Character History
Elucia de Lute Ima/Character History


Character Information
Kanji Name エリュシア・デ・ルート・イーマ
Romaji Name Eryushia de Rūto Īma
Gender Female
Age 300+
Status Active
Date of Birth March 14
Partner Keima Katsuragi
Equipments New-Hell Broom
BWH 83-58-84
Blood Type Unknown (O-type character)
Height 159cm (with bun)
Weight 44kg
  • Private Household Demon
  • Runaway Spirit Squad Agent
Class 2-B
  • Katsuragi Eri
  • Elly (by 2-B Pencils)
  • Nakagawa Kanon
  • No-Good Demon (by Keima)
  • Bug Demon (by Keima)
School Far East Devil High School (Graduate)

Maijima Private High School

Seiyū Japanese flag Kanae Itou

US flag Luci Christian

Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1


Elsie is over 300 years old, an age that belies her teenage appearance. Her partner, or "buddy", is Keima Katsuragi, the unsocial and pretentious protagonist. Presently, Elsie is living with Keima and is pretending to be his half-sister in order to perform her duties as a devil more adequately.

As explained by Elsie later in the series, the only reason that she is in the Runaway Spirit Squad is entirely because of Hell's shortage on personnel. As a result of her sudden promotion, she has received minimal training, and consequently fails to provide proper support during conquests.

Prologue: The Devil from Hell

Elsie makes her debut in New Hell where her supervisor, Dokurou Skull, expresses her frustration at the fact that the capturing rate of the Runaway Spirit Squad has as of late been evidently less than satisfactory. Upon arriving before her boss, Elsie relays her discoveries, simultaneously getting lectured for still keeping her broom with her when she's no longer a janitor.

As Dokurou attempts to rationalize Elsie's questionable recruitment, Elsie suddenly speaks up and vows to try her utmost to fulfill what is required of her. Immediately afterwards, she asks Dokurou if there really is a human that can capture any girl's heart. Dokurou replies that there was, and that he goes by the name of The Capturing God.

First Capture Arc

Elsie explosively reveals herself before Keima right after
Elsie ~ Tragic Warning

"You might lose your head."

Keima unknowingly accepts the contract sent to him by Dokurou. Without warning, Elsie grabs ahold of Keima and drags him off to an empty classroom so that they may proceed with capturing the runaway spirits/loose souls. After the primary introductions — accompanied by utter confusion on Keima's side — ended, Keima decides to ignore everything that transpired and begins to leave. Just then, Elsie warns Keima of the doom he will suffer through if he denies to lend aid towards the capture of the spirits.

The ornament on Elsie's head subsequently begins to resonate and Elsie impels Keima to join her in scouting for the possessor of the runaway spirit. The search immediately ends when Elsie points out that the keeper of the spirit is Ayumi Takahara, Keima's classmate.

As Keima subtly refuses and tells Elsie to capture the spirit on her own, Elsie replies that capturing it is not something easy because the spirits reside within the heart of the host. Dumbfounded, Keima asks Elsie with irritation how they were supposed to accomplish something impossible. Seemingly happy that he asked, Elsie explains that the assistance of a "buddy" is necessary for the extraction of the soul. According to her, Keima must simply take the place of the spirit in Ayumi's heart — using love — so that the soul will be forced out.

This time, Keima crudely refuses Elsie due to the fact that not only is he inept at dealing with real girls, he also holds interest exclusively for 2-D girls. Upon learning of Keima's true character, Elsie is suddenly disheartened and apologizes profusely for involving Keima in the dangerous hunt for runaway spirits. She proclaims that she will just have to die alongside him because of the blunder since they were both bound by the doom contract.

Elsie ~ Verbal Punishment

Elsie's ignorance is punished.

Surrounded by a depressing atmosphere, Elsie sweeps around the school and shortly after, asks Keima why he couldn't simply use his dating sim experience to conquer real girls. To her surprise, Keima gets angry and starts complaining about Ayumi's appearance — specifically her hairstyle and her shorts. Elsie manages to pull him back, though, after seeing Ayumi bind her hair together and after altering the shorts of the entire track team into bloomers through the use of her hagoromo. She then implores Keima once more to at least attempt in conquering Ayumi's heart so that the runaway spirit may reveal itself.

What ensued the following day are a series of failed attempts by Keima to attract Ayumi towards him. Elsie asks him if his methods are working, seeing that the only thing he seems to have accomplished is annoying Ayumi. Keima plainly ignores her worries, so Elsie could do nothing save follow his instructions and keep making banners that supported Ayumi.

Elsie ~ First Capture

Loose soul in custody.

Keima eventually manages to make Ayumi fall in love with him, which results in the expelling of the runaway spirit. Elsie then excitedly announces its manifestation and instantly captures it with her detention bottle. Afterwards, she thanks Keima and tells him that she will follow him from then on.

The following day, Elsie appears at Keima's classroom and announces her enrollment as a transfer student of Maijima High School. To make matters worse (mostly for Keima), she introduces herself to her classmates as Keima's sister.

A Devil of a Sister (Chapter)

With her sudden transfer into Keima's class and her
Elsie ~ Keima's Savior

Elsie defends her divine brother.

subsequent announcement of being sister to Keima, Elsie finds herself in the middle of a large crowd as her new classmates bombard her with personal questions with reference to the credibility of her familial relationship with Keima. Hearing her classmates mock Keima, however, incites something within Elsie that causes her to sincerely defend Keima from their contempt. Unfortunately, her classmates think that her words are simply humorous, allowing laughter to ensue.

Elsie follows Keima back to his house right after school as Keima tries to forcibly deny her. Along the way, Elsie confesses that the runaway spirit they captured the night prior is only one of the many other runaway spirits loose in the city, a fact that considerably annoys Keima. She continues to explain that she has made certain arrangements to allow her to continue working with Keima and so presents him with the revelation that she is to live with him from that point onwards.

As expected, Elsie and Keima arrive at Keima's house where a woman appears before the two and introduces herself as Keima's mother, Mari Katsuragi. After being ushered in the cafe owned by Mari, Elsie puts forth a forged letter, courtesy of her boss, elaborating her status as the illegitimate daughter of Mari's husband. The sudden development induces Mari's rage towards her absent husband, but it is ultimately quelled following her declaration to take good care of Elsie.

Elsie ~ Sisterly Bite

SFX: Chomp

Unwilling to accept the recent turn of events, Keima tells Elsie that she cannot live with him because she has not yet established herself as a 'little sister'. In order to be deemed as such, Elsie must learn the three qualities required of a little sister: BMW — Blood relations, Memories accumulated since childhood, and Wonichan Moe, i.e., love for the brother. As Keima points at Elsie and proclaims their irrelation to each other, she bites his finger and drinks his blood, under the impression that doing so will fortify their relation to one another.

Back at Keima's house, Elsie decides to cook dinner and thereafter uses her hagoromo to imprison Keima before he gets his chance to flee. On the menu for that evening was an actual pasta from hell, made with deadly ingredients and forcefully fed to Keima by Elsie and her hagoromo. Afterwards, Elsie displays to Keima the recently-purged Katsuragi household made possible by her broom, which she states has been with her for around 298 years. To showcase its power, Elsie tampers with the dial on her broom, but instead of cleaning, her broom winds up obliterating the side of the house along with the house of their neighbor. Just then, Keima's stomach begins to growl and as a result, he immediately heads to the bathroom, expelling the contents of Elsie's dinner with Elsie profusely bowing her head in apology.

Elsie ~ Bathroom Attack

Intruder alert.

In the bathroom, Elsie intrudes upon Keima in order to properly ask for forgiveness. Keima desperately attempts to make her leave by telling her to stop pretending to be a little sister, but he is abruptly silenced with Elsie's disclosure of her having an actual sibling. Elsie then talks about the main difference between her and her sister — how the two of them are so far apart in terms of ability. Keima shrugs off Elsie's plight, though ultimately accepts her as his little sister when he remembers that he is still bound to her because of the contract collar around his neck.

Utterly delighted, Elsie decides to do Keima a favor by cleaning his PFP with soap and water while she is in the bath. Seeing that his PFP is completely ruined, Keima yells at Elsie to get out while Elsie groans in complaint.

Rich Girl Arc

Elsie ~ Classroom Humiliation

Elsie's note to Keima is publicly disclosed by Chihiro.

The next day, Elsie writes a note to Keima and pleads with Chihiro to pass it along to him. Feeling a bit mischievous, Chihiro decides to read the contents of the note in front of the entire class after she is called upon by Ms. Nikaido. Elsie turns red and tries to hide under her desk as the embarrassing details within the note are revealed, while Keima himself grows flushed from shame and anger.

At lunch time, Elsie and Keima busily chat about and explore the school. During their walk, Elsie confesses that runaway spirits are only found in women because the intent of the spirits is to be reincarnated as the offspring of the female they were possessing.

