Flag 255 cover

ア セトルメント 4
A setorumento yon
Chapter Info
Release Date December 25, 2013
Chapter FLAG.255
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter Arc
Chapter Guide
To the Destiny
From Beyond

A SETTLEMENT 4 is the 255th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


When Keima exits the cave alongside Tenri, he notices Urara's grandfather still there. Shoutaro says, however, that he's travelled a lot in the meantime and obtained the information Keima was seeking, which turns out to be a list of his future conquest targets with their current addresses. Keima asks Shoutaro to take Tenri home and reminds her to read the letter thoroughly, before pondering where Elsie disappeared to.

Elsie, meanwhile, was approaching the flying demon, who discovered her despite her invisibility. With no other option, she unwrapped the hagoromo, after which the demon removed her hood, revealing herself to be Rimyuel. With no prompt, she started attacking Elsie, who had to escape. After Elsie's disappearance, Rimyuel pondered why would she be there and whether Dokuro had something to do with it.
Akari attacks Elsie

Rimyuel attacks Elsie.

Elsie appears behind Keima, telling him excitedly that she met her sister. Keima berates her for speaking to her, before wondering why would she attack her own sister. Elsie explains that Rimyuel has around 500 younger sisters and she probably didn't remember her. Elsie elaborates that her parents died during the Almagemachina and she was thus raised in a Lifecare Institute for war orphans.

Elsie Like Real Family

Elsie sees Keima and his family to be her family.

Elsie says that she was the only one of her "siblings" to make it into the Runaway Spirit Squad, but Rimyuel is different from them all, as she is head chief Ima's real daughter. All of the children from that institute carry the surname "Ima" after the head chief. Elsie is a little disappointed that Rimyuel didn't remember her, as she looked after her multiple times.

Keima concludes that Elsie must've had a rough life, but she declines it, saying that she had a lot of friends and now has a real family as well. Keima says that they're not a real family, but Elsie answers that she wants them to be, which prompts Keima to claim that this could be a death flag.



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