Body Switch Arc


Arc Info
Manga Chapters 81-89
Anime Episodes 28 (brief flashback only)
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Shogi Girl Arc
Godzilla Sister Arc

The Body Switch Arc is the 17th Arc of The World God Only Knows series. It contains the heroine, Yui Goidou.

The Arc

Innocent Drummer Girl

Keima is thinking about the Goddess hunt, Chihiro asks if Keima plays the drums since they are looking for a drummer for their band. As Keima remembered, he should not be cold to his previous conquest targets, but he replied in a very cold manner, "Not a clue, don't ask me such a thing." As Keima was leaving, Chihiro punched him and regretted to have asks him before called him a cockroach.

As Keima rolled all the way towards Elsie, he guess that not only Ayumi and Chihiro doesn't remember about the past. And it seems that he was hated even more by both of them than before their respective conquest.

After school, Elsie said that Chihiro is very anxious since the Mai-High festival is coming. Keima then said that it'll be impossible for them to participate even if they did find a band member cause the person cannot be a professional in a mere 2 months unless they find a skilled member. Elsie suddenly had an idea and tells Keima that she will just ask someone from the Wind Instrument Club and runs off while Keima says to himself that there will be no one to help out since the club also has to prepare for the festival.

As Keima was playing his galge, a girl wearing a yukata and holding a set of drumsticks is happily playing the stair case support, who accidentally stepped on her own yukata and falls on Keima. The girl quickly apologizes for her misconduct and said that she thought no one was there while Keima was shocked when he saw his PFP froze. Suddenly he got pushed to the wall very hardly by another much older woman. The mother, then accused Keima for hurting the girl (revealed as Yui). The mother then threatens Keima that she will call the police, a doctor and even a teacher while Yui said that she only bumped to Keima.

As Yui's mother continues to insult Keima and tells Yui that they should've change schools, Keima tried to defend himself saying that he's a victim. Suddenly, two members of the Wind Instrument Club asks Yui if she's really resigning. Yui's mother replied to them that Yui has too much family work to do and thus, she has to quit which Yui then confirms melancholically. As the two members said what should they do about the durms.

Elsie then returns to Keima telling him that a genius drum girl resigned from the club because she's very committed to her family. Elsie then said that the family is annoying and she can't invite that drummer. Suddenly, Elsie's sensor rings towards Yui as Yui's mother complains yet again about the noise as Keima remarks about how it was tranquil until the latter shows up, which made the mother angry.

After Yui's training, at the Goidō family household, Yui returned home and was welcomed by her family members. It is then introduced to the readers that the Goidō family is the oldest family in Maijima, and Yui is the daughter they take pride in. Yui was shown that she follows every single wish from her parental figures, greatly pleasing her family members.

Yui then said she will take a small break and while walking, Yui took out her drumsticks and angrily cried out that she wants to be freed from her parent's grasp before falling down on her yukata again.

Meanwhile, at the Katsuragi household, Keima was thinking that the goddess hunt really is tiring while Elsie thinks about getting a drummer......

Swift Shake of the Heart

Keima and Elsie take a peek at their next target - Yui - the daughter of the prestigious family. The duo then witnessed that Yui was so obedient to her mother, even though she forbid her to play the drums again. Yui was depressed but then she accepted her mother's suggestion. When they finally go to school, Keima stated to Elsie that he has known all of Yui's circumstances, so he will manage to finish the "hunt" today much to Elsie's happiness. But then Elsie was confused since Keima said Yui's capture would be a tough one before, which Keima replied that Yui's route is just like the setting of a Stone Age galge game. Keima then analyzes more deeper about the setting, he said Yui has so much expectation and tradition to handle from her family (especially her mother), so all he needs to do is balance the weight. In order to do that, Keima orders Elsie to initiate the first step: Destroy the Goidō's manor, but before Elsie could do that, the Goidō's butler chases them out. Keima then carries Elsie to a hiding place while he said he will take a detour even though he prefers "the house destruction's route".

