Absent Lovers

Absent Lovers (Episode)

Absent Lovers
Absent Lovers
Episode Info
Air Date September 2, 2013
Adapted from
Episode 36.0
Episode (Original) 9.0
Arc Old Conquest Arc
Opening Song God only knows - Secrets of the Goddess
Ending Song The Way of the Bonds feat Ayumi Takahara
Episode Guide
Goddess Mix

Absent Lovers is the 9th episode of the third season and the 36th overall. It aired on September 2, 2013.


Continuing from the previous episode, Ayumi was shown to be running out from the Mai-High PriPri festival and mumbles that she'll skip the after party since she wants to get out of her maid outfit. Ayumi then overheard Chihiro talking to Keima.

Chihiro asks how they are going to get on the the roof. Keima said that he knew the passcode for the door. When asked, Keima said that he knew the code since he went there very often. Ayumi then looked on and mentioned to herself that they sure are getting alone well.

Chihiro came up and mentioned that the roof sure is nice since there are no on else around and it is cool. Chihiro then mentioned that the campfire also looks like a small spark as Keima unenthusiastically asked if Chihiro is mocking him. Chihiro then noticed the tense atmosphere and said that she can see Akanemaru and tries to laugh it off but to little help.

Chihiro then prompted Keima to say something as Keima replied that she is not acting her usual self and is throwing him off. Chihiro then said that she feels the same and that she never thought to be talking to Keima like this. Chihiro then said that before, she feels like walking beside Keima would be an absurd thinking but now, she wants to be with him always.

Keima then tried to hold on to Chihiro and accidentally fell and pushed her down. Keima then moves closer but Chihiro tried to push him away but Keima then asked Chihiro if he can as Chihiro tells Keima to be gentle as this is her first time. Keima then concluded that there is no way Chihiro would lie under such circumstances yet she does not seem to recall him kissing her in the past. Keima then concluded that Chihiro is not the host.

In the girls' dressing room, Ayumi was depressed as her goddess, Mercury tells her not to cry. AYumi holds back her tears and said that she isn't crying. Meanwhile, at the rooftop, Keima was satisfied that he managed to sort things right at the last minute and told himself that he can still turn back and turn from Chihiro to Ayumi's route.

Keima then said to himself that he will be able to change things as soon as he tells Chihiro that she is confused since he wanted to ask about Ayumi and decides to tell her. Keima ten asked Chihiro if she really loves him and asked when did she started. Chihiro then blushes and told Keima that she started around Spring as Keima got even more confused since that was before her conquest.

Chihiro then forcefully kissed Keima and asked if Keima loves her.


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