Arita orph Reiko

Arita orph Reiko

Gender Female
Status Alive
Team The bullies/army
Weapons Fists
Height Large
Job Bully, army commander
Class Third/Fifth grade
Family "Mommy"
School Maijima East Elementary School (10 years ago)
Manga Debut Chapter 227

Arita orph Reiko is a bully who held the rank of 10. As observed in Chapter 227, she had the command over an army of grade schoolers named the "Arita Army," along with a "castle." She planned to rule the school. But later on, when angered by Tenri (when it was actually Keima who had angered who), she attacked her, but was defeated by "Tenri" (in truth, Elsie used her Hagoromo to attack Arita before Arita could lay a finger on Tenri).

By the next chapter, she announced her retirement and left to train herself, as a person and as a woman.


  • According to her army, she can beat up a bear bare-handed.
  • In Chapter 227 Arita was noted as a third grader. However in Chapter 228, she is said to be a fifth grader.

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