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The Godzilla Sister Arc is the 18th Arc of The World God Only Knows. It involves the heroine, Hinoki Kasuga.

The Arc

The Older Sister of the Forgotten Samurai Girl

In a quiet streets, a woman was lying in a car saying how the city hasn't changed in 5 years. She then looked through her car's rear mirror and spotted Elsie, who she commented has a beautiful outfit. Elsie then reminded Keima about the upcoming school sports festival, which Keima declared he had no interest in it. Keima then explained to Elsie why he didn't want to participate. Hearing that, Elsie then motivated Keima to participate more in the school event. Unfortunately, Elsie tripped and bumped into the usual three delinquents. One of the delinquents turned around and wanted to beat up Elsie much to Elsie's fright. Keima then carried Elsie and the duo ran away from the delinquents but failed and Keima ended up getting beaten by them. While Elsie desperately told them to stop beating Keima, the mysterious woman appears, telling the three to stop bullying the girl.

Suddenly Elsie's sensor reacted to the woman as she comments how funny the town and the people who live on it. The delinquents then throw an empty can to Hinoki while telling her to stay out of their business. But Hinoki dodged it and disappeared before she jumps and landed on Keima, showing her superiority much to everybody's shock. While Keima was on the ground wondering why he was the one who got beaten, the delinquents panicked and ran away. The woman then turned around to Elsie and told her that everything is alright. She then looked and touched Elsie's hagoromo before commenting how wonderful it is. She then borrowed Elsie's hagoromo before returning to her car and rode away without telling Elsie when she will return it back.

Elsie then drags Keima along with her to catch up to the woman, who appeared to have a runaway spirit. While they were following the woman, they ended up at a shrine which has a sign "entry forbidden". Keima at first advised Elsie not to enter but in the end, they both entered the shrine where they found a hole in mid way. Unfortunately, they got captured by some scary men who blame them to be the one who created the hole. One of the men then shouted Toushu (Head of the Dojo) to come out, their Toushu then came out and much to Elsie and Keima's surprise, it was revealed to be Kusunoki Kasuga, Keima's previous capture. The big scary man then held out Keima's hair and explained to Kusunoki that Keima was the one who destroyed their stone lantern. But Kusunoki went silent for a few seconds before the mysterious woman reappeared and declared to Kusunoki that she is the one who destroyed the stone. She then requested Kusunoki to forgive Keima as Kusunoki unintentionally introduced the woman as her older sister.

Amazing Older Sister

As Kusunoki greeted her sister and asked her sister what she was doing in US, which her sister replied she is an actress while slowly revealing her sexy clothes. Behind the tree, Elsie uses her begging eyes to ask Keima to perform a conquest with Hinoki, which Keima also refuses with a blazing eyes. Kusunoki then reminded her sister that she is in the dojo and the clothes she wears isn't suited, which Hinoki refused since she was in her own house so she can wear whatever she wants. Keima then interrupted their conversation by begging them to recruit him to the dojo, and to convinced them, Keima said he wanted to be strong so that people won’t call him an otamega anymore while in his mind he extremely hates it.

But Kusunoki’s disciples beats up Keima for asking their master to join the dojo, since he was not meeting the requirements, while Hinoki in the contrast asks Kusunoki to let him join. With everyone unaware, Keima realizes that he needs to uses his first official meeting with the Kusunoki’s sister to initiate a special event, so he pretend to trip and fall onto Hinoki’s breasts. As everyone was shocked by his action, Keima slowly apologized for his “clumsiness”. But Hinoki found out his trick, surprisingly she simply asked Keima if he liked it or not, then threw him away before she entered the dojo.

After seeing that, Kusunoki’s disciples were very jealous with Keima, so they asked Keima how Hinoki’s breasts felt like while beating him simultaneously on the ground. When Keima manages to look up, Kusunoki also looked at him and simply said that he was now in charge of cleaning the dojo before ordering her disciples to run again, which also made Keima believe that she does not remember her previous conquest.

Back in the dojo, while everyone was training, Keima was cleaning the floor.