As Elsie and Keima drift over to the outdoor bakery of the school, Keima explains its most sought-after product — the yakisoba bread wrapped in an omelette — while Elsie easily gets influenced by the food-filled atmosphere. All of a sudden, the sensor on Elsie's head resounds. Elsie and Keima then hide behind a tree to determine the possessor of the runaway spirit, when a girl with blond twintails and elevated boots appears before them.

Elsie ~ Over-reaction

Elsie is flustered at Keima's sudden confession.

The girl is introduced as Mio Aoyama, the daughter of the owner of Aoyama Central Industries. Her purpose at the outdoor bakery is to buy lunch and so presents the vendor with a ¥10000 bill, resulting in the purchase of the entire omelette soba bread supply, much to the dismay of Elsie and the other students. After being witness to the unfortunate abduction of all of the food, Elsie reluctantly confirms that Mio is the owner of the runaway spirit. Feeling a headache approaching, Elsie complains about the difficulty of getting Mio to fall in love. Her worries were denied by Keima, however, when he says that Mio's conquest will be another simple matter.

Elsie thinks about Mio's character, and asks Keima how he plans to complete the conquest only to find that her conversation partner isn't present. She then discovers that Keima has returned to the classroom and immediately gets flustered when Keima unexpectedly confesses his love for her. Wreaking havoc in the classroom because of Keima's audacity, Elsie tries to rationalize the situation but is brought back to reality after Keima asks her how she evaluated the confession. After realizing that she has been used as a prop, Elsie physically expresses her irritation right on Keima's head. It is at that time that Keima orders her to be his confession partner for preparation against Mio.

Elsie ~ Hagoromo Trail

Elsie and Keima follow the hagoromo towards Mio.

The next day, Keima executes his plan by suddenly meeting Mio and subsequently confessing his love for her. After Keima is brutally punished by Mio's chauffeur, Elsie becomes upset at his fruitless attempt. Thankfully, Keima had Elsie tie her hagoromo to Mio's car beforehand so the two of them are able to chase after Mio without difficulty. Following Elsie's hagoromo, the duo arrives in front of an amazing mansion. As Elsie revels in the mansion that she believes is Mio's house, Keima notices that her hagoromo extends beyond the estate. After walking some more, they see Mio and Morita head towards a run-down apartment. Elsie and Keima are then surprised in discovering that Mio actually lives in the shabby residence.

Upon moving closer to Mio's apartment and peeking inside, Elsie and Keima overhear Morita and Mio arguing about how stubborn Mio is being concerning her facade as the rich daughter of a company president. As the verbal dispute escalates, in the end Morita angrily surrenders and decides to leave Mio without another word. Mio tries to chase after Morita but upon seeing Keima, she quickly wears her rich-girl facade and orders Keima to leave. Meanwhile Elsie, who hides herself using her hagoromo, becomes disappointed yet again at Keima's performance.

Elsie ~ Bicycle Transformation

Elsie alters Keima's bicycle.

After contemplating on their next move, Elsie and Keima decide to keep on pursuing Mio. Elsie assists Keima by creating various modifications to his bicycle (generally the addition of a carriage) while he tries to get closer to Mio's heart by being her escort. As the level of the modifications reach ridiculous levels, Elsie continues to encourage Keima since he seems to be getting through to Mio. It is during that time that Elsie and Keima happen upon the very thing that will hopefully allow Keima to conquer Mio: a letter invitation to an extravagant banquet held for the rich.
Elsie ~ Second Capture

Mio's loose soul is captured.

On the day of the banquet, Elsie assists Keima by serving drinks to him and Mio dressed as a maid while at the same time complaining about not being allowed to wear a fancy dress. As Elsie waits for the conquest to reach its climax, Keima and Mio are confronted by a few discourteous guests from the party. When they leave, Keima tells Mio to not dwell in the shadow of her father and to walk her own path in life, eventually culminating in a kiss shared by the two. The act forcefully expels the runaway spirit from Mio allowing Elsie to capture it without difficulty.

Back at school, Elsie and Keima encounter Mio who is properly trying to purchase lunch. Though her attitude has not improved by much, Elsie still compliments Mio and even admits that it was unfortunate that Mio had to lose her memories of Keima.

Hunting Break Arc 1

More Than a God, Less Than a Human

Note: In the anime, this arc took place after Shiori's conquest. However, in the manga, this arc took place after Mio's conquest. Also this article is based off of the manga's portrayal. For the full episode summary, see More Than a God, Less Than a Human (Episode)
Elsie ~ Undead Shock

A deathly Keima.

Early morning, Elsie is found taking care of the household chores. Shortly after, Mari praises Elsie for being such a wonderful helper and even expresses her wish to have Elsie as her actual daughter. Elsie then prepares breakfast for Keima and judges that she has done well after inspecting her finished work: a literal hand-sandwich. A corpse-like Keima wanders into the living room soon enough, compelling Elsie to free him from his deathly state. Before she has a chance to say anything else, however, Elsie is commanded by Keima to leave him be while he plays videogames. She yells at Keima and chases after him when he returns to his room.

Elsie ~ Bitter End

Elsie pleads with Keima to stop playing videogames.

What greeted Elsie within Keima's room was a divine being with six arms. As Elsie realizes that it was simply Keima playing faster than her eyes can see, she becomes more and more impressed and simultaneously more and more repulsed with his dedication to gaming. After a few hours, Elsie witnesses Keima's eventual collapse from exhaustion, and once again proceeds to try and get through to him. When she succeeds, Elsie scolds Keima for not taking his health seriously and hands him the hand-sandwich she made previously. She goes on to tease him with the song he sang when he was hallucinating from extreme fatigue.

Idol Girl Arc

Elsie ~ Happy for Kanon

Elsie cheers on for Kanon.

Some time after Mio's conquest, Elsie enthusiastically watches “NNS Best New Artist award” program while Keima and Mari peacefully eat dinner. Her focus completely directed towards the television, Elsie roots for a pink-haired girl named Kanon Nakagawa. As soon as the judge announces Kanon's victory, Elsie becomes overwhelmed with joy. Mari then notices her wearing a ribbon similar to Kanon's, causing Elsie some embarrassment while giving the reason that she merely wanted to feel like an idol.

The next morning, Elsie attempts at asking Keima to join her for lunch but becomes distracted at the sudden change in the atmosphere around her classroom. As she walks over to Chihiro and another classmate, hoping to fish for some information, Chihiro reveals that Kanon is to attend Maijima High School once more, which immensely surprises Elsie.

Elsie ~ Utterly Ecstatic

Elsie hands over Keima's PFP.

At the rooftop of the school building, Elsie searches for Keima and finds him being electrocuted by none other than Kanon. Elsie completely loses her composure and requests Kanon to sign Keima's PFP while beaming at her the entire time. After acquiring the autograph, Elsie scolds Keima for not telling her that they have been in the same class as Kanon, causing Kanon to experience another wave of fury, which then results in Keima receiving further attacks from Kanon. Elsie's runaway spirit sensor echoes as Kanon delivers electrical punishment, prompting her to realize that Kanon is a possessor of a loose soul.

Elsie and Keima talk about Kanon's loose soul the following day. While Elsie tries to reason with Keima, Keima bluntly rejects the notion of capturing Kanon's loose soul because of her violent disposition. Elsie maintains her frantic method of convincing Keima when Keima suddenly finds a CD with a note that essentially forces him to deal with Kanon. After school, Keima goes on to meet Kanon whereas Elsie hides behind a tree to observe. She then instantly becomes excited after seeing that Kanon is going to perform in front of her while Keima ignores Kanon with an unsatisfied expression.

Elsie ~ Obviously Calm

Elsie reacts to Kanon's sudden disappearance.

Kanon decides to take out her stun weapons but is interrupted by a call from her manager. After politely ordering Keima to come again tomorrow, she runs off while Elsie approaches Keima, asking him why he took on such a cold attitude towards Kanon. Keima explains his actions, but Elsie is convinced that the main reason is because Kanon previously damaged Keima's PFP. At Kanon's next performance for Keima, Elsie worries that Keima will simply ignore Kanon again. As Keima does the very thing Elsie feared, Kanon further sinks into depression and literally disappears, leaving Elsie and Keima utterly bewildered. Taking a second look at where Kanon stood, however, the two realize that Kanon is still slightly visible.

Elsie and Keima eventually deal with the depressed Kanon, who walks away after a single compliment from Keima, while Elsie continues to question Keima's methods. When Keima suddenly receives a message from Kanon, he and Elsie later arrive at the Narusawa TV station, where they discover that Kanon is still on the verge of disappearing. Keima is eventually compelled to ease the distressed Kanon, but later finds himself constantly being bombarded with messages about the mundane problems Kanon encounters everyday. Meanwhile, Elsie becomes Keima's main mode of transportation because of Kanon's constant calling.

Elsie Searches

Elsie searches for Kanon

On the day of Kanon's long awaited concert, Kanon mysteriously disappears once more. Elsie and Keima frantically search for Kanon as they increasingly worry about how exactly they will find the invisible idol. While Elsie looks on from the skies, Keima searches from the ground. After much searching, the two exhaustingly meet when Elsie realizes that she could have searched for Kanon using her spirit sensor. Elsie goes off to look for Kanon whereas Keima discovers that Kanon had been sitting right next to him the entire time.

