Debris of the Sun

Chapter 115

Taiyō no hahen
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.115[1]
Volume Volume 12
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 28.0
Chapter Guide
When the Sun Goes Down

Debris of the Sun (太陽の破片, Taiyō no hahen) is the 115th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


The chapter begins with a shadowy figure observing Kanon, who had finished her daily schedule, from a distance.

Diana hiding

Diana hiding her halo

The next day, Keima is seen walking to school with Elsie. Keima saw Diana and mistakes her for Tenri as Diana has hidden her halo under an umbrella. Diana and Keima engage in a short conversation, and Diana reveals to Keima that she felt a presence of the goddess.

Bad idea

Kissing is a bad idea

Diana mentions to Keima that goddesses draw out their powers from love. She also informs Keima to kiss the girls he had conquered to awaken the goddess inside them, but changes her mind suddenly, realizing that she is asking Keima to kiss someone other than Tenri. Diana switches with Tenri and goes to school. Nearby, Kanon is watching the conversation between Keima and Diana but suddenly Apollo senses a strange presence of someone from the shadows watching them. Apollo asks Kanon if she saw someone suspicious. Kanon looks behind her in alarm only to see her fans wishing good luck on her test.

In the washroom, Kanon and Apollo have an argument about the presence Apollo felt. Kanon suspects that Apollo is worrying to much. Apollo quickly replies that the person is not just looking at them but also feels a hint of malice from them. Suddenly, Apollo feels the presence again and hides for the meantime. Kanon is scared by Apollo's action.  She leaves the room to get ready for the next exam when Kanon hears footsteps from outside the washroom.  Kanon bumps into Fiore at the door and pass her. Fiore's goddess detector reacts to Kanon and Fiore concludes that there really is a goddess inside of Kanon.  In the classroom, Kanon is worrying because Apollo is scared and hiding herself.


Failed attempt

On the way to apartment Kanon was shocked when she sees a window suddenly crack beside her. Thinking that someone is trying to kill her, Kanon runs home and hides in her room. Kanon tries but fails to contact her manager through her phone. She tries to pretend that the event never happen and tells herself that she is imagining things.

The next day at school, Kanon is still unconformable and thinks of contacting the police. She decides to contact her manager during her test, but gets scolded by Kodama for using her phone. Noticing the sound of some footsteps, she looks outside the classroom and witnesses a dark figure. As the figure draws closer, Kanon panics, screams, and throws herself at Keima. Shocking the entire class, Kanon embraces Keima tightly. She tells Keima that she does not have anyone else she can rely on besides him, and that she has not forgotten about Keima and that she remembers everything.


  • Debris of the Sun is sung by Yutaka Ozaki.


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