While he was hearing Elsie’s information report about Hinoki, he suddenly voiced his concerns about he will being hit several times in the current conquest, Elsie was frustrated at Keima and replied that it’s normal for him to be hit, and she couldn't believe he actually groped Hinoki’s breast. But Keima justified his action, and was to initiate a solar event. When Elsie was confused about what he said, he simply explained what he would do through a chart. But then, they realize that Hinoki from the beginning was unpredictable since she kept giving them wrong information plus pushed Keima into the defensive stance.

After all the explanation to Elsie, he then drew a conclusion that he still doesn't know Hinoki that much and he needs more intel about her. Elsie then suggest he should ask Kusunoki, which Keima refused since according to him, she doesn't remember him anymore.

At night, when Hinoki prepared to take a bath, Keima stalks her and wanted to see her naked in order to create another event which could make the conquest favor to his. He then charged right into the bathroom that Hinoki stepped in, but surprisingly no one is there. As Keima regretted to have missed out a good event, he steps to the next door bathroom and saw Kusunoki naked. While Kusunoki was in shock and screamed at Keima who was just thinking about the situation and didn't show any emotions. Seeing that, Kusunoki kicked Keima out of the bathroom while Keima had no idea why she was acting like that.

Suddenly, Hinoki showed up and discovered Keima’s plan, which made him very surprised. But he decided to continue with the route, so he begs Hinoki to let him see her boobs. But Hinoki simply replied to him that he should be more ambitious before she leaves. As Keima felt satisfied about the progress, Kusunoki blocked his arms and asks his intention for joining the dojo. Keima confirmed that he joined the dojo because of Hinoki’s boobs and he will accept any punishment that she gives him. After hearing that, Kusunoki releases Keima arm and revealed a shocking truth that she remembered him as the boy in the girl’s karate club before.

Selfish Act of the Older Sister

Kusunoki Kasuga remembered that Keima was once a pupil of the female Karate Club, Keima was quite surprised when he heard it and he predicts Kusunoki has a goddess inside her.

However, before he could make any move, Kusunoki kicks him furiously then steps on his face, while asking his intention for rejoining the dojo since in her modified memories, he was just showing some of the determination before escaping. Keima was even more surprised when he heard that, so he asks Kusunoki if she remembered about their amusement park date, which she denied they went together.

Suddenly the cat from the previous conquest appeared thus saving Keima, since Kusunoki realizes she didn't fed her cat yet. Seeing that, Keima realizes how Kusunoki had change so much from their last encounter. Before she leaves, she with a death stare asked Keima if he was trying to hit on her elder sister. But without Keima's answer, she, with a sad face, said that it's normal for Keima to be hitting on her sister since her sister is radiant after all. When Kusunoki walks away, in the dark corner Hinoki seemed to have eavesdropped their conversation and had a plan for her little sister.

The next day, while Kusunoki's disciples comments how their toushu (head of dojo) had changed a lot, Keima recalled what Kusunoki was saying about him before. Keima realizes that because of New Hell's memories erase method, Kusunoki impression about him had gone bad; but thanks to this he can cross Kusunoki out of his goddess candidates list since she doesn't remember about the kiss. While Keima was deep in thought about his next move, he got distracted from the practices, which Kusunoki immediately realizes and smashed his head to make him concentrated. Suddenly, Hinoki came in the dojo and called out Keima's name. She then shows Keima her sexy handmade outfit, which used Elsie's hagoromo as a material. Keima sees her outfit as a big failure and something as disgusting but because of the "fan boy" route that he follows, he had no choice but to compliment her outfit. Keima then somehow managed to nosebleed himself, which make Hinoki realize that she went a little overboard. While Kusunoki's disciples were begging Hinoki to show her sexy outfit, Kusunoki reminded her sister about the dojo's rules. Hinoki not only ignored it but she was also teasing Kusunoki's back, which made Kusunoki embarrassed.

The next day, Hinoki with Keima assistance continues her dojo advertisement, which turned out to be very successful; to the point that every disciple insisted Kusunoki to do it but she of course refused since she won't do something so shameful.

In the evening, Keima and Hinoki continued their plan on teasing Kusunoki. Keima then was concerned about Kusunoki's punishment if he gets caught, which Hinoki made sure that nothing will happen to him. She then revealed more about her and her sister to Keima, but when she said the dojo would grown more if she had taken over, which made Keima curious and asks why she didn't. Hinoki just smiled on him.

