Chapter 59

Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.59[1]
Volume Volume 7
Arc Childhood Friend Arc
Adapted into OVA: Tenri-hen part 1
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Crisis (危機, Kiki) is the 59th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Tenri is walking around the Maijima City, commenting on how it has changed within the last ten years. When Tenri walks beside a tall building with reflecting glass, Tenri's aggressive persona appears from the reflection and agreed with what Tenri said. Tenri then comments that her reflection so nosy and asked the reason why she did those thing to Keima. Her aggressive self replied that because Tenri resists, then the aggressive persona tells Tenri to cut relations with the garbage Keima because she doesn't trust him, Tenri has a sad expression because she thought Keima would help her.

Back at the monorail, Elsie confirms that there is a spirit inside Tenri but Keima doesn't care and blames Tenri for making him go all the way to Narusawa to go shopping. Elsea then asked Keima they should apply to be assigned Tenri's spirit, at first he was irritated but then he replied that her split "personalities" weren't so hard. Keima then recalled what Tenri's reflection said to him and was confused about her intention. But his thoughts were interrupted by Elsea who confirms that the assignment have been applied for Nora. Keima was delighted when hearing the news while Elsea was a bit worried.


Ryou appears

Back to the ship, Tenri said she wants to go home, her reflection asks if she was okay with not talking to Keima. But Tenri replied that there nothing she could do cause Keima doesn't remember. The duo was eventually interrupted by Nora's buddy who tried to use his good looks and some romantic lines to make Tenri fall for him. But before he could finished, Tenri runs away. Nora then blocks her escape while telling Tenri to listen to what her buddy said. Tenri then has a conversation with them. At some point, Nora's buddy explained the method that they used to fill the gap. Nora then enveloped Tenri with her hagoromo to see through Tenri's mind. Tenri's mind shows Keima as her wish. Nora then asked Tenri if she liked Keima, which Tenri slightly shook her head, but when Nora asked Tenri again if she hated Keima, Tenri shakes her head even more. Nora presumes Tenri hates Keima and said they will put Keima through hell, while Tenri tries to stop them.


"You're in danger, Keima-kun..."

Back to Keima and Elsea, Elsea tells Keima that Nora uses very rough methods, but that's why they can extract a spirit in half a day, which make Keima surprised and asked Elsea how they do it. Elsea said she doesn't know. Suddenly, Tenri pushed Keima which caused him to fall over his games again. Keima then crying while asking Tenri why she does that to him. But Tenri instead replied to Keima that he's in danger.


  • What do you give to a woman with no lover? The F4! (p.12)


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