At school, as a regret, Yui takes a peek at her former music club, her friends from before asks her what she was looking. They then said to Yui that they already found a girl to play her part in the festival, so there is no need for her to worry. As Yui rest assured about the problem, she wishes them luck in the festival. But before she leaves, her friends, with a mocking tone, wished her to become a good wealthy lady just like her mother wishes. Yui then thinks about her situation, she stated that she had fun with the club but because of her mother, she can no longer return to the club again. She hopes that she could continue with her passion but then realizes her mother wouldn't listen. Despaired by what she has to bear, Yui blames her mother and herself without noticing the ball in the staircase. With the result, she trips and falls into someone. As she quickly apologizes to the person, who was revealed to be Keima, he smiles at her and said that fate brought the two of them to crash to each other a lot. Hearing that, Yui was embarrassed and tried to distance herself from Keima.

As Keima was thinking how well the conquest will progress, he reveals his plan of capture. In his plan, it's obvious that with Yui alone, she can't "balance" with her mother, but if Keima backs her up, she will somehow overwhelm her mother's shadow. And all Yui needs is a knight (Keima) to help her to do impossible things.

Back to reality, Keima helped Yui to gather her bag. But before she got home, he asks her if she likes playing the drums which she confirms. While Keima reminds himself to focus, he compliments on how Yui looks stunning like an angel and how touching the sound she created the day before, which made Yui even more shocked and embarrassed. But before Keima could finish it, her mother kicks him to the wall and threatens him to stay away from her daughter or she will drop him to the Maijima Sea. She then took her daughter out to the car despite Yui trying to explain. Keima doesn't want to give up so he said to Yui that he will be looking forward to her sound the next time they meet. And again, Yui's mother kicks him to the wall before he could finish it.

Back to Katsuragi's household, at night, as Elsie feels a little regret about Yui's mother's intervene, Keima replied that his route is still fine and based on that he will initiate a final crescendo event: an intrusion to Yui's house. He then stated that he has full of confidence about the upcoming event since he already saw the ending. But then, Keima felt a little dizzy......

Back to Goidō's household. Yui was still having a blushing face thinking about Keima while her mother complains how bad the school that Yui attends to. Yui was then thinking about how different the way Keima treats her and her mother. In Yui's eyes, Keima is such an elegant gentleman and she wants to meet him again. But then Yui somehow feels her mind is drifting off...

As Yui's mother asks her daughter if she is alright, Yui and Keima suddenly collapsed at the same time before they manage to get back up. But then the strange thing happened......

In the last panel, as Keima and Yui have switch their bodies and they don't seem to recognize their family. The conquest just became complicated.....

She's Me, I'm Her

As Keima regains his conciousness, he realizes that he is now Yui while she (Yui) became Keima. This switch surprises them, but Keima quickly accepts this as the Weiss's ability while Yui was having a hard time to accept it.

At the Café Grandpa, while Mari and Elsie were surprising the way "Keima" acting, the phone rang. Elsie picked up and was surprised about the person on the line-it's the real Keima. But Keima said he had no time to explain and she needs to accept it. Keima wants Elsie to describe how the other "Keima" behaved while Yui's mother was searching for "her". Elsie replied that the other "Keima" is very delicate. Keima then tells Elsie to ask the other "Keima"'s name, "Keima" replied that "his" name is Yui Goidō, which gave Elsie a shock. Keima then explained to Elsie that for some reasons, he and Yui had swapped bodies. In order to fix that, he commands Elsie to take "Keima" to the front door of the Yui's estate immediately.

