As You Like

Flag 245

アズ ユー ライク
Azu yū raiku
Chapter Info
Release Date October 5th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.245
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
Much Ado about "Something"
Nicely Tangled Threads, Badly Tangled Threads

As You Like is the 245th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Keima tells Tenri that he came from an apocalyptical future where demons ruled the earth, and that he was sent to the past to defeat said demons.

Play - Non-setting

The fate of the world as narrated by Keima.

Suddenly, futuristic robots appear and attack Keima. Meanwhile, Tenri was sent to the top of the castle by him, and comes across three enclosed letters.

Tenri - Summit

Tenri reaches her goal.

The first letter says that Keima was indeed from 10 years in the future, and that Tenri was needed to help him. The second letter was a schedule for the field trip and instructions to do there. The third was left unopened, as she was instructed to open it "when we meet again", according to the first letter.
Kaori - Subpar

Kaori expresses her displeasure.

As Keima was about to be crucified by the gunmen, Tenri comes along, pretends to stab herself, and then handing the knife used to Keima, which reveals itself to be a sword.

Keima then proceeds to defeat the enemies. Tenri then claims it was fate that got them together, which Keima then refuses to accept that, and said that they would fight to change fate.


  • The title is directly taken from As You Like It, a pastoral comedy by William Shakespeare.


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