Coupling with with with with

Flag 8.0

Coupling with with with with
Coupling with with with with
Episode Info
Air Date November 24th, 2010
Adapted from
Episode 8.0
Arc Hunting Break Stories
Opening Song God only knows
Ending Song Koi no Shirushi
Episode Guide
Shining Star
Inside and Outside the Big Wall

Coupling with with with with is the 8th episode of The World God Only Knows series. It aired on November 24th, 2010.


An overview is shown what is going to happen, Mari was taking a shower and was thinking that deep inside that Keima is a good kid and heard something, she then appears and sees that it is a dinosaur which that she comes into a shock.

What is going to happen is now showing, the day starts when Mari is hanging the clothes and hears Keima screaming. 

Keima blames Elsie about her cooking style

Keima blames Elsie about her cooking style

Keima tries to hides himself after seeing something strange of what Elsie was cooking for him. Elsie told Keima that it is lunch and that she woke up at six to make it. Keima screams to Elsie about which world has self-propelled lunch. Elsie then tells if that food is still alive it is maybe warm at lunch time and she then took an another extra-big one for Keima. Keima had enough and told her that he doesn't need any of her disgusting crap. Elsie then became depressed and claimed that cooking is her only forte. Keima won't believe it and told her how gross it is. Keima then tells Elsie about a character that is a troublemaker like her that turns out to be special in some way and told her that there's nothing about her and told her evenly if she's really an demon and claims that she's one of the buggy games and claims more that she is a buggy demon. Elsie came in a gigantic shock about what she has heard.

Desperate Elsie

Desperate Elsie

Before class, Elsie is crying and Chihiro asks what was wrong with her. Elsie then tells Chihiro that Keima is mean and Chihiro tells her that nobody pays attention to Keima. Elsie then tells her that she is a little, little failure and yells that she was so confident about her cooking and her cleaning which that Keima doesn't pay attention to it and then tells if she is not good at cooking then she is not good at nothing besides cleaning. Chihiro then tells her that she must not gonna be that hard to herself. She then tells that she didn't know what had happened and tells Elsie if she really wants to make Keima happy then she must go to make a cake for him and shows the image to her. Elsie has become obsessed and stated that it is red-white, but Chihiro tells her that it is cake. Chihiro then tells her that if she created that cake, Keima will praise her about her cooking style this time. Elsie then had decided to create the red-white (cake) in order to make Keima happy, and Elsie had become more desperate to create the cake for Keima and Chihiro told her after that Elsie finished the cake she can throw the magazine away.

Doll Elsie

Doll Elsie

Kodama is teaching the class and tells that Elsie is next, but the children's sees that Elsie was acting weird. Kodama is then yelling at her to answer. At the Home EC room, Elsie became surprised that there's a kitchen at school. Elsie then starts to create the cake and follows the recipe, after reading that there must be sugar in the cake, she then is in full surprise that humans also are using sugar and she comes with sugar from hell and after that she has been reading that there are also eggs inside the cake but she came up with different eggs. One egg came out and Elsie sees that it is a dinosaur and runs off. The dinosaur is flying and had spit fire to Elsie. 2 hours later, the balloon of Elsie became lower and lower and Chihiro was still watching Elsie. Elsie then hides from the dragon which that she was mocking that it would be bad if the dragon ate the cake that she's making for Keima. Elsie was still cooking around the school and sees Keima, she had became desperate and tells that it is too soon and runs off. Keima wonders what was wrong with Elsie and Elsie tells Keima that it took to long and that he's going to witness what he's going to eat and she starts to laugh and walks away.

The Eggs came out

The eggs hatches

In the kitchen, Elsie has been literally using a helping hand to make the cake better for Keima and tries her best to create a perfect cake for Keima after seeing that she's burning the microwave. Later Elsie is making a final touch on the cake and was thinking about what had happened this morning. Elsie finished making the cake and puts the strawberries on top to make the cake perfect for Keima and thinks what Keima is going to tell Elsie if he really likes it. The Mandragon has appeared and is eats the strawberry. Elsie was scared and mad about what had happened and what is going to happen. All the eggs are coming out and are turning to Elsie. Elsie then noticed that after she warmed up the room and all the eggs came out. The strange creatures came closer and Elsie then screamed at them that the cake isn't for them. Then an explosion occured after that due to Elsie being too stupid to put the microwave under fire. She's then crying because the cake is gone.

