quickly barged in saying that Kusunoki ordered him to go clean but in there bathing was Kusunoki herself. Keima was then kicked out as Hinoki said that if he wants to see her, he needs to be patient. After realizing that everything was messed up, Keima resolved to himself that he had no choice but to start from being Hinoki's fanboy and goes up all the way from the bottom.

Hinoki-sama's beauty

I can't forget Hinoki-sama's beauty!

Keima then got attacked by Kusunoki saying that how dare he joins the dojo because he laid eyes on her sister. Keima said that he will accept any kind of punishment (but involving the police would of course be bad). Kusunoki then shrugged it off and upon closer inspection, deduced that Keima was the one who was in the Karate club before. Keima was shocked and wondered if Kusunoki had a goddess.

Kusunoki then confirmed her suspicions that Keima was indeed the one that came to beg her for joining the club and then, she kicked Keima telling him that he's got some nerves to show up again after "escaping". Keima, not knowing what had happened, asked if she recalls they going out to the amusement park together (Note: Please refer to the Samurai Girl Arc for further information). Kusunoki coldly said to Keima that she is surprised that he still considers that a date.

Then, Kusunoki's cat came up and she began to talk with it, saying how she'll feed it later. Keima then recalled how Kusunoki really did change as Kusunoki asked him if he has eyes on Hinoki now and called him a weakling. Kusunoki then said that she can't blame him since Hinoki is "radiant" and left. Keima then noticed how Hinoki commented on the mood of the dojo and said that she'll have to fix that.

Later, Keima saw some of Kusunoki's students commenting on their "trip" to the amusement park with Kusunoki as Keima figured out that this is the work of the Runaway Spirit Squad and thus, Kusunoki did not have a goddess. As Kusunoki scolded Keima for making "Pfft" sounds, Hinoki came in and showed Keima and Kusunoki her new design for Elsie's Hagoromo (in the form of a very revealing dress). While Keima thinks how unfortunate the end product of the hagoromo became, he quickly adjust back to his "fan boy" route and complimented the dress and had a nosebleed.


Hinoki's idea

This caused a ruckus as Kusunoki's students quickly begged and swoon over Hinoki. As Keima observed Hinoki's antics, he wondered if Hinoki really has a gap in her heart and decided that he needs to get closer to Hinoki, and thus, he had to act even lower than before (knowing that Kusunoki may hit him more). He began to agree with Hinoki of painting the dojo and advertising the dojo with Kusunoki in a bikini. Although Kusunoki strongly disagreed with Keima, her students stated otherwise.

At nightfall, Hinoki commented on how Kusunoki was rejecting the idea of her advertisement as Keima said that everyone supported it though. Keima then asked if they'll get punished as Hinoki strangled him with her legs and said that she won't lose to her sister in arguments. Hinoki then told Keima more about her past as how Kusunoki as a child, she always cried and she had to be there for her all the time.

Keima then praised Hinoki for her ability to do everything to near-perfection at once and Hinoki thanked him, saying that he does know her well and that she would have expanded the dojo even more. Keima then asked if Hinoki really should take over since she's the eldest and the more skilled one. Hinoki then laughed it off, saying that her dreams are far bigger, which then caused herself to grow into a giant.

Bigger !


Keima was speechless. He wondered if it's because he shrunk, but immediately noticed that his surroundings didn't change and concluded that Hinoki had indeed grown. Hinoki then called out to Keima and then he saw a normal Hinoki and asked if she did get bigger. Hinoki then believed that he was flattering him. Keima wondered why Hinoki is oblivious to her own growth even though this is the work of her runaway spirit. Hinoki then told Keima that she'll make him strong. At home, Keima tells Elsie how troublesome it would be for capturing Hinoki as Elsie wondered what else could a Weiss do. Keima then said that he'll just wait and see.

The next day, at the dojo, Hinoki created her own faction as she tried to recruit Keima, while he thought how Hinoki cutting the hagoromo was a little strange but quickly changed to his "fan boy" mode and praised her. Keima then began to think that perhaps Hinoki, like Haqua, had a gap that she is hiding deep inside her for a long time and decides to check it out by saying that Kusunoki was stronger. This caused Hinoki to glare at him for a while before saying that she and her sister will spar to see who's stronger.

After some sparing, Kusunoki ultimately accepted defeat and Keima thought that Hinoki must not have confidence issues. Later, as Hinoki commented on Kusunoki's breasts, she got larger, and Keima realized that he is the only one who can see Hinoki being gigantic. At school, Keima said that if he cannot get the gap of Hinoki's heart, he'll end up as Hinoki's personal toy.

Nothing specia;

Nothing special...

Just then, he saw Kusunoki beckoning him to follow her, much to the shock of his classmates. At the rooftop, Kusunoki told Keima that she is not used to speaking with boys at school as Keima thinks what business does she want with him. Kusunoki then asked if Hinoki is energetic and Keima complains that she is overly zealous to the point that he wished Hinoki should be less.

Kusunoki then smiled a little and said how she admired Hinoki's carefree, strong and optimistic attitude. She then said that her sister is not someone who hides something as Keima asked if it's true, uncertain of Kusunoki's statements. Kusunoki then asked if there's anything strange about Hinoki to which Keima, upon seeing a giant Hinoki waking up from her slumber, says that all is well.

Hunting Break Arc 10

Teach Us!! Kami-nii~sama!!

Looking at Hinoki, Keima wonders if she's gotten even bigger than before and realizes that Kusunoki is still unable

I even took the trouble to grow really large.

to see her giant sister. Keima then tells himself to buck up, since he is the Capturing God!

Suddenly, everything went pitch black and Elsie and Haqua, dressed as Nekomimis (Cat-girls), wants Keima to teach them! Elsie then asked if she can make new friends in a new term and Haqua wants to be taught how to do that. Haqua then asked if there is a wonderful existence and Elsie wants to be advised in the area.

Keima was dumbfounded wondering what had happened as both Elsie and Haqua leans towards him and wants him to teach them. Keima then angrily tells them that he is in the middle of a very crucial capture right now as Hinoki says how she even had gone to the trouble of making her large. Elsie apologized to Hinoki and tells Keima that there is a letter directed to him.