Older Sister the Gigantic

Hinoki had suddenly turned into a giant before Keima's eyes. Keima still wondered what happened, since the house and the landscape was still normal. But before he could ask, Hinoki suddenly turned back to normal. A shocked Keima still had no clue what's going on. Hinoki then asks Keima what he was looking at, which Keima didn't reply. Instead, he asks Hinoki about the strange thing he just saw. After hearing that, Hinoki thought that Keima was flirting with her, so she hugs and teases Keima back. Hinoki's reaction made Keima confused, since Hinoki should have noticed it. Keima draws a conclusion that the Weiss may be the one responsible for this. Suddenly, Hinoki interrupted Keima's thoughts by telling him that she will make him strong and advised him to go to the dojo the next morning, which made Keima feel irritated, since she was taking her own pace, which was too fast for Keima's liking.

At home, as Keima told to Elsie what he witnessed at the Kasuga household, as Elsie was surprised about the giant Hinoki. Keima then warned her that the new development will make the conquest more tricky, since he can only initiate events on open ground and if there are any quarrels, he will possibly be crushed by Hinoki's giant form. After hearing his concern, Elsie then asks if Keima could forget the troublesome part and do his job properly which made Keima felt even more trouble about his current conquest.

The next day at the dojo, as everyone was in their cleaning duty, Hinoki suddenly wanted to recruit Keima to her own dojo. As Hinoki complimented about how Elsie's hagoromo fit with the dojo, Keima began to think that Hinoki may have the same weakness as Haqua before and he needs to confirm his instinct. Just in time that Kusunoki also stepped in the dojo. Keima immediately try to regain the initiative. At first he provoked Hinoki by telling her that he will stick to Kusunoki since Kusunoki seemed to be stronger than Hinoki. Just as he plans, Hinoki after having been provoked, she immediately challenges Kusunoki for a spar, which Kusunoki reluctantly accepted.

As the sister duo face to face at each other and having their conversation, Keima began to notice that their gesture was a little odd, since Hinoki was full of confidence while Kusunoki suddenly quiet and became meek in front of Hinoki. As their fight begins, Hinoki obviously gained the upper-hand and attacked Kusunoki simultaneously even pinned her younger sister on the ground. But Kusunoki also showed how good she was by breaking Hinoki's blow and made several counterattacks, which made Hinoki very surprised. As Keima was witnessing their fight, he began to doubt his ability to perform a successful conquest with Hinoki. At the end of the fight, Hinoki used a flying kick at Kusunoki making both of them crash out of the dojo. Seeing that she can't match her sister in martial art skills, Kusunoki withdraw from the spar, thus made Hinoki the winner. As Hinoki compliments her sister for her improvement and teasing her sister's breasts, which made Kusunoki blush and kicked the other disciples out, she suddenly became giant, but it appears that only Keima can see her giant form while the other people do not notice this change.

Back to school, Keima report to Elsie what he managed to gather so far. Keima stated to Elsie that Hinoki in his eyes didn't have any gap in her heart and the worse is that he can't even get a relationship with her until now. Suddenly Kusunoki showed up in Keima's classroom and requested to talk with him. Both of them then proceed to the terrace since Kusunoki wasn't used speaking with a boy in school.

At the terrace, Kusunoki asked Keima what he was thinking about her elder sister. Keima replied that he only wishes Hinoki would be less energetic which made Kusunoki smile at his answer. She then said that her sister's personalities: simple-minded, naive, strong ..... and especially she wasn't someone who can hide something. But Keima didn't hear what she was saying since he was currently shocked at the scene he saw: a giant Hinoki just waking up in the forest.

Arc Break - Teach Me, Conquest God

While Keima was thinking about how Hinoki could become bigger all of a sudden, and more than that, it looks like only he can see it.

But suddenly, the screen goes black for a few seconds before it reappeared, but this time with Elsie and Haqua cosplaying as a cat and saying "Kami-nii-sama TEACH US!!!!". The panel then switched to the chapter-base anime style which Elsie and Haqua duet the opening song with each other, leaving Keima clueless about the situation. An annoying Keima reminded both devils that he was still in the middle of the capture which Hinoki and Kusunoki nod to agree with him. Elsie then apologized to the both of them before showing Keima a letter by the editor-in-chief to show how to have a perfect capture of any girl. Keima rejects the offer at first despite Elsie's protest, but after given an offer of a week worth of rest to play all the games, he agrees. Using Haqua, Elsie and Tenri as his cast, Keima gives an explanation of how to capture a girl.

