A Whole New World God Only Knows

Kami nomi II card

Title A Whole New World God Only Knows
Band Oratorio The World God Only Knows
Opening Song # 01
Starting Episode Episode 1
Ending Episode Episode 12
Opening Song Guide
God Only Knows
Natsuiro Surprise

A Whole New World God Only Knows is the opening theme of the anime adaptation The World God Only Knows season 2.

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Translated Lyrics
I don't wanna let the chance slip away
Why is my freedom taken away?
Reason is against emotion
I've gotta deal with extreme frustration
All my efforts will never be in vain
Endless desire, like a haunting refrain
Such a pain, the ideal versus the real
There is a way
To change the world
Just count on me
So what if I sing off-key, who cares
Not good at drawing, no big deal
Let me go for my one true belief
Overcome myself (yourself)
"A Whole New World God Only Knows"
I'll always be on your side
I know you're hurting inside
To be a knight To be a light For you
We'll be shinging bright
No more fears No more tears
Everything will work out
That's "God only knows"
Don't get me wrong
This is not real love but
I'll do anything for you
Whatever happens in my life, turn the pages and come of age
Remember, no one can judge me
Every end leads to a new beginning of the next stage
Try to make my life complete, trust myself
Be strong and do my best
Don't look back, carry on
The ideal (The real)
Find a way out
"A Whole New World God Only Knows"
Here's the thing I've realized
Deep sadness you can't disguise
Keep the goal in sight So turn the tide For you
We can get over
One more try One more time
Everything has a reason
That's "God only knows"
Don't let me down
This is not real love but
I'll never leave you alone
Whatever happens in your life, look for the silver lining
You know, some things are meant to be
Even if you feel things are too much to bear, the sun's shining
Try to find the answer to all our dreams
Believe and do your best
Not too late, start over
Be yourself... Be happy... It's your life...
"God only knows"
Find your love... Find your way... For your life.

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神のみぞ知るセカイⅡopフル A Whole New World God Only Knows03:35

神のみぞ知るセカイⅡopフル A Whole New World God Only Knows

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