At the Yui's estate, Keima met up with Elsie and the other "Keima" at the front door. Yui asked Keima if he was the one who fell down the stairs with me during time and why they swapped places. Keima then replied to Yui as if he'd knows such a thing while he replied to Elsie that he believed it's the spirit's fault. He then explained to Elsie that Yui, as a lady, must've been stressful thus it overlapped with his created events. And on top of that, Yui's request for help made the spirit listened and trigger the swap. Due to this development, Keima thinks it would be the best thing to stop all the events right now while he comes up with the countermeasure tonight. "Keima" refused to stop cause "he" was troubled by this, but Keima replied that he was also troubled but there's nothing they could do right now. Their conversation eventually interrupted by Yui's mom.

Yui's mom asked what "Yui" was doing while "Keima" came to hug her. "He" was immediately punched multiple times. Keima told Elsie to bring Yui. Yui's mom so angry and asked her daughter if "she" met with that man or not. But "Yui" replied quickly that there was nothing. Back at the Katsuragi household, Mari was worrying about her son which Elsie replied "Keima" was OK. Yui was still having a hard time to accept the situation. When Elsie offered "him" a bath, "he" declined and said to Elsie that she doesn't need to worry for "him" which made Elsie think it's creepy. Yui thinks that she had been becoming strange and wonders what Keima might be doing.

Back to Yui's estate, Keima tried to refrain himself to not look at Yui's body while he was taking a bath. He also mentioned that he got too used seeing the woman's body in games so he's not interested about it. While taking a bath, Keima thought about the situation and come up with a solution.

Next morning, "Yui" met up with "Keima" and Elsie. Keima replied to Yui that nothing came to his mind last night, so they have no choice but to stay in the other body for a while which Yui refused cause she didn't know anything about the lifestyle of men and said that Keima was irresponsible. Then Yui asked Keima how to "do it" since she didn't "do it" yesterday which makes Keima and Elsie have to guard the restroom. While Yui is in the restroom, she again asked Keima what to do, Keima replied that she can do that like a woman. After hearing that, Yui broke down in tears and said that she wanted to get back and return home. Keima comforted her by telling her that everything going to be alright. Yui apologizes for Keima and finally accepts the situation.

When "Keima" goes to classroom, "he" accidentally collided with Ayumi and Chihiro. The girls told "him" to watch where "he" was going which "he" replied that he was day dreaming and apologizes to the girls. This caused Ayumi and Chihiro a shock.

Back to Keima, while he was playing his games, he thought about the development and he stated that this development was a fortunate one and he ready to make a preparation.

Pretty-Faced Facade

Keima and Yui has swapped bodies, meaning that "Keima" is Yui and "Yui" is Keima. But the reason for this, is it because of the escaped spirit's powers...?

The chapter continue where "Yui" begins to tell "Keima" that she (he) does not want any insecure flags so they must keep this as a secret from other people and live their lives accordingly, which "Keima" agrees with "Yui"'s statements. "Keima" then bows and said that he (she)'s in her (his) care while "Yui" telling "Keima" to stop with the -sama suffix. And thus their switched life begins. "Keima", during class, thinks that she must not cause trouble for "Yui" but "he" didn't know much about the latter. "Keima" then thinks since Keima has such a cunning appearence, he must be an honor student who gained much respect from his peers and teachers. During Nikaidō's lesson, when she asks about some character in the history book, and wanted people to answer, "Keima" raises his(her) hand giving a flawless answer (much to many students shock and Nikaidō's anger). Nikaidō then pierces "Keima"'s eyes since she is believing "Keima"'s sudden good behaviour must be some new form of harassment.

During lunch, Elsie exclaimed that Yui was having some trouble adjusting to Keima's behaviour which made "Yui" worried since causing a commotion may be bad for the route. After hearing that, Elsie then reminds "Yui" that Yui does not buy galges, which "Yui" argues that Yui has been always living under her mother's judgement and influence. According to that, "Yui" think she is doing well in the Goidō family. Suddenly, Yui's mother came and said she was worried about her asking why "Yui" ran off when she said that she will pick her(him) up after school. "Yui" then said that she wanted to buy some galge no matter what. When Yui's mother swiped away the games saying that they will go home, "Yui" threw a tantrum wanting the games, which made Yui's mother trying to calm her "daughter" down as Elsie becomes more worried about "Yui".