At first, he uses Elsie as a main protagonist and asks her what to do in the first day of school. Elsie replied that she will make friends with 100 people, which Keima denied it. He then corrected her by saying that she should be patient to wait a girl so that she could have a panty-shot, much of Haqua's dismay. Next, he uses Haqua as a protagonist and asks her what to do in class. Haqua replied that she will looking for some clubs to joins, which Keima again denied. He then stated that she should stand firm and capture a sub-heroine, much to both Haqua and Elsie's surprise. He then pushes Tenri - as a heroine - to Elsie and orders her to make an approach to Tenri. Elsie then introduced herself to Tenri formally which made Tenri do the same. But Keima was annoyed by their actions and explained to Elsie that she should make her first impression have more impact or the capture target will lose her interest and the conqueror will enter the friend route or the unrequited love route.

Keima then stated that in games, unrequited love after a big impact event will result a bad end, which startled Tenri and Haqua. Keima then uses his Love Wind map to show the readers which route they should take in a conquest. He then continued to explains to the readers what to do after make an impact impression to a girl, the main male must stay out of her sight and moving on to the lower priorities sub heroines to interact with the whole class. Haqua angrily beats up Keima for telling her she was just a lower priority sub heroine while Keima was trying to explain he just made an example. Haqua then rallies up Tenri and Elsie to tell them that they should stop Keima discussion because it was stupid. But Elsie replies that the editor will get angry if they do so, she then asks Keima what should she do to make friends, which Keima replied he didn't care since he didn't have any, much to the others worry.

The panel then switches to another anime which starring Elsie as the main male character, and Tenri as the heroine. Elsie then did exactly what Keima had taught her but in the end she still got rejected by Tenri. She then cries and asked Keima why she still got rejected, which Keima congratulated her since Tenri was just a lower priority sub heroine in his eyes. Hearing that, Diana takes control of Tenri's body and punched Keima for his words followed by Haqua. Elsie then suggested Keima to say something normal, but Keima refused cause he didn't want to be normal and to him, everyday is an exciting day. So that why for him it was exciting to capture the main heroine in the first school term, which the other girl refused to what he said and thus ended up his capture lessons.

In the end, Elsie stated that the whole thing is a work of fiction, which made Keima wonder why he had to explain. But he's glad that he's finished, for now he can take a weeks rest. Before he gets to that though, Elsie catches and says there is something important. Suddenly, all the past captured girls appear. Haqua and Elsie told Keima that the anime for TWGOK was announced. Then, suddenly all the girls talks among themselves about the anime as Keima isolates himself.

Secret Behind the Great Older Sister

Kusunoki memories recalled about their childhood, Hinoki was someone she looked up and admired to. With her, Hinoki was the one who always helped her out since Hinoki knew things that Kusunoki was bad at. But as they grew up, the quarrels between Hinoki and their father became more extent. And in the end, at Hinoki's middle school graduation, her sister eventually left the dojo to follow her dream.

Back to the present, while Kusunoki recalled all her precious memories, Keima snored and day-dreamed all the time. Seeing this, Kusunoki kicked Keima and regretted to have told him all of her secrets while Keima slowly returned to reality and asks Kusunoki if Hinoki was hiding something from them. Kusunoki replied that she doesn't know and she believed Hinoki won't tell her anything if she asked. Keima then made a promise with Kusunoki that he will help Hinoki as much as he can, but Kusunoki strangled Keima and was jealous about how Keima cared for her sister so much. After the quarrel, Keima questioned Kusunoki about the reason that she want to be strong before, which Kusunoki denied her sister had any connections with her dream. She, then with a sad face, stated the true reason for her to be strong was just she was simply desperate.

At night, back to Katsuragi household, Keima reports to Elsie what he saw while he was his playing games. Elsie was very surprised about the giant Hinoki that Keima talked about, but then she commented the Weiss power can do anything. But Elsie was still afraid that Hinoki's giant form can cause a lot of damage to the city if it somehow reaches to level 4. Keima was frustrated when hearing this while Elsie encouraged Keima to reduce Hinoki's desires.