The letter reads :

"Greetings to everyone in "The World God Only Knows" crew.

I'm editor-in-chief Nawata.

I believe that there are many people among our honored readers who have also adopted a new lifestyle with the new term.

I write concerning a request to Keima-kun to tell all Sunday readers, especially to all students

Capture methods for the New Term

I'll leave it in your hands and thank you in advance!!

Nawaka Masaki"


Keima decides to help after knowing that he will get to play games for a week.

Keima is shocked as Elsie tries to explain that this is a request from the editor-in-chief as Keima refuses since he says how the editor-in-chief is a cheapskate and had never given Wakaki anything but two cups of coffee. However, upon discovering a note that says how Keima can take a one week break to play his games, Keima instantly changes and declares that class is now in session!

Keima then began to speak that when the new term starts, that is the "opening" which affects the entire game. However, Keima said that the beginning of this is too retro and suddenly managed to change Elsie and Haqua's clothes to school uniforms. Elsie was then shown running to school as Keima tells her not to so that she can catch panty shots.

Keima then tells Haqua to see what she would do. Upon hearing Haqua's answer to choose a club, he angrily says that it is wrong and tells her that she needs to capture a "sub-heroine". Keima then pushed Tenri in and tells Elsie how she should act to which upon Elsie's normal greeting, Keima angrily says its wrong and that love is special in both sides and thus, needs to be arranged, one wrong step and it may result into a "bad end".

Keima then explains by pushing Haqua to Elsie telling her to talk to the "sub-heroine" more to blend in as an angered Haqua does not like being called a "low priority" despite knowing it's an example. Elsie then asked Keima what about finding friends. Keima tries to explain, but ultimately says that something like friends is not needed and that he doesn't have any and is fine.

An anime !

We are becoming an anime!

Later, Elsie tries to propose to Tenri but was rejected and came crying to Keima. Keima then congratulated Elsie saying that Tenri was not a main and thus, it is not possible that she has someone she likes to which Diana appears and punched Keima for saying that and somehow, Haqua also joins in and began to beat Keima.

Elsie then asked Keima to say something more normal as Keima said that she shouldn't be satisfied with normals. Keima then says that school is a place filled with dreams of tears, love, laughs, where everything can happen and Keima even said that the game he played last time, school was in civil wars. Keima then ends with it saying how it's better to see big dreams in school.

During the ending credits, Keima was pinned down as Elsie and Haqua tells the readers not to take Keima seriously.

Keima then cheerfully tries to run away for games as Elsie pins him down and tells him to wait for just a little more. As Ayumi and Chihiro suddenly came up and tells him that he has no time breaks. Keima became dumbfounded as Elsie and Haqua cheerfully says that they are becoming... an anime!

Then, some of Keima's previous conquests appears and began to discuss as Hinoki and Kusunoki wants Keima to come back to the Arc as Keima wondered when will he be released and laments on wishing it to be a galge.

Godzilla Sister Arc II

Back to the original story, Kusunoki begin to say about Hinoki. She said that her sister was the first person she admired. She was strong, fun-loving and knew many things Kusunoki didn't know. However, Hinoki had problems having a good relationship with her father and would often quarrel with him (The father would demand Hinoki not to be so flashy while Hinoki would often make fun of his beard).

That uninteresting

Am I that uninteresting ?!

However, it is soon evident that Hinoki never intended to succeed the dojo and left her home after her middle school graduation.... Upon seeing Keima seemingly day-dreaming, Kusunoki angrily hits him as Keima stated that he felt as if he's been gone for a week. Keima then asked Kusunoki if she knew what was Hinoki hiding as Kusunoki said that she doesn't know but she felt as if something was different when they spar.

Keima said that he'll find a way himself as Kusunoki grabbed his tie and asks if she's really that uninteresting. Keima then answered that he knew that after Hinoki left the dojo, she strove to become a man to continue the dojo in Hinoki's stead (Thus creating a gap since deep down, Kusunoki never really wanted to abandon her feminine side). Kusunoki blushed and quickly pushed Keima away saying that she was desperate.

At home, Keima tells Elsie that he thinks he knows the reason as to why Hinoki grew, he said that the giant size may be the "desire" of Hinoki's dreams however, everyone have such a desire so it must be quite a huge one for it to manifest. Keima then recalls what Kusunoki said about the dojo was too small for Hinoki.

Elsie then said that at least it's a good thing Kusunoki doesn't see since if the Weiss managed to go to level 4, like Yui, something bad may happen. The next day at the dojo, Hinoki tells Keima not to get so easily exhausted from warm-ups. Keima, now on the ground, tells himself that he needs to push Hinoki to get to be her equal and screams that he's not her henchman upon seeing a giant Hinoki, he left, dejected.

Aren't you like a henchman ?

Later at night, Keima decides to hit Hinoki while she's sleeping but failed. Trying to make fun of Hinoki in a make-up but ends up getting make-up on himself. Despite his attempts, Keima still had a good relationship with Hinoki. Keima then decides to peep at Hinoki once again but this time, Hinoki used the hot water and splashed on Keima's face. Keima then said that he cannot win and Hinoki then tries to cheer up Keima but suddenly grew to a giant.

Keima then says that he was waiting for this development as Hinoki quickly covers herself. Keima then said that Hinoki knew she had grew and tells Hinoki that only he can see her like this and he'll help her. Hinoki says that there is no need for that and she'll return to normal.


Hinoki knew

The next day, Elsie was glad that she got her hagoromo back and Keima asked Elsie to use her hagoromo to make a dress for the giant Hinoki who was crying asking Keima what should she do since she's not turning back. As Hinoki began to wear the dress, Keima thinks that Elsie seems to really like her design of the dress since it's the same one Kusunoki wore. Keima then wants Hinoki to tell him her story.

Hinoki then said in the beginning, only parts of her body began to grow, but no one in her surroundings can see that so she thought it was just her imagination and thus, she thinks that maybe she's too stressed hence she returned to Japan whereby her entire body begins to grow and Keima began to see her like that. Keima then thinks that maybe Hinoki had changed fully but then heard Hinoki's stomach growl.


