Denma Katsuragi

Denma Katsuragi

桂木 伝馬
Katsuragi Denma
Gender Male
Status Alive
Job Potter
Manga Debut Chapter 66

Denma Katsuragi (桂木 伝馬 Katsuragi Denma) is the grandfather of the protagonist and lives out in the country-side.

Character Overview

Denma is the eccentric grandfather of Keima and father of Keiichi. He is a famous potter that has worked on making pottery for 50 years. Denma loves his grandson Keima very much and wishes for his happiness, going as far as placing a painting of one of Keima's favorite galge characters on one of his works as a present to him. When Keima visited Denma for the Obon Festival, it was shown that he greatly enjoys Keima's company.

Denma is a very cheerful and nice man. He moved to the countryside 10 years ago, giving his original home in Majima City to Keima's family, who had just lost their home because of an earthquake. Continuing to live as a potter, he is very devoted to his work.


  • On an Omake it is stated that Denma used to give pottery classes in what is now Café Grandpa.

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