The next day outside the dojo, while Keima was exhausted after following Hinoki's instruction and wanted to give up, she encourages Keima by telling him that if he can get stronger, she will let him become her henchman. Keima realizes that his first effort of the day just became a failure. On his second effort, Keima tried to hit Hinoki with a baseball bat while she was sleeping, which also resulted in a failure with Hinoki giving him a new look.

As Keima became more and more desperate, he had no choice but to re-initiate the peeping event, but before he could do anything, Hinoki once again was one step a head. After seeing those effort gone waste, Keima began to be depressed and breaks down, but suddenly, Hinoki turned to her giant mode while she tried to cheer him up and apparently she knew she turned into a giant. With this new development, Keima finally takes control with his pace of the conquest for the first time because Hinoki can no longer ignore the fact that she knew about her giant form. More than that, Keima was the only one who knew about this so he could use this as a leverage for his conquest.

Older Sister's Day as a Giant

Hinoki noticed that Keima can see her in that form. Then her sister, Kusunoki appeared and asked Keima what he's doing, talking to himself in the dark at such a place. After asking, Kusunoki leaves while Hinoki was trying to hide. Keima told her she doesn't need to hide, but she commanded him to go home. As he does, Keima thinks that he should get Elsie's hagoromo back.

The next day, Keima and Elsie returns, only to see that Hinoki was in the same place she was before, not having returned to her original size. Hinoki is worried whether or not she'll be able to go back to her original form. Elsie tells Keima that she too can see that Hinoki was big, but Keima sends her to her backstage role again. Keima reassures Hinoki that she'll be fine. As he tells her that he had brought her some clothes, Elsie drops a nice dress next to him. Now that she had some clothes on, Hinoki can now move more freely. Hinoki wanted to put some make-up on, but Keima says she shouldn't.

In trade for the clothes, Keima asked Hinoki her story about this enlargement effect. She started to talk about how she noticed that some of her body parts would grow every once in a while. But no one else would notice this, therefore she ignored its effects. Thinking that she was just stressed, she returned to Japan. But as she did, instead of a body part, but her whole body became big. Keima wondered when that day was, but dropped the subject. Suddenly, Hinoki's stomach growls, showing that she's hungry.

As Keima goes out to buy breakfast for Hinoki, he explained to Elsie the conditions. He sees that the reason for Hinoki's enlargement was her deep pride in becoming big in popularity. Because she gets worried whether or not she can become famous, this pride is feeding the Spirit within her. He returns with 250 hamburgers, though Hinoki feels it's a large meal. She tried to pick up the burgers, but her hands passed through them. Keima offers to throw the food into her mouth. Even though she didn't want to do it, Hinoki agreed. Kusunoki then appeared and asks why Hinoki was sitting out on the ground. Keima and Hinoki wondered why she said that; Keima then sees that to everyone else, Hinoki still looked like a regular human. Hinoki then asked Keima not to tell Kusunoki.

Seeing that she's down, Keima asked Hinoki if she wanted to go outside and play. Wishing to go to the beach, she offers Keima a ride on her shoulder, but he declines. After walking in the city, at the beach, Hinoki enjoys herself, like how she did before. But then she tells Keima how she felt the town was too small for her. Keima asked why she returned. He also stated that she left the place because it was too small. Hinoki replied that it was true that she left because the town was too small. She didn't want to end her life in such a small town. She then stated that she's different from Kusunoki. While he thinks about how weird the last statement was, Hinoki ran off.

Keima sees the reason now; the reason for the gap in her heart. The reason was Hinoki's pride as an older sister. Trying to respond to her sister's love, she had to continue to run forward. Keima wondered why though Hinoki's whole body then grew when she returned home. He sees that Hinoki and Kusunoki's relationship had changed compared to the past because of these events. Seeing the ending, he heads back to the dojo.

Chaos by the Older Sister

Keima told Elsie to watch over Hinoki while he returns to the dojo to find Kusunoki. However, when he arrives he didn't find anyone inside. Keima then collapsed on the floor due to his fatigue before wondering what should he do if he can't find Kusunoki. At the mean time, Hinoki wonders around the city and worries about her condition, she then wondered why everyone else didn't notice her giant form before she panicked and wondered where Keima was.