Keima feeding Hinoki

At a fastfood restaurant, while ordering 250 burgers, Keima tells Elsie that he needs to make Hinoki want a normal and simple life which would then change Hinoki's desires and thus, make her return to normal. Back at the dojo, Keima and Hinoki realized that Hinoki cannot pick up the burgers and Keima decides to feed her. Just then, Kusunoki, unable to see Hinoki being a giant, tells her sister that her students need to train and asked her to come in the dojo later. Hinoki then asked Keima not to tell Kusunoki.

Keima then suggested that they should go to the beach since it's huge enough. Hinoki then ran towards the beach as Keima worries since Hinoki is clearly enjoying it. Hinoki then says that the town is too small for her. Keima then says that why did she come back then as Hinoki stood up, saying that she won't be like Kusunoki and runs off.

Keima finally understands Hinoki's gap. The cause of the crevice in Hinoki's heart was the stress and pressure of maintaining her perfect image for her sister Kusunoki and this caused the gap to be magnified when the sisters reunite, now having a changed relationship. Keima then runs off, finally seeing the ending!


Hinoki and Keima

Before running off, Keima tells Elsie to look after Hinoki as he tells Elsie that he needs to go back to the dojo. Keima then realized that despite Hinoki's carefree and cheerful attitude, her motivation has nothing to do with that and rather, her wish to remain as a sparkling role model for Kusunoki is the reason and in a sense, Kusunoki controls Hinoki's behavior.

Due to he's meek physical abilities, Keima ultimately crawled his way to the dojo and when he opened the door, he saw no one there and wonders if there's no training. Keima then worries since if Kusunoki is not here to set Hinoki free, Hinoki will never be the same. Keima walks around the dojo and finally found Kusunoki, who is taking a bath.

Keima tells Kusunoki that there is no need for "an erotic scene now" and hurriedly said to her to wear some clothes and come with him. Keima then tells Kusunoki that Hinoki is in need of help but he heard some noises and looked out, shocked at what he has saw and quickly drags Kusunoki along. Once in the town, both Keima and Kusunoki was speechless at the sight of a now, solidified giant Hinoki seemingly depressed.


Keima then thinks if he had made a mistake in the progress as Kusunoki calls out for her sister. Kusunoki then asked Keima what happened and Keima tells her that Hinoki has always been on a train that was endlessly moving on and he has to help since Hinoki can no longer get out on her own anymore. Kusunoki then tells Keima that she'll come along too.

While walking, Keima had Kusunoki and hid in the hagoromo to sneak pass the police since they are blocking the way to Hinoki. Kusunoki (being carried by Keima) falls down and apologizes as Keima says its alright. Kusunoki then asked why is Keima so calmed as Keima says he'll tell her another time. Keima then thinks that once it is finished, Kusunoki will forget everything.

Keima and Kusunoki cloaked

Keima then recalled Haqua telling him to quickly finish the job since the moment the other district chiefs have gathered and once Hinoki is deemed dangerous, Haqua and the others will have no choice but to capture Hinoki. Keima then tells Elsie his plan as he and Kusunoki goes to Hinoki. Upon this, Keima cries to Hinoki and apologizes since he had to return to the dojo for a while. Hinoki is slightly angry for Keima ditching her, and tries to hit him.

Keima then tells Hinoki that he left to get her a huge medicine for shrinking her body and everything will be fine once she ate it. Hinoki was reluctant and out of desperation, Elsie then used her broom to push Keima and Kusunoki into Hinoki's mouth. Keima then falls into Hinoki and upon his inspection, he says how huge women cannot play sports and it's a bad development. Keima then thought carefully and believes that this must be the gap of Hinoki's heart since the they would have died if they really fell into the stomach.

A medicine that can shrink you!

Keima then tells Kusunoki that he's going to need her help since he can no longer do it himself. Upon venturing further into Hinoki's gap, Keima and Kusunoki eventually entered to a small dojo surrounded by water. There, Hinoki was lying in the small pool as Kusunoki was about to pick her sister up, a younger Hinoki then said that things were better in the past.

Hinoki then grabbed Kusunoki and submerged her while trying to strangle her, claiming Kusunoki had killed her. Keima tried to grab Hinoki wondering if she can be redeemed. Hinoki pushed Keima away as Kusunoki managed to get up asking why Hinoki would do that.

Hinoki then says to Kusunoki that she's gotten stronger than her. Hinoki then said that she lost the spar on purpose so that Hinoki won't be shamed and was angry at the prospect that she is receiving sympathy from her little sister. Kusunoki then tells Hinoki that she's not that type of person as Hinoki says that her respect scares her.

Hinoki then confessed that she always had to be different from others to be something special since she cannot betray Kusunoki's expectations and even after leaving the dojo, she had changed many jobs just to impress Kusunoki. Hinoki never really wanted to do anything. Yet, despite her struggling, Kusunoki surpassed her. Hinoki then out of anger, destroyed a part of the dojo (which Keima will eventually reach and got caught).

Kusunoki then begs Hinoki to stop as Hinoki grabbed her and says that she is sick and tired of the respect Kusunoki gave. Now she can't even return to the dojo, and thus, she had nowhere to go. And that if she could be happy, she would never have to be strong.

Keima then grabbed Hinoki, telling Kusunoki that she is under the influence of the escape spirit and that the real Hinoki was asking for help, hence coming back to Maijima at the first place. Keima was then pushed and being beaten by Hinoki as Keima screamed to Kusunoki that she also suffered under those illusions. Kusunoki then hits Hinoki, demanding the escaped spirit to leave.

No place

I can't even return to the dojo...

However, Kusunoki just does not have the heart to fight what once was her sister and still begs Hinoki to stop as Keima knows that negotiating with Hinoki no longer works. Hinoki screams out saying that she did not want to be an older sister, saying how she wants to enjoy her life and hates having to live up to expectations. Hinoki then tells Kusunoki to hate her, to call her a failure.