At evening, in the Katsuragi household, Elsie compliments Mari's Mirin-deni-ika(Boiled Squid in Mirin) while Mari said that she may be considered a goddess in the use of mirin. "Keima" then thinks that it has been ages since his(her) mother made anything for him(her) while father is never home. "Keima" also compliments that the food is delicious and he(she) is moved to tears. When Mari heard that, she suddenly stopped talking and falls over her chair unconcious. "Keima" then realizes that each word that comes out of his(her) mouth seems to have a ripple effect, but he(she) is determined to do his(her) best while Elsie thinks that it's fine if "Keima" doesn't do it.

Meanwhile, in the Goidō household, Yui's mother is calling her "daughter" to come out and have dinner, only to found out that the she is sitting in a rotating chair playing up to six galge while commenting on how spacious the house is. As the dispirited mother leaves, "Yui" said that this could also help to put some pressure on the mother thus reset the good relationship between the mother and child. He was then commenting how great the electricity supply at Goidō household is.

The next day, "Keima" continues to be nice, greeting Kodama on the hallway (with the latter complaining about the new "harassment" to Nikaido who is also worries about the new "Keima") but he still trying to get used to being in the bathroom and toilet (With a blindfold). At the same time, "Yui" receives a confession from another guy to her(him). She was then telling the guy that his confession won't work while giving him advices how the routes of the confessor should do. "Yui" does not have any worries going to the bath as another day passes.

After school, "Keima" greets "Yui" and said that he(she)'s never been so exhausted before, which "Yui" also agrees. "Keima" then asks how long will it stay like this and is shocked when "Yui" says it may be forever. But "Keima" after hearing that seems to be relieved a bit. After that at the game store, "Yui" is worried, since "Keima" was thinking that the situation like this is fine cause "he" was no longer being pressurized by his(her) mother. "Yui" then orders Elsie make "Keima" feel uncomfortable so that "he" could wish to return to "his" original body. Just when Elsie leaves, "Yui" then spots a shelf full of Otome games and quickly retreats away from the "world of darkness" immediately but then "she" suddenly stop at mid way.

As "Keima" is walking toward the music that he(she) heard, he(she) quickly discovered the 2-B Pencils. In the last panel, "Yui" is shown to have a closer look at those Otome games.......

Enjoyable Discovery in Each Other's World

Keima and Yui have swapped bodies, meaning that Keima is Yui and Yui is Keima. But the reason for this, is it because of the escaped spirit's powers...?

At the club room, Chihiro and Ayumi asked what does he(she) want. "Keima" said that he(she) is mesmorized by the music and came here so that he(she) could hear them play. The trio (Miyako, Chihiro and Ayumi) are shocked and asked each other what "Keima" was planning while Elsie said that she is going to be late for the band if she doesn't hurry. Meanwhile, at the game store, "Yui" with an embarrassing face, looks at the otome games again and asks herself(himself) why would she(he) be capturing men.

Back at the club, Ayumi asks Chihiro is it okay if they let Keima stay, to which Chihiro replied that she can't hear clearly and made Ayumi screaming if they should chase "Keima" out, since "Keima" is making a silly looking face which greatly disturbs her and the rest of the members. In "Keima"'s mind, he(she) felt the music piercing through "his" body and recalls how she began to like the sound of drum in the past and the reason that she(Yui) could not make a single sound in the Goidō household and thus, music became her salvation. While "Keima" was in deep thought, he(she) was attacked by both Ayumi and Chihiro to stop him to making weird faces while Miyako comments on how her peers are so violent. "Keima" then asks if there are drums in the band. Chihiro said that she told "him" before that they are recruiting a drummer while using Miyako's sequence as a substitute. "Keima" then asks if he(she) could beat the drums, stunning the two girls for a while.