Elsie ~ Real Idols

Elsie teases Keima.

Eventually managing to capture the loose soul within Kanon, Elsie and Keima later attend Kanon's concert. As Elsie gapes at Kanon's performance, Keima expresses embarrassment from the previous kiss he shared with Kanon. Seeing Keima behave so strangely, Elsie wastes no time in teasing him about his newfound opinion regarding idols.

Hunting Break Arc 2

Ellie SO SWEETCoupling/With

For the anime episode, see: Coupling with with with with
Note: The manga chapters and the anime episode have slightly different endings.
Elsie ~ Burning Desire

Elsie gets fired up.

One morning before school, Elsie decides to cook a "living bento" for Keima. As Keima's emotional state goes back and forth between panic and anger towards the horrific bento, Elsie tries to scold Keima for being mean to her and attempts to prove her seniority by exclaiming her age. Keima counters Elsie with one of his own lines, and the exchange between the two eventually upsets Elsie greatly. At school, Chihiro takes notice of the depressed Elsie and advises her to bake a cake for Keima if she really wants him to compliment her skills.

Chihiro then shows Elsie a picture of the cake, and when Elsie sees it, she exclaims that she will bake the "akashiro (red-white)" to show Keima her true culinary abilities.

Elsie decides to create a poor hagoromo-replica of herself during her next class period. Elsie then appears at the home economics room of the school and begins to craft the cake using living ingredients and ends up being attacked by a fire-breathing mandrake. Elsie eventually escapes the loose dragon, and unexpectedly meets Keima who she ominously invites to the home economics room so that she can show him her cake. After what seems to be hours of intense cooking, Elsie finally succeeds in creating a cake yet is interrupted by the mandrake from before along with some new threats.

Elsie ~ All For Naught

Elsie's efforts are ruined.

Ultimately, Elsie is left in tears dealing with a ruined cake and a demolished classroom. Keima walks in on her trying to salvage what is left of her cake, takes it, shouts that he hates sweet things, and devours what is left of the cake. He then apologizes to Elsie, which causes Elsie to bounce back from her depressed mood. As they leave the classroom to go back home, Elsie suddenly licks the cake frosting off of Keima's cheek, considerably embarrassing and enraging him.

Library Girl Arc

Elsie and Keima begin their day in their usual fashion, with Keima angrily complaining about something relevant to Elsie whereas she denies his accusations. Elsie's intelligence is then questioned, and she winds up being commanded to go to the school library to know more about the way the modern world works.

Elsie ~ Fire Truck Love

Elsie discovers fire trucks.

Inside, Elsie's goal to learn about common sense deviates into her perusal of fire engine pictures. As she becomes more and more distracted by fire trucks, Elsie decides to search for more books that featured them and decides to go to the information desk to ask for some assistance. Nearing the library representative, Elsie asks her for help but gets no response. She then desperately yells at the librarian after her initial attempts at gaining her attention were ignored. The shocked librarian later tells her to come back after school following her request for more fire truck books.

Much later, Elsie drags Keima into the library as she informs him of the runaway spirit within the librarian. When asked if the librarian is of excellent quality, Elsie admits that the librarian girl did not seem very special, solely because she wasn't given any immediate assistance regarding her fire truck books.

Afterwards, the librarian approaches Elsie and Keima with a platform cart stacked with books about fire trucks. Elsie abruptly immerses herself within the mountain of books while Keima observes the librarian. He ultimately concludes that the silent librarian is actually a good person, but taking another look at her, Elsie is skeptical about Keima's assumption and surrenders to her thoughts of being against another difficult girl.

Elsie ~ Sensible Answer

Keima's plan is nullified.

The day after, Elsie summarizes the profile of the librarian girl, Shiori Shiomiya. She remains doubtful about the possibility of Keima conquering her, but Keima casually dispels her worries with an extensive explanation in relation to people considered to be literary types.

On their way to the library, the two further discuss how they are going to go about filling the gap in Shiori's heart, with Keima constantly making references to his dating sims and a confused Elsie flailing along behind him.

Within the library, Elsie observes in the background as Keima interacts with Shiori. Some time later, she scolds Keima for insulting Shiori and suggests that he does not need to go so far as to start a fight with another person. However, Keima tells her that because of his actions, he has caused Shiori's emotions to get out of hand so that he may essentially hear her inner thoughts. Elsie finally manages to understand the situation and ends up being frightened of Keima's boldness to casually say disrespectful things with no concern for his social standing.

Elsie ~ Admonishing Keima

Elsie scolds Keima for being mean to Shiori.

Very few things are known about Shiori so Elsie and Keima continue to keep their eyes on her. Elsie eventually realizes that there is a chance that Shiori may actually want to express herself more, but isn't able to do so because something holds her back. Shortly after, Elsie plainly witnesses Keima deliberately anger Shiori so that she would say something to him, even if her words are insults. Seeing that Elsie is once again confused by his method of communicating with girls, Keima explains that quiet, literary girls may be quiet on the outside, but there is a possibility that they are completely different on the inside.

Keima continues to upset Shiori for the next few days while Elsie remains an observer from afar. The two talk about the eventual ending of the conquest when Keima notices Shiori with a stunned expression after reading (and later shredding) a sheet of paper. Going over to the fragments of paper, Elsie uses her hagoromo to restore them to the original sheet and proclaims her helpfulness while handing over the paper to Keima, who reads its contents and immediately figures out what he must do to conclude Shiori's conquest.

Elsie ~ Fourth Capture

Shiori's loose soul is captured.

It was during after school the next day when Elsie and Keima found out that Shiori had locked herself in the library. While Elsie is confused as to why Shiori acted in such a way, Keima admonishes her for not paying attention. Later, at the roof of the library, Elsie drills a hole using her hagoromo as Keima drops down to greet the rebellious Shiori. Nearing the final stages of the conquest, Elsie once again watches over Keima as he uses his knowledge to fill the gap in Shiori's heart. Elsie eventually captures the expelled runaway spirit and apparently fixes the roof she previously demolished.

Hunting Break Arc 3

The Crusade That is Happening There

For the anime episode, see: The Crusade That is Happening There (Episode)
Elsie ~ Without Choice

Elsie is forcibly taken.

Elsie sees Keima lamenting over something and so she asks him what the problem may be. After figuring out that it is all because of a video game, she guesses that the game may be too hard for Keima, which Keima angrily rejects by explaining to her the horrors of a video game bug.

Eventually, Elsie tries to convince Keima to submit to the game's difficulty, but her words only served to provoke Keima to finishing the game despite its seemingly impossible nature. Furthermore, Elsie is drafted by Keima to assist him in completing the game.

Without any egress routes, Elsie reluctantly helps Keima in clearing his game. What ensues are a series of decision-making by Keima and the recording of those decisions by Elsie. To make matters worse, Keima reveals that saving the game is useless and so further compels the unwilling Elsie to aid him in his ridiculous goal.

Elsie ~ Unpredictably Predictable

Elsie and Keima find themselves facing another problem.

Seven hours into the ordeal, Elsie has run out of energy while Keima maintains his pace. Once more, Elsie tries to reason with Keima but comes to slightly accept the situation after Keima explains to her that the terrible game is not the fault of the game's heroine. She even suggests that Keima complain to the company that developed the game, though becomes disappointed after learning that the development company went bankrupt following the game's release. Eventually, Keima manages to break out of the game's bug and plans to proceed as usual. Elsie expresses newfound appreciation for Keima until his game progresses to another bug, causing her to give up completely and to bring Keima back home.

Samurai Girl Arc

Elsie ~ Collision

Elsie slams into a student.

Having caught four runaway spirits, Elsie expresses her joy without restraint. Keima, on the other hand, has only gotten more and more annoyed with the conquests because of the strange girls he keeps on meeting. As he explains, he sketches his thoughts on a sheet of paper which Elsie laughs at uncontrollably due to the poorly drawn figures. Keima then tries to get the paper back from her, but she escapes and eventually collides into a delinquent-looking student accompanied by his friends.
Elsie ~ Fighting Back

Elsie punishes evil.

Seeing that she had bumped into the delinquent, Elsie apologises and hides behind a pillar while Keima stands his ground and insults the delinquent group. Upon hearing Keima's harsh words, the delinquents start violently beating Keima.

Keima is ultimately saved by Kusunoki Kasuga, who effortlessly drives the delinquents away and later scolds Keima for being such a weakling. Meanwhile, Elsie arrives to take care of the delinquents but ends up clubbing Keima with her broom.

As Elsie asks for Keima's forgiveness once again, her runaway spirit sensor begins to ring out in the direction of Kusunoki, who angrily leaves the two because they both seemed really weak. After school, they spy on Kusunoki's training in the gymnasium while trying to figure out how best to approach her. Elsie concludes that Kusunoki and Keima are nearly the opposite of each other considering Kusunoki's strength, but Keima pays no heed as he fearlessly asks Kusunoki to make him her student.