Then she heard Kusunoki's voice from atop one of the buildings. Hinoki was surprised that Kusunoki can see her, which shouldn't be possible. Hinoki then asked for help, but Kusunoki replied that she didn't want to help Hinoki before insulting her that she is a good-for-nothing sister. Kusunoki then stated that Hinoki didn't know her sister was feeling when she left the dojo. Kusunoki then stated that she feel distraught when she had to give up her femininity and become a man before she yells to Hinoki that she wanted her life back. Hinoki then recalled about their childhood, she replied to Kusunoki that all she wanted was to be greater since Kusunoki looked up to her. But Kusunoki continues to insult her sister as Elsie begged her to stop from a distance. Hinoki then asked her sister why she's saying such mean words, but Kusunoki yells at Hinoki that she should die which made Hinoki shocked.

Back at the dojo, Keima searches the rooms. When he searched the bathroom, he finds Kusunoki washing herself. She yells out, wishing for Keima to get out. Keima then offered her some clothes, while asking her to come and help him save her sister. He heard some noise outside, and rushed out while dragging Kusunoki along. At Hell, Docrow received a report about a level 4 Weiss appeared with a giant form. She then alerted the entire district and recalled all Runaway Spirit Squad members.

When Keima and Kusunoki came out, Keima yelled Hinoki's name to catch her attention. But the duo realized that Hinoki can be physically seen even by the bystanders. Hinoki was crying while unknowingly crushing all the obstacles that she steps on. Not far away, the fake-Kusunoki who provoked Hinoki was laughing. Suddenly the shell of hers cracks to reveal a devil. The devil says that the plan had worked perfectly but she wishes to enlarge the level 4 spirit even further.

On the news channels, Hinoki was broadcasted while she herself was crying even more. Hinoki then asked people to stop looking at her before calling out Keima's name desperately. Keima then shouted to Hinoki that he will be back with her before Kusunoki asked him what's happening to her older sister. He then replied that Hinoki's life was in a circle with no way out before insisting Kusunoki that they need to help Hinoki for there is no other way. Kusunoki then offered to help in whatever way needed.

The Outrage by the Older Sister

As a giant Hinoki was visible, it caused panic to the city. The District Chiefs of 3 Areas have assembled their forces and waited their superior's order to engage.

Nora was displeased when she saw the other two district in her area, so she asked them to leave since she was confident that her squad capable to handle the Weiss (level 4) alone. After hearing that, the other two districts (Haqua and Sharia) replied that they just came to Nora's district cause of the Government's order since Nora will need all the help, which Nora again refuses to be help by them. But then Haqua commented that with the side of the Weiss like that, the three of them may not be able to confine it.

At the next panel, Hinoki was seen to cover her head while the Runaway Spirit Squad members and helicopters were flying around her. The district chiefs then began to analyzed the situation, when Haqua mentioned the Weiss level 4 will be hard to handle, Nora then was startled when she heard it since she hadn't read the report yet. A panicked Nora immediately ordered her subordinates to confine the Weiss along with the host, which was a dangerous method since it will kill the host too. Haqua and Sharia tried to stop Nora while Nora just wanted the situation under her control quickly. Their argument then interrupted by Elsie, who told the trio to stall the attack and let her partner try another way. As the city mobilizes all of their force to counter "the creature", Mari was watching the news on TV while she tried to call Keima home but failed.

But surprisingly, on the TV, there's someone whose identity revealed to be Keima and Kusunoki, using hagoromo to become invisible themselves passing through the street, which is full of soldiers and policemen. While Kusunoki was clueless about what's going on, Keima simply just replied that their priority now is to save Hinoki, which Kusunoki agreed with him and the duo continued to head to the beach. As Keima continues to recall what happened, he then realizes that the power of the Weiss made that others can't see Hinoki's giant form before; but now since Hinoki had consumed some of the Weiss's power, thus making her giant form visible to everyone. But like always, Keima already had a plan.