Kusunoki now grabbed Hinoki, saying that she won't and that she loves her sister. Upon seeing Kusunoki's eyes, Hinoki angrily tries to fight as Kusunoki punched back. Kusunoki says that she also suffered. She was a crybaby, weak and she wanted to become like Hinoki. She then tells Hinoki not to lose faith and continues to punch back. Kusunoki apologized to Hinoki and said that it is not Hinoki's accomplishments that makes her like her, it merely because they are sisters and a family so she likes her.

With each punch, Kusunoki begs Hinoki to come back to her senses and finally destroyed the influence the escaped spirit had over Hinoki. Hinoki then rised up, calling Kusunoki an idiot and tells Kusunoki not to expect anything out of her, Hinoki, in tears, says that she is not the person who gets lectured by her young sister and says that she can still win. Hinoki gently punched Kusunoki and collapsed in her arms. Hinoki's gap had finally been healed.
Hinoki freed

Hinoki is finally freed

Upon witnessing the entire story, Keima begins to think that the presence of others can make people suffer and yet, they cannot live without one another and everyone needs someone. After that, Hinoki and Kusunoki along with Keima managed to leave as the giant level 4 runaway spirit was captured. After the incident, Elsie apologized to Keima saying that she should have known that the fake Kusunoki's actions as Keima shrugs it off saying that he never did make Hinoki fall in love with him thus, all the work was done by Kusunoki.

Hinoki kiss

Hinoki kissing Keima

Elsie then tells Keima that Keima had conquered Kusunoki and that if not for him, Hinoki would not have been saved as Keima says that he doesn't need her to comfort him. Just then, Keima got called over by Hinoki and that she said it would be nice to say her goodbyes. Kusunoki then tells Hinoki to stay at the dojo forever as Hinoki showed a tinge of sadness before telling Kusunoki via her announcer saying that she didn't want to stay in the small dojo.

Hinoki then says that the place she lived now is the place she chooses and thinks that maybe there's something waiting for her there. And then, Hinoki thanks Keima for making her entertained as Keima wonders how much she recalled. Hinoki then gave him the sign to the Kasuga dojo as Keima refused, saying he only had bad memories. Hinoki then gave Keima a bonus: A deep, french kiss as Kusunoki punched Keima. Hinoki wonders if that's too much and tells Kusunoki to stay well as she turns on the engine of her car and rides to her own destiny...

Hunting Break Arc 11

A "Date" with Elsie

Sometime after Hinoki's Conquest, a dejected Elsie went home with Keima, saying that if she hadn't tried to stop the fake Kusunoki, things would not magnify to such a disastrous scale while Keima thinks what she should do get over it. Keima also said that its not his responsibility to do that so he didn't really care and wonders who actually caught it.

Hey, get a grip already

The next day Ayumi and Chihiro asked Elsie why is she so depressed. Ayumi then joking commented that it must have been Keima as Chihiro tells Keima to help Elsie for his own uselessness. Keima then coldly said that if that was the case, Elsie would be depressed long ago as Ayumi confronted Keima telling him to be more sincere to Elsie as Keima gave a creepy face to fend off Ayumi before saying that he didn't care while Chihro angrily scolds him.

Elsie nude

Elsie nude...

Sometime later when Keima saw Elsie still in a depressed mood, he decides to call her but quickly withdraws. Seemingly uncertain of what he should do, Elsie then accidentally used her broom to destroy part of the house as Keima told her to control herself.

At dinner, Keima was surprised that he has no idea how to cheer Elsie up since he always act by following the root of their problems and would easily read their patterns. However, Elsie is not a conquest target so he has no idea. Keima then tells Elsie to stop being depressed as Elsie lies saying that she's better.

Keima then thinks that he should not ask her too harshly since it may made things worse as Elsie said that she's really fine as Keima tells her not to give unnecessary input and leaves saying he's done with the meal. Sometime later, while Keima was taking a bath, he overheard Elsie's troubles and fears before Elsie approached the bath tub as both parties tries to tell the other to leave the bath.

The next day, Keima calls for Chihiro and Ayumi to help him cheer Elsie up and since he's ways are all meant for capture routes, and that they are the only choice left. Ayumi and Chihiro, both seemingly know the basis of Keima's intentions, agrees as Chihiro had an idea and assures him she'll help out. As Keima asked if she really knows what she was doing, Ayumi approached him and says that maybe Keima does have some good traits too.

Keima in his normal clothing

It is soon decided that they'll go to Desney Sea as Keima wonders if this is too much of a capture.

Later, as Elsie and the rest of the 2-B pencils waits for Keima, the other members began to complain as Keima arrived 5 minutes late. However, his appearance is what shocked them even more. Keima was wearing a bandana and a waist pouch with posters of galge characters and two bags full of games while wearing a PFP as an necklace saying that he even had to stop his game tour to come here.


The plan is going well....

Keima then called Elsie and the two left while the rest of the 2-B Pencils chatter among themselves. At Desney Sea, Keima said that he hasn't been here since Kusunoki's capture as he asked Elsie what ride does she want, not knowing that Elsie is charmed by him. Seeing Elsie's attitude, Keima began to think that Ayumi and Chihiro's tricks really worked.

Later, Elsie gave Keima a boxed lunch which she bought and Keima observed that Elsie is really rather happy and thinks that things really are going well. After the meal, Elsie wants Keima to go for a ride in the roller coaster despite Keima's argument that she can fly. As Elsie stood up, trying to say something, she accidentally falls on Keima's lap.

Keima then tells a flustered Elsie that she did not need to hold back since he is here to cheer her up and says that its not like they're on a date. This remark made Elsie shocked and angry as Keima is still unable to comprehend what happened. Elsie then said that she knew she was a bother and that she'll move out as Keima says its pointless and that he is fully aware of her incompetence.


Elsie enjoys herself

Keima then shoved Elsie saying that he'll cheer her up immediately and soon they went to a nearby fire-station full of firetrucks. Elsie wanted to go in there but said that she cannot while Keima said that it'll be fine if she uses her hagoromo. Elsie then happily enjoyed her time. When they're back to Maijima City, Keima then tells Elsie that it is not really bad if she cannot do things and tells Elsie to keep living optimistically since there are people who cannot do that.

