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First Color

Sora Card

Title First Color
Kanji Title 初めての色
Romaji Title Hajimete no iro
English Title First Color
Song Type Character Song
Character Sora Asuka
Seiyū Tomo Sakurai
Album Kaminomi Character CD Song - Track EX
Release Date December 1, 2010

First Color is an original song sung by Tomo Sakurai as Sora Asuka.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics
えんぴつの先 指で確かめ Enpitsu no saki yubi de tashikame Tracing with the end of the pencil
どんな絵になるの? まだ見えないけど donna e ni naru no? Mada mienai kedo What painting will it become? I still can't see it
目を閉じると浮かび上がるから me o tojiru to ukabi agaru kara It will come up if I close my eyes
心の奥にある想い カタチにしてみて kokoro no oku ni aru omoi, katachi ni shite mite It'll shape my feelings that are deep inside my heart
綺麗な絵の具たちを並べて見ていると kireina e no gutachi o narabete miteiru to When I line up all of the clean painting tools
心ときめいてくるの kokoro tokimeite kuru no My heart starts to throb
そう 初めての色 sou hajimete no iro Yes, that's the first color
ふたりで選んだパステルたち futari de eranda PASUTERU tachi The pastel we chose together
あと少しだから お願い気付いて ato sukoshi dakara onegai kizuite Just a little bit more, so please notice it
そわそわしてるの バレちゃうかな? sowa sowa shiteru no barechau kana? Will it be exposed if I act restless around you?
目逸らしてるの わざとだよ me sorashiteru no waza to da yo I purposely averted my eyes
素直になれない sunao ni narenai For I can't become honest
あなたのこと想うと胸が高鳴るから anata no koto omou to mune ga takanaru kara When I think of you, my heart beats faster
伝えたい この気持ちを tsutae tai kono kimochi wo These feelings that I want to tell you
そう 風にのせて sou kaze ni nosete Yes I'll place them on the wind
広い空のキャンパスに筆を走らせて hiroi sora no KYANBASU ni fude o hashirasete Running the brush on the sky's large canvas
どこまでも自由だから dokomade mo jiyuu dakara Because it is so vast till everywhere
届けたい笑顔を todoketai egao wo I wish for the smile to reach you
未来描いて mirai egaite I'll draw the future

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TWGOK - Hajimete no Iro03:42

TWGOK - Hajimete no Iro

Hajimete no Iro

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