Differences between the Manga

Due to the massive amount of changes and differences between the manga and the anime, this list was made to prevent the original article from overloading.

Changes from the Manga and Anime

  • Because Fiore does not exist in the anime, some of the scenes where Nora and Haqua intereacted were either shortened or re-edited.
  • In the anime, Keima's clothes under the sweater was a long-sleeved button shirt. In the manga, it was a plain T-shirt.
  • In the manga, Haqua beckons Keima to his game library. In the anime, Keima found her there by chance.

Cut Content

  • In the manga, Keima was thinking on how current events have reinforced his theories and says how he will be the first to see the ending.
  • In the manga, Keima saw Tsukiyo's doll, Luna, sitting on a chair in the library, and he hides Luna away for couple reasons: first, to hide the doll from Shiori, and second to use the doll for later events.
  • In Shiori's Middle Age story, in the manga, Shiori was fighting the tyranny of Count "Cashiragi".
  • In the manga, after seeing Shiori's story, Keima had an inner monologue on deciding the best choice to retaliate to Shiori's story before deciding to ask for a continuation as the final decision.
  • When Keima was first attacked by Vulcan in the library, he was wondering what the phenomenon was.
  • When Keima was looking for Tsukiyo, Vulcan (Luna) was following Keima to interfere with his search, but he had approached Nikaido to avoid getting caught by Luna.
  • When Keima hugged Tsukiyo, Luna was childishly pounding Keima's head.
  • In the manga, Vulcan mentioned that the spell used on Kanon is an imitation spell. This was not present in the anime.
  • When Kanon was "submerged" in the manga, Nora tried to make Keima kiss her to see if Kanon would wake up. Even when he did, it did not work.


  • When Tsukiyo punched Keima, Vulcan threatened to kill Keima. This was toned down to hurting him badly.

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