Dating Sim Games


Genre Love, Romance, Comedy
Novel Debut Volume 1
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Dating Sim Games are Keima's favorite types of games. Keima gives information on his website every time he finishes a game. Many of game company's want to know who the Capturing God is. It is more commonly known by its Japanese name "Galge", which is literally the portmanteau of "Gal" and "Game".

Known main female heroines

She's the main heroine of the game "Crayon" also known as the game that defeats the gamers. She's an artist that enjoys sharing her work. The reason why the game were been called to defeat every gamer is because of the bug that cause many loops in the game. The game she starred in had a bug that caused various scenes to continue in an infinite loop. Many gamers gave up on the game and the company became bankrupt because they are afraid that the games from the company has also the same bug that causes loops. But not only loops are in the game, the has also a crash after that Keima finished the game. After much trial-and-error, Keima managed to get past the scene where Sora shows the player her sketchbook but found another bug after that.

  • Yotsuba Sugimoto (杉本 四葉, Sugimoto Yotsuba)
    Yotsuba Sugimoto

    Keima finds the dating sim game One Leaf/Yokkyun in a bargain bin, with Yotsuba on the cover

She's the main character of a game that Keima played called "Yokkyun", which according to Keima had only sold 200 copies. She seems to be drawn as a parody of the famed visual novel Kanon. Not many things are known about Yotsuba, she looks like Ayu Tsukimiya but much worse. Keima likes her for some unknown reason though. Tsukiyo Kujyō commented that it was just doodling, which Keima couldn't forgive her for and wished to curse her for what she had said about Yokkyun. Keima blames the bad drawing on the artist that drew Yokkyun, not Yokkyun herself.

This game heroine is known for being Keima's 10,000th capture.

  • Yumi (ユミYumi)