Chapter 11

エリー SO(ソー) SWEET(スイート)
Erī sō suīto
Chapter Info
Release Date June 18th, 2008
Chapter FLAG.11
Volume Volume 2
Arc Hunting Break Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 8.0
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Ellie SO SWEET (エリー SO SWEET, Erī sō suīto) is the 11th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


In the morning, a scream can be heard from the Katsuragi house. Keima was running away from a lunch box Elsie made, which had come to life and proceeded to walk around. Keima then said Elsie is horrible at cooking, and that she was like a bugged game; a "bug demon".



In the school, Elsie was crying over Keima calling her a bug demon, while Chihiro Kosaka told Elsie to not be bothered by Keima's words. Elsie wanted Keima to acknowledge her cooking, and to a lesser extent cleaning, so Chihiro told Elsie to make Keima a cake. After seeing a magazine with instructions for making a cake that Chihiro gave her, Elsie was determined to impress Keima with her cooking. During the second period, Elsie used her hagoromo to create a double of herself, and headed for the Home Economics room on the 4th floor of southern building.


Mandragon's egg hatches

As she prepares the ingredients, which she brought from Hell, a mandragon egg hatched and wrecked havoc. While she was running from the mandragon, she came across Keima. Elsie avoids talking Keima and headed off to the Home Economics room once again. She told Keima to come to the Home Economics room later where she will display her true power to him. Elsie was busy making the cake, from mixing the dose, to growing the strawberries, and baking the oven on fire. As she was almost complete and was about to put the finishing touches, the mandragon came back and took the strawberry. In addition, because of the fire Elsie used to bake the cake, the heat caused remaining eggs to hatch, and a whole bunch of demons popped out.


Elsie licking Keima's face

As Elsie tried to keep away the demons, a huge explosion destroyed a part of the Home Economics building. Keima was standing outside the room and saw Elsie who was still decorating a destroyed cake. Keima sighs and took the cake from Elsie and swallows whole in one gulp, telling Elsie that he hates sweet things. After that, he apologizes for the incident during morning and was about to leave when Elsie licks off the cream that was on Keima's cheek, shocking Keima.


  • Elsie is magically speed-growing some hell strawberries with an umbrella, a reference to My Neighbor Totoro. (Chapter 11, p.13)
  • Doraemon, Suzumiya Haruhi, and Maetel are the characters on the background. (Chapter 11, p.6)
  • Chihiro was reading "GirlWalker", reference to real life Japanese magazine "GirlsWalker". (Chapter 11, p.7)
  • The cover for the next chapter can be placed next to the cover for this chapter to create a larger image with both Keima and Elsie.