Flag 251 cover

ア セトルメント 3
A setorumento san
Chapter Info
Release Date November 20th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.251
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
The Present Time "Ayumi"

A SETTLEMENT 3 is the 251st chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Elsie is happily socializing with Mari, when Keima drags her with him to school, making his mother ponder whether they'll meet again. Outside, Keima meets Tenri and they commute to school together.

Keima - Feigning Obliviousness

Keima and Urara turn away from each other after their eyes meet.

After the school-wide summer holidays announcement, Keima's homeroom teacher goes over the necessities to bring to the camping trip. He catches eye contact with Urara, but they look away from each other. When class ends, Keima and Tenri go together to the beach.

They arrive at the hole leading to the underground passage Tenri is supposed to go through the next day, but it's shut. Urara's grandfather arrives, wearing alien antennae from an amusement park visit with Urara, as well as stating that Urara is studying a lot, seemingly wishing to become an astronaut. He gives Keima permission to enter the hole, after which Keima asks him for another favor, to which he agrees.

Keima, Tenri - Imminent Doom

Keima informs Tenri about the arrival of the devils.

Keima and Tenri enter the hole while invisible, leaving Elsie outside as lookout. Inside the cave, Keima has Tenri make a map for use the next day. They reach the chamber where Tenri will meet the Weiss and Diana, as Keima says that, while reality is a bad game, it will remain so unless one finishes it.

Elsie - Sister

Elsie recognizes her sister.

Outside the cave, as Elsie is happy at getting a chance to wash her clothes, she notices a shadow on the sky. As she comes closer, she seemingly recognizes the flying figure as her sister.

Back inside the cave, Keima gives Tenri one of the collars Vintage was using. He says that they're going to fulfill his final task in the past by opening gaps in the hearts of all the girls he's going to conquer in the future.


  • Elsie's sister is shown to have a Scythe of Testament that has a broken spike.


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