When he went home, Keima goes to his room and played games. The next day, Ayumi and Chihiro commented that everything is back to normal.

First of All a Triage

Keima fortune

Keima spending time on the fortune telling booth.

Keima is organizing his game completion database, when he sees he's only completed 3% of games that has been released. Out of desperation, Keima said that he have to classify and split the unfinished galge into groups. The next day, Keima wanted to play a sporting baseball game which shocked Elsie.

At the center, Elsie was skeptical to Keima's eagerness to do sports while Keima merely disagrees. As Keima enters the complex, a digital girl at the monitor welcomes Keima as he proceeds to play the game. Keima said that if he hits the "home-run" button, she will have a different reaction, something Keima's aiming for. When he lost, Keima curses the "game" but said that as long as there is a girl and an ending, everything is a galge, which is what he would like to say but Keima said that he's already tied up with his own games.

The next day, at school, Keima stated to Elsie that he will expand his galge field of interest to the telling fortune areas, he then asks Elsie if he is doing too much, since the fortune telling machine was placed at the Train Station that makes horrible predictions, but since the fortune teller is a girl, Keima spent the entire day talking to the machine just to find all the lines, as Elsie wonders if Keima is having too much time or being too busy. Elsie then said that if Keima gets too involved with that, he'll have no end to this. Keima stated that he knows, but he also said he cannot leave a (2D) girl alone and despite being the Capturing God, he cannot save all of the (2D) girls in the world. At the same time, Mobuko dropped her eraser and asks Keima to help while the latter said he is in the middle of a conversation and refuses to help her, greatly angering Mobuko

In Keima's imagination :

A father is explaining to his children about classifying the different types of games into different priorities as the children questions if this can be a possibility as the father said that "they" are already starting a committee meeting.

At the meeting (made up entirely of different variations of Keimas), the chief of the capturing ministry demands that the priority to focus on capturing the girls as a main theme. However, the novel department of the ministry disagrees and said that the story is more important. The ministry of action department then disagrees before refuses to exclude the fighting scenes which result the meeting escalates to a huge mess....
Keima's problem

Keima's problem

Keima's Imagination ends...

As all these things are being going into Keima's brain, he complains on how he cannot finish this and classifying galge is more harder than he thinks. As Keima once again returns to the baseball game center, he plays the game again (and lost). Keima then says he has to finish this fast or this will never end as Elsie thinks that he can just stop.

Back to Keima's Imagination....

Keima's final solution

In the end....

The normal galge department then decided to make a coup since they disagreed with the other departments ideal about galge, but was quickly stopped by the other. But in the end, the other departments fought each other further. Just then, Elsie mentioned that they must also focus on capturing the runaway spirits. Hearing that, all the other chibi Keimas stopped fighting and agreed with Elsie since their lives were in the line. In the end, it was shown that the scope of galge was changed to games categorized as galge in shops.

Keima's Imagination ends...

So in the end, Keima visits the baseball game center for the last time, saying he won't care anymore as he hits the the ball which finally hits the "home-run" sign. Then, the game goes on Stage 2 as Keima and Elsie were cheering on. Keima then gets fired up as he called Elsie to get more tokens for the game as Elsie was shocked by his change.

The last panel shows that in Keima's imagination, the priority of a target has been changed to "Girls in front of your eyes." .

Hunting Break Arc 12

A Date with Tenri and Haqua

Met agian

Meeting again.

One day in the afternoon, Keima received a message from Elsie and Mari that they're going out again and then he noticed Tenri opening the door. Keima then calls out Tenri as the flustered girl asked where is Mari and Elsie as Keima said that they have left. Upon seeing Tenri's box he asked her if it is a magic trick again as Tenri gave Keima the box of Yakinori (Smoked Seaweed) and tries to leave.

Keima then asked Tenri to see Diana since he has some questions and Diana appears, satisfied and tells Keima to go to Desney Sea. Keima then asked if it is related to everything as Diana said yes and left off while Keima chased her outside. When Diana went home, Keima turned and saw Haqua.

Why are you two angry

Why are you two angry ?!

Haqua said she was here for Elsie and was trying to leave but Keima called her and invited Haqua to Desney Sea. Haqua asked if it's with Elsie but Keima said that he prefers her causing Haqua to blush heavily. Seeing Haqua's reactions, Keima wondered what kind of importance does Desney Sea have as he concluded that some with great knowledge of Hell is needed.

Haqua then said that she's a busy person and that Keima needs to go by himself. Keima then said that she can meet him there as Haqua rejects it. At Desney Sea, Keima complains about having to return here and unlike games, it takes time and money to come here. Tenri then apologizes for Diana's actions as Keima shrugs it off.

Just then, Haqua floats down and said that she has found time to be here as Keima, seemingly unaware of Haqua's shock in meeting Tenri, was relieved that Haqua came. Keima then said that they should go now as Haqua grabbed Keima saying that he invited her so why is Tenri here as Keima said that Tenri is crucial.

Keima shocked.

Diana then pulled Keima's ear demanding to know why is Haqua here and her plan is ruined while Keima breaks off and said that they're speaking about the goddesses and obviously, they need someone who knows a lot about Hell too. Diana then got angry and returned to Tenri, refusing to speak as Keima and the two girls sat down somewhere.

Angered at Diana, Keima asked when will Diana come out as Tenri said that since Diana's angry, it will be hard as Keima angrily said that it's Diana's fault in the first place as Tenri tells Keima to buy some beverages while she tries to persuade Diana. Keima agreed and tells Haqua not to run off.

Later, Keima decided to play a shooting game (since to him, so long as there is a heroine, its classified as a galge). As he was playing, he comments on how egotistic Diana and Haqua are. When he finally finished the game, he was suddenly grabbed by Haqua and Diana, forcing him to go on a date with him.


Was there a point?

