Girls Talk

Girl talk

 Gāruzu tōku
Chapter Info
Release Date July 12th 2013
Chapter FLAG.235
Volume Volume 24
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Noise at the Top
Love is a Smoke

Girls Talk (ガールズトーク Gāruzu tōku) is the 235th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Keima comes down from the roof, thinking that knowing the conquered person is a crucial step in every conquest, but he doesn't progress at all the more he gets to know Kaori. As he wonders whether her mood swing was genuine and what should he do next, he's approached by a young girl with a letter.

Keima ~ Brazenly Ignored

Irritation levels rising.

The girl says that the letter is from Kaori, detailing the type of duel she and Tenri are going to have. As Keima tries to grab the letter, the girl, whose name is Miya, is called by her friends and goes over to play jumping rope with them. Keima is annoyed that she didn't give him the letter beforehand and that they're playing inside the building.

It is during that time that Kaori comes down the stairs from the roof, while thinking about how her followers couldn't find Tenri anywhere. She then begins to wonder whether Tenri is disguised to prevent her from being found, as it would be something characteristic of Keima. Suddenly, Kaori starts sniffing the walls for something before getting down on all fours and sniffing the floor. As she gets up, she claims to have found the scent.

Kaori ~ Questionable Fanservice

Innate tracking ability.

In the classroom, Elsie is wondering why Keima has been taking so long, when Tenri whispers into her ear that she needs to go to the bathroom. Kaori is standing outside the classroom, finding the foor locked. She anticipated this and thus sprayed Tenri with a perfume that has a subtle scent, but since she loves it she'd always recognize it.

Elsie makes herself and Tenri invisible with her hagoromo and reminds Tenri not to talk as they set out for the bathroom. At the same time, Keima is getting more and more annoyed at the playing girls, before it comes to his mind that Kaori may be purposefully stalling him and runs away in search of Tenri.

Kaori ~ Tears of Deception

Endlessly diabolical.

As Tenri enters a toilet booth, she hears Kaori from the adjacent one. Kaori tells her that Keima rejected her because he loves Tenri instead. Keima runs into the classroom and notices Tenri and Elsie missing, so he leaves to search for them elsewhere. In the bathroom, Kaori continues, saying that Keima and Tenri were close to each other and even took a bath together, at which point Tenri forgets that she's not supposed to make noise and denies it. Kaori concludes, saying that Keima intends to marry Tenri.

Tenri quickly runs out of the booth and washes her hands, as Keima runs into the bathroom and crashes into the invisible Tenri. Elsie quickly enters after him and, as they're reunited, Keima wonders whether his assumption was incorrect. He asks Tenri whether she met someone, which she denies.

Still in the bathroom booth, Kaori plots an end to Keima and Tenri.



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