The term conquest refers to characters (generally female) who are/were possessed by a spirit and who has been conquered or is in the process of being conquered.


The conquests in order of their introduction (as conquests) in the anime adaptation are:

  1. Ayumi Takahara in episode 1
  2. Mio Aoyama in episodes 2-3
  3. Kanon Nakagawa in episodes 5-7
  4. Shiori Shiomiya in episodes 9-11
  5. Kusunoki Kasuga in episodes 13-14
  6. Chihiro Kosaka in episodes 17-19
  7. Jun Nagase in episodes 21-23
  8. Tenri Ayukawa in episodes 26-27
  9. Tsukiyo Kujyō (episode 28 flashback only)
  10. Yui Goidō (episode 28 flashback only)

Manga only

Conquests who have not been referenced in the anime at all:

  1. Yukie Marui
  2. Minami Ikoma
  3. Rieko Hinaga
  4. Sumire Uemoto
  5. Nanaka Haibara
  6. Hinoki Kasuga
  7. Urara Shiratori

Novel only

Conquests that have not been referenced in either the anime or manga:

  1. Tooru Amami
  2. Asami Yoshino
  3. Shino Akuragawa
  4. Aoba Fuse

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