When they finally reached Hinoki's place, Kusunoki was shocked to realize her sister's form and tried to call her sister, which Keima stops her since he thought it's not the right time for her to show up yet. Keima then shouted out Hinoki's name to get her attention, as Hinoki slowly realized Keima was here with her, she unleashed her anger at Keima, who she thought to have abandoned her. While Keima carried Kusunoki to avoid all of Hinoki's smashes, the police and military began their move when she got too violent. As Keima tried to defend himself and Kusunoki, he explained to Hinoki the reason why he was late.

When Hinoki began to calm down, Keima draws a giant medicine, which consists of Kusunoki on it, and claimed that the medicine will make Hinoki back to normal. But while Hinoki still hesitates about the drug, the military representative asks her who she was, which made Hinoki even more panicked. With Hinoki off guard, Keima took his chance and ordered Elsie to shoot him and his "medicine" through Hinoki's mouth. Their move was a success with Keima and his "medicine" reached their destination safety - Hinoki's gap while it made another panic to the city as Hinoki rolls her giant body all over the beach.

Inside Hinoki's body, Kusunoki and Keima began their final move and finally located the place that the Weiss hides. In the last panel, Keima told Kusunoki to get ready for the upcoming battle since he can no longer settle the situation on his own anymore. Kusunoki then showed her determined face as the chapter ends.

The Prideful Heart of the Older Sister

Keima and Kusunoki finally reaching the Weiss inside the giant Hinoki. Outside, Nora began to lose patience and she wanted a full scale attack on Hinoki while Haqua and Shari insisted her to wait a little more.

Back inside the giant Hinoki, both Kusunoki and Keima stand before a large Japanese style house where Hinoki stands but is overtaken by her own darkness of hatred. Suddenly, Hinoki grabbed Kusunoki's leg while she was blaming Kusunoki to have killed her. She then knocked Kusunoki down and strangled her, seeing that, Keima immediately rushed to Hinoki and tried to break her block. But Hinoki easily pushed Keima and Kusunoki out, while Kusunoki slowly recovered and asks what her sister was trying to do. Hinoki replied that she knew how strong Kusunoki is, not to mention she knew that Kusunoki faked her defeat in their previous fight so that her sister wouldn't be shamed in front of people.

She then asked Kusunoki why she needed the sympathy from her little sister. But before Kusunoki could answer, Hinoki grabbed her sister's hair and continued to express her frustration to her sister, which made Kusunoki scared and begs her sister to stop. After expressing all of her feelings, Hinoki slapped her sister twice and then released Kusunoki who was still traumatized about what she saw.

Hinoki continued her attack against Kusunoki but this time it's even more violent, she uses all of her despair to Kusunoki. She stated that because of Kusunoki, she had no where to return and it's all of her sister faults that made her life miserable. After hearing that, Kusunoki broke down and let her sister do what she wants. But before Hinoki could strike a blow, Keima blocked her attack and shouted Kusunoki's name to get her motivation back. While Keima tried to hold out Hinoki as much as he can, he explained to Kusunoki the reason that Hinoki was back to the dojo. However, Hinoki kicked Keima out before he could finished and changed her attack to Keima. While Keima is desperately tried to defend Hinoki's attacks, he begs Kusunoki to regain her spirit and fight the Weiss so that her sister could be saved.

Outside, the giant Hinoki began to spread even more miasma and it began to move into the city right in front of the new devils. Left with no choice, the trio district chiefs had to order an attack. Back to inside the giant Hinoki, finally Kusunoki finally regained her fighting spirit and punched the corrupted-Hinoki to rescue Keima.

The Forgiven Heart of the Older Sister

As the district chief's and their squads are desperately trying to prevent the Giant Hinoki from reaching the city, it appears that the best option to stop the city is being rampage was to kill of the host. But Elsie insists her superiors to wait a little longer since she believes Keima will succeed. Nora felt annoyed when she heard that and asked Elsie what she will do if the Weiss begins the rampage in the city, which Haqua suggested that they need to give Keima more time since they don't want him and Elsie to die.

On the inside, the Weiss's miasma began to grow stronger, as Keima realized that all hope is up to Kusunoki now. But even though Kusunoki finally regains her courage back, Hinoki still gained the upper-hand on the fight. Suddenly, Hinoki ordered her sister to go away as the miasma reaches critical state, which mean she had lost her sanity. Seeing that, Kusunoki tried to call her sister so that her sister could regain her conscious. But Hinoki didn't listen and began to punch Kusunoki multiple times while screaming that she didn't want to be Kusunoki's sister anymore. As Hinoki continued to attack Kusunoki brutality, she finally showed her cause of the crevice: the stress and pressure of maintaining her perfect image for her sister Kusunoki.