Keima tries to escape but was restrained by Haqua's hagoromo and after some time in the park, Keima was shown to be very sick as Tenri and Haqua goes to the rapid slide. Keima suddenly approached Haqua saying that he has begun the search of the goddesses and that so far, two of the previous targets (Kusunoki and Mio) are not goddess hosts and that he will be able to locate the rest of the goddesses in one go during the school festival.

Keima then used the opportunity to escape and tells Haqua and Diana that he will use the festival to locate the goddesses and Diana should be there while Haqua will cover their actions. As Diana and Haqua tried to scold Keima for making such a unrefined plan, the rapid slide starts and soon, they became wet.

Back at home, Keima wondered if there was any reason to go to the amusement park in the first place.

Hunting Break Arc 13

The Mai-High Sports Festival

Nkaido force

Nikaido forcing Keima to participate with Chihiro

One day before the sports festival, Mobuko was assigning her classmates to their respective sports positions they wanted as Nikaido tells the class that they have to win at all costs for her salary. While all of this was going on, Keima began to think about his "date" with Tenri and Haqua, he began to doubt whether if it really is that easy and wonders if the other goddesses are also unwilling to reveal themselves.

Keima then thinks that he did not want to find out and wonders if there is no goddesses at all and decides that he will wait and should there be one, he will use all of his might to locate all of the goddesses. Just then, Nikaido hits Keima and tells to the class (through him) that everyone needs to participate or the professor festival will be come a blood festival.

Keima then thinks over and decides that he'll choose a sport with the least amount of points and that on the day, he'll have a "sudden illness" and stay at home (A usual habit of his). As such, Keima decides to participate in the three-legged race along with Chihiro. This caused a huge commotion as Chihiro tries to ask Mobuko to erase her name but Mobuko said that it's too late now as Keima said that he'll be absent anyways.

Keima in pain

Nikaido then declared that they'll train for the whole day and tells everyone (while closing onto Keima) that she'll not accept any sudden illness. During the training montage, Elsie comes to Keima and Chihiro saying to them that they should train while Keima and Chihiro are playing a PFP and reading a magazine respectively. Both also said that the race is easy anyways and they both start to test it.

Chihiro then moved her leg and fell down as she asked an absent-minded Keima who said that he was pressing the R button in his head and receiving a punch soon after. Ayumi then comes to them and asked how things are as Chihiro said that Keima's the worst and asks Ayumi to teach him. Ayumi initially rejected but soon decides to demonstrate it to Keima.

Ayumi then ties her ankle to Keima as he tries to prevent it, saying that he didn't want to win and he had a bad feeling about this. Ayumi then proceeded to a crouching stance and sprints immediately, heavily hurting Keima in the process. After that, Ayumi said that Keima can be quite fast too.

Later, Chihiro wondered why Ayumi would run a full lap for the three-legged race as Keima, moaning in pain, says that he didn't want to be in the sports festival and he'll definitely take a break regardless of Nikaido's threats.


Did you kiss me ?

Then, Chihiro asked Keima if anything happened to him and Ayumi as Keima began to think and asked her to repeat her question while Chihiro shrugs it off. Keima then began to wonder if this is the work of a goddess or the Runaway Spirit Squad and asked Chihiro if she remembered that he and her had kissed before.

Chihiro was almost stunned as she tells Keima to repeat himself to which he did, asking if they've kissed before. Chihiro was shocked and tries to run away, resulting both falling down the stairs (since their ankles are still tied together). and Keima asked again to which she said she they haven't.

Upon hearing her answer, Keima stopped and wondered what kind of "no" was that since real girls tend to be more complex as Chihiro wondered what's going on. Keima then pounced again and bombarded Chihiro then same question asking whether it's :

  1. They didn't kiss.
  2. They kissed but Chihiro is hiding it
  3. Keima kissed Chihiro's twin sister.
Demanding Chihiro to answer which one. Chihiro, now angered punched Keima in the face and calls him "the worst case of an eromaniac".
No harm

Why ? There's no harm in telling you

At home, Keima complains that he even gave Chihiro an option to choose saying how unpredictable Chihiro is since he needs quick and accurate answers. Elsie then says that Keima's the one at fault and girls' feelings are complex as Keima said that real girls always force their whims and always makes a tantrum as Elsie, angered, throws a tantrum saying that girls do not throw tantrums (contradicting herself in the process).

Keima then says it is strange since everyone should go back to normal as Elsie tells Keima why not let him act the same during captures as Keima said that he will never give in to the real and will never act outside of captures.

The next day, during the sports festival, Keima initially seemed to be not present again but in the last minute, Keima did appear (much to the surprise of Elsie and Chihiro and to the joy of Mari) and while getting ready, Keima apologizes for his improper method of inquiry as Chihiro asked if he is sorry and Keima asked her yet again if they kissed (Much to Chihiro's charging).

Ultimately, they scored fourth place, closing the gap between 2-B and 3-D and Ayumi won the last event of the 400m co-ed relay as Keima was just sitting there, playing his PFP. Ayumi then came up, asking for Keima's opinion. As Keima asked why Ayumi would do that, Ayumi said that there's no harm after all. As Keima cursed the real for throwing in a vague flag and swore that he'll find a goddess by hook or by crook.

Mad Scientist Arc

The day after the sports festival, Elsie was crying over the professor festival (Another name for the mid-term tests). Keima then enters her room and Elsie asked Keima if he can help her as Elsie begins to heavily blush and said that they did not.

Mari saying that she used to kiss Keima a lot

Keima then recalled that Chihiro had a similar reaction and Keima thinks that since Elsie and him had not kissed yet, maybe that means Chihiro really did not recall her capture and Keima decided to ask another female that he had definitely not kissed.

Keima approached Mari and asked his mother if they have kissed. Mari was initially shocked, but soon hugs Keima affectionately and said that they used to kiss a lot in the past and kissed Keima repeatedly.

The next day, Keima said that he really didn't understand the women of the real as Elsie said that she's looking forward to the dance festival and Kanon's performance as Keima tells Elsie that she should act more devil-like and remember her purpose here.

At the same time, the Technology club, with their newly made walker as Elsie marvels at the construct, Keima merely brushed it off saying that a robot needs to be a maid robot and anything else is a lump of steel while the members are trying to crush him, saying that he should not label his own logic as common sense.


