A Ramen Called Youth

Chapter 72

Seishun to iu na no rāmen
Chapter Info
Chapter FLAG.72[1]
Volume Volume 8
Arc Ramen Girl Arc
Chapter Guide
Effort Rice Cake
The Escape from the Seraglio

A Ramen Called Youth (青春という名のラーメン, Seishun to iu na no rāmen) is the 72nd chapter of The World God Only Knows.



Sumire runs off

Sumire Uemoto attempts to run away after her father refused to taste the ramen she had made for him. Keima Katsuragi grabs onto her foot, slamming Sumire's face onto the ground. As Sumire tries to run out the door a second time, Keima grabs a hold of her again, this time sitting on top of her so that she would not move. Keima then asks if Sumire can make him a ramen according to his request.

At the the store at night-time, Sumire's father is drinking alcohol. He sees Keima entering and tells him that the store is closed for the day. Keima informs him that he is quitting as of today. Sumire's father, believing that Keima is quitting because of the father daughter fight, accepts Keima's decision.

Keima tells him that he does not need to be paid, but would rather have one of his ramen. Sumire's father tells him that he should come tomorrow, for there aren't any noodles or soup left. Keima points out that there are still some soup and noodles left, which were made by Elsie. As Sumire's father is preparing the ramen, he begins talking about how he will close the ramen shop with his generation.


Sumire's answer

When he sets a bowl of ramen in front of Keima, he gives it right back to Sumire's father, saying that is Sumire's answer. Sumire's dad tastes it, surprised that it tastes so much like his own ramen.


Sumire now owns the store

Sumire, standing behind the counter, claims that she wants to keep on making ramen with him. Sumire's father walks out the store, climbs up to the sign and paints the word "SUMIRE" on it. He says that he wants to take a walk, and leaves. Meanwhile, Sumire is looking at the sign with Keima, excited at the thought of officially becoming the new store owner.


Sumire kisses Keima

Back inside the store, Sumire proudly declares that she will begin her ramen conquest with the store, together with Keima. Keima smiles and tells her that he will come eat as a guest. As he leaves the store, Sumire stops him outside and gives him a bowl of ramen, apologizing for making him eat bad ramen. The two kiss.

When Elsie was reading a Naru Walker magazine, it is revealed that Store Sumire became very popular, serving sweet ramen as the specialty.


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