Chapter 114

Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.114[1]
Volume Volume 12
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Adapted into Anime Episode 28.0
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Debris of the Sun

Apollo (アポロ, Aporo) is the 114th chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Kanon's first secret, Apollo

Kanon Nakagawa who had, just finished her live concert, speaks of two secrets. After the show, Kanon and her manager, Okada went to the dressing room so that Kanon can get ready for her next performance. But Kanon wants to study for her coming exams, which Okada forgot, so she reschedules some performances while Kanon studies inside the dressing room. Kanon almost fell asleep while studying, until someone woke her up.

When Kanon looked in the mirror, she saw Apollo. Apollo tell Kanon that she need to study. While Kanon was wondering if she was hallucinating or not, Apollo thanks Kanon for the song filled with love that made her power return quickly. Kanon then asks who and why is Apollo here. She answered that she a goddess from Heaven and she has no clue why is she here, Kanon also says that she's a descendant of Apollo, the god of music, poetry etc, and for Kanon that's a very good omen. Just when Kanon about to asked another question, Okada showed up and remind Kanon it's time for the recording which startled Kanon.

Kanon, Staring at Keima

The Second Secret

The next day at school, Kanon was greeted by nearly all school which Apollo give her a compliment when she in class. After Kodama shouts Keima to stop gaming in the test, Kanon reveals her second secret. When Kanon in the rest room, she said to Apollo that she didn't understand anything about Apollo or Heaven, so what if she try to consult someone, Apollo denied and said that she don't want any human to involve. Kanon then asked Apollo that she has another ideas, which makes Apollo confused and replied that she's an idiot and she wish Diana were here so that she could lend them her wisdom. Kanon then said that she couldn't do anything if there's no one around. This make Apollo teased her that the reason she keep complaining is because she wants to speak with Keima which make Kanon blushed.

Apollo teases Kanon

Apollo teasing Kanon

Apollo then stated that Kanon is a pure girl cause even though Keima and Kanon were together for a week, Kanon still treasure those memories with such devotion which make Kanon blushed again and shout "Shut up" at Apollo. Their conversation was eventually interrupted and Apollo disappeared again. Kanon then stated that she began to recall many thing after Apollo appeared, but she too afraid to ask cause she think that Keima didn't remember her. Just when she about to asked Keima, Elsea interrupted Keima while Kanon was interrupted by her fan. Kanon then greeted her fan and leave which make Keima and Elsie a little surprised. The next morning at the studio,
Chap 114-3

Mysterious girl

Kanon still surround by her shattered memories, but then she stated that she finally remember anything, and Keima has nothing to do with her anymore. At the last panel, a mysterious girl looking at Kanon's poster.


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