Mean while, in the Goidō family manor, "Yui" checks to see if anyone's outside her room, "she" was then blushing since she(he) bought the otome game in the end and tells himself(herself) that he(she)'ll not play it. But out of habit, "Yui" decided to give it a try, only to feel utterly disgusted about the events, doubting that any woman will like it.

Back in the clubroom, "Keima" brought a slightly old drumset from the Wind Instruments Club while Chihiro is surprised that Keima has some connections to the Wind Instruments club. As Miyako states that how their group really begins to look like a real band, Ayumi reminds Chihiro that they should kick "Keima" out, with Chihiro asking her to do it. As the two are arguing who should kick "Keima" out, Miyako asks if "Keima" can play the drum set. "Keima" then begins to play the drums and the sound was amazing enough to shock the trio at "Keima"'s skill. "Keima" then suggest that they should replay the song again.

Meanwhile, at the Goidō family manor, "Yui" was surprised since she(he) just made fun of the otome game a moment ago, but she(he) is beginning to enjoy it as the game continues, "Yui" began to blush more and is panting heavily. Back to the clubroom, after finishing the song, "Keima" said that this is the first time he(she) had made such a strong sound and "he" had so much fun. Miyako then asks the other girls if "Keima" was really wonderful which they replied Keima was only "average" while blushing. Chihiro then said that they are a girl band, and once "Keima" hears that, he(she) then said with a sad expression that he(she)'ll be leaving while Chihiro and Ayumi both stopped him(her) and asking if he(she)'ll come again for practice. As "Keima" becomes excited and holds Chihiro's arm, Ayumi hits him(her) before saying that he(she)'s not an official member yet.

As Elsie hurried to the club thinking that "Yui" asked her to interfere with "Keima", she saw that "Keima" had already established "his" position and affection in the club. As a blushing Ayumi asks Chihiro that if "Keima" will be in this club, Chihiro while blushing too, said that it's only for tomorrow while Miyako wondered what's wrong with her friends, Elsie desperately thinks what she should do because of a huge progress during her absence.

At the Goidō family manor, "Yui" is also in a "pinch" as she(he) wondered what she(he) should do about the event in her(his) otome game......

Slow Change into the Other Self

Nikaidō congratulated Ayumi and Chihiro for finally finding a member, which both of them tried to deny. Nikaidō then asks who's the candidate only to find out (in shock) that the person is none other than "Keima". "Keima" then asks the duo if they have a practice today and (s)he wanted to help out too. After hearing that both girls are in disbelief at first about Keima's intention but quickly nevertheless have to agreed to meet after school when they see Keima's 'enthusiastic attitude.'

At the Goidō family manor, "Yui" was angered and worried that Keima had joined the club while Elsie replied that it happened all so sudden. "Yui" explains that if "Keima" can now play drums to his (her) heart's content, the runaway spirit will never come out and instructs Elsie to do something about it as well. Elsie becomes annoyed at Yui whose only been giving her directions and asks Yui to at least attend school, as Elsie rushed in towards Yui's room, she found out that "Yui's" screens are full of otome game guys saying "I love you."

The next day, Elsie asks if her 'nii-sama' had fallen in love with guys after founding out that he had become addicted to otome games. "Yui" defends by saying she (he) wanted to compare it with galges and it was horrible, but somehow the heroes (in the otome games) are good, honest and thus, she (he) cannot leave them in the lurch. As "Yui" confuses what is wrong with her (him), Elsie replied that there may be a possibility that Keima is slowly becoming more feminine, since he had been in the girl's body for too long. A shocked "Yui" quickly denied that since she (he) is detached from the real world and while hitting Elsie for saying that.