Elsie ~ Double Shock

Elsie and Keima learn the truth about Kusunoki.

Kusunoki accepts Keima's request, and so begins his time as a martial arts pupil. Elsie later checks in on him and praises him for his diligent efforts. They continue to walk and talk and shortly happen upon Kusunoki cradling a cat with a satisfied expression. Kusunoki then notices Keima watching her and hysterically tries to explain herself, yet is unable to do so. Later, Elsie and Keima spy on Kusunoki one more time as she tries to force herself to get rid of the cat. Right as she is about to propel the cat off the balcony, Elsie and Keima see that Kusunoki split in two, with her other half preventing her from throwing the cat away.

Back at the gym, Kusunoki and Keima discuss what had just transpired. In order to bring about Kusunoki's ghostly, "weaker" half, Elsie suggests that they go on a date since it's an activity that apparently involves being soft and weak. During the date, Elsie tails Keima and Kusunoki so that she will be prepared in case anything happens. When the date reaches its climax, Kusunoki's spiritual double reveals herself so Elsie tries to persuade Keima to stop the two from fighting. She even creates a heavy suit of armor for additional incentive.

Elsie ~ Fifth Capture

Kusunoki's loose soul is captured.

Kusunoki's runaway spirit is eventually captured after Elsie demonstrates the combined effects of being cute and powerful, and after Keima manages to convince the two halves of Kusunoki to come together once more. Right after Elsie acquires the runaway spirit, she is recognized by a floating figure that resembles a member of the Runaway Spirit Squad.

Haqua Arc

Realizing that it had been two months since she arrived at Maijima, Elsie delights in the fact that she has captured yet another runaway spirit. At the rooftop, however, she admits to Keima that the girls so far have all been a bit strange, and tries to consult her runaway spirit manual for additional information. Upon closer inspection, she becomes aware that what she has brought with her is actually a cookbook, which ends up angering Keima.

Elsie ~ Detention Bottle

Loose Elsie in custody.

Suddenly, Elsie's spirit sensor goes off and almost immediately stops ringing. At that moment Elsie is forcefully sucked into a detention bottle and even gets a scolding for it from an unknown person, who apparently recognizes Elsie. After setting herself upright, Elsie is surprised to see her fellow demon Haqua. She immediately attempts to jump out of the bottle to hug Haqua but gets mercilessly dropped instead.

Upon receiving yet another scolding for her inappropriate behavior, Elsie simply ignores Haqua's lecturing and hugs her tightly.

The two girls then start recalling their time together, along with Haqua revealing that she is a newly-appointed district chief, and Elsie eventually introduces her to Keima. However, Keima disregards the two in favor of his game, so Elsie gets embarrassed on his behalf while Haqua makes fun of him.

Haqua then tries to sympathize with Elsie for being assigned to such a difficult person, and asks her how many runaway spirits she has captured so far. Elsie unknowingly instills a deep feeling of shock on Haqua after admitting that she had already captured a total of five spirits, and shortly after receives a sudden call from chief Dokurou who orders her to secure a runaway spirit that previously avoided capture from one of the district chiefs.

Elsie ~ Poor Flight Control

Elsie makes a perfect landing.

Before Elsie begins her search, Haqua tells her that she will be the one to capture the runaway spirit. Elsie offers to work together, but is strongly rejected. She then tries to persuade Keima into tagging along with her but is rejected for a second time. A short while after searching for the runaway spirit, Elsie sees Haqua and flies over to her only to violently land on top of Keima, who was talking to Haqua at the time. Haqua then frantically tells her to search somewhere else while at the same time lecturing her for having such a bad control over her flying.

Afterwards, Elsie leaves Haqua and Keima and continues her search for the runaway spirits. As per usual, however, Elsie gets distracted by fire trucks. Suddenly remembering that she has a job to do, Elsie flies off and later finds the runaway spirit in the theatre building, floating above many unconscious students. She quickly contacts Haqua who then arrives at the scene along with Keima, and the two squad members try to work together to stop the runaway spirit.

Elsie ~ Inept Partner

Nonexistent cooperation.

Unfortunately, nothing resembling teamwork existed between the two, so Elsie panics while Haqua gets overwhelmed by the students whose minds were being controlled by the spirit. With Elsie and Haqua distracted, the spirit flees the scene. Elsie and Haqua free themselves from the once-again unconscious students and Elsie apologizes for not being good at controlling her hagoromo. After Haqua angrily leaves, Elsie hits Keima, who appears when the situation settled down, with her broom and asks him why he was with Haqua the entire time.

Outside, Elsie and Keima find Haqua on the rooftop and sees that Haqua has gotten her mind controlled by the runaway spirit. The mind-controlled Haqua then attacks Keima while Elsie helplessly watches and panics.

Elsie ~ The Kind Demon

Elsie saves her friend.

With Keima captured, Elsie is left to fend for herself. As she tries to capture the spirit with the detention bottle, she is overwhelmed by the mind-controlled students and her bottle ends up getting taken by Haqua. Keima then gives Elsie advice on how to deal with Haqua and subsequently gets thrown off after he was set aflame. Elsie tries to communicate with Haqua, but her initial attempts are rejected by Haqua's intense despair. She eventually saves Haqua from both her depression and mind control by embracing her and imparting her with sincere words of encouragement.

Back to her normal self, Haqua tells Elsie to work with her. They finally succeed in coordinating their movements, with Haqua restraining the students and Elsie going after the spirit, and ultimately manage to capture the runaway spirit without much difficulty. In the end, Elsie gives Haqua the captured spirit and bids her farewell. However, much to her and Keima's surprise, Haqua shows up the next day at their school during lunch time.

Hunting Break Arc 4

Tea for Three

For the anime episode, see: Tea for Three (Episode)
Elsie ~ Fun With Reports

Elsie plays around with Haqua's work.

Elsie and Mari are busy cleaning the cafe (while Keima plays his game) when Haqua suddenly bursts in for a visit. As Elsie greets and runs to her, Haqua shocks everyone present by introducing herself as the illegitimate child of Mari's husband. Afterwards, Elsie is asked by Haqua to help her in writing a report of the incident involving the spirit Haqua previously let loose.

Surprised that Haqua's report comprises of a miniature model of Maijima High and animate clay dolls, Elsie decides to play around by adding silly things to the report. She is then chased around by a frustrated Haqua as Keima decides to play around as well.

Elsie ~ Tea for No One

Tea for three... not really.

As Haqua and Keima bicker over their time together during the spirit hunt, Elsie comes from behind them without warning and eerily complains about her being alone while Keima went off with Haqua. She then tosses the teapot she was carrying onto the miniature model and proceeds to attack Keima. With the model fractured, the three spend most of their fixing it and chasing after the clay dolls. Haqua eventually manages to finish her report by the end of the day and gives her gratitude to Elsie for being there for her. At Haqua's departure, Elsie returns inside and locks Keima out of the house.

Normal Girl Arc

On another school day, Elsie grumbles about having another week of studying. After Chihiro cheers her up, she walks over to a depressed Keima and tries to comfort him the same way she was comforted, but is strongly rejected. She then returns to Chihiro to ask for help only to be rejected once more while concurrently insulting Keima.

Elsie - Gentle Proclamation

Elsie informs Keima about Chihiro.

After class, Elsie follows Keima out in the hallway where Keima starts complaining about Chihiro. Just then, Elsie's spirit sensor suddenly rings and reveals that the one harboring the runaway spirit at the time is Chihiro. Keima wholeheartedly tries to escape from reality but is pulled right back into it by Elsie's narration of Chihiro's exceedingly mundane characteristics. As he repeatedly refuses to help Chihiro, Elsie finally manages to cause him to consider otherwise after asking if he is fine with letting the runaway spirit possess Chihiro.

However, before Keima can make his move, he and Elsie are blindsided by a scene of Chihiro confessing her love to another boy. Elsie then drags the bewildered Keima to shelter him from a sudden downpour, and the two witness Chihiro crying, evidently from being rejected by the person she confessed to.

Elsie - Lonely Winter

Elsie awaits Keima's return.

Elsie greets Chihiro with trepidation the following morning. Her worries are unexpectedly shattered, though, after hearing Chihiro announce that since her previous confession fell through, it is time to find herself another love. At that point Keima is unable to bear it any longer and vilifies Chihiro for her disposition, whereas Chihiro returns his insult right back at him, causing him to revert back to ignoring the real world. For the next few days, Elsie tries to communicate with Keima but fails to do so. She decides to ask help from Chihiro after determining that she has no other alternatives.

Astonishingly, Elsie receives some assistance from Ayumi regarding the belligerent relationship between Keima and Chihiro. Due to Ayumi's intervention, Keima winds up cooperating with Chihiro about confessing her feelings towards another person. Elsie provides support by encouraging Keima and supplying him with various props while he creates plans to have Chihiro grow closer to the person that she likes.