Meeting Akari...

At the hallway, Keima knocked on a tiny contraption and saw the box trying to hit the door. Then, the door opened and a person picks it up, saying that it is still too early for door opening. The Technology club members then mocked the individual, saying how the Biology club's robot was pathetic as the person said that its a...

As the sentence was about to be finished, Elsie's sensor reacts to the girl. At class, Elsie tells Keima that he needs to capture that as Keima said that he had enough with goddesses already and Elsie began to say how important it is.

Then, Chihiro asked Elsie if she would like to study at Miyako's house as Keima angrily tells her not to push the responsibilities to him as Elsie said that for someone like Keima, he obviously didn't need to study while she needs to pass or be held back a year while Keima scolds Elsie saying that he should not adapt to her.

Later, Keima goes alone to the Biology club as Elsie says that she'll meet up later. Keima found the box again and tries to pick it up and upon finding its heaviness, he opened it, only to be shocked at the contents.

A small, little girl then approaches and tells him not to touch the box as Keima asked what are those things. The girl then said that those are chicken as Keima was surprised to know why would she add meat to the robot.

The girl then said that it is not a robot but a human and closed the door. Keima then had a very bad premonition about this and wondered if the girl is a mad scientist.

After some investigation, Keima figured more about the girl. Her name is Kurakawa Akari. She a third year at 3-C and is the president and only member of the Biology club and even her peers have little information about her. Elsie then comments on how bad it is as Keima angrily said that she's completely useless now.

Elsie then apologizes and said that she really had to study for the test and said that since they are buddies, they have to help each other as Keima mocks Elsie, saying that she had never been helpful to him. Keima then decides to go for the trial and error approach to Akari.

As Keima approached the club, he thinks that Akari has a tough personality and the capture will be easy. He then saw Akari with her "robot" and wonders if she's fine with looking so dirty despite knowing that people may look down on her.

Akari then tells the "robot" to walk downstairs as the "robot" falls down, revealing its contents, disgusting the students. With a disappointing look, Akari walks down, saying how adding meat is pointless and tries to retrieve the "robot" as the students got disgusted and ran off.

Told ya!

Keima then noted that Akari only seems to be focused on her "robot" and wondered what should he do. Later, Keima tells Elsie to draw a picture of a girl and spent hours trying to imitate that.

By evening, Keima came and greets Akari to which the latter did not recognize him. Keima then gave Akari some pork as Akari says that she no longer adds meat in her "robot" and tells Keima that she is making a "human", not a robot. Keima then tells her that he can turn the robot to a human within 10 seconds and drew a smiley face to the "human", and named it "Roco-chan".

To prove that, Keima place Roco-chan on a corner and posted a sticker saying "I might run into a wall....but I'll keep trying my best!". The Technology club members who mocked Akari's "human" then placed the "human" on another direction and cheered Roco-chan.

Akari was intrigued by this and she went into her club and appears with Roco-chan attached with a too realistic human head, which scares off some students as Akari becomes more confused and she depressingly says that she wants her "human" to showcase at the dance festival.

Keima then decides to tread carefully and tells Akari that she was right about her idea of creating a human and says that he knows of a robot which became a human as Akari asked who.


Keima kissing Akari

Keima proudly declared that it is none other than "Ami" from the galge "Machine Trouble". Akari then ignores Keima as he begin to describe how Ami and her master fell in love and became human. Keima then ultimately say that the secret to convert a robot to a human is "love".

Akari then asked what is love as Keima approaches and closes on her. Akari then used Roco-chan to block but Keima persisted, this time, even closer as he kissed her. After he kissed her, Akari still seemed emotionless and asked what does Keima want from achieving this and she knew that the action is called kissing but how does it have any relation with her "human". Keima became speechless as he said that she will understand it later. Akari paused and went in her clubroom.

Later that night, Keima thinks that Akari is really like a game character and Keima anticipated that she needs a strong impact but her reaction was even colder than Keima had perceived and began to think if he had wasted a shot.

The next day, Keima enters the Biology club and upon seeing what's inside, he was shocked to see the state of the clubroom and upon closer inspection, Keima saw Akari sleeping there. Keima calls out to Akari and she woke up, asking Keima who is he again as Keima said that he kissed her yesterday and wants her to remember him already.

Akari kissing Keima again

Keima asked Akari if she lived here as Akari confirms it saying that she won't go home until her "human" is perfect. Keima gave her his best wishes as Akari calls Keima to kiss her again Keima was stunned as Akari explains that kissing may be able to help her create the perfect human as Keima wondered if he should make use of this opportunity.

Just as Keima was thinking of his next move, Akari grabbed Keima and kissed him, much to his shock and pushed her away while Akari said that he's the one who started it and so why is he the one who's against it while Keima said that there are schedules to follow as Akakri said that she didn't have time for those unimportant parts and wants complete her "human" as soon as possible.

With that, Akari kissed Keima again and again until Keima reeks of oil and Akari's project continues to improve. However, Akari kept kissing Keima and Keima even apologized to Akari. At class, Elsie asks Keima if he's alright as thinks why is Akari kept kissing him and thinks that there is no galge-like weapon like that.


Okay, it's my fault, please just go for another route!

Then, Keima saw Akari but she soon left. At the Biology club, Keima was asked by Akari if he's feeling down as Akari said that humans are always being troubled by emotions and her perfect "human" has to have a strong mind that won't be affected as Keima said that it would be really helpful if people like that really exists.

Upon being asked if he's not affected, Keima said that he didn't and that he lived in a world of ideas and says that he's perfect world is his specialty and tells Akari to leave it to him, while thinking that he has finally made progress. However, Akari tells Keima not to return here anymore.

Akari explains that she was able to analyze the human mind and even if Keima was here, she cannot make a perfect human. Akari then rushed up and kissed Keima again as Keima pushed Akari away while Akari tells Keima to look at himself getting worked up over a kiss as Akari says that those are the qualities of an imperfect human and tells Keima that he is not needed.

