All Together Flag

Flag 253 cover

オール トゥギャザー フラグ
Ōru tugyazā furagu
Chapter Info
Release Date December 6, 2013
Chapter FLAG.253
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
The Present Time "Ayumi"
To The Destiny

All Together Flag is the 253rd chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Goddesses - Flight

Flight of the goddesses.

The goddesses get into grandpa Shiratori's car and, as he drives away from the library, give control back to their hosts.

A devil pursues them, but they get into a secret passage and thus out of her sight.

As grandpa Shiratori explains to the girls that the Keima who is with them is not the actual Keima, the chair devils of Satyr contact Lune with orders to retrieve the goddesses. She tells them that the goddesses will assemble even without their intervention, so the best course of action is to wait.

After they've arrived at the Shiratori household, the girls are served dinner. Shiori notices the napkins bearing the Shiratori crest and has Ayumi ask the old man about that. He confirms his identity and tells the girls that, although they haven't been told anything, they will have to summon Keima back with their powers, while avoiding the 'enemy' who is out to get them.

Yanagi - Urgency

Yanagi contacts Shoutaro.

Grandpa Shiratori receives a call from Yanagi, who tells him that Yui had a fight with her mother and was dragged off to a nunnery and Kanon is in the middle of a five-hour recording. He then authorizes her to use any method possible to bring them back and is relieved that, at least, he doesn't have to worry about Tenri.

Tenri - No Escape

Gotcha! Tenri was caught!

Meanwhile, as Tenri leaves her house to attend the meeting, she's stopped by Mari, who drags her back on account of the late hour.



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