The arrangement between Chihiro and Keima steadily progresses, and days later, Elsie and Keima ready themselves on the rooftop of the school building while awaiting Chihiro's arrival. Elsie is then sent to search for Chihiro and after she leaves, Chihiro shows up before Keima.

Elsie - Sixth Capture

Chihiro's loose soul is captured.

Upon Elsie's return, she finds Keima crestfallen and learns that it is because of an impulsive argument that quickly developed between him and Chihiro. Disappointed at the outcome, Elsie begins to wonder what their next move would be, and Keima responds by declaring that he will complete Chihiro's conquest personally. He then desperately searches for Chihiro while Elsie trails along behind him. Eventually, Keima finds Chihiro and manages to fill the gap in her heart, resulting in yet another captured runaway spirit. Some time afterwards, a saliently more cheerful Chihiro decides to start a band and invites Elsie to join her.

Hunting Break Arc 5

Her First Errand

For the anime episode, see: Her First Errand (Episode)
Elsie - Averse About Video Games

Elsie tries to escape Keima's hold.

Elsie accompanies Keima to Narusawa City to purchase a copy of the first edition of a game. When they find out that the store that sells the game Keima wanted has yet to open, they use the time they have to visit another video game store where Keima teaches an extremely reluctant Elsie the basics of video games. However, even after the ambitious lesson given by Keima, Elsie reveals that she understood nothing from it.

As Keima makes a second attempt at explaining to Elsie the wonders of video games, Elsie ponders on the possibility of becoming closer to Keima.

To do so, Elsie decides to display a more energetic attitude in purchasing video games for him. Fearlessly charging into the store, Elsie compares the available games and makes a learned choice before heading to the cashier. She ultimately makes a mistake in her purchase, though, after she seeing a more expensive version of the game she was about to buy only to realize that what she secures is actually an anime adaptation of the game. At home, Elsie and Keima watch the anime together as Elsie admits to being far from understanding Keima.

Mari's Birthday

Elsie reports to having finished cleaning the entire cafe while Mari is lost within her thoughts. Suddenly pulled back to reality, Mari praises Elsie for her diligent work and toys with the idea of leaving the cafe in her hands. Elsie bashfully denies the words of praise and later becomes tearful after Mari regards her as a member of her family.

Wanting to do something for Mari, Elsie takes it upon herself to incite Keima to take Mari shopping along with him. As mother and son busied themselves outside for the entirety of the day, Elsie tends to the cafe and practices her cooking. The day after, Elsie is witness to a rejuvenated Mari and a completely fatigued Keima, causing her to be suspicious of Mari's driving abilities.

The Dawn of Something

During a peaceful morning, Elsie and Mari watch a report about the accelerating popularity of a website known as "Fallen God", and its eponymous creator. As Elsie and Mari continue to watch the report and learn all sorts of unbelievable things relevant to the website, Elsie gradually realizes that the Fallen God person being referred to is actually Keima. She then confronts Keima about his achievements and tries to compliment him for them but her appreciation is bluntly rejected.

Teacher Trainee Arc

Elsie - No Cellphones

Kodama roars at Elsie.

After Jun Nagase's arrival as a teacher-trainee at Elsie's and Keima's class, Elsie becomes influenced by all the talk from her classmates about Nagase. When she tries to talk to Keima about her, he starts complaining about her complicated parameters which immediately prompts Elsie to leave him alone. At a later class, Elsie's spirit sensor suddenly rings when Nagase passes by her, indicating the presence of another runaway spirit. She is then forced to apologize comically by Kodama for thoughtlessly interrupting his lesson.

Due to their recent successes, Elsie exhibits more enthusiasm in her work than usual. Her confidence is shattered, though, when Keima decides to leave Nagase alone, but he assures her that it is part of his plan. She is then instructed by Keima to create a substitute doll to act as his decoy in class while he prepares.

Elsie - Chalkboard Eraser

One of Keima's "destructive" methods.

However, when Keima's plan to maintain a destructive relationship with Nagase results with an opposite effect, Elsie tries to help him in various ways, including an alternative that involves the flipping of Nagase's skirt. In the end, Keima almost explodes at Nagase's intrusive personality which leads Elsie to incapacitate him and take him away before he deals further damage. Throughout the conquest, Elsie spends most of her time away from Keima and only goes to his side whenever he makes a definitive move regarding Nagase: the option to talk to Nikaido and investigating Nagase's locker.
Elsie - Seventh Capture

Nagase's loose soul is captured... eventually.

Much later into the conquest, Elsie creates an accurate replica of Nagase's wrestling ticket that Keima uses as an opportunity to completely control the flow of change in his relationship with Nagase. He then builds upon his efforts by having Elsie aid him in directing the class to go to the gym while he pursues Nagase and tries to mitigate the enmity between her and the class. Nagase's runaway spirit is ultimately captured by Elsie after Keima succeeds in filling the gap in her heart.

Hunting Break Arc 6

Watched by the Chair Devils

At the headquarters of New Hell, Elsie's consecutive successes regarding the capture of multiple runaway spirits has caused the chairpersons to pay more attention to her, going so far as to praise her without reserve. While the meeting proceeds to its final stages, a recording of Elsie's behavior throughout the day is replayed before everyone present. What they did not expect as the video segment played is a devil that possesses a high degree of ineptitude that shattered their expectations.

Within the Katsuragi household, Elsie was once again scolded by Keima for barging into his room. After giving the reason that she only wanted to help, she was mercilessly driven off by Keima as the chair-devils become confused by her behavior.

Outside, Elsie thought about her mistakes and tries to keep a record of them. She became distracted, though, by a passing fire truck so she kept a record (hand-drawn image) of that instead. Throughout the day, Elsie went to class, practiced with the 2-B Pencils, and later in the evening wore a special waitress outfit that Mari gave her. When she tried to act like a waitress in front of Keima, he merely shrugged it off as a shallow performance, which greatly upsetted Elsie. The chair-devils who are watching everything that had transpired are gradually leaving one by one at that point in a disappointed manner.

Back in Elsie's room, Elsie remembers to deliver Nagase's captured runaway spirit and becomes excited at the fact that she has captured more spirits than she initially predicted. She also remembers to stick her fire truck picture onto her wall along with other hand-drawn fire truck images that contain the many lessons and warnings given to her by both Keima and Haqua.

Moon Child Arc

A normal school day proceeds, but Elsie once again expresses some disappointment towards Keima for prioritizing his games. She searches for him after class and finds him at the rooftop locked in an argument with an unfamiliar girl who Elsie subsequently discovers is the possessor of a runaway spirit.

Back at home, Elsie makes an attempt to convince Keima to conquer Tsukiyo Kujyō, the girl Keima was previously arguing with. After being told how useless she is as a devil, Elsie decides to place a curse on Tsukiyo to prove Keima wrong. What she was not expecting was her curse having an apparent effect on Tsukiyo, who she thinks got spirited away by an unknown force since she is nowhere to be found. In order to locate Tsukiyo, Keima sends Elsie off to seek her out using the runaway spirit sensor. The search is unexpectedly brief when the sensor immediately begins to ring right after activation, pointing towards the Astronomy club room.

Inside, Elsie and Keima find Tsukiyo significantly smaller in size, hugging her doll, Luna. Because of their present circumstances, Keima prevents Elsie from coming inside with him. She yells at Keima for leaving her out of the whole situation later in the evening and proceeds to cook food for the purpose of cursing him.

The next day, Elsie helps Keima by creating a sizable doll house for Tsukiyo to temporarily live in. While she rejoices at Tsukiyo's positive comments about the house, Keima tries to move the conquest along as smoothly as possible. Nevertheless, his plan backfires when Tsukiyo discovers that he has had Elsie gradually enlarge her belongings to make it seem like she has been getting smaller and smaller. After Tsukiyo leaves the two alone, they start bickering over who was at fault. Keima ultimately redeems the conquest by searching for Tsukiyo and confronting her about his and her feelings, while Elsie helps him by saving him and Tsukiyo from a fatal drop.

Yukie Marui Arc

Elsie returns home with Mari after a full day of shopping and happily greets Keima. After realizing that Keima isn't home, she finds a note saying that he went out so she decides to search for him. Keima returns home hours later and proceeds to get repeatedly smacked by Elsie for worrying her so much.

A few days later, Haqua visits the Katsuragi household and shows Elsie all of the runaway spirits she has captured during the week.

Swimmer Girl Arc

On a summer school day, Elsie happens upon Minami Ikoma, a middle school student from Maijima Academy. Right after she finishes asking Minami if she knew Keima's whereabouts, her spirit sensor starts ringing towards Minami's direction, so she speeds off while searching for Keima.

It is later revealed that the origin of the swimming prowess Keima previously displayed before Minami is due to Elsie's assistance with her hagoromo. Back in the classroom, Elsie provides Keima with the usual data regarding the runaway spirit holder — in this instance, Minami — while Keima explains the details of the conquest in return.