Their conversation then gets interrupted when "Keima" comes to the class. He (she) said that he's (she's) worried about not being able to meet "Yui" recently. While "Yui" is confused about the word "Keima" uses, he then explained that he(she) is now more used to speaking like a boy. When "Yui" quickly try to warm Keima about what will happen if they don't do something quickly to change their lifestyle, she was quickly interrupted by "Keima" (whose now grabbing "Yui" by the shoulders) saying in his delight that he (she) joined a band. As "Keima" was hurriedly saying about these, "Yui's" sense of reasoning becomes changed, despite knowing it's not her (his) own body with 'her' heart is beating faster and faster before. Finally, "Yui" swipes of the arms of "Keima" and said in a very feminine tone, "Don't touch me!". Suddenly realizing what had been done, Yui quickly retreats leaving Keima confused.

Inside "Yui's" mind, she (he) thinks that how he (she) had lived in the 2-D world since birth, how ideals where the subsistence of "Yui" but on that day (the day of the switch,) these ideas was eaten away by the flesh and soon, "Yui" proclaims that "God is dead". Only to be knocked out by someone, who reveal to be none other than Aoyama Mio.

Mio was frustrated and asks "Yui" to watch where she's going. "Yui" then was shocked to found out that Mio was here which the same as Mio since she didn't know that Yui also was in a "commoner's district." As both were picking up the bread, Mio wonders why "Yui" seems to be taller but quickly realized that she's just not wearing her high heel boots but the normal one which makes "Yui" taller than her. Mio then said that she's working in the bread store as part-time which "Yui" makes fun of by telling her that it against the law for elementary students (reference to Mio's height) to work, with the result as "Yui" gets a hit in the head by Mio. Mio then said that her current job right now doesn't make her as a commoner since inside her still has the pride as the late president's daughter and she will re-build the company someday, but right now she accepts the fact that she and her mother are poor now so she needs to help her mother.

After hearing that, "Yui" comments that she's different somehow than the one from the party, which startled Mio. Mio quickly rush to "Yui" and asks if "Yui" was at the dance that change her (Mio) forever. "Yui" then recalls what Diana said about the hint to find the goddesses. "Yui" then asks Mio that if she remembered anything from the dance, which Mio confirmed that she didn't forget about the place, the music and especially she'll never forget the man who danced with her. When "Yui" hears this, she realized that Mio may have a goddess reside within her.

Becoming Princess Doubt

Mio Aoyama revealed that she remembered the conquest that changed her life. As "Yui" continue to asks Mio to find out how much does she remember, but Mio only replied that the man that she had been together is such an unbelievable person. Frustrated by the answer that Mio give, "Yui" demand that Mio give "her" a proper answer, which annoys Mio. But finally, Mio replied to "Yui" that Morita - her former driver, (which made "Yui" surprised to hear that), was the man that had been with her, also is the man that she danced with, and especially also the man that.....(kissed her). Mio stop when she realizes her memories was so wrong. As Mio tried to denied what she said and correct that's she didn't know who was with her, "Yui" realizes that because in Mio's previous conquest, "she" used the driver roles as a way to approach her, thus, when her memories modifies afterward, the person in her shattered memories mixes up with Morita.

A desperate Mio then asks "Yui" about the man that she danced with, cause she believed that day is more precious to her than anything since after that day, the burden in her heart has been lifted. After hearing that, "Yui" realized that Mio has no goddess in her, so "she" replied to Mio that Morita could be the one. Mio, a bit disappointed and suggested Yui to go home. But before she get back to her work, she wished "Yui" to do her best for the sake of the Goidōfamily. Inspired by what Mio said, "Yui" regains "her" motivation and realizes "she" had no time to be weak since the real Yui still needed "her" help. Before leaving, "Yui" holds Mio's arms and wished Mio goodluck, which made Mio suddenly realizes something familiar about "Yui" but before she could ask, "Yui" was already gone.

