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If You Find Your Ways, it Always Rains

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If You Find Your Ways, it Always Rains

Chapter 29

Tadoritsuitara itsumo amefuri
Chapter Information
Arc Chihiro Kosaka Arc
Chapter 29
Volume Volume 4
Adapted into Anime Episode 17.0
Chapter Guide
Rainy Days and Mondays
If the Rain Stopped

If You Find Your Ways, it Always Rains (たどりついたらいつも雨ふり Tadoritsuitara itsumo amefuri) is the 29th chapter of The World God Only Knows[1].


After seeing Chihiro confess and get rejected, Keima was lost in thought as to how to handle the conquest. Elsie and Keima both came to the conclusion that if the gap in Chihiro's heart was created by her love for the guy she confessed to, then the gap might have already become bigger. Keima reassured Elsie that he didn't have any interest in capturing Chihiro, and returned to playing his PFP. Chihiro came into the classroom and apologised to Elsie about how she saw a side of her that she didn't want her to see. Sensing that Chihiro was emotionally weak now, Keima began thinking of what he would say to her and went over to talk to her. Chihiro instantly recovered, saying that she would just move onto her next love. Chihiro told Elsie that she had already confessed to a number of other guys, and showed her a picture of the next boy she would confess to. Keima was taken aback by her ability to move onto another guy so fast, and started arguing with her about her apathy towards "love", and that she reeked of reality. Chihiro counters by saying that he is even worse than her, calling him a cockroach.

Keima's digital eyes
Yoshel 17Added by Yoshel 17
Keima decided to reject reality entirely and locked himself up in his room. Elsie tried to lure him out of his room by using food, but Keima never came out. After a few days had passed, Keima decided to go to school, but was completely rejecting everybody, playing with his PFP without paying attention to anyone else.
Ayumi tries to encourage Keima
Elsie began to grow worried about Keima. Chihiro talked to Ayumi about how it wasn't her fault. Ayumi seemed to be worried about Keima.

After, Keima lay exhausted on the hallway floor, nearly unconscious from lack of nutrition. He realized that rejecting reality and living in the real world required reality's energy. Suddenly a voice tells him to stand up. Keima lifted his head and saw Ayumi, the classmate that was worried about him earlier. She smiled and told him that if he slept in a place like that, she would run him over.


  • If You Find Your Ways, it Always Rains (たどりついたらいつも雨ふり) is a song sung by Takuro Yoshida.
  • Keima is transformed into a cockroach, and he quotes The Metamorphosis. (chapter 29, p.12)


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