Kanji Name シトロン
Romaji Name Shitoron
Status Disbanded
Leader Lime
Date of Formation Unknown
Misson To debut in Narusawa Seaside Hall
Manga Debut 4-Koma
Anime Debut Episode 6


Citron (シトロン Shitoron) is the former idol group Kanon was in. The former leader at the start was Lime, but was later changed to Kanon due to her rising popularity in the group. Because of her rising popularity also, the group was disbanded and Kanon started her solo career.


The group was created by Lime, while Kanon and Yuri joined her to form the group; Citron. Citron was quite popular in their times. However, after some time, due to some unknown circumstances, they had to disband. The most possible reason the group disbanded was because of Kanon's rising popularity in the group.

Their dream or mission was to sing in the Narusawa Seaside Hall, which only Kanon has succeed to do so, in the progress. In Kanon's days of Citron, Yuri and Lime were holding back because of her cuteness. When it came to the time that Kanon was to perform at the concert hall, - the place of the group's unfulfilled dream - the two former members, Yuri and Lime, sent her flowers.


They wore Light Blue Christmas costumes but it is unknown what they usually wore during their popularity.


  • There is little known of the group, for it was only shown in the 4-koma of Kanon's profile. Even in the anime, very little is elaborated on the group.
  • In swedish, Citron means lemon. This may be a reference to the group member Lime.

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