As Akari was leaving, Keima interrupted her and shouted to her saying that he didn't have to take that from a real woman and tells Akari to follow the route as Akari calls him persistent and grabbed and kissed Keima again and says that the only heart that is swayed is his own saying that Keima's weak in handling his emotions taints the real world.

Elsie! HUG ME!!

Akari then left but thanked Keima for being useful for study. Back at home, Keima was furious as Elsie asked if Keima was angry as Keima screams about Akari not to steal his lines and complains how Akari treats him like the real and how she is the one who taints the real world and says that he will not do captures anymore.

Keima then demanded Elsie to hug him, saying that he is not affected by the real world at all as Elsie blushed heavily and then leans on Keima's back as he screamed asking why isn't anyone following his orders. The next day, Keima calls out to Akari using a microphone telling her that he is offended by her remarks and wants to start over.

Akari comes out and calls Keima annoying. Keima then repeats his question as Akari refuses and calls Keima troublesome as Keima tells her yet again not to steal his lines. Akari then wonders if its easier to create a perfect human or an imperfect one as Keima asked her why is she so obsessed with it.

Akari then said that she wanted created perhaps for world peace and explains that human history is ugly and if humans were stronger, the world would be more beautiful. Keima was interested and says that Akari is more of a fairy-tale scientist and Akari says that she will scrap that immediately.

Keima then said that he's seen many of this in games and Akari don't know what it is to be a true scientist. Keima then showed Akari his way of doing things. He narrates that the heroine desires a beautiful girl whereby the hero kisses the heroine and the heroine wonders what it is until the hero shows up again and tells her that it is love. Both then lived happily ever after.

Keima then say that part 2 of the story will begin after as Akari calls him sick and this caused Keima to be gloomy for the rest of the day. After school, Keima goes to Akari and is shocked to see that Roco can now speak and praised Akari for creating this and was intrigued as Akari says that her invention is imperfect.

Keima then said that its fine if its not perfect since that part only makes it more interesting. Akari asked Keima what benefits does he gain from associating with her as Keima he wants to leave but he can't and that and he cannot stand people leaving in an ideal world that was dragged and said that he even met a detestable woman as Akari apologized for being "detestable".

Keima then said that not a single thing is perfect as Akari said that she thinks there are and Keima said that she's putting too much effort in that and he didn't really feel like associating himself with the world as Akari asked him why he is here then. Keima then said that he doesn't really know.

Akari then said that she understands and that Keima is lost like a puppy as Keima angrily barks at Akari scolding at her not to call him "lost". Akari then said that Keima is dragged to the real and if people compromise, the compromise will crush them and no matter what she listens, it won't ever be useful.

Keima then finally decided that in order to close the gap, he has create a perfect human for Akari as Akari opened her door asking if Keima would like some leftover meat while Keima angrily tells her not to treat him like a dog.

The next day, Keima bought along with himself a bag and comes to the Biology club to declare to Akari that he will show her his perfect human. He opened the bag and in there, lies a doll in a box as Akari inquires how is that a human.

Keima then tries to calm Akari down and was about to tells another story as Akari went back to sleep. Keima wakes her up telling her to listen as Akari says that she didn't have the time to go along with him and says that a doll without power could not move in the first place.

Keima then goes to the Technology club members and asked them to help him. The members refused at first but after some flattering, gladly agreed and made the doll walk. Akari then said that its not even close to a human as Keima then goes back and asked the members to add voices using a galge.

Akari then said that the doll is too small for a human as Keima said that he'll change it while saying how short Akari is. Ultimately, the doll now have changed drastically as Akari comments on how eerie it looks. Akari then asked why is Keima doing this as Keima said that he'll overhaul the project and one day, it will be a perfect human.

Keima then wondered what a perfect human would be like and wondered what kind of a world is a world of perfect humans. Akari replied that it would be a world where everyone acts properly, a world of pacifism and without any doubts. Keima then said that that'll be wonderful.

Keima then said that in a world like that, there will no longer be a need for love anymore since everyone is perfect, there won't be a need for sympathy or love since these emotions are generated from imperfection. Keima then said that ultimately, a perfect human is unable to love.

Akari then says that love is not really a great thing either and this imperfection lead to disasters before as Keima said it is possible. Akari then said that she's sick of this immature world and Keima asked Akari why would she think like that. Akari the said that she lived a sheltered life as Keima laughed and Akari asked why is it funny.

Keima then said that it was an admirable, dirty sheltered life as Akari laughed for the first time as Keima commented on that. Keima then said that Akari's heart, unlike her body, is pure and admitted that he has not even seen a perfect person. Akari then asked Keima if he thinks she's optimistic as Keima replied that he feels Akari is more pessimistic since only a pessimist would wish for perfection.

Keima then said that he feels that the ideal world lies somewhere but the world might not be a perfect one. Keima then asked if flaws are really bad and said that because it isn't perfect, people became worried and don't stand still but instead, they keep moving forward.

Keima then said that after they became perfect, they will stand still and tells Akari that incompleteness is the ideal. Akari then said that the reason she seek perfection is because she's imperfect herself as Keima said that indeed, she is incomplete, but Akari is also the ideal human.
Akari final kiss to Keima

The final kiss...

Akari then said that it was an interesting conversation and kissed Keima in the cheek. Keima as usual, got uncomfortable as Akari apologizes for her being so forceful but she herself confessed that she's not composed either when she kissed him and perhaps because she met him, she had become imperfect and have begun to think of various things.

Akari then grabbed Keima and kissed him in the lips for one last time and Keima realized that his consciousness is fading. Before he completely blacked out, he heard Akari saying "farewell".

When Keima woke up, he found out that Akari is gone and Elsie was equally surprised too. Keima said that when he went back to the Biology club, everything was gone too and everything feels like a dream. Elsie then realized that the sensor also no longer reacted and asked if the spirit went away.

Keima however, knew that with that sort of the ending, it is impossible. Elsie then said that she needs to catch it but realized that she has not even met with Akari. Keima then tells Elsie that it is because she's been studying the whole time as Elsie argued that he did not tell him as Keima said that he thought that the ending was far.

In the end, Akari just seems to be gone.


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