Cast Off

Flag 121 Cover

Kyasuto ofu
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.121[1]
Volume Volume 13
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 29.0
Chapter Guide
Confession 2/5

Cast Off (キャストオフ Kyasuto ofu) is the 121st chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Devil of the Game World

Following with the previous chapter, Haqua continued to masquerade as Elsie. In class, she showed her talent, which impressed most of Elsie's classmates, which left Haqua confused about how Elsie normally behaved. Keima said that she should act clueless, as she was now.

After class, Keima wanted to check up on Akari, but she wasn't around and her classmates didn't know where she was. Keima had to cross her out of his candidate list. He then narrowed down the list of potential goddess candidates to a third of the original list. He did this by basing it all on his deduction that the goddesses were made to be closely related to him. Out of the five candidates, he believed that the remaining four goddesses were within them, and only them. Haqua at first didn't believe his inference, but Keima explained his choices to Haqua: he also acknowledged his position as the source of the goddesses power.

While Keima and Haqua were having their conversation, Nikaido eavesdropped on them. Keima then went home to think a way to lure out the goddesses.

Later on at his house, Keima and Haqua watched "Elsie/Kanon's" interview, at which Keima complimented her for doing a good job. Haqua intended to go home but Keima suggested that she sleep at his house, which made Haqua blush. Haqua and Keima then went upstairs to check out Kanon. Haqua then said Kanon's condition hadn't changed since yesterday, and that Kanon should be fine. Keima then had a glimpse of sadness on his face. But before Haqua could ask him, he wished her goodnight. After Haqua took a shower, she pondered about why Keima was so serious. Meanwhile, Keima was thinking of a way to call out the goddesses and protect them at the same time.

Back to Haqua, she decided to lend Keima her strength, but Keima stepped in the bathroom all of the sudden while mumbling, which shocked her, causing her to screamed. Keima then realized what he had done and tried to leave, but slipped and fell onto her. Haqua screamed and smashed him out of the bathroom using her scythe, leaving a hole in the bathroom. Keima looked back on his past efforts, where he faced many misfortunes. Because of this, he decided to become a demon, instead of being a God, leaving Haqua mad at being ignored after Keima saw her naked. Next door, Tenri was wondering what happened at Keima's house.


  • Keima declares that he'll cease being a god and instead become a demon of the game world while adopting one of Lelouch's gestures. (chapter 121, p.19)


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