Next stage

Next Stage

Well the day has come to an end and the result was what happened at the end of the day has been shown. Mari has Kodama on the phone that Kodama won't be able to come tonight. Mari is happy that Kodama cannot come tonight and Keima tells Elsie that she hasn't come to class today, but Elsie stated that she was in class today and was looking at the magazine that Chihiro gave her and was thinking that someday she will make the perfect cake for Keima. Keima then tells Elsie to remember that he hates sweet things, Elsie became sad and the adventure of Keima is about to start. Then what happened in Keima's story: The same thing has happened in the morning, but there is a difference after that Keima told Elsie that she was a buggy demon, he was thinking about how long it must going to take with her. At school during English lesson, Elsie was mocking about what happened in the morning. Keima is playing on his PFP as usual and was still thinking how longer before he must part with Elsie and thinks that maybe that the real world is hating him because he has been rejecting the real world all the time. Kodama is calling for Keima but Keima doesn't give an answer and Kodama tells again and Keima was still not kicking, while Kodama then starts screaming at him.

Keima thinks


Keima then gives the answer and Kodama tells him that he must be going to take his test results back, Keima then stands up and gets his test from Kodama. After that Keima came closer to Kodama, Kodama then yells at him that he always is playing games and doesn't pay attention to the lessons and that he dislikes his attitude. Keima then tells that it is fine and that he still gets a 100% on his test and he does pay attention to his lessons. Kodama became furious at Keima and Kodama then grabbed his test and yells at him all because that he has a perfect test results doesn't mean that he can do everything that he likes. Keima then thinks why Kodama is yelling at him, after that next was Elsie to get her test results. After seeing that Elsie was a balloon in the class, Kodama yells at her too. During lunch time, Keima is wondering were Elsie went. He then sees something strange and sees the Mandragon and was in a shock at what he just saw saw. Keima was then wondering what that was and sees Elsie, Elsie then runs off and then tells him that he will become in full surprise at what he's going to get. Keima then thinks that Elsie is coming up with something stupid and then on the 6th period - the class of Keima has P.E. and because that Mr. Kamura isn't around, Kodama is having the lead.

Kodama's really stupid way of talking

Kodama's really stupid way of talking

Kodama is in full dictatorship and demands that the children must run 20 laps. The kids are all starting to run and Kodama then tells them that they still have 19 laps to go. After that Kodama is seeing Keima running like a weirdo because he is tired right now and the problem is that he Keima has endurance issues. Kodama runs next to him and then tells him that he shouldn't play games all the time and also if the person finishes last he must run 20 laps extra. Kodama then comes closer to him and tells him if Keima apologizes now he will lower 10 laps for him. Keima was thinking about that and Kodama was still mad about it and Keima came up with a plan and take his PFP under his trainings shirt and starts to speed up and finished the 20 laps, but he comes out exhausted. Kodama is exploding in anger and tells that him will go to his home tonight to have a conversation with him and his mother. Kodama yells at him more and Keima then replied to Kodama's lecturing that he must not compare games with reality and stated that games are games and that reality is reality. Kodama became totally angry and the dragon of Elsie suddenly appeared.

Mari in badtub

Mari in the bath

Kodama runs away from the dragon and Keima was seeing strange creatures. Keima is then heading home and was giving Elsie the blame about what has happened today. After that Keima has appeared back home, then sees something in the bushes. Keima then sees the cake of Elsie and recalls what Elsie had told him during lunch break. Keima doesn't want to be in the mess of what Elsie has created and recalls what has happened to Elsie, he feels a little bit sorry for her but his PFP gives away that theres a time-based event and runs in. Well this story tells about Mari's event. Well it starts with a phone from Kodama while she was repairing her motorcycle, after that the two then finished the conversation, Mari was mad at Kodama because he talking about her son. Mari then noticed that she can't meet him with the mess she's in while she was repairing her motorcycle. She then was thinking that Keima is a good kid deep inside and overheard something. She then became shocked after seeing the Mandragon and was mad at the dragon and wants to pay revenge for peeking and heads outside. Mari then hears something and sees that her vase has been broken and assumes that the person has broken in. Mari then takes another vase and sees the person and attacks him, but it was Keima eating the cake from Elsie and she has become desperate attacking her son. Back at the dragon, he then flew to the rooftop and the bento of Elsie was running off to the rooftop too. Kodama then appears and was pushing doorbell and sees that Elsie's bento eating the dragon and came in a shock.


  • While Keima is giving Elsie the riot act about being weird, he makes a reference to weird characters usually turning out to be special somehow. Around 3:19, the silhouettes we see to the left of Elsie is are both characters from Tezuka Osamu's works. The silhouette we see to the right of Elsie is unmistakably a certain member of the SOS Brigade from The Melancholy of Susumiya Haruhi series. Looking closely the silhouette is Haruhi in her famous pointing while dancing pose seen from behind.
  • In the manga, Elsie licked off the cream from Keima's cheek. This was omitted in the anime.

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