Back to school, as Elsie asks "Yui" what to do to capture the Weiss, which "Yui" simply replied that the Weiss was already capture. Duo to the switch, the Weiss can't detach from the girl's host, but it manages to make "Yui" act strange lately. Elsie continues to asks how "Yui" feel when there's a Weiss in her, which she replied that "she" feels a vehement of uneasiness and an unending sweet languish. "Yui" then said to Elsie that "she" somehow needs to convince "Keima" to return to her real body if they wanted to get the spirit out. But "Yui" suddenly felt strange about her body and before Elsie knew it, "she" continues to play Otome games in order to regain "her" focus back despite Elsie's effort to stop "her".

Back to "Keima", as "his" life continued, "he" thought that somehow he didn't bother about living as a guy anymore. When "he" was leaving for the band practice, Ayumi began her cleaning duty. Seeing that, Keima smiles at her and offers his help, which Ayumi refuses at first but then accepted while blushing since she can't deny his words. At the same time, Keima's classmates and Nikaido saw his sudden change recently and commented that's how good "Keima" is. While on the balcony, the fact that "he" can do whatever "he" wants made "Keima" realizes that he wanted to stay as a boy forever. But Elsie interrupted "his" thoughts and told a grave news that "Yui" was in critical state right now.

The duo immediately rushed to the infirmary, they found out that "Yui" was in pain. As "Keima" orders Elsie to call a doctor, "Yui" stops "him" since "she" didn't want anyone to find out about the body-switching with a begging voice. "Keima" realizes that "Yui" now has acted like a real woman, while "he" wonders what caused "Yui"'s personalities change to like that, Yui's mother rushed in and pushed "Keima" out. She then ordered the driver to carry "Yui" to their family doctor, while "Keima" tried to explain to his "mother" about their situation, which she didn't listen and instead of that she suddenly changes to her devil mode, and strangled "Keima" while threatening "him" to stay away from "her" daughter. When Yui's mother left the school with "Yui", "Yui" thinks about the new development that "she" made and "she" thanks the otome games that "she" played, which provided her a lot of information for the capture.

In the last panel, "Keima" was seen to had made up his mind while Yui begins to determinate to reverse-capture "her" male self, because "she" after all, is still the "Capturing God".

Let the Heroine Play the Hero

"Keima" asking the Goidō family butler, Okamoto, to give "him" permission to get in the house. As "Keima" begs Okamoto (much to the Okamoto's shock since "Keima" knew his name) to enter the house, "he" is grabbed by three thuggish looking men hired by Yui's mother. She then said that of all the men that tried to get close to Yui, "Keima" was the most persistent one yet. Suddenly, "Keima" saw "Yui" let out of the house to the limousine as "he" noticed that there are black aura around her(him).

Later, at the Goidō family mansion, "Yui" comments to Elsie how it is good that she(he) cannot meet "Keima" and how both Yui's mother and the gist is to get Yui's attention. Elsie also comments on how it's getting more difficult for her to sneak in the mansion. "Yui" then says that maybe she will get consumed by the spirit in Yui's place which make Elsie worried as "Yui" says that she(he)'s joking. "She" then said that from the otome games she(he) played, the heroine's love points is gained via the distance from each other. But Elsie said that it may not work in real life. "Yui" then said that she(he) wants a piece of Elsie's hagoromo.

At the Katsuragi household, "Keima" was wondering if the body switch caused the sickness while Elsie lied about not knowing anything about that. Now that "Keima" thinks about it, he(she) is constantly realized he(she) was only thinking about himself(herself) and did not think about "Yui"'s feelings at all. As "Yui" wonders if the gap will be filled before or after the spirit consume her(him) .

The next day, Yui's mother told "Keima" that she will had her daughter transfer schools to which "Keima" responds that Yui won't. As Yui's mother and her hired men laughed before telling him to leave. Meanwhile, "Yui" uses Elsie's hagoromo and a piece of the kimono to make a airplane and send it away...