Throughout the conquest, Elsie becomes increasingly worried as Keima still shows no sign of directly involving himself with Minami. Nevertheless, Keima sticks to his plan and eventually lures out the runaway spirit for Elsie to capture.

Hunting Break Arc 7

4 Girls and an Idol

For the anime episode, see: 4 Girls and an Idol (Episode)
Elsie - Lost Music

Elsie confronts a dilemma.

Elsie and the rest of the 2-B Pencils finish their practice session completely under the impression that they have performed very well. Unfortunately, the bitter truth about their playing is revealed after Elsie and the others listen to a recording of their session at a family restaurant. Elsie, in particular, is honestly upset about the whole thing because she apparently can not hear her own instrument. Her ignorance regarding music is further cemented when she isn't even able to identify the tool Chihiro says she needed in order to play properly.

Over the next few days, Elsie and the band make an attempt to create a light music club in order to engage in more practice sessions and to ultimately become better at playing their respective instruments. Their objective is literally tested, however, when Kodama tells them that the only way he will approve of a light music club is if they all achieve perfect scores on the next exam.

Elsie - Surprise Visitor

Elsie and the band greet Kanon.

The band members decide to simply practice on their own because they do not want to do what Kodama said they should be doing. They suddenly meet Kanon one day after school as they deliberated over some snacks when Chihiro makes an unexpected declaration that she and her band will meet Kanon on stage during the Maijima Academy festival. Elsie and the others are moved enough by Chihiro's fortitude that they resolved to study for and eventually perfect the exams to get Kodama's approval for the establishment of the light music club.
Elsie - Adorably Pathetic

As expected, Elsie does poorly on her test.

So that they may do well during the exams, Elsie abducts Keima and essentially forces him to tutor her, Ayumi, and Chihiro. Kanon later joins the group to study while Elsie chooses to play around by letting the other girls hear key words that pertain to their conquests. Seeing her have fun, Elsie is lightly punished by Keima before accidentally setting her papers on fire due to her furious writing speed.

After the exams, Elsie still manages to obtain a sub-par grade. However, she and the band become surprised when Kodama decides to grant them permission to form the light music club.

Return to New Hell

Elsie and Haqua return to New Hell to attend a conference of the members of the Runaway Spirit Squad. At the entrance of the meeting hall, Elsie begins to clean out of habit. She is appropriately scolded by Haqua who also decides to drag her in to the building.

After reuniting with old classmates and her former bullies, Elsie goes with Haqua to get their physical checkup. She and Haqua then walk around and reminisce about their lives prior to joining the Runaway Spirit Squad before arriving at their old classroom, where Nora, one of Elsie's bullies, decides to belittle Elsie and Haqua about their recent performances within the squad.

Around the conclusion of Chief Dokurou's presentation, the Great Demon medal is presented to Nora, whereas the newly-formed Section Chief's award is presented to Elsie for her unexpectedly excellent work in capturing runaway spirits. However, Elsie is nowhere to be found since she has left the conference to resume cleaning the hall's entry way.  She continues to clean happily while everyone looks for her.

Childhood Friend Arc

Elsie - Homecoming

Elsie returns to the Katsuragi household from her trip to Hell.

Days after the Runaway Spirit Squad conference, Elsie returns home to the Katsuragi household and greets Keima with a menacing creature that starts chasing after him. She proceeds to greet Mari afterwards and repeats herself to Tenri's mother.

Having taken notice of Tenri, Elsie tries to make contact with her only to have her spirit sensor very briefly go off. Elsie later reminisces on the misconception about the spirit sensor she thinks she had after the departure of the guests. The following day, she informs Keima about her assumption and warns him about the imminent danger to his childhood friend.

Elsie witnesses multiple instances where Tenri dispenses harm upon Keima the day after that. When her spirit sensor rings again, she rushes over to Keima's location only to find that her sensor has stopped ringing once more. She then tries to confirm her suspicion by applying to capture Tenri's runaway spirit only to discover that Nora had already taken the initiative. Later, she and Keima make contact with Tenri to be told that Nora is searching for Keima.

Immediately afterwards, Keima is forcibly captured by Nora so Elsie and Tenri frantically chase them towards the Akanemaru. Elsie beseeches Nora to release Keima when she and Tenri arrived, but Nora ignores her plea and proceeds to mentally harm Keima. In the end, Nora is driven away by Keima's usual temperament, which then causes Tenri (actually Diana) to decide to let Keima help her.

The trio borrow a classroom at school in order to formulate a plan. While Elsie scattered doll copies of Keima and Tenri throughout the city, Keima takes some time to think about how to deal with Nora. He and Elsie eventually arrive at the conclusion that Elsie will need to borrow a runaway spirit from someone else so that they may fool Nora later on.

Elsie - Contrite

Elsie returns empty-handed.

Regrettably, Elsie returns without managing to acquire a spirit. Fortunately for her, however, Diana (Tenri) had kept a weak runaway spirit with her in case of emergencies. Elsie then casts a spell to enlarge the spirit and releases it into the sky for Nora to pursue. With the crisis averted, Elsie and Keima return home whereas Diana informs Keima of their inevitable meeting in the future before disappearing. The next day, Elsie and Keima are greeted by Tenri as their new next-door neighbor. It is then that Diana further elaborates her relationship with Tenri.

Family Reunion Arc

On one summer day, Elsie, Keima and Mari return to the countryside (more specifically, Yamaguchi village)  to visit the graves of the deceased members of the Katsuragi family. Unsurprisingly, Elsie effortlessly gets along with the other family members so well that she has already been thought of as part of the family.

As Elsie and the rest of the family offer their prayers to the dead, Elsie notices a strange voice and oddly becomes frightened after being teased by Mari about seeing ghosts. Later, she and Keima spend some time talking about the history of the village when all of a sudden the strange voice previously heard by Elsie returns and reveals itself to be a mere child visiting the graves with her grandmother.

At night, Elsie's inexplicable fear of ghosts grows as winds howl and shutters jitter. She frantically wakes Keima and asks him to accompany her to the bathroom, much to his annoyance. Within the bathroom, Elsie is suddenly greeted by numerous light flashes and an eerie song sung by a ghostly form of the little girl she previously met.

Elsie's midnight scare permeates well into the morning after. She spends the rest of her time hiding underneath a futon while trying to convince Keima that what she saw was an actual ghost and not a runaway spirit. Afterwards, she and Keima make contact with the child from the day before, with Elsie becoming more and more frightened as the time she and Keima spend with the girl increases. The scary situation regarding the little girl, Airi, is later explained to Elsie and Keima by the girl's grandmother, so the two return home slightly relieved.

However, when the ghostly girl returns once more, Elsie and Keima are compelled to investigate further into its history. While Keima dealt with the ghost, Elsie kept an eye on Airi and her grandmother, who is revealed to have manifested the runaway spirit (ghost girl). Elsie then makes an attempt to communicate with the runaway spirit and eventually captures it without much struggle. The following day, she, Keima and Mari all return home as she ponders over the gap in the heart of Airi's grandmother with Keima.

Ramen Girl Arc

Elsie returns to New Hell after her visit to the countryside in order to relax and eat some hellish ramen. Accompanied by a random elder, Elsie is then taught how ramen is properly eaten, but her experience quickly becomes unexpectedly disastrous. It is subsequently revealed that Elsie has been simply reading a storybook at a store while waiting for Keima to finish purchasing the stock of games he collected throughout that day.

After their shopping expedition, Elsie nags Keima about eating ramen so they enter a ramen shop where they witness a young woman place an order for three big bowls of ramen.

Unfortunately for Elsie, no ramen was left as it was all given moments ago to the seemingly hungry young woman. Elsie and Keima then decide to seek another ramen shop, but when they manage to reach one the young woman from before invades the shop before Elsie and once more miraculously finishes all of the ramen in that very shop. The pattern continues a few more times until Elsie, Keima, and the young woman all take a break. At that time, Elsie and Keima see the young woman pour hot coffee into a cup of ramen and watch her be disgusted with it.

It is at that time that Elsie decides to look for another ramen shop. However, when she sees the young woman rushing to her targeted shop, Elsie prevents her from coming any closer using the hagoromo, resulting in the happy consumption of ramen. Her actions apparently have severe repercussions though, because when the young woman learns that there is no more ramen for her, the spirit sensor rings towards her direction.

Later on, Elsie and Keima follow the young woman into another ramen shop, surprised to discover that she was an employee at the shop. While eating more ramen, they witness an argument ensue between the young woman, whose name is revealed to be Sumire, and the owner who is her father. In order to deal with Sumire, Keima had Elsie temporarily retreat while he borrowed her broom for the conquest's purposes. After a few days, Elsie and Keima discuss the progress of the conquest, with the two arriving at the conclusion that Keima will need to work hard enough to be accepted in Sumire's reality.

Keima makes a titanic effort towards becoming closer to Sumire as planned, while Elsie stays at home and awaits his reports. After hearing his stories, Elsie becomes jealous and so decides to cook for him, but he simply rolls away from her reach. Eventually, Keima manages to lure out the runaway spirit from Sumire for Elsie to capture. Elsie later reads about Sumire's newfound success in her ramen shop and expresses her interest in eating there.

