A Token of Love

Flag 267 — A Token of Love

Koi no shirushi
Chapter Info
Release Date April 11, 2014
Chapter FLAG.267[1]
Volume Volume 26
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
Door to Tomorrow

A Token of Love (コイノシルシ Koi no shirushi) is the 267th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Haqua and Nora are discussing about the future of New Hell at a dinner table, after stopping Satyr they say the problem is solved. As a result, the Runaway Spirit Squad will be dissolved, according to Nora, however Haqua says they're going to keep guarding New Hell.

Next panel, Keima is fully conscious, finding himself in his bedroom. He then remembers that the collar was removed and, after regaining consciousness, the hosts welcomed him. It was all truly over.

Next seen, Keima's mother calls him and says breakfast is ready but Keima is busy playing with his games, which causes Keima's mother to drag him out from his room.


Eri Katsuragi.

Keima's mother then calls Elsie into the room, who has now officially become Keima's little sister through her power to alter the world, and says her brother is finally awake. Elsie informs Marie that Keima's father will be returning soon, Keima is surprised too see Elsie. In disbelief, Keima checks the front of his house, where the name of all the residents of the Katsuragi household are printed, and finds Elsie has changed her name to Eri Katsuragi. Elsie then reminds Keima about her last wish. She tells him that she desired to be with Keima forever, and that, for her, this is her ending, Elsie then asked what Keima would do.

Back to New Hell, Haqua feels as though someone is missing (presumably Elsie) but she couldn't remember who, and Nora only wonders what she's talking about, then Yukie Marui appears and announces she has plans to go out. Meanwhile, the hosts are back to their usual daily activities, Ayumi  is seen running to school, Tenri, who goes to a different schools, is seen walking past a shop on the sidewalk, Tsukiyo is seen at her astronomy room, Kanon is seen with Okada, departing by car, Yui is seen walking to school, and Shiori looks like busy at the library like usual.

Next scene, Keima's mother asks Eri (Elsie) where Keima is, to which she responds that her brother has gone to finish his game.

Chihiro I love you

"Chihiro...I love you."

Keima appears waiting in front of a new location. The moment a girl appears from the door it is revealed that the location is Chihiro Kosaka's house. The former conquest complains about her dysfunctional alarm, which has made her late.

In the next abrupt panel, Keima pouts and asks her just how long she was planning to make him wait.

Chihiro, shocked, barely manages to blurt out the first syllables of his name before Keima kindly asks her why she isn't carrying her guitar today, Chihiro, completely caught of guard, snaps at him and asks what his problem is. 

The chapter ends with Keima giving his own confession, shocking Chihiro.



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