From Beyond

Flag 256 cover

Kanata kara
Chapter Info
Release Date January 8, 2014
Chapter FLAG.256
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
Undercover of the Night

From Beyond (彼方から Kanata kara) is the 256th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Dokuro is watching over Satyr's agents, while Yui, Kanon and Tenri have finally arrived at the Shiratori household, the former two questioning Ayumi about the circumstances of this sudden meeting and the fact child Keima is sleeping on her lap. Shiori and Tsukiyo are too shy to participate.

Grandpa Shiratori grabs everyone's attention and Tenri begins speaking, introducing herself to everyone. With a little help from Shoutaro, she tells them that they have gathered in order to summon
Goddess Assemble

The goddess hosts gather for the first time.

Keima back from the past. Shoutaro reveals that he's been keeping tabs on each one of them for the past ten years, and it was his doing that Elsie was able to join Keima's class and Dokuro to become his homeroom teacher.

However, besides that, he didn't have to do anything, as the goddess hosts gathered in one school by themselves. He also says that he doesn't know the full details of the plan, as he's been following Tenri's orders, who in turns says she's been following Keima's letter. To that, she brings out the third letter with plans to read it together with the other hosts.

Dokuro notices Lune flying towards Akanemaru, who is still wondering why won't the goddesses simply come out and fight, ascertaining her prediction that they must have plans of their own. Walking aimlessly around Akanemaru, she notices a light shining from beneath the steering room.

Haqua and Nora are flying towards the secret entrance, still unsure whether to follow the caller's orders, when they notice a mobile colossus, prompting them to wonder what is going on in New Hell.

Lune up to something fun

Smirking Lune

Lune breaks down the floor, only to notice that the room below is magically protected. In the past, Keima and Elsie are standing in the same room, waiting to be summoned back, as Lune thinks that she may have some fun after all.


  • This chapter's title references From Far Away, a manga by Kyoko Hikawa.


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