Chapter 250 cover

ア セトルメント 2
A setorumento ni
Chapter Info
Release Date November 16th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.250
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
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A SETTLEMENT 2 is the 250th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


Dokuro asks Keima to follow her out of the house, so he has Elsie make a decoy for him. They arrive at the ship Akanemaru, where Dokuro leads Keima to the steering chamber and tells him that the machine he used to communicate with her other self can also be used to bring him back to the present.

Dokurou - Visions of the Past

Dokurou unveils her heart.

However, in order for it to succeed, Keima would have to be simultaneously summoned by someone on the other side. Dokuro tells him that he should know who is supposed to do it and shows him how to convey thoughts through the orb by asking him to put his hand on it.

Dokuro shows Keima how Hell looked like before the Almagemachina war; it was a lush plain, but she can no longer remember its colours. During the war, in which she participated, Hell quickly became uninhabitable and, although she was hailed a hero, she wishes she had found a way not to fight instead.

Dokurou - A Promise

"I'll be always by your side... to protect you."

Dokuro tells Keima that he knows how to fight without fighting and that it's time to bid each other farewell. She volunteers to become a decoy for the girls they saved, wrapping a bind that holds their signals around her neck.

She tells Keima that they should avoid contact from now on, but that she'll always be there to protect him, at which point Keima apparently recognizes her as someone.

Dokurou - Final Farewell

Dokurou and Keima say goodbye.

Dokuro gives Keima the machine Vintage used to open the gaps inside girls' hearts, stating that it'll be his final task (the other two being meeting her and Tenri). Keima expresses concern that she'll have to fight Vintage for ten years, but Dokuro is in fact happy, as she will now fight for the purpose of ending all fighting. After they kiss each other for the last time, Dokuro leaves.


  • The art for Dokuro's collar is quite inconsistent.
  • It is hinted that the present Dokuro is someone who is close to the present Keima in this chapter.


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