Hunting Break Arc 8

The New District Chief

Elsie begins her day by asking Keima to play with her, only to be comically trapped in a box and be shipped off. When she finally arrives back in Maijima city, she flutters about with her hagoromo and afterwards receives a message from the government, detailing the news regarding the existence of goddesses.

When she finally returns home, Elsie desperately runs towards Keima (who was apparently accompanied by Haqua and Tenri/Diana) to inform him that a new district leader has been put in charge of her and a few others: Nora. As if on cue, Nora suddenly appears before the group and begins to lord her new position over Elsie. Unwilling to deal with her, Keima verbally insults Nora while hiding behind Elsie, prompting Nora into believing that Elsie had just insulted her. A chaotic scene ensues which later results in the departure of Haqua, Tenri, and Nora. Afterwards, Elsie notices that someone had left a magic box so she has Keima return it to its owner.

Later in the evening, Keima calls out to Elsie who has been reading a magazine. He then suddenly compliments her for being a 'buddy', something which completely shocks Elsie, but then proceeds to dishearten her by telling her to stay as a low-level devil exclusively for him.

Shogi Girl Arc

At the beginning of the second term, Elsie continues to practice with the 2-B Pencils and learns from Chihiro that their band requires a drummer. With apparently no one else to ask, Elsie decides to enlist the aid of Keima but is adamantly refused. While trying to convince Keima to join her band even though he possessed no skill in playing the drums, she and Keima are surprised to hear the spirit sensor go off. They walk around searching for the runaway spirit possessor and discover that the possessor is a girl from another school who is looking for "Keima", a knight piece in shogi.

Confused, Elsie presents the girl with Keima, the person, but only manages to rouse her anger for not comprehending what she is referring to. Then, the girl introduces herself as Nanaka Haibara when she is challenged to a game of shogi by the Maikou shogi club. After watching Nanaka win the match almost effortlessly, Elsie and Keima talk about her as they walk home while subtly arguing about which one of them should deal with her. When they reach the Katsuragi household, they happen upon Tenri who has apparently been hiding from something.

It is then that Nanaka appears before them and immediately challenges Tenri to a shogi match. When Elsie and Keima ask for some clarification, Diana is reflected upon Keima's PFP and explains that it was due to her intervention that Nanaka has been trying to have a match with Tenri nonstop.

Keima decides to interfere in the situation between Tenri and Nanaka by challenging Nanaka to a game whereas Elsie watches from the rear. After the match, Elsie, Keima and Tenri return to the Katsuragi household where they attempt to formulate a more appropriate plan to deal with Nanaka's conquest. However, when Elsie inadvertently reveals that Keima will be kissing Nanaka to end the conquest, Diana becomes filled with rage.

Elsie attempts to explain the circumstances behind the intended kiss, but Diana elects to ignore it and proceeds to dispense physical punishment upon Keima. The quarrel eventually leads to a shogi match between Diana and Keima while Elsie and the recently-arrived Nanaka bear witness.

Ultimately, Keima loses the duel and tearfully proclaims that he will be assisting Nanaka in her next match against her target, Tenri (Diana). Over the next few days, Elsie watches over the training session between Keima and Nanaka and even tried to help them by adopting Tenri's hairstyle so that Nanaka will be more focused towards her goal. On the day of the rematch, Elsie is once again witness to the game and mostly keeps quiet. In the end, Nanaka manages to win against Tenri (Diana) and the victory fills the gap in her heart. Her runaway spirit is captured by Elsie later in the evening.

Hunting Break Arc 9

An Intrusion in Pajamas

Elsie is summoned to Keima's room a short while after her apprehension of Nanaka's runaway spirit. Inside, she drowsily asks what is needed of her and receives no proper answer.  Apparently, Diana — who asked for her to come in the first place — has no real intentions for her aside from her presence. It is then that Keima lays Elsie on his bed while he and Diana converse about Diana's siblings, the Jupiter Sisters.

Body Switch Arc

At the end of the school day, Elsie talks to Keima about the slight issue her band has regarding a sorely needed drummer. When Keima tells her that they will most likely need a proficient drummer in order to perform well during the festival, Elsie concludes that perhaps a member of the wind instrument club will be sufficient for the band. She then rushes off to the music room before Keima has the chance to say anything else. Upon her eventual return, she admits to having been unsuccessful when her runaway spirit sensor suddenly goes off towards the direction of Yui Goido.

During the following morning, Elsie and Keima appear nearby Yui's house to investigate her everyday lifestyle. When Keima boldly claims that he will be able to conquer Yui within the day, Elsie becomes overly excited and attempts to drill a hole in Yui's house before being chased out by a bodyguard.

Elsie and Keima then make a choice to return to Yui's house in the evening after Keima has made contact with her during school. As they leave for Yui's house, Elsie notices that Keima seems to be feeling unwell and has been expressing signs of illness. Unable to contain it any longer, Keima collapses in front of his home whereas Elsie calls Mari to come over and tries to rouse Keima.

As soon as Keima awakens, Elsie immediately tries to get him back inside the house when he suddenly screams apropos of nothing. Just then, Elsie hears the phone ringing from inside the house telling her to pick up. Upon doing so, she is told by a female voice (Yui's) to relay what is currently happening with Keima and to ask him what his name is. The conclusion that Keima and Yui have switched bodies is solidified by the fact that the Keima outside the cafe gives 'Yui Goidou' as his name. In order to avoid further trouble, Keima (in Yui's body) tells Elsie to bring Yui (in Keima's body) to the Goidou residence.

Note:  At this point in the story, Keima is Yui and Yui is Keima; they should be understood as such.

Keima explains the situation to Elsie upon her arrival with Yui. Over the next few days, Yui tries to think up ways to blend in as Keima, whereas Keima and Elsie leave school in the middle of the day to discuss the circumstances with regards to the body-switch situation. When Yui gradually comes to enjoy being a male, Elsie is told by Keima to make sure that her time as him is as uncomfortable as possible. Coincidentally, she sees Yui in the music room where Yui is getting acquainted with the rest of the 2-B Pencils.

The gender switch between Keima and Yui worsens as the days pass. On a day after school, Elsie reports to Keima in the Goidou household as to what has been going on with Yui and the 2-B Pencils. Since she has run out of ideas, she pleads to Keima for some assistance but is nervously refused by him on account of taking a break. Keima's unease ends up causing Elsie to be suspicious so she forcefully opens the doors to his room to discover that he had been playing an otome game.

After she spends a considerable amount of time with her eyes agape, Elsie questions Keima's newfound preference in males and figures that he is becoming more female in terms of romantic emotions.

Back at school, Elsie goes to Keima to talk to him about Yui's runaway spirit. Keima informs her that since he is in Yui's body, he can directly feel the burden from the spirit so Elsie strongly reminds him that they need to capture it before the situation worsens even further. However, she spends more time trying to pry Keima away from the otome games he has been obsessing over rather than progressing with the conquest.

However, because of the runaway spirit within Yui's body, Keima feels its effects and collapses. After Elsie takes him to the infirmary, she rushes out to find Yui and brings her back to Keima. Keima is eventually taken back to the Goido household by Yui's mother while Elsie goes to him to discuss the next step in the conquest. Noticing that the growing power of the runaway spirit has materialized into a miasma that surrounded Keima, Elsie is told to let things run its course. She is also asked by Keima to leave him with a bit of her hagoromo so that he may advance the conquest to its final stages.

By the climax of the conquest, Elsie appears to capture the runaway spirit as usual only to realize that the runaway spirit has become too powerful for her to handle alone. Elsie becomes frantic at the unexpected development and chases after the spirit when it rejects her detention bottle. Using her hagoromo, Elsie latches onto the spirit only to be mercilessly dragged around the street. Moments later, Keima finds her unconscious and immediately tries to get her back on her feet. Elsie awakens with a disappointed expression and cries onto Keima for losing the spirit, but the two soon find that the spirit had been captured by an altered version of the detention bottle.

The next day, Elsie concludes that the strange detention bottle holds incredibly powerful magic upon closer inspection. While wonder who could have used it to capture Yui's runaway spirit, Ayumi and Chihiro suddenly appeared to talk to Keima, Elsie tells him about what happened between Yui and the band. After Keima cruelly diffuses the situation, the inevitable quarrel is later amended by Yui's unexpected intervention. What surprises Elsie about Yui's appearance is that she has taken to wearing male clothing since then.

Godzilla Sister Arc

Around autumn, Elsie is elated about the recent developments that had occurred — the winter uniforms, the capture of the runaway spirit, and Yui's admission into the 2-B Pencils. After the band meeting, Elsie and Keima talk about the remaining goddesses in depth, but because of the many problems that permeated the topic, Elsie decides to leave most, if not all, of the thinking to Keima.

