Chapter Info
Release Date December 9th, 2011
Chapter FLAG.170[1]
Volume Volume 18
Arc Mai-High Festival Arc
Adapted into Anime episode 36.0
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Holes (穴, Ana) is the 170th chapter of The World God Only Knows.




After finding out the connection between the school ground and the Goddesses with Shiori's help in the previous chapter, Keima decided to investigate the theater for more information about "Demeter." But before he went, he apologizes to Shiori for his long absence in the library, but then he asks her to stay at the library and not to let her goddess out, which made Shiori blush.

Keima then proceed to the theatre, but it was occupied. Keima then recall about what Elnon said early about the rehearsal for Kanon's concert which makes him realises that the theater is being used for that purpose. Keima then shouts out Kanon's name to attract Elnon so that he could somehow get into the theatre. The plan worked as Elnon saw her "boyfriend" and quickly dragged him inside despite Okada's protest. Keima then asks Elnon to clear the area. Elnon immediately asked her manager to let her to take break so that she could have a conversation with Keima. After everyone are gone, Keima starts to open the secret passage, but the hole for it was not there any more. Left with no other choice, Keima asks Elnon to take him to the seaside park right away.

Strange Current under Rock

Strange currents near the tall rock

Elnon is surprised when she hears this, but in the end, she carries him to the location leaving a panicked Okada behind. The duo finally reaches the beach, but Keima is unable to find the other entry. Seeing this, Keima thinks that someone must have sealed off the entry, but he then wondered if there was another entry somewhere around. He then asks Elsie to take him to the rock in the middle of the sea since he thinks it could be the other entrance. But before they went, he wants Elsie to use her robe to make them invisible as a safety measure. After they flew around the rock twice, Keima noticed that there is something strange about the waves near one side of the rock. He then orders Elsie to dive under the rock at that spot despite Elsie's complaints since she doesn't want her uniform get wet.

The Breeding of Weiss

Breeding of Weiss

After they dive under the rock, they finally reach the cave where Keima and Diana walked before. But Keima feels a little uneasy since they progress is going too well without any opposition. Suddenly they saw a bright light at the other side of the cave. When they reached it, they realize that the place is full of Vintage members. The two are in shock by what they saw. A Weiss suddenly appears in front of their eyes.


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