At school, "Keima" is now approached by Chihiro who asking him(her) if they should go for band practice. As "Keima" thinks that despite he(she) was happy with Keima's body, he(she) still feel guilt-ridden since it is not his(her) life but Keima's life. Frustrated by guilt, "Keima" beats the drum very fast, asking loudly if he(she) had always been walking on his(her) own legs. Suddenly the kimono airplane touched his head. He(she) opened it and the content said "I want to meet you." .

That night, at the Goidō family manor, "Yui" was worried that the runaway spirit is growing at an alarming rate but soon dismissed it and said that the heroine must wait and trust the hero. Suddenly, the hired men in the Goidō family manor screamed that there's a thief in the mansion. As they search for the thief, Elsie guides the person (who reveal to be "Keima") to "Yui".

Soon, "Keima" had finally reached "Yui" who responding, "Welcome, my prince". At the same time, Yui's mother came to "Yui"'s room to check out her daughter. "Keima" with "his" determination said that he(she) will take "Yui" with him(her) as Yui's mother screamed vulgarities at him(her) and sends her hired men after "Keima" which was easily defeated by "Keima"'s drumming skills. "Keima" then said that Yui has her own desires and is the only one that decides about her life. "Keima" then stated that he(she)'s such a weakling and everything would've been better if he(she) had said earlier. "Keima" then apologizes to Yui's mother and said that even if they did not switch back, he(she) will always protect her(him) as "Yui" thanked "Keima".

And with that, the chapter ended with Yui and Keima kissed each other, much to Yui's mother's terror and her hired man's envious.

From Lady to Gentlemen

With "Keima" kissing "Yui" in the previous chapter, the runaway spirit within Yui is finally released. Keima and Yui also returns to their respective bodies, while everyone else except Keima and Elsie were unconscious. Elsie then tries to capture the spirit, but the spirit that was in Yui is no regular spirit. As she tries to suck in the spirit, it resists and keeps a hold of itself outside the bottle. It appeared that Keima had let the spirit grow inside him for too long while he was in Yui's body, so the spirit had become a level 4 spirit, being large and able to talk.

The level 4 spirit breaks the bottle and escapes. Elsie desperately tries to get a hold of it with her hagoromo, but is dragged by it while there was a mysterious person over watching them. Keima then chases after Elsie, only to see her lying unconscious on the ground outside the Goidōresidence. Keima then tries to wake Elsie up, Elsie awakens and hugged Keima when she realizes that she had failed to keep a hold of the spirit. But Keima notices that the spirit is in a capturing bottle, held tightly by a special contraption nearby. While Keima wonders who caught the level 4 spirit, a weird sound caught his attention. But before he could investigate it, the mysterious person sneaks away .

The next day, at school, Elsie sees that the contraption on the bottle is filled with lots of magic. As Keima thinks about this, Ayumi and Chihiro approaches Keima to talk about the girl's band. He asks Elsie what the duo were talking about, and she responds that "Keima" joined the girl's band in Yui's arc. To put up with this, Keima respond to them as: "Hah~. I've fooled you. Why would I join a band?". Though at first Ayumi and Chihiro becomes infuriated, but the two agrees that Keima would never join a band. Just when Keima thinks he has dispelled this situation, Ayumi and Chihiro starts to beat him up. Suddenly a mysterious person appears in a boy's uniform telling the girls to stop beating Keima. As a disbeliefed Keima asks a person if she is Yui, which she confirmed before telling him to keep his act together.

Ayumi and Chihiro then wonder who is Yui, but Yui immediately requested them to let her join their band after she saw their instruments. At first the duo won't let Yui in since they thought Yui is a boy, but after Yui reveals her identity, they all agreed and the trio headed to their club room. As Elsie comments how much Yui has changed since her conquest. Keima replied that he didn't care and it's normal nowadays for a girl acting like a boy.

Back to a school section, a frustrated mysterious devil reported to her superiority how the level 4 Weiss had been captured, before comments that the one who captured it must have a very strong spiritual power. But she then stated another Weiss will resurrect before looking to Kusunoki.

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