As they walked back home, Elsie collides with a group of delinquents that violently respond to her misbehavior. Unexpectedly, they began beating on Keima after they catch up with them, while Elsie watches helplessly from the background. Just then, Elsie's spirit sensor loudly rings and out appears a woman yelling through a megaphone. Through a series of misunderstandings, Keima winds up in a worse state than he was before, followed by the strange woman's casual plundering of Elsie's hagoromo and her subsequent departure.

Realizing that the woman harbors a runaway spirit, Elsie and Keima easily track her down to the mountains where Keima suddenly finds himself surrounded by martial artists (Elsie successfully flees and hides beforehand). Elsie and Keima then behold the apparent master of the mountain dojo, Kusunoki Kasuga. While Keima is presented as a hostage before Kusunoki, the woman who stole Elsie's hagoromo appears and greets her. She returns the greeting by referring to her as her older sister.

Elsie then signals Keima with her eyes to immediately begin working on capturing the runaway spirit that is possessing Kusunoki's sister, Hinoki. Left with no choice, Keima unwillingly repeats the method he previously used on Kusunoki to be accepted into learning martial arts, with a few additions. Elsie later joins him in the dojo and proceeds to scold and hit him for doing something as excessive as stumbling onto Hinoki's chest for no apparent reason. According to Keima, though, his actions were all part of a plan to gauge the distance in status between Hinoki and himself.

While Keima proceeds with Hinoki's conquest, Elsie waits at home. A few days after, she and Keima talk about how Hinoki literally grew a whole lot bigger causing her to blindly praise runaway spirits for their various abilities. The two have a brief discussion concerning Hinoki before Keima advances the conquest once again. As a warning, Elsie reminds him that if he fails to fill the gap in Hinoki's heart, the outcome of the conquest might evolve similarly to or even become worse than what happened during Yui's conquest.

Some time later, Elsie is asked by Keima to watch over the gigantic Hinoki while he fetches Kusunoki. As she does so, she witnesses Kusunoki (actually Fiore who put on Kusunoki's appearance through her hagoromo) berate her sister ruthlessly. Because of that, the gap in Hinoki's heart widens even further and sends her into an irreversible  state.

Because the runaway spirit possessing HInoki has grown to be very powerful, the Runaway Spirit Squad sends a fraction of its members, including Haqua, Nora, and Sharia, to suppress and capture it. Elsie then joins them and tells them to not do anything yet since Keima and Kusunoki are trying to complete the conquest. Afterwards, she hurriedly flies to Keima and seeing that he has been on giant-Hinoki's palm holding a large pill encasing Kusunoki, she uses her broom to successfully strike both Keima and Kusunoki towards Hinoki's mouth. She flies off to the other squad members as she waits for the two to overcome Hinoki's runaway spirit.

The situation intensifies on Elsie's side, but she does not stop trying to persuade the others to let Keima do what he must. Eventually, the runaway spirit separates itself from Hinoki's body, allowing Elsie and the other squad members to make their move. In the end, however, none of the squad members are able to capture the spirit even when they all work together. The spirit was ultimately confined by another enhanced detention bottle that is revealed to have been used by Yuri Nikaido. Elsie later flies back to Keima to tell him of the good news and when they return to school, she admits to not being very helpful during the conquest while Keima tries to comfort her by saying he did no better.

Hunting Break Arc 11

A "Date" with Keima

Because of her lack of usefulness during Hinoki's conquest, Elsie continues to wallow in despair. For the next few days, she has a difficult time performing the simplest tasks and more often than not becomes disoriented towards everything.

Seeing Elsie fall deeper into depression, Keima makes an attempt to communicate with her but only ends up being angry as usual after she accidentally destroys a part of the house with her broom. Realizing that Keima does not want her sad, Elsie pretends to be all right though she does not succeed entirely. Keima then seeks the help of Ayumi and Chihiro, which leads to a date between him and Elsie at the Desney Sea theme park. Elsie is initially skeptical, but her friends nevertheless decide to pressure her into preparing for the date.

Throughout the date, Elsie gradually regains her cheery self but becomes more and more conscious about Keima's constant gaze. In the end, Keima destroys the mood by telling Elsie that they have not been on a date, so their time together ends with Elsie still upset. Keima then decides to shove Elsie to a new destination since he is running out of ideas. The two end up at the Narusawa Fire Station where Elsie immediately recovers her animated self. Thorougly happy, she does her best to have as much fun as she can with the many fire trucks and other things at the fire station.

Elsie and Keima return much later to Maijima where Keima finally talks to Elsie about her recent depression. As he lectures her about the things only she can do, she tries to deny them because they are mostly useless. She calms down after Keima adamantly reminds her that her consistent optimism is something not everyone can achieve. When the two finally reach home, Mari scolds them both for being out so late, but then thanks Elsie for taking care of Keima and influencing him for the better.

The next day, Elsie comes to school completely back to her happy self.

First of All a Triage

During the week of the school's sports festival, Elsie accompanies Keima after school at the batting center. Inside, she discovers that Keima only went in to play a virtual batting game that involves a virtual female pitcher. As she begins to question the validity of the batting game as a gal game (according to Keima, anything is a gal game as long as there is a girl and an ending), as well as other past-times including a fortune-telling arcade machine, she warns Keima that if he continues at the pace he is in, it will never end.

Keima eventually defeats the virtual batting game causing Elsie to be relieved. However, the two later learn that Keima only beat the first stage of the batting game. Elsie's troubles return after Keima decides to keep playing.

Old Conquest Arc

At the advent of the school's major festivals, Keima prepares to search for the remaining goddesses whereas Elsie thoroughly enjoys the events involved in the sports festival. She later joins her friends at the awards ceremony where her class is hailed as champion.

During midterm examinations, which is held right after the sports festival, Elsie busily attempts to study but immediately surrenders. Noticing Keima walk in, she asks for his help only to be ambushed by his sudden question regarding a kiss they may have shared. Elsie denies his question in an embarrassed manner so he moves on to ask the same question to Mari.

Elsie and Keima return to school the day after when they are suddenly alerted by a nearby runaway spirit. Unfortunately for Keima, Elsie gets invited to study together by her band mates, so she chooses to leave all the capturing duties to him. For the majority of the supposed conquest, Keima is left to deal with the target — Akari Kurakawa — while Elsie spends her time studying for school. She does assist Keima a few times, though, even if her efforts don't really help him. Much to her surpise, Elsie later finds out from Keima that the conquest has been dealt with while noticing that she had never once met the target.

The days following, Elsie continues to search for the goddesses along with Keima. Some time during the week, the two meet Tenri in front of the school and end up discussing the situation with Diana, who tells them that she feels the presence of one of her sisters.

On the day after, Elsie and Keima discover that Kanon is a goddess host right after she confesses her love for Keima. Unfortunately, Elsie and Keima react too late to the situation since as soon as Apollo takes over Kanon's body, she is severely wounded by Fiore (in the anime, Lune is revealed to have wounded Apollo/Kanon).

Upon their arrival at the horrific scene, Elsie notices that the knife that struck Kanon contains an enchantment that originated from hell whereas Keima attempts to confirm if Kanon is still alive. Elsie then contacts Haqua for assistance and subsequently finds a spirit sensor without its owner.

Back at the Katsuragi household, Elsie, Keima, Haqua and Diana watch over the unconscious Kanon. After attempting to remove the knife multiple times, they manage to discover that the magic enveloping the knife hails from Old Hell and that it contains the mark of Vintage. As Elsie tries to verify if saving Kanon is impossible, both Haqua and Diana give no words of comfort. Keima then begins to formulate a plan that involves searching for a goddess within a week. Though before he could start his search, he tells Elsie and Haqua that Kanon needs somebody that can take her place as an idol, a responsibility that ultimately falls unto a shocked Elsie.

The World the Lil' Devil Only Knows

And so, Elsie pretends to be Kanon while Haqua aids Keima in his mission by pretending to be Elsie. The days following her departure, Elsie is seen by Keima and Haqua relatively succeeding as Kanon. From stage performances to television shows, Elsie does very well in them albeit in a manner unusual for Kanon. The hectic schedule takes a toll on Elsie, however, so she later decides to visit the Katsuragi household to take care of household chores and to have a brief respite from being an idol.
Approximately three days following the beginning of her time as Kanon, Elsie admits to becoming more and more used to the situation. Soon after, she visits the stage set for her during the Maijima Festival while hiding from the general public. However, she spots Chihiro right outside her van and starts talking to her about the band (2-B Pencils), seemingly unaware that Chihiro believes that she is talking to Kanon. Later, Elsie heralds the coming of the Maijima Festival by performing on stage.

Much later, after the appearance of the goddess Mars, Keima and Haqua return home to find Elsie doing her best to prepare dinner. As soon as Elsie sees Keima, she runs to him ready to burst into tears and hugs him intimately.

After dinner and a bath, Elsie and Haqua stumble over a sleeping Keima so they decide to move him to a more comfortable place. Elsie then bids farewell to Haqua and cheers her on before returning to her duty as Kanon.

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