Chapter 249

ア セトルメント
A setorumento
Chapter Info
Release Date November 8th, 2013
Chapter FLAG.249
Volume 25
Arc Heart of Jupiter
Chapter Guide
The Better for My Enemy

A SETTLEMENT is the 249th chapter of The World God Only Knows.


This chapter opens with Dokuro asking Keima if all the children are safe, because the gap device will be activated shortly. Keima then calmly says that everything is under control with Elsie following his plans.

Gap Generator - Detonation

The gap generator is activated.

The device then explodes, knocking out the comedy duo C-Dash. However, it turns out it didn't have an effect on anyone, as the collars were placed on dolls created by Elsie in the previous chapter.

Maijima Elementary - Purge

The school is cleansed.

A Vintage member destroys the device shortly afterwards, and the miasma surrounding the school disappears almost instantaneously. Meanwhile, the frustrated Kaori is shown angrily kicking desks around the classroom.

Dokurou - Goodbye

Dokurou prepares for the final meeting.

Keima and the gang arrive home shortly afterwards, as he tells Tenri that he wants to bring her to some place the next day. That evening, Mari notices that Dokuro is missing. Elsie then suddenly jumps in and compliments Mari's cooking.

Meanwhile Keima is alone taking a bath while wondering whether he could really be able to return to the present. Dokuro then hops in through the bathroom window, startling Keima. She then tells him that she came to say goodbye.



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