After said all she had to said, Hinoki strikes a blow to finish her sister off, but it was blocked by Kusunoki, who said she won't hate Hinoki since she always loved Hinoki. Hinoki seemed to had recovers some of her sanity but after looking at Kusunoki's "painful" eyes, she began to attack again. But Kusunoki not only managed to block it, she also made her counter-attack and finally pinned down her sister. Kusunoki then told Hinoki her reason to be strong while punching Hinoki simultaneously. Before striking a finishing blow, Kusunoki ordered Hinoki not to lose faint-heartedly. Kusunoki then strikes her sister a finishing blow, while apologizing about all the sorrows she had made for her sister. She then stated to Hinoki that she wanted her old sister back so that she could continue to love and respect like before.

Kusunoki's strike proved to be a success as the Weiss's miasma dramatically decreased following with the corruption house's destruction. Hinoki (now regains her sanity) crying, while commenting how stubborn her little sister was, before challenges her little sister once again. But this time, Hinoki gave a smile to Kusunoki, which dedicated that she no longer in the Weiss control. Hinoki then gave her sister a weak punch before she collapsed. Witnessing that, Keima realized that people's presence can make the other suffer but that's doesn't mean they can live alone since everyone needs someone. The duo sisters then hugged each other and crying.

Back to the outside, with the Weiss no longer controlling the host it tried to escaped, the Runaway Spirit Squad finally began their assault starting with the 1st Restraining Magic Battle Formation.

Return Back to Departing

As the district chief's managed to trap the Weiss in the previous chapter, but they met very strong resistance from the Weiss. While Nora was trying to confine the Weiss, her confinement bottle shatters and the Weiss finally broke through the restraint formation. Now the Weiss made it way to the city and began its rampage as the Runaway Spirit Squad desperately trying to hold it. While the district chiefs tried to find another way to confine it, the Weiss suddenly screamed in pain. Within their shocking eyes, someone's rope pierced through the Weiss's body.

The mysterious woman held the rope then stated the Weiss is the dweller of the darkness so darkness is the place it belonged. She then uses the same restraint formation with her rope and tied the Weiss that was screaming and try to break out. She then stated that the restraint formation's purpose was to finish off the enemy and she hoped the Runaway Spirit Squad members should learn from their mistake. Within seconds, the tied-Weiss was drag down from the sky to a special confine bottle. The woman, who was revealed to be Nikaido, then closed the confine bottle before commenting how the squad was lacking the skill and experience. Nikaido then stated that New Hell would be done for if they continued to entrust those inexperienced girls before she headed to the conference.

At the beach, the Kasuga sisters are still unconscious as Elsie was flying around to get Keima. Back to the city as the New Devils celebrated for the capture. Fiore was frustrated about the Runaway Spirit Squad's success since Vintage took a lot of time to raise such a strong Weiss.

The next day at school, Elsie revealed that all the damage had been fixed and everyone's memories also have been modified. She then regretted that she was too useless and if she acted more appropriate, everything could have been better. Hearing that, Keima comforted Elsie by telling her that he was also careless and in the end, the one who saved Hinoki was Kusunoki. Elsie then comforted Keima while he told her he didn't need to be comforted. Suddenly, Keima heard someone calling his name, it was Hinoki who appeared to be leaving soon. Keima then asked Hinoki where was she going to which she replied she was leaving Japan for work. Hearing that, Kusunoki insists her sister to stay a little longer. Hinoki had a glimpse of sadness on her face when she heard that, but then she laughs and said she didn't want to back at the old dojo.

Before she leaves, she gave Keima a goodbye gift, which was the dojo sign. Keima refused to take it since he didn't want it. After hearing that, Hinoki said she will give Keima a bonus. She then kissed Keima in front of everyone. An embarrassed Kusunoki then punched Keima away from her sister and asked what Keima's intention were which Keima stated he didn't do anything. While the duo still arguing, Hinoki drove